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Text Messaging In Your Beauty Business To Reach More Clients

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Host: April Meese

Podcast: Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast


We are here with “MobileMary” and she’s going to be talking about how you can use text messaging in your beauty business to reach more clients. This is so fascinating, you’re gonna want to tune in and I’ll also introduce myself before I introduce Mary, I’m April Meas and I’m a permanent makeup artist and a marketing strategist and mentor to beauty professionals like yourself that want to increase your income and impact Up to 50% with the amplify method. 

And so as I mentioned today, have you ever thought about using mobile texting in your business?

This has become so popular, it’s been around for a long time, but what’s really interesting is now we’re all glued to our phone, so this is the perfect way to get your audience’s attention and really connect with them.

But I want to, before we dive in, I want to introduce our special guest. It she’s known as “MobileMary”, which I just love that um Mary Barnett has been in the industry of mobile and social marketing for many, many years um and her company is called Another Brilliant Idea and  he helps online and brick and mortar businesses.

So beauty businesses um dr happy customers and prospects back to their business again and again and she’s going to give you the ability to instantly reach customers. So bottom line, she helps you make more money and I met I met “MobileMary”, I met Mary at a little kind of a networking conference with Molly Mahoney um a few years ago and yes, we love her, we just clicked and I just found this whole topic of text messaging, it’s just so fascinating and it’s just become hotter and hotter, 

So um welcome Mary, thank you so much for having me. It’s so fun to, to connect with you again. Yeah, yeah, it is so fun. So why don’t you tell our audience, like really kind of, you know, there’s probably a lot of people are like, you know exactly what is text messaging? 

I mean we all know what getting a text is, but how does that work for businesses? Oh sure, that’s a great question. Um so yeah, so that’s the thing, we all instantly reply or instantly receive text messages, right, I can come right to our phone and they’re usually something urgent or something from a friend, right? They want to go out for drinks or your call your kids down for dinner, like maybe that’s just me. 

But yeah, but you instantly respond. And the challenge has always been like, how to reach our customers directly, and for a long time we just relied on email which sadly has gotten less and less of an open rate. I mean, you’re lucky to get 25% right? I’m like really 25 out of 100 people where text get 94% into an open, right? So it’s like, wow, so there is definitely a strategy of using it. Um but with businesses, sadly, people just don’t want to pick up the phone anymore,

they wanted to answer and they just want to quit right, we’re all busy and so Businessly use it in a couple different ways. One um they use it to get promotional messages out to their customers with having a big sale or they want to know they’re open during.

Covid our clients didn’t miss a beat because they could say you know, we’re open, we’re clean, we deliver, you know here’s a special we’ll send it to your house. Um So it was a real blessing to them. Um And for businesses who want to use it for customer service, they can answer short and sweet questions like hey do you have this in stock? Hey you know are you open right, what time are you closed? That type of thing? So texting has just become this mainstay um in businesses as a way just to communicate and make your customers happy. 

I love that, I love that. And so I think that a lot of people think oh that’s going to be another big headache or maybe they think oh there’s gonna be a lot to set up or um what are some of the thoughts that people maybe even misconceptions that they might have about mobile texting?

Sure. Um Well yeah that’s the people do think that we have software that’s super simple and we have D. I. Y. Programs and do it for your program where we set it all up, you know everybody talks about funnels right, get them into your funnel. 

So you start the conversation and then you they know like and trust you more and then you give them the offer, right? So we build texting funnels all the time to help people, You know, communicate regularly to their customers. But again, not to regularly, like we actually started off in this industry in 2007 when the iPhone first came out and our current client at the time was Kawasaki. And I said, you know, your clients are literally mobile, Why are you marketing them the old fashioned way with direct mail? And you know, email that they’re not opening their on their bikes, you know, roaming the world. 

But they probably have a flip phone in their pocket at least even though the iPhone came out, right? So we basically put together software that helps them drive 93,000 93,000 new customers to their dealerships And they were blown away and this was nationwide. And so we’re like, Oh my gosh, we’ve been in marketing at that time 20 years And we had never seen a response like that. 

And so we went all in back in 2009 when the campaign started and so now we’ve been helping retail stores, restaurants, theaters, um even speakers and consultants. But the whole thing is to easily build a database. I mean remember those days of going to networking meetings and you come home with a stack of cards and then you dreaded having to put them in one at a time or give it to your daughter or your assistant who maybe if they miss type a letter or something, you have the wrong email or whatever. 

So what’s cool about text marketing is it’s so simple people opt in themselves so they get what they want and if they don’t want it, they opt out. Right. So as I said, you don’t want to over text people, it needs to be a combination of your communication um strategy um but you want it to be something that they’ll want and they’ll value Yes, I love that. 

Okay, so if you’re just joining us, we are talking with “MobileMary” about texting your clients and this is a new way. Well it’s not new, it’s been around for a while but it might be new to you to reach this perspective clients.

Now, the next thing I have, my question is so how would somebody, obviously you have a system where they set it up and you do your, you put that together for them. But how would they get their, you know, start to build a list or get people to kind of opt in for this, What does that process kind of look like? 

Yeah, that’s a great question. So I’m glad you mentioned how they build a list cause that’s so important that I’ve been saying forever. Like we love facebook instagram, twitter, you know linkedin, we love all those platforms but we have to remember, we don’t own them right. So if for some reason through no fault of our own sometimes or even if it is we break the rules, we get kicked off. So if you spend years building up a platform which is awesome. 

I love it to get build your authority and build your credibility and all that stuff. But you don’t give your customers an easy way to get on your personal list. May I make them feel special kind of anyone dating myself but like normal cheers, you want people to feel like hey I want you in my inner circle, my V. I. P. Group or club or whatever. All you have to do is text this word to this number right? Or you can put a QR code right on an email or something and they can skander a sign at your store. Um and then they’re instantly there, instantly captured the information and then you can ask them more questions like hey we want to send you a personal coupon or a a deal by email, send me your name and your email or we want to send you a birthday wish with a, with a gift, respond back with your name and your birthday and then the system takes it from there. 

Everything is automated. So we get their birthday, they get a little scoop on that says hey for your birthday come on in and get you know $10 off your lash bill or whatever it is. It’s all about staying top of mind with our customers, making it easy for them to do business with you because again everyone’s on their phone so you might as well make it easy from their phone to to buy from you. Yeah and I think what you just touched on there is so key because so many people think oh I don’t wanna bother because we’ve all had that experience where somebody just you know spams and I have to say at the beginning of um you know messenger campaigns, I was guilty of that because I didn’t know you know we had sent out way too many messages we got overzealous excited. 

Um You know and so they think like I don’t want to offend my clients or put somebody off but there is a there’s a rhythm and there’s a way of structuring it right? Yes definitely. It’s funny when

you mentioned that it made me flashbacks. So we work with the military, the marines and the air force use our service. Um The people who feed them actually is who hired us because we tell them what to eat the mussels to drive them in for healthy meals.

Um But they because their the military they have like I was talking to colonel and everything in these decisions in these meetings and they’re like okay cool so we’re gonna send out a message every single day telling them to do this and to do that and oh yeah, come on into the mess hall, but do this do that. I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no. Like I know I’d make a lot of money if you did that. But you’re going to burn out your list. You’re going to have these are their personal devices. So people have the ability to opt off.

And because the mobile industry from the very beginning didn’t want to become spam, we have rules set up in our systems that if someone text back stop because you have to give them all the disclaimers in the very beginning, if they text back, stop instantly, that number is sucked off from our our software.

We can’t even add them back in. They have to make a choice. Yeah. Because it’s all about the can spam. So you might have tons of spam and email, but you’re not getting spam and mobile because it’s been protected from the beginning. Got it. And so, you know, that’s another thing I think that a lot of people don’t realize just thinking about like, you know, what are the rules.

And so if somebody gives you I know for me, I thought, oh, if somebody gives you their mess there there their cell phone number, you could add them to a text messaging system, but that is not true. Right? Right. Yes. It’s not true. Yes. So you actually asked for explicit permission. So it’s permission based marketing. So you’re saying you that’s the thing, that’s what’s really cool about it is you’re saying to the customer, you can text in, you can opt into my list. You know, again, if you know like and trust me to get these goodies right? And at any time you don’t like them anymore, you can opt off.So it kind of puts the onus on the person who’s texting to make sure that their texts arevaluable, right? That they’re giving value away either in the in the form of a coupon, it doesn’t always have to be something free. Sometimes people are just looking for a resource or you know, a how to or something that will help them in their life. So text is a great way to deliver because you know, it’s going to get to them instantly and on demand, which is awesome. I love that. I love that you’re you’re thinking of it almost like um almost like you would think about marketing promotions, you almost want to think about it as campaigns that you would do. 

So like you mentioned a birthday campaign, you know that you have something that goes out for their birthday, you might have something where obviously if you’re having a promotion

or special and then you just mentioned if you have like a freebie, like maybe you put together for the beauty businesses maybe put together pdf on, you know, five things they should look for when choosing a permanent makeup artist or you know whatever the often is yeah, like any

tips for the summer for protecting your permanent makeup or your lashes or things like that,

that would be great. 

Right? That’s a great idea. I love that you mentioned about campaign. So so yeah, you can actually set up things that are completely automated. Never have to think about them again. Like the birthday wishes an awesome example. There’s also a text to win feature that you can say once a month we’re going to be giving away A $50 treatment or something, right?

And only one person on your whole list will get that. But everybody’s like, oh dang often for that. Like I want to get a $50 right? So they only have one chance, we started doing that because one of our customers was am PM mini marts and they wanted to be able to text people when

like right before the gas price went up for, you know, they wanted to be able to like reach out for

special because they make their most money inside the little convenience store. So they want

to be able to drive them back in. So we did a thing where we said, okay, if you opt in you get a free 22 ounce soda, like hello awesome But don’t opt off because once a month we’re giving everyone on our list a chance to win a $50 gas card.

So when it came time to on their way home, we would time it. So their message would go out probably about 4 45. And I would say, hey, if you’re low on gas on your way home from work, stop by, get an eight, get eight gallons or more and get a free slushy on your way home. And

so there’s four gas stations, right? 

So if they’re going to choose which gas station to go to and they know they’re going to get a free slushy if they’re filling up with this one, right? They’re probably going to go there. So they wanted to be able to keep that communication. And they also were like the good guy because one, they were going to give away gas and if the price went up again and they wanted to let the people know that they were the hero in town. 

So that was kind of cool. Yeah, I love that. You just, what you just mentioned is you can time, it didn’t even, I mean of course that’s, that’s genius. I love that. That’s, I didn’t think about that, right? That’s so great that you can say, um, you know, send it out, right, when you want or when

you know that your audience might be active, right? Yeah. We’re always saying that you want

to be in top of mind when your customers ready to buy, right? Do you think about it?

Like if you’re a restaurant, you want to send out something out right before lunch or right before dinner, right? And then they’re like, oh yeah, I need a place to go, might as well stop in on my way back to the office or go on my way home, you know, you wanna be able to do that, especially also with beauty business, you know, you guys have certain times of the month that maybe people are more up to like maybe before a weekend.

I mean when you tell me like when is, when is your industry the busiest? I think our industry is actually the busiest in the fall, like if we’re gonna pay, I mean that’s a broad, obviously the holidays, you know, the Falls are very busy time for us. Um You know, a lot of times people want to do these, you know, do their treatments um over the weekend, right? Because if they have any, you know, downtime with healing, they don’t want anybody to see them. Um So yeah, that would be a popular time as well. Um And so, and then it depends on the area, you know, it depends on the, the country or the state or the city or the area, you know, they probably have different seasonal times where there um a bit busier, but yeah, so it kind of varies, is there a time when you guys are notoriously slow, like, oh, it’s always going to be slow in spring or, or during this holiday, I mean I would say, I mean, um usually the summertime is going to be a slower time.

It’s not ideal. Yeah. Yeah, it tends to be a little bit me. Yeah. Well, you know the spring right before people want to get their eyebrows done and they want to, you know, we always say,

don’t sweat off your brows or you know, don’t be the girl at the pool without any or the girl at the beach without any browse. And so there’s different things that we say, you know, um, allergy season for eyeliner. There’s different ways that we can kind of reach our clients, but it does, you know, people are, are traveling and doing different things with their family during the summer and so it tends to slow down just a little bit in, in the summertime. 

So, so that would actually be an idea of when to text out. Like if someone, Maybe they’re not going on vacation that year or maybe they’re not going to spend time, but they have time. That might be a way like send out a, you know, buy one, get one by this treatment, get this one for 50% off or something to drive traffic to get busy in your slow times, you have more consistent income.

So maybe they have a friend or something like that. Yeah. In fact with that. On that note, we have this really cool like often referral, so when people opt in, you actually can add a coupon that if they refer a friend and you can tell them that the text um and their friend opts in, they get a gift. So it’s like when they opt in they can get a gift or some kind of reward and then if their friend ops in then that then the refer it’s like a win win. So it’s kind of fun because you know everybody always wants to think oh my gosh girl, where did you get your lashes done? 

Like I want to go there and then I could share this with you and then I’ll get a goody on top. So it’s just kind of a way to make your audience again, the whole thing is about engagement, just like social media, you want to keep your audience engaged, you want to keep loving on them so they know that you appreciate them or you want, you know because that’s the thing, it’s like I love when I get invoices from even like I have an email um system. My my nephew actually started convert kit and in his invoices that he sends out, it always says we are so grateful for your business, thank you for trusting convert kit for your email needs or whatever he says, it’s just like good for you Nathan, you know like that is so nice to be appreciated even though you know its automated but your cousin is still the same way especially like because we can personalize texts when it says you know hey Mary you know we are so appreciative your business come on in and get a free cookie today like what am I cooking coming? 

You I mean like I know it’s automated but it’s like that’s so sweet. Yeah take that extra step of love, I love that. Yeah it makes people feel special you know even if they do think you know is a group, the fact that you can personalize it and um and yeah and just again like you said it’s just it’s an engagement. It’s like top of mind all of the things that we need in our business. Exactly  and then also you just heard this idea, we also have this appointment reminder service. 

So if you personalize you can say hey you know hey Mary hey april your appointment’s at three o’clock today please confirm you can come and then and then it actually can say it’s deeper confirm infamous are for reschedule and then literally you could be you could reschedule it right on the spot right from the system so it’s really helpful then people are like oh sure I know my my chair is gonna be full full today because everybody confirm their appointment.

Yes and so is this like the setup you know because I know people are thinking wow this is you know when you hear this it’s it has so many features, right? Like things that you haven’t. I think that’s it. The great thing is that there are there are so many ways that you can utilize it. Um and you just have to get creative as a business owner of how can I communicate with my audience, how can I communicate with my clients? Um and where they feel special, not spam. Um that’s always said, you know, and and figure out a way to make it work for your business. Um And then you also, I think you also touched on how to get people to opt in to keep on, you know, joining your I didn’t go through a lot of detail with that.

I started to say like using social media. So yeah, it’s kind of where you just, it’s just repetitive, right? So they say that the average person needs to see an ad 7 to 10 times or whatever to remember, right?

That it’s always hitting you in the same thing, like on social media, you know, putting a little banner that says, you know, text, you know, hair to this number or scan this code and you’ll

get V. I. P. Treatment, you know, we’ll we’ll share the love with you if you just text us whatever.

So you’re always reminding them. Yeah. Get in this being this cool, the cool kids.

Club and then you’re gonna get all the goodies that nobody else gets because you want to treat

them extra special. You want to make sure they only get those treats through your texting service.

So they’ll actually take the time, the two seconds it takes often because, you know, they’re making a commitment to get messages from you and you want to honor that. So yeah, it’s just a repetitive thing of just working it in when you do lives. I used to have a radio show and I used to say, you know, just text Mary to this number and I’ll let you know when I’m on the radio show again and what the topic will be and you’ll win a prize and then every radio show I pull a prize um automatically.

I wouldn’t do it, but the system would pull a prize and it would send out a message and um yeah, again, it’s anyway that you can show your people love so they’ll continue being loyal to you. Yeah, I love that. And I like that you can, you know, use it when you are, you know, if you’re being interviewed or you know, it’s an easy way for them to like, okay, I can just remember, you know the name and then go to the number to text into the group. 

Is there um any other misconceptions that you might that we might not have missed or we might not have covered that, that happened with um mobile texting and marketing this way. Yeah, it’s so simple. It’s it’s there’s so few limitations actually, I mean obviously you’re not you can’t upload a list, You don’t that people didn’t give you permission, right? So sometimes I’ll get somebody to say, well we’ve been using a competitive years, we’d like to move over to you and since they’ve

given them permission, another platform, we can upload them to our system. Um So that’s one restriction is that you can’t buy a list. Um The other restriction on that we can’t send um there’s

an acronym for this. 

We can’t give people the shaft S. H. A. F. T. You can’t promote sex,hey alcohol, um firearms or tobacco. So unfortunately like the cannabis industry is going crazy and they always are calling

me saying can we use your and I have to say no because it’s just not allowed by the FCC to promote.

So any kind of Exactly even kind of it. So um so it does keep it limited that but comparably to like messenger, which is um that has to apply by facebook rules, they’re like you can’t text

somebody, you can’t message somebody unless they’ve talked to you in the last 24 hours,

you can’t do this, you can’t do this, you can’t I’m like oh my God, even though I love bots, I love the ability and we do offer that service in conjunction because our service as a like an api which is computer geek for a big extension cord that plugs in. 

It works with different software. So it does work with somebody like many chat. So when something happens and if they give you their phone number through many chat, it goes into our platform and then you can use it as you want. So we love bots, but there’s so many restrictions for them because you’re playing by again, facebook’s rules. 

So ours, you know, you can send a message at any time between 7 am and 9 pm their time. Our system automatically does that for you. And again, if you’re not giving anyone the shaft and you haven’t uploaded an illegal list, everything else is free game and it’s your list. You own it. There’s a lot of our competitors, like one is the one that Gary Vander check always promotes because he, because he’s partner owner of it called community. 

You don’t own the list on community. You’re giving them all of your audience and then you don’t ever get to own that list. So you couldn’t even download it and give it to me to upload. So yeah, so if you get the list, you, you never have like access fully to it, then yeah, you can’t, you can’t ever do anything with it. It’s like you pay them a lot of money by the way. It’s very expensive. 

I mean all the celebrities use it. And then if you stop paying, you just say goodbye to your list. I mean it’s just, that’s just part of their their terms. But with us, if you stop using it, you could download the list and we don’t want you to we want you to stay forever. So we keep you happy. But we I was the baby of six or I am the baby of six Children.

And my mantra has always been, you’re not the boss of me, the boss of me, You’re not the boss of me. You’re not the boss of me, right? And so I’ve never wanted anyone to feel like I’m the boss of them. So that’s why we’ve made it so they can they can own their list, take it with them and God bless them. 

So but we keep most our customers happy and they never leave. So yeah, that is so good. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s really again it’s just as you mentioned at the beginning, it’s about your list

of assets, assets being your client base um that you work so hard to get their attention for them to become a lead. You nurture them. You want to, you know, hold on to that information. It’s

so precious. Especially um that data with all of the IOS changes um all of the things that

are happening. It’s really important that we are able to hold on to our clients um information

and and and be able to continue to connect with them and nurture those relationships. Yeah.

It’s funny they used to say the person who dies with the most toys wins now. It’s the person of the biggest list you bring up that IOS right? Because there’s all kinds of limitations now in regards to ads. 

Yeah. It doesn’t even matter what text marketing you you people don’t change their cell phone number anymore. It used to be like if they got you know a new phone every once in a while they will now but in the old days you couldn’t transfer if you changed carriers. Well now you can so people that that number is precious and if they honor you with the ability to text them to that number, that’s why I always teaches that you need to honor that and only send them good stuff that they value and they appreciate. 

Um and then you you’re you’re golden because they you know they can’t tell you you can’t text because it’s something that they give out personally. Yeah. Well and I think it’s like that golden rule rule right? Do unto others think about what would you want to receive as a customer. And we would all people like birthday wishes. 

Obviously people like coupons and people like you know information that is going to you know help them, you know be more in the know and so or taking advantage of an offer but they’re like, oh that’s right. I totally like I didn’t schedule my appointment. I’m gonna going on vacation two weeks. I’d better do it like it keeps you top of mind which is nice. 

Yeah even just a reminder of its you’re almost due for your one year touch up or you’re due for this appointment or. Yeah those type of reminders other than just your regular appointment reminders maybe they don’t have an appointment but this is just a just to let you know a friendly

reminder your your time is is is coming up. So yeah there’s so many applications and I think again just as we said like um really thinking about how you can reach your clients and how you

can add more value you know for them is perfect. So tell me what would be the the steps that you know like if we were to put this obviously there’s probably more to it but if we were to put it into like three easy steps or three things that they should know to get started. 

Yeah so they can in fact I have a little um like a report I guess you would call it like a little it’s a three page pdf. That is the top 10 tips to text like it’s a business Success. I can’t remember what I called it. Yes so they want that they can download no strings attached but it will kind of show you how texting works if you text the word text txt to the word to the number 71441. 

So it’s the word text T.E. X. T. Or texting I put both of them there but tax the E. X. P. To the number 71441. Yeah that’s a short code. The industry is moving away from short codes though. The carriers let us know. So eventually that I’ll start promoting my 800 number that we’re doing.

But for now that’s someone for for one works and um they’ll instantly get back a Little link that will give them those top 10 tips. Um But yeah so it would be, you could do that if you’d like and

then I think it’s automated on the back end that I have to get the tips I think in 24 hours you might get a link to set up a free demo account. Um or you can go directly to get a free

demo account by going to . 

And that little landing pages mostly for restaurants is because during Covid we’re doing a whole like love on restaurant campaign. I was doing a restaurant recovery program. Um I should have done a beauty recovery program. You guys were struggling as well. I know. Um and we even set up a nonprofit called flag front line appreciation group. 

We raised money in the community and paid restaurants to deliver food to our frontline heroes and the hospitals, senior care homes. Um police and fire and all the local kids who are bored to death because there was no school. They were making me signs of encouragement that we would deliver with the food so they could put it up in there um in the break room so you know, remind them that we appreciated them and we thank them for their service. 

So um that was really fun. So anyways if you go to , like I said, it has kind of geared more to restaurants, but they can set up a free account um and then the welcome email has a link to my personal calendar so they can set up a time where I can just show it to them or

if they’re ready to go for it, um I can help get them all set up and then let them go and let them have fun and there’s all kinds of tutorials in it. Um but if they want more of a service based um solution, we can talk about that as well. 

Okay, and it was because my company name is Another Brilliant Idea. Right? Everyone needs another brilliant idea. So all of our products are brilliant. Based. So brilliant box, brilliant. Mobile, brilliant app. It’s brilliant. I love it. I love it. Yeah, so I put it um we’ll put it in the show notes for anybody that’s listening to this on the podcast, you’ll be able to find all of Mary’s information. 

So so I have two things. One let us know where they can connect with you other than we just did any of the socials and things like that. Oh right now, okay, now I’ll tell you the second one after that, Cool on facebook, I’m “MobileMary”, so they can just in fact, I think on facebook I’m the mobile Mary because I think somebody else said mobile Mary who was like a notary or something, I don’t know, I think I started that because twitter the same thing, it was like somebody had mobile Mary, um the mobile Mary or just mobile Mary And I’m on every platform

um just being a goofball because I believe life is short and we should have fun with our business. 

I’ve been I’ve been actually in business, this is my 33rd year in business, but I have only 34. Right? Right? Absolutely, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. That’s right, you’re as young as you feel for sure, that’s right. Well the beauty industry helps us stay young, so thank you Everyone is listening and watching, I owe you a debt of gratitude. Thank you. Yes, absolutely. And so then um what would you like to add to make this episode complete?

My guess it’s been so perfect so far. I don’t know what I would add that, it was so nice of you to have me on your show, it’s so fun to reconnect and um it’s um I’m so proud of what you’re doing and helping the people in your industry with so many resources and tools and strategies to make their business better because that’s what people need and your offering such a you are

the answer to someone’s prayer and I just love that you do that.

Yes, well, thank you so much for doing this. I know when we met at Molly Mahoney’s event just kicked it off and I just loved, it was just so fascinated by, by this and like I said, it was hot, then it’s even hotter now, so I knew I needed to have you.

Yeah, I mean talk about getting in at the right time. You definitely got it at the right time, because everybody, like we said there are just glued to their phones and so it’s just another way and because we, it’s getting harder to reach them from, as you mentioned, email and all of these other places Yeah, there’s so much noise out there, right? We’re just vying for their attention.

So being that little little sweet tap on their shoulder to say, hey, you know, if you need this, I’m here for you type of thing, not being pushy, not being obnoxious, you know, you don’t want to do that whole spammy thing, like the whole like, hey girl, hey, what we’re talking about that, hey girl, I just thought you’d like this opportunity, right? It’s um you know, you’re offering an amazing

service and people need that service and if they’re already your customers, they’re gonna appreciate that you’re giving them a heads up or first to know like one of our customers is actually a local cookie store. 

I just have one those door. But through text marketing they’ve actually both doubled their business year after year the last three years. But they’ve also when they sent out a text, they have actually tracked it. They make five times the cost of the tax on profits.

So like, you know because of the list that they’ve gone and like a local restaurant Miguel’s, they have 76,000 people. We’ve actually separated by store. So they’re having like a slow day in a certain area or there’s maybe a fundraiser at one, you know, certain store, whatever we can demographically geo fence that area and send something out. 

So if you have multiple beauty locations, you can actually send one message out just to them or when they’re driving into the area. So you can actually, I mean we haven’t even talked about all that stuff, but there’s so much fun geeky stuff that you can do um that just makes it so your business is so much easier because as I said before, bottom line, we want to make you more money because when you make more money you have more freedom to do what you want

with your family, with your time, right? If you’re struggling, everything else becomes heavy

and weighted on your shoulders so we want to make your life streamlined, you know, by putting these automated systems in place, making it, you know, your customers feel loved and making your business easier. 

It’s just a win win, right? So um yeah, so that it brings me joy. I still get a thrill when I see av customer’s text come in that I know they sent through our system. Yeah, it’s just, I’m like, oh my God, it’s like a pool supply company sends out, oh, they’re open on this day and there’s just like

a barbecue, like, like I’m still that much of april yes, I love it, I get excited for those little things too, and that’s important. Yeah, so I want to thank you so much for being here for anybody that’s listening on the podcast. Of course, all the information will be in the show notes. Don’t forget you can get that download, free download, so you know what to do and walking through it

or text to 71441. So just text on the subject. Yes, so easy to do. And guys, this is again such a fantastic way to grow your business. So I really, you know, invite you to explore it and take action, as I always say, you know, it’s good to learn and learners are earners, but action

takers are the real money makers. So, so that’s it for today. Thank you so much for being

here. Thank you for listening to another episode of the beauty marketing simplified podcast. And

if you enjoyed today’s episode, we would love to hear from you, make sure you subscribe,

download and also leave us a review. Let us know any topics that you would like to hear about and also definitely refer it to a friend. Thank you again for joining us. I’m signing off. This is april with grit and grace hugs and high fives. See you next week. Mm hmm.