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And in 2022, it’s more important than ever to show up online, build a list of customers that WANT what you offer, and have the ability to reach them instantly and on-demand to increase your sales!”

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In business it’s important to do the right thing at the right time, You can waste a lot of time and money trying things that don’t work.

Or you can find out what gets customers coming back for more.

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Competition is fierce.

That’s why providing your customers with the easiest and most effective ways to communicate with you matters.

It separates you from the pack while giving your customers a reason to keep coming back. Watch the video below to understand how it works!

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Nathan Greenberg

If you are looking for incredible knowledge combined with deep experience and a healthy dose of enthusiasm, you will find those things in Mary Barnett!

Mischa Martineau

Mary offers solid advice backed-up by impressive results. I learned the power of video with new approaches, and simple ways to increase customer engagement. All very brilliant ideas demonstrated in her follow-up with me after the event. 

Karen Rashid

Mary is the most genuine, loving, and fun person I know and love. I would recommend her to everyone!

Allison Browne

Mary is a marketing Guru. Filled with proven ideas and techniques to help you get clarity and focus in marketing yourself. When Mary talks, people listen!

Emily Crume

Mary gives steps for marketers to dive into 1:1 conversations with customers through SMS/text. It was a great intro and now I need to know more! She is dynamic and a great communicator. Mary is the expert you need to chart these waters!

Candice Gilliatt

Guess what? Not only is social media great for branding and engagement, but it is actually a component of SEO, and I haven’t found anyone that does it better than Mary. Having worked with quite a few people and companies in the social media arena, I just felt like they weren’t getting it. There was still more on the table. New ideas weren’t coming. Instead, they were attacking it from the checklist perspective – “3 social posts this week. Check.” No, no. It takes so much more. It takes someone to dig in, know your company, your brand, and think like your clients. Marry the right voice & messaging with the ability to capitalize on it, and Boom! Mary nails this. She elevates the game.
I am going to step down from the soapbox now. Finding someone great with social media, not mediocre, but really exceptional, has been a quest of mine for years. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Mary.

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Being ‘Omni-channel’ is no longer optional. It’s a 2020/2021 imperative for business.
So is being able to reach your client wherever they are, instantly and on-demand to increase sales and engagement.

But many leave out one of the most effective channels around – something everyone is connected to every day.It’s the most basic and effective channel available: Text Message Marketing?

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