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Another Brilliant Idea, Inc., is a certified small and women-owned boutique marketing firm.

We’re in business to help your business.

We work with caring, committed businesses (and their owners) who are looking to bring more customers and cash flow into their business.

If that’s you, we’re off to a great start!

Welcome to Another Brilliant Idea, Inc. I’m Mary Barnett and I am the CEO of Another Brilliant Idea.

But people in the industry call me “MobileMary.”

That’s because I am an industry-recognized Mobile/Social Marketing Communication Expert with the tools and strategies that will grow your list.

I inspire the marketplace to buy your products and services. To do that, I leverage a variety of tools and strategies. But because not all businesses are the same, not every tool and strategy should be used in every business. That’s just one of the reasons I value getting to know my clients and understanding not just their goals, but the best way to drive customers and conversions for their business.

If you want to uncover how to grow your business without having to do all of the work yourself, I’d love to share how my B.R.A.V.E. METHOD can help you do just that.

Another Brilliant Idea, Inc., is a certified small and women-owned boutique marketing firm.  

Since 1988, we’ve been helping businesses use Tools, Training and Teams to turn Human Conversations into Sales Conversions. 

We’ve been specializing in mobile and social marketing since 2007, helping companies put their brand into their customers hand by offering targeted mobile/social marketing solutions.


Another Brilliant Idea, Inc. has expertise in various marketing channels that have created brilliant results for our clients in the restaurant, education, military, city, retail and entrepreneurial industries. The U.S. Marines and the U.S. Airforce use our texting software to communicate with service men to share what's good to eat in the Mess Halls, as well as family activities on the base.

Small restaurant chains use our texting software to grow a list of happy & hungry customers and drive them back for repeat orders and increase their sales.

And our Social Media Management Services helps increase our clients' sales.

Our solutions

In our first 20 years in business we offered traditional marketing services like event and promotional marketing, and in 2007 we introduced Kawasaki Motors, U.S.A. to a new concept called Mobile Marketing, as their customers were literally mobile, and after 2 years working with their various agencies, we launched a mobile texting campaign that drove over 93,000 customers to their 1500 dealerships which led to our winning the prestigious Innovation Award in 2010.

Our solutions then expanded to launching our own text marketing SaaS, a Mobile Application Platform, Social Media Marketing Management, and now Messenger Chat Marketing.

Our Brilliant Team is headed by Mary  “MobileMary” Barnett, who has over 35 years of promotional marketing expertise. She is known as an industry leader known for her innovative and effective solutions and has produced award winning results for her clients around the world.

“MobileMary” hosted a weekly radio show called the ‘Brilliant Mobile Marketing Radio Show’ for almost 3 years. She currently streams educational content aimed at helping small businesses convert more human conversations into sales conversions regularly on various social media platforms.

Mary also can be found speaking in small business venues and larger stages across the country. Often, she speaks on one of her favorite topics – Mobile and Social Marketing Technology.

She can also be found sharing information in various training sessions on the following topics:

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