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How Can We Go from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed?

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Diane Callahan the host of The light-hearted Life radio show.

Topic today is one that is so important that we need to talk about it.

Clearly overwhelmed the feeling overjoyed and I’m so excited about my guest today.

I guess is my friend and digital marketing expert and author Mary Barnett good morning Mary.

Good morning I’m super excited thank you so much.

I am so excited to talk about your upcoming book and I hope you listen to get excited too because.

6 inch heels.

Stuff that we as women.

Around with us all the time so your book is called.

God it’s me Martha a 31 days journey from overwhelmed to overjoyed.

She said it’s a combination it’s got everything in it’s like a devotional Journal coloring pages it’s like everything.

Do you light a bit because the traffic is so so deep and an escalator at the beginning of the year of the great thing for us to talk about and think about like how do we make changes in our life.

We don’t feel heavy and burden and overwhelmed and we can be delighted and overjoyed and light-hearted which is really the theme of this radio show.

Jump and I want I want to know Mary like where did this book come from like why is it slow.

About five years ago when I was in 2024 it’s almost 6 years ago.

He was actually I called her to buy and download that God was kind of smacking me around because I have lived this.

Personality life.

At a time I know my early 50s you know I just realized that I was totally overwhelmed in every facet of my life and I was so used to it I was so used to the stress that that’s a yes everything volunteering for everybody who said yes so can you help me unlock chip. And I was.

Plan baby showers bridal showers funerals I was PTA you know head of the PTA room mom I was in charge of like I was on all these a joke I used to have to get pregnant to get off of 3rd and Kennedy are Association like you and I had work.

And I you know and they say you don’t get something for busy personal get done I guess that was.

Cuz I know you can handle this.

A screeching halt and I was like Lord what are you trying to tell me.

This book is kind of came to me.

Things go right with like a spy paper.

I just like okay okay I’ll get that done too and I just kind of like added it to my pile so nothing ever really happened like as this was something that.

I couldn’t do because I loved it but I’ve had so many other things to do I just want you but it’s like no one knew how to get out of it like it was like how do you get off a hamster wheel and how do you stop.

Think you’re a total loser you know like the I have to say yes because you know them people like me.

I got to keep this going right all those busy balls and it just got to the point where I think I’m done and so this book.

Literally I created a poster I can load it in the bed.

Like I just kind of let it go because if I will or I’ll do that later.

Summer I had a series of.

Of course is complete.

Migraine like what do nothing that’s not productive.

Like smacking again in the back of the head saying like you finish the book cuz you might learn something.


Hit me this summer to go on this journey myself to go from completely overwhelmed to complete.

I thought you were many other woman would enjoy this to and.

Rambling on a Lake Jackson.

Thrilled that you’re even talking about this so thank you.

Love everything about the boat and total total.


Calling her get the format finalized so that it will be available to buy.

Loving this project so much so I got a sneak peek at her.

The wisdom and the scriptures that she’s Chosen and.

And post.

I feel like this.

One of us every woman like you said you talked to different women and they’re like in the same boat and.

Are very open in your writing in the book in the in the introduction and trout.

. this.

Just say yes this doing everything for everyone was really.

Because you.

That that’s what would make you worthy or would make you valuable or would make you.

You know.

Worthwhile and right. He’s supposed to.

Most women struggle with that very thing they’re stuck in that mindset that we have to earn our value.

Dad and I don’t know.

Palace children or if it’s in our DNA I don’t know but it feels like.


Going and doing all the things and serving everyone before ourselves like.

Literally falling in the bed you’re not like.

You’re not any fun with Mary.

Play Systems phone issue.

It kind of goes into feeling like you’re in the car.

You know God please make some sound works well on this show.

And yeah probably I mean.

The Lord and the enemy is probably like messing with our sounds so Heavenly Father amen.

I am as I was saying earlier like I tried I probably.

I needed you because I let you know I’m a type A personality anyway they be Perfection and like I wanted.

Thing where every day for a month.

And then you have a little bit of like I don’t even know what you would call a.


Make a relation to like today.


Illustration is that right and I’ll meet you I was like oh my gosh.

I was 16 but I but I know the name is meme.

Do the biblical it’s a nod to the story in the Bible about Mary and Martha and how.

In the kitchen right doing all the work grinding away.

That’s all right and she was like Hey Jesus like this you’re sitting at the.

Sitting there like listening and he was like no.

She marries doing what she’s supposed to do which is just sit and listen and soak up all my love and he’s really did.

Dang and I was named Mary my name is Mary.

But I feel like I’m really a Martha you know I’m.

Doing all the work and getting it all done and being a service everyone that I’m not sitting at the foot of Jesus just basking in his love and his glove.

Joanne is all the things that he wants rest at so that’s where this book kind of came around 2.

I need to stop being a Martha.

My namesake like.

4 reason like one better for me so this again.

Take me back to my little roots of being a Mary and them.

Other people do the same thing I think we all need to be to be a Mary Martin when Israel.

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All of our sponsors and partners and now we’re coming back.

The light-hearted life we’re talking.

Overwhelmed too Overjoyed with my guest Mary Mary.

Explain what the book is about.

I want to.

Pacific things in your.

Really jumped out at me.

Starting a day.

The scripture that you share as well.

1 and 42 and it is says.

You are worried and upset about many things but few things are needed a few things are needed that hit me so hard I read that.

Nuts with all.

We have to do what we think we have to do and I just I wrote it down a few things are needed. Tunisia.

Something that week.

Benefit from remember.

Right yes.

We have to do all the things.

Annotations and you know and I saw this really great battle meme actually recently I wish I would have screenshotted it.

But it said.

When I say I’m busy.

It’s raining now holidays and it said I’m busy caring for myself I’m busy yet I’m busy reading a book that I enjoy I’m busy you know brushing my daughter’s hair.

I like all the things that people who don’t you know think is a good enough excuse.

Price Rite.

Is that it’s okay to let the.

Cute little sign on my.

And it’s like I.

It’s okay I don’t do that like it’s okay I’m still worthy of love I’m so we’re I’m enough.

And I think we all.

Are always wrong.

We’re beautiful racks we made in the it says in the Bible that we are made in God’s image so literally he is the key.

We are little creators like we create our world we create.

As we create our work we create our homes because we’re creators no matter what we do and you know.

Goodness like look at all he did for you and you’re saying that’s not enough and he died on the cross for you he took the beating he made this world for you like.

Being here.

There’s like a funny.

It was like we are like that one.

Am I all the way you can and can I come.

You’re over a already like we are we are Victor’s Champions because we made it and we are all so.

We may there’s no one else on the on the planet in the path of the future that is exactly like us and we are given gifts.

You made us in His image which is absolutely beautiful you know and it’s like.

What are biggest things like what is our purpose like what are we supposed to do you know and I think sometimes we can sit still. And just wait for a prompt.

Come to us and we.

Then we are like as you said.

It’s enough.

Grow up.

Right who’s prettier.

Who got into a fight.

Competition thing.

The truth is that where.

Competition with anyone.

I’m ways to you to make.

In this world.

Because they’re meant to be there for.

Do you know what I usually say today is China White.

You want me to pee on it going I will go.

Right yeah it’s our job just take.

I filled the right doors.


Michelle and she said something about that she truly believes that were we are at you just need to.

In the space of business but we’re basically only have the competition of of ourselves like we are only the better.

Vision of ourselves as we grow and we will.

The last of the dogmen Topix.

You know it’s like cuz we want to be better like we’re like sharpening it’s like an iron sharpens iron and learning more about how we.

People we have to get better and better for us version of ourselves we can never compare ourselves to other people because they don’t have the gift we have.

That’s great.

Like everybody else right right.

I need the gun I have a.

Since I want to definitely get you because I really want.


To check out the book.

Where can I find where can I find.

A little landing page wedge.

The waiting list so you can sign up to get on the waiting list and as soon as I will send a link to get it on Amazon. Hello guys..


And there’s going to be as you and I we won’t go into it a lot but there’s so many amazing powerful courageous wonderful women in the Bible that.

Already talked about this that there’s going to be more books like this.

But I like the journal format because.

Work through it and you can get these aha moments and anyway for you.

I know what it was.

Are so many like you said courageous strong faith filled women for women who learned Faith right in the by.

Right if we can listen to them.

They can help us be that same kind of woman and so I’m excited that this is going to be.

One of the things I talk about like when I’m doing trainings are speaking is the concept of CNA with his capture and apply how am I going to what.


Help us do it.

We get to read the scripture we get to read your inspirational thought about how that scripture applies but then the journal part is where we can actually.

Your own life like where we are feel.


Something I want to grow in or.

That’s what’s up..

Turn right and then.

Because this is what I did in my first two is that I realize.

Went for meditation because we’re busy people and if I close my eyes for 2.

I’m not to be able to stay medicated.

You have been talking about or whatever.

Subject of the day of the day too and so it’s actually.

I hope people will do I need to see meditate or pray for me.

What gets into my brain when I’m trying to do still being connected to the verse of the day or the.

I’m hoping that people will then take a picture and send it to a friend by text.

Fire that like oh my gosh I learned this great thing today or whatever here’s Google image or they can post on social if they wanted in there that celebrate your Wellness so I literally so easy like just things that God wants us to be happy and prosperous and.

Energized and so moving and drinking water and these are all things that makes the Lord happy because it makes us healthy and happy bring your Wellness is like I drink water today I moved today doesn’t matter what you do if you can dance in front of your desk or you can walk to the mailbox and then die you actually had a couple cool ideas and you we added it.

And you said I was creative today with the coloring is created complex everyday for 31 days feel so accomplished in life.

Don’t get in the New Year like another you got something.

Accomplishable the moments that you had that change.


Books by the Journal overwhelmed and by the end literally the weight falls off your soul.

He’s now work through all those things that you didn’t realize was weighing you down and now they’re going to be like.

I want to talk about.

One of the things in Indy.

Peeling away the layers of the must use and the.

Find the the rod the simple.


Courage women to do that.

The how of peeling away the must use and.

Do that.

Oh my goodness.

Right you have to you know in my case I have to ask him topics.

I think I got but if you cancer.

Who is that you know that come up in your mind of you know this and this and this isn’t really that important doing all this.

Don’t you realize wow I don’t have to do.

I don’t have to wash my car like it’s great if you do like it look nice you know.

Have to do it.

They go look at my car and clean the windows.

Off our plates. Even though we’re used to doing them we can we can.

The more you do it the more freeing it is like I have a few va’s each have a different job and I feel so omigosh like you’re going to do this for me or something that I have spent so much time doing that I have to do myself.

Every day and there’s things that you could do every day and there’s things you can let it go.

Yes right and you die you just said something..

Word to me the words could is so powerful.

So good.

I should be there.

We’re sitting on.

When I’m poaching people.

Cleaning I talked about that word a lot because it is.

It’s a word that.

Yes you this today.

It Goes Buzz.

We think we should do.

But also the things that we want to do we could do you know something.

Is it possible we could do it.

Right right a bubble bath with candles and nice talk.

What’s the thing in the bathroom that I can say.

Play my we have.

Play a you know 80s rockers that it’s today.

You know that’s what I should do more often but I.

I could do because I could do that or I could stay in and delete the email and what’s more fun.

Bring you that you love to do.

Joyful that make you feel connected and happy things in life right and then look at the calendar.

See how often.

You’re if you’re.

We’re still good at we don’t shortchange other people right.

If we do the stuff we took prisoners but we.

To ask one more question before we have to wrap up.

Long Mary and we have.

But one of the things that you talked about in your book.

Making time for divine.

What does it look like.

God sends people into our lives and if we don’t show up. Willow.

We’ll never meet those people like.

Connect connect connect it to someone else and there’s so many opportunities that we have that you know God has orchestrated but we have to walk through those we’re so busy at our heads so full of noise all the things we think about all we have to do to heal meeting that person who might need prayer you know we need a look look through what is the expression expression.

But I really feel like open our eyes to what he sees and you never know like a book I read this a book called.

And this woman right here she would find someone.

Grocery store in a park or whatever and they look if they just have that look and she felt the prompting from God and the story The Mist.

Like people like oh my God thank you my mother is just got sick or whatever it was able to say a little prayer like what God is orchestrating in front of us and so it’s our job is to look for those opportunities to glorify God in the things that we do.

Candidly with these Divine appointments.

Words to the client or new friendship or some other opportunities I think and I think that that’s the point of the book and leave space for God.

You and the open your eyes and show you opportunities and show you.

Beautiful flower. I agree he wants us to experience the beauty of what he’s created for us.

That is a men that is a great.

Please go to Hello God. Today and get on the the waiting list to get this amazing book that’s going to be life-changing and beautiful and Mary so much for being my guess the Devon still looking for.

You’re welcome.

Thanks to all of our listeners we have.

States and internationally cuz we’re an international settle with pretty exciting.

Show today.

Nurse listen to women lead radio on all day.

Specifically where on Apple podcast iTunes Spotify Google podcast on iHeartRadio.

So for now we’ll be back again for another live women Lee radio show on.

9 a.m. Pacific time and on Fridays at 2 p.m..

It has been my sincere pleasure to be your host today. Her listening I want you to have a great week and a great start to the day.

Live your best light-hearted life. Women leading the.

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