Another Brilliant Idea

The Power of Social Media

Another Brilliant Idea, Inc., is a certified small and women-owned boutique marketing firm.

Picture this: your childhood best friend is moving across the country. You used to do everything together! Their home was your home, their family felt like your family. Now you have to continue the friendship through letters, long-distance phone calls and pinky promises to stay in touch.

15 years ago this took exceptional effort. In 2019, this doesn’t seem like a daunting task! Social media has the power to connect long lost friends, distant relatives, and old flames. What used to seem impossible is now second nature to most of us.

We can invite our friends to a baby shower, announce an engagement, share our heartache, our triumphs and everything in between. Social media has the power to connect with old friends and make new ones, anywhere in the world. The days of waiting for the mailman to bring that special letter or sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring are over. The best part? All of this power fits into the palm of your hand.