Create social media challenges or contests to drive traffic to your store or restaurant!

Everyone loves winning free stuff and a social media contest is a fun way to promote your restaurant. Try a giveaway contest where you ask people to tag their favorite dining buddy, so they can win a BOGO (Buy one Get One for FREE!) MEAL!

This can also help you gain more followers, boost your restaurant’s visibility, and get more customers to check out your restaurant. If the winner has never dined with you before, it will give them a chance to try your restaurant risk-free.

Create a hashtag for your content like #MariasTacoTuesdayContest so you can easily track your contest. As participants to use that hashtag on their posts, it gives you the ability to find them easily to repost their content and enter them to WIN!

Why are hashtags important, in general, for your restaurant? They can help build brand awareness, increase engagement, and get customers walking in your doors.

For example, if you’re located in Brea, and always use #BreaTacos or your store plus location: #MariasTacosBrea in your posts, people hungry for Tacos in your local area can find you more easily.

If your restaurant consistently uses a hashtag it will encourage your followers to use it as well. This increases engagement and builds a community of customers. Once your hashtag gains popularity you will begin to grow your customer base and get your
online followers walking in your doors!

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