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Mary Barnett “MobileMary” Joins The Tim Gillette Show

Another Brilliant Idea, Inc., is a certified small and women-owned boutique marketing firm.

Good afternoon morning, whatever it might be. Hey guys this is Tim Gillette and this is the Tim Gillette show. No I know it’s it’s my name on the show but it isn’t about me, I wanted to create a show where I can get to know people and in some cases like I I get to meet people for the first time on camera, I think that’s really cool, but in other cases you know you kind of, let’s face it over the years, I’ve met so many cool people and we’ve changed our businesses, we are developing businesses developed, they get better, they improve with time and you will get to reconnect with people that you haven’t seen sometimes in eight, nine years.

I don’t know it’s been a long time uh since today’s guest and I have actually chatted so I thought what better way to do it than to have a chat live on air recorded, make a podcast out of it. After all, we’re both kind of in the internet marketing business uh you know what I mean kind of ways and we kind of met through some other internet marketing guru dude alright, you know what I mean? I’m sure well I’m sure we’ll pick on it.

Alright. I know we’ll pick on him because he’s a friend of mine anyway we’re gonna have a good time today Mary Barnett, our “MobileMary” as I’ve learned to know her over the years alright. Has been someone that I’ve wanted to have on my podcast when I had radio shows, I wanted to have her on, it’s just it’s been so long being able to make this work. 

Finally we found a way to make it work and I’m excited to bring around here today and see what she is up to. Let’s see. Hello Mary, Hey, hey, hey, hi Tim, so good to see you again. I know I’ve been stalking you for about seven or eight or nine years, so it’s all good. I was thinking about that today. 

It’s, it’s literally bent. It’s got to be at least seven or eight years since we’ve seen each other. It’s been a long time. In fact, I meant to like, look back and see actually what the year was that we met at Craig’s event. Um but I failed to do so. So, you know, we met the very first one we went to I went to, which was the spring of 2012 john wait was his singer alright. Um and I can tell you like the people I’m connected to still till this day from them is, you know, Jason nast remember?

Yeah. Um I don’t think my washer started making noise. I’m like, what the heck is that? Actually? I went back actually, is the first time I went there before I went 2012 was the first time I ever went and I joined Craig’s mastermind and I’ve been in his coaching program ever since I went through his elite program as a matter of fact. Um and and and I’m great friends with Craig now and Craig and Natasha and, And the boys are all grown up now. 

I think like I was at his 50th birthday party in his house, so I don’t know how many years ago that was. I guess we could figure that out. I moved it, but remember his boys in this, guess what? Because I teach blogging, I bought all and I do mean all of Tyler’s inventory. So now, so now because Tyler didn’t want to use his picture anymore. 

But now Craig, he shows the picture when he’s doing his presentations and he’s got to say, if you want a copy of the book, you’ve got to go to one of my clients, Tim Gillette, that’s my football phone.

Alright. It’s like, and I speak at events and I show it, hey, even a 10 year old can blog and everybody wants that book and when they want that book, they’re like, oh, I just want that book and I’m like, I’m sorry, it’s only available to my coaching clients. That’s awesome. That’s your like, value add my ultimate bonus. Um but my very first blog videocon, Tyler spoke at it because he goes to college here in, in Dallas area. 

Tyler’s Tyler’s my my way to pay Tyler was, is if he, he came, he spoke at my event and he signed his book in the back of the room and took pictures with people, he got 50% of the money that we brought in from the book and I already paid him for the book. Nice. Yeah, I mean I made a good deal. So I mean even afterwards he’s still making money on to it. Um he’s doing stuff with movies now. 

So actually the other thing is, is I actually sat two seats over from him watching that queen movie with him and his dad. Tyler is just, I love Tyler well and now um, you know, well the youngest, Hayden is going to school here in Dallas as a high school, but both of his boys or other two boys are going to college in Fort Worth. So that’s why they moved here, wow again, you’re not making me feel old at all. 

They’re like, oh my God, I get it, I’m old now alright. All kinds of things in the body started to started to creep up on me, but you’ve cut your hair, used to be a long hair, you know, Rockstar dude? When I first met you and now you’re all cleaned up and corporate. What’s up with that? Well, uh 2012, I had to get on our 2020, I had to get on camera a lot more. I couldn’t hide out from day to day and you know, you’re, you’re a woman,you take care of long hair,you know, like, you know, if you gotta go make an appearance, you’ve got to do the hair,the makeup? 

I mean I, because I was working from home all the time most of the time, unless I was doing a speaking gig, I didn’t do anything with my hair. So it was a mess. Now I’m having to be on camera every day and I’m like, you know, this makes you more relatable, tim the fact that you can, you can, you know, the struggle is real and you can now like relate. That’s like a key and marketing is being relatable and authentic. Dude. You could say I live the long hair life. I get you women and they’ll be attracted to you. Like for your business. I love that. Yeah, it’s, it’s just, it’s, but I mean, so I’ve changed a lot. 

You’ve changed. I mean, tell me where you’ve been, cause I look younger and thinner. Is that what you’re trying to say? Look younger and thinner? No, no, no, no, no, no, I don’t remember you being being, being younger or thinner. I remember you being the same age and you’ve always been that you’re supposed to say you’re still as young and thin as you were. 

Anyways, I’m just kidding. Hey, I’ve been married for so long. I forget the pickup lines. Okay, let’s just think I’m not good with pick up lines anymore. I’m always trying to help out my guy friends and like, okay, when your wife says anything, you say, oh my gosh, have you lost weight? The first thing you always say, even if it’s every morning. Oh my God, have you lost weight or your butt looks great in those jeans? Have I told you that how pretty you are? Like little things that husbands need to remember? 

I’ve been married 33 years so you know, okay Mary I had to go through three marriages to get this thing right? Alright, let’s face it, okay, I’m not I’m not the sharpest christian in the bible. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Well tell me what you’re up to Mary, all right. You know I met you you were doing something with you know with text messaging and marketing when I met you, are you still doing that what you want your business now? What I’m saying? Yeah, we have been I’ve actually been in business 32 years in my longest standing joke is I’m only 33. Just say Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. Um but we did traditional marketing our 1st 20 years and then our last 12, almost 13 years now has been all mobile social. So we started our software right before I met you and we’re still doing the same thing. 

We work with the military city schools, restaurants, retail stores, basically helping them build a list of database of both mobile and email numbers, mobile numbers and email addresses um that they can instantly and on demand reach their customers to drive them back for sales and promotions. Um We also have a lot of coaches that use our service for automation. Like we do what we call texting funnels. So um set them up as you know, the final issues you’re in marketing basically leading people down the path of the sale, helping them with accountability, things like that. Um So yeah, texting is my jam and that’s why I’ve always been “MobileMary” which actually came up with um on the radio show that I create, connected us with john at Toby net Toby net radio and I don’t even know what it is now. But yeah, it has a different name but um But yeah, so it’s because of that show, my producer, I was joking around and I think Craig was joking around into it. 

Like I talk about mobile all the time. I should be “MobileMary”. I’m like done that’s my brand. So yeah, So I’ve always been “MobileMary”. When I had my radio show and everything, I’m doing the same but always improving it, tweaking it, helping people with strategies both on mobile and social marketing. Mm hmm, wow. You know, it’s it’s you know, it’s interesting that, you know what I mean? You found a, you know, a niche or a name or a name for yourself. And so often I see people that come into my fold that come into my mastermind everything. They’re trying to find the name, but they don’t have the product or service. 

They’re even doing it. And I’m like, dude, get a product or service first, we’ll find the name, the name will find itself, you know, right, I can pull a brand out of anybody. But uh, it doesn’t right, it does niche you. And but what’s funny is a lot of people, you know, they don’t, they’ll still understand what mobile Mary is. You know, In fact a funny story probably t m I I was actually having lunch next to our, we had a new chief of Police in town. I was at a networking event next and I introduced myself as “MobileMary” and without even a hesitation, he goes, do you deliver marijuana? I’m a what? I’m like one if I did, I wouldn’t tell you you’re the new Chief of police to know I do mobile marketing, mobile phones texting and he goes, well, I decided to ask, I’m like, okay, okay.

I thought that was the funniest thing. I’m also not a mobile notary, I don’t just drive around all day for a living. Yeah. So it’s so sometimes even when you’re branded as a niche like “MobileMary”, still people have questions about it too  So it’s just so I say I’m a mobile marketing mentor. Like sometimes I have a little tagline. So uh you know, and it’s interesting, I mean you have to find the tag lines throughout the years. Um and some people spend so much time trying to explain what they do. Have you found it easy to come up with like that line to say what you do. Right? That yeah, was that a question? That was a question. But hey, if you want to make a statement, we’ll just make a statement and keep rolling. You said you didn’t do that. I’m like, yeah, I did. Well I mean you always say basically because right now, especially tim it’s really important. I mean I’ve been screaming into the wind that social media is awesome for building your brand, but it’s a shared asset. 

But now all of a sudden people are paying attention because they see all these people’s accounts getting shut down. So I’m like before it’s too late. I don’t mean to be as you know Chicken little and the sky is falling or anything, but it’s really smart business, it’s almost like business insurance is to build that database, right? I mean you have to have some way to reach your customers when their not online. So you can contact them directly. Text just gets through 94%. It’s an open rate. It’s not for every situation. So I also help people build their their email is because that’s more for a story and a conversation.

But text get them to take action has a sense of urgency. So I obviously that’s the top of my final but anyway, so yeah, I help people build a database from their social media, all those efforts and on their platforms So they can continue to own their list because we don’t own Facebook, we don’t database. And so it’s it’s interesting because I’ve been saying the same thing since 2010 Alright. Yes, because you’re smart 2010 when I started um you know I mean I started blogging and I had people say to me, Oh man yeah you don’t need a website, you just need social media. and I I have a list of about 40 people who said that And I still to this day say you know all of those 40 people who said that every one of them have a job somewhere now and I don’t interesting fact, you know what I mean? And and it’s interesting you say it and now the same thing now, you know in 2015 I was on blab, I don’t remember blab and I remember all the people on blab and and one very famous social media guy on Blab, I don’t need a website. I got social media, he’s gone now.

Um But that same concept and I said, hey what happens if you get shut down and I’m telling you the biggest thing to back up what I said like him or not like him alright, when they shut the president of the United States off of social media, I’m like see you need to have a backup list. Yes. Yeah. I mean again politics aside we we just it comes right down to the point is that you don’t own it, You don’t own it. You’re playing in their playground in their sandbox. So you play by their rules, but then you have a backup plan, you have your insurance. And so um it’s just a good idea as you know, and so with your blog, I’m assuming that people can subscribe to your blog or give you their email to get some kind of freebie on your blog or things like that.

Of course. I mean, come on, I was I learned from Greg Oswald. It’s it’s interesting. You know, you know what I mean? How we think about that. And you know, here’s one of the things that that, you know, email marketing and mobile. I’m gonna I’m gonna kind of combine the two and you can use points throughout this two separate because I want you to do that every now and then. I want you I know in our questions you’re gonna separate them. Well that works on this, but it doesn’t work on this.

All right. But in this question here, we’re going to group them together and I’m gonna say this here, uh you know, so many people come to me and they come to my events and their first question is, yeah, yeah. But I’m worried about, you know what I mean, losing the people, what do you think of people who are worried about losing people off their database.

It’s actually a good thing. You don’t want to talk to someone who doesn’t want to talk to you. And so if you can whittle down your list only the people who are these raving fans that are waiting for your next message, be a text or email right there, waiting for. They’re excited about it. They have a positive vibes, so to speak, when they get a message from you. Like they’re so excited to open that email because they know that what you’re gonna say means something to them because they’re your perfect as they would say in marketing avatar or your, you know your perfect audience, someone who knows likes and trusts you so much that they want everything that you do. 

There are the people that will come into the top of your funnel, right? And and maybe buy something small $27 package or 37 something and then oh wow, this is great, I want more and they’re going to buy something a little more and more until they become like one of your mastermind or one of your large coaching clients and they will never leave you because they love you. They love what you do, how you make them feel because you know that famous quote doesn’t matter what people what you say or whatever is how you make someone feel.

Um I butchered that quote every time my land, I butcher every quote all the time, let me just say yeah, so, but it’s true. And so if you can invoke a motion. Hey Anita, how are you? Exactly exactly. I mean I totally agree with you so yeah you don’t want everybody do you? Do you know her? I don’t actually you Anita you need to connect with global Mary. She’s hosting a conference of 100 speakers in like so many days that were a part of it. 

You need to be part of that. Oh my God. Reconnect with Anita here we’re using today to connect people. I’m telling you I love that I love your connector, I love that. Um But yeah so that’s a really good question. Um Tim people don’t ask it enough because they are so like they’re almost like hoarders of their database. 

Like you know it only matters if you have five million followers or five million whatever. No it’s people who who want what you have and will buy from you. I mean at the end of the day we’re all in business to feed our family so we can’t just keep giving it away. You know they have to be able to interact in the in the exchange of commerce. 

So yeah, very good question. Yeah. Now now I work you know I mean I work in using like shopping carts so I’m using currently um I’ve been using one shopping cart for years. That version that craig had. I don’t remember that but now recently a lot of us are switching over to car truck and I know Cartwright has the has the abilities to work in a texting platform. Are you working with some of your clients that are using car tra? I do have a P. I. That works with almost every software. Okay. So usually like you can be on the marketplace and they have ones that are already connected or you can use the api of a, of a service that you like. So we usually help people and we use a happier, you know, to connect a lot of things so it all depends on what is important to you. Mm hmm Now, well when I set my shopping cart up alright, I have a couple of things that like have to have to be interconnected like that, they require things getting to connect with one another.

Um and one of them is my credit card processor, the most important one to get product just saying, but in your case here, do you have a team of people that like if I wanted to use your service Mary that basically I can just call in your team is gonna go in work with my work to set it up for me. Amen, yep, yep. Um and so I was gonna ask you, are you doing stripe now? Paypal, what is your form of? I have stripe Paypal but I also, I have a direct thing up, I don’t know if you know it’s through, I have a lady who’s another one in craig’s Barbara Cunningham that literally, I don’t know if you know Barbara or not. 

I don’t loyalty processing. I don’t have to worry about anything like you know, I get all the time. People are calling me to sell me their credit card services. I’m like, are you with loyal or processing? No, no, we want to talk to you about ours is thank you bye. If I have a problem and I’ve had it where my sight something didn’t connect. I can text Barbara And she calls the person on the team to take care of it and usually I get a call back within 45 minutes.

Okay we got it fixed. I have a one person contact that’s all I want. Give me a business that I gotta contact. They’re going to contact the member on the team that handles it. Right. Right.

Well it’s, it’s funny how you get to a point in business where you the fluff kind of goes away. You just want what works and you want people that you work with are going to be on your team, so to speak. I’m not saying teams sarcastically, agent eric would that they’re on your team there there have your best interest in mind and that’s what some of our biggest customers. 

I mean the military, well text in and say, hey, I mean obviously not the military, it’s usually a colonel or someone in high rank, you know, can you send this out for us or we have a large restaurant chain and they’ll say you know, hey we have a promotion. I’m away from something happened and I’m away from my deck. Can you? Even though they can send it from their own phone too. But again they want to make sure it’s strategic and we’re like of course we’ll take care of for you.

And that’s the difference is having, you know, not just be on a, you know, have a have a 24 hour, you know sport ticket that then you hope they’ll get back to you but you need information. You need, you’re everything set up now. So that’s important and I do the same thing tim I work with a team of people who I know I can text him and say, hey can you do this for my business? So that’s what I, when I work with my clients, I think of the same thing like do unto others as you would have done to yourself. 

Exactly the golden rule, you know, and I’ve gotten stuck over the years Mary when I moved to Dallas in 1998. The first thing I had to do was you know, transfer my car insurance over from pennsylvania texas and I got here. So the first thing I did was I looked up a couple of, you know insurance and I was a state farm customer. I looked at state farm agents and one state farm agent said to me yeah tim I’ll come by your office with the paperwork alright. Do you want to keep the same coverage?

Alright. And he actually on phone calls wouldn’t have like email back and forth as much back then I’m like okay he came to my workplace alright went through everything on my lunch break with me. I didn’t have to drive to him. Do you know that I mean? I drove by his office again this morning coming back from coffee 22 years 23 years later now um I am still doing business with that guy because of that service that he gave me. People will not give the service that’s needed and not understand that they’re going for a buck and I mean I realize you’ve got a service that most people, a lot of people are now are starting to compare shots. 

What is it you would tell them when they’re compared shopping go hey let me talk to you about service. Right tell us what you would tell that person. Yeah so there’s been things over the years. I’m sure you tell the suit him that keep coming up. Like when we first got into texting people would say because twitter just come out as well and they’re like well why would I use texting when I have twitter And I would say well you don’t own twitter, you want to own your database. Yeah. Yeah but I can just free and I can get people out there. I said well why don’t you use twitter? 

But then say hey if you’d like to be on my personal private communication line text this you know and get them off twitter use it to promote your brand but then get them off twitter so yeah use it but whatever. Um And then there’s kind of a. No it’s people almost roll their eyes sometimes you say well I’m all about service you know um One of my favorite movies is um that thing you do. Have you ever seen it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah and there’s always that famous line um they don’t know nothing about service when it was lines in the beginning of the movie um And people say oh what’s that worth? 

But when crunch time happens service like you know what service means right? So I think it’s it’s service doesn’t mean anything until you’re in a pinch. So that’s you know how I would explain to people and I also don’t put our pricing on our website because I don’t want to be shopped and most of my clients don’t come from the web anyway even though I have a website and a blog and you know all the things right All of my are usually people who are happy and their friends have said hey who who does their texting it seems that work really well for you and then they refer me and that’s and still to this day. I’m still doing all the S. C. O. And still doing all the social still doing all this stuff. But my best clients and my most long term clients are all word of mouth and because people know that they’ve been taken care of and they want to recommend their friends so that’s means a lot to me. Yeah and you know it’s it’s it is it’s it’s it’s providing the service are right it’s connecting with them. You’re connecting to them on a personal level makes them not want to leave. 

You know I mean it’s like you know I mean when when I try my biggest thing is trying to remember every little the details that matter like you know like Anita this morning I know Anita and I know what she’s doing in my mind and I can go and I’m like in my mind went I think I need to connect these two people. You know that actually and also she showed up and she made a comment right? So when you’re invested in something and when you show up you know now we’re not really showing up live anymore even though I miss those days I just miss hugging. Like I’m a hugger. Um Anyways but she showed up and she so my one of the strategies that I don’t know where I picked it up years and years and years ago when I would always go to these massive events. 

I always found my way to the microphone when they have, like, the first questions out of the gate, anybody have a question, I would like book it up to the microphone. Hi, I’m Mary Barnett with Another Brilliant Idea, because everyone needs another brilliant idea. My question today is, you know, and I’ve always told, like, newbies who come and I’m like, oh my gosh, get like, let everybody in the room know you’re here. And then when people are in breakout sessions or whatever, like, oh, you’re the one who asked the question, oh, so when I show up on live events, I’m always commenting, liking it, sharing it. Like I want the host to know that I care and that I’m showing up to support them. 

Why do I keep doing this? I don’t know, it’s well, you know, I mean, I can’t help those people who are listening to audio only, so they know when we’re doing air quotes, I’m just taking that. Um you know, um one of the things that I’ve done over the years and I do it with comedy to make sure people remembered me, I’ve never been able to I’ve never been able to get it out in a in a line. Of course now we’ve got a much cooler brand that works, but I did for years because I looked like Tom Petty. Yeah, I’m tim Gillette, you know what I mean? You can find me at not, And people would remember it because they look at me and go, yeah, you kind of look like Tom Petty uh memorable alright, But the same thing is doing that, but you reminded me by telling me about the question, I always like to do that, but I’d like to ask questions to make sure nobody forgets my question.

Oh, tell me I did this thing a couple of years ago. Um Well, Dean Cain, actor Dean Cain was at one of craig’s things and I know yeah, yeah, I actually mike coaching clients when you sign up for my coaching program, you get an email that sends you to a private video, that’s Dean Cain welcoming you to my coaching program. I know Dean personally, but at the time I’m at this event and I know Dean because I’m connected and I’m like, I know the question that people will not forget about Dean, because he’s up there talking about working with Teri Hatcher and working with people, and I come up with, and I go, so Dean, you worked with Teri Hatcher, alright, and we had a good relationship and he goes, yeah, I said, you know, she was on another tv show Seinfeld, do you remember that episode? 

He goes, yeah, and I said there’s a question that every guy who’s seen her on Seinfeld wants to know the answer to, can you give us the answer and he goes, what question are they real? Oh my word, the room just rolled in laughter and afterwards, like I’m like his escort and security taking him back to his car and we’re walking through the halls and he goes, that was the most brilliant question anybody has ever asked me on. Mhm You but you talked about that being memorable about the question of letting people know that you, when you get up there to ask that question. First of all you showed up. Second of all, you made an impact to let them know, I’ve got a service that everybody in this room needs. 

Most importantly, here’s the question I’m gonna ask they got, I mean right now, first of all they know that you’re showing up. They know that you’ve got a service now. And third making an impactful question, it’s the trifecta. They are never going to leave that room without getting to know you write. I know, thank you so much that you are validating that hey, I have a question for you, tim Sure. Um you when, when I met you, you had the word rockstar in your brand and I know we’re at the rockstar marketing bootcamp.

Tell me what the difference of your brand and the rockstar was. I’ve always been curious so that this is a sincere question that that was actually the laptop I had when I started and if you see it back there, it says Rocker Life coach was my brand. Rocker, Rocker life coach now. Well I own several websites around rock star and uh you know, I mean we were working with Craig, the very first thing that craig, it was Craig Adam Ace in a break room and Adam and craig Adam hit me first with and he said tim, your brand does not speak what you sell, we need to change.

And I’m like, oh man, but that’s so cool. And he says cool, doesn’t sell. I mean I love Adam Ace because he, he actually, it was, it was the uncomfortable truth I needed to hear and Adam did, we changed it from that to the rock and roll Keys to business success. Then we went to, when I was in 2015 working with Larry, brown and Larry says Tim. What are the two things that people ask you to speak about? I said blogging and branding, dump everything else and create a brand around blogging and branding. 

So we created rock around your blog. Then it was right your way to the top. Then it was the conference came out in 2018. We want to do a blog conference, but not just blog, blog and video because I was the guy on blab who come up with the green checkmark idea. Uh basically it was green, it was a green checkmark that said you were blab verified and I, I actually had the uh, the Ceo blab called me and said Shawn was a nice guy says tim, can you stop? I realize it’s a fun and game, but I get thousands of emails a day asking me how to get blabbed verified. And I’m like sean it was meant to be a joke. He said, yeah, but your joke has gone too far, wow.

Yeah. Why didn’t you just do it then? Well, we had a whole video series telling you how to do it. It was nothing more than a green emoji next to your name. Basically I had a whole often series and at the end of it, the video basically said, so go into your profile, go in here and add the check mark. But like we just because so many people will go on the, on the, on the scene of things and they fear of missing out. And it was, it was a huge funny we call it, you know what I mean? 

It was a, what they call them one of those like jokes or or or it wasn’t practical joke. It was a publicity stunt, right? And it worked alright. It got me known in the blab industry and the blab when they were on, but we created, we went from there to video and belonging videocon and then we were trying to come up with a brand that was so solidified that I could trademark because we couldn’t trademark blog and videocon and we’re sitting in a mastermind and we come up with this idea of stupid easy marketing. So immediately I jump on it, right, not knowing that there’s a gentleman in California who already trademarked stupid easy in the marketing category.

But I learned my lessons in 2018 around trademarking because my last name is Gillette, the name Gillette is trademarked. That’s right. And I could not use Gillette marketing Gillette anything because they can, they can sue me. However, I’m like, okay, I gotta find some of my own. So with the green check mark, if you see if I actually can see if I can actually come up with here. I have it in my branding is up in the top, that is my new or go with the green check mark, Simple, Easy marketing and that’s the trademark. It came last week. So, but anyway, that was the trademark marketing is trademarked.

It is my trademark. Congratulations. And it’s, and it is, it’s a process, you know what I mean? You know, when I came to that marten that meeting, I was cool, I had a lot of things going on, but nothing was in the final processes of like, you know what I mean? Okay, let’s narrow this down. How do I meet people getting to know me make money, you know, and get them on the list, make money. I did not have that down and there’s a lot of tools out there that, you know, I mean and you get this because you sell a tool, the people will buy the tools but they don’t have the products, the knowledge, the connections and everything to make it work. So then they dump You know $50, a month on this tool for months on end with nothing to make it work. And then they get mad because their making no money and they realized that they needed to get all the stuff done before they bought the tool. 

Right? Yeah. We actually have, we have a covid special that it’s run out on february 1st. It was we brought it down to $27 a month. But we found that again that was just to help a lot of it was a restaurant promotion because we were doing a tennis effin. Um since March giving for free bar social mobile services. We started a program called Flag front line appreciation group of Corona. Because I live in a town named after the beer. Not the virus. Thank you very much. I thought I thought that was just you know the solution was I just drank Mark Corona beer. I was fine. Right? I was trying to start that rumor by the way because I was trying to help the company out. So I’m like I heard this is the antidote. I’d walk around grocery stores. I heard this is the antidote Anyways. I’m sure I love people are strange. Um but I actually in the very beginning of the lockdown in March. Um, because I started, like I said, giving away our services just for our local restaurants that were like struggling like crazy. 

So I was trying to build them a list, right? Get them. Um, let people know they’re open and they’re clean and all this kind of stuff that they weren’t doing. They were just kind of panicked, right? Um, but I actually had made a appointment with somebody who I had met at the social media marketing world conference, which was like, it ended and the shutdown was like the next day, it was like the last event of the year in my industry and our, our industry. And um, I met someone, we set an appointment for like a couple of Fridays out in the future. Well when I called him at that appointment time, it didn’t pick up and I called again didn’t pick up. So I emailed him and said, hey, this is not a good time. You had set this time on my calendar. We can reschedule, no problem, whatever.

And like almost instantly I hit send almost instantly the phone rang and he says, I am so embarrassed. I said why? And he goes, I didn’t pick up your phone call, you called twice, Right? I’m like, yeah, he goes, because it came up as corona and I said, oh my God, please don’t tell me that you thought you’d get the virus to the phone. He goes, no, no, no, no, no, he says no, but on the east coast they’re warning us of scams. And if anything comes on our phone that says corona to not answer it because it’s gonna be a scam artist. So I was like, oh my God, my poor community is going to start losing money. Right. Andso I had read an article about this woman who started this group called flag front line appreciation group and she was raising money but from the community to pay restaurants to deliver food. The frontline heroes hospitals, police fire, you know, so I called her up and I said, hey, I, my little town needs this, this, this chair, like can I start a chapter because I, you know, so I went to the city and into the Chamber of Commerce and I can, you know, who wants to partner with me on this. So the local chamber foundation partner partner because I didn’t want to take the money personally because she was doing that and I have a corporation and I wouldn’t want to mix funds. 

So I um I asked them to do it and they would sponsor it. So since april I think fourth we started this group and now it’s the flag of Corona. And so we’re trying to do a little pr for our little city and we’ve raised over $20,000 that we’ve got have gone straight 100% to our restaurants and they deliver food, We have what we call flag friday and um we would um I should say hashtag flag flag friday and um we bring them to er ICU or the whole hospital senior care centers for their staff that’s used working graveyard where typically the only thing they’re eating the middle tonight is out of vending machines and for a long time when they were locked in for 24 hours at a time, I thought that wasn’t right there. They’re putting their life at risk and having cold icky food and our restaurants are struggling and dying on the vine like hello. So if you, if your listeners want to find out about flag and what we’re doing, if they text the word flag to the number 71441, you can get a link to our facebook group, they can link to donate. 

Um and it’s just so gratifying when you like, I have restaurants will text me and say, Hey we’re having a hard time meeting a role this week. I’m sorry, hold on a second. What was that number again? Sure, I’ll put it in the Chat. The short code is 71441 and then they’re going to and they’re going to text the word flag, I’m trying to type it into one of my banners real quick to bring it up. Okay again I tried to set them up ahead of time but sometimes set them up on the fly. I have I’m not a good divided person.

I’m yeah it’s okay. You’re a boy. I always think like waffles girls think like spaghetti you know there’s a joke that I had. I don’t know if I should tell it very well. You know I’m gonna tell it anyway. This lady years ago I worked with her at Starbucks and she wasn’t you know, she was probably about 10 years older than me. All right. She had a couple of kids and um you know I I we used to say well you know why is it that guys are right?

They actually go into a mall and they just go get what they want and they can figure it out And she goes it’s easy. They have something that points them and tell them what they want to do. Ha ha ha she was hilarious to work with. So anyway, I love that. But do you get the waffle analogy? I mean boys can they they think in compartments you know they work home you know whatever and then girls everything is mixed together. So that’s why we go off on tangents forever. But I remember once a guy said you know it is true. I can’t because my husband I’d be like what are you thinking about? Nothing? I’m like how is that possible? How could you not be thinking about anything? 

Like I’m thinking about a bazillion things at one time. He’s like I really am not thinking about anything, I’m like and so I had an expert in, you know, psychology whatever, he’s like, yeah, there’s times where guys can just think about nothing, I’m like, so it’s the waffle, they have an empty box, is what I’m trying to say, yep, I’ve got one of the empty boxes, wow, I wish I had that, I would love to be able to unplug, that would be awesome. I think that’s what wine is for, so there you go. I have, you know, anyway, so let’s get back to business here a little bit.

Okay, let me ask you this, you know what I mean? To get into this field alright and getting into this, I love to ask this question, do you have something in your past? Like a mentor or or maybe it was a boss or a coach who said something to you that has impacted your life until this day. I’ve had so many, I’ve had so many. I Um I mean my dad owned his own business when I was younger um when I was in junior high, he started business because he was laid off, he was an engineer and I think all of engineers in California were laid off in 1971 and so they took their life savings and invested in a bumper car lot and that the old fashioned engine, big giant inner tube with a seat on it and I don’t even think we had seat belts, like, Like there was no waivers, you paid 50 cents, you got to drive around and bouncing into people, you know for 15 minutes. 

Um and we all had a job, there were six of us kids. My job was sweeping the lot every morning and then I can go play with my friend. She had horses. It was an awesome life actually. Um and then during june and july, I gotta hold the sign spinner. I was like one of the first sign spinners for our freedom fireworks stand on our property, which was really cool anyways, but I learned that you know when you have your own business, you are the master of your destiny. 

And I watched him and so from there he started um you know, just to make money to feed us, he would take draftsman jobs and things and then he started his own business and then he could charge whatever he wanted. Like he got to the point where I remember in his eighties he was still taking phone calls because he always joked and said he knew where the bones were buried because he designed water um stations and electrical grids for California and people could talk to him and in 15 minutes they could learn more than they could research in three weeks. And so he was charging $500 an hour just to talk to people and I was like, wow, that’s you know, I want to be able to do that. So I remember I got a job out of college is like you’re expected to and when I was bringing my little Mac plus every day to work to do their newsletter because I thought it was outrageous that they were spending $10,000 a month to do something I could do on page maker, 

I’m like what are you doing? So I ran and then after four months saving them $40,000 They wouldn’t pay to fix my computer because the fan, there was no internal fan, so I like burnout. I just needed $300 to fix it and I would have continued to be happy doing all this work for them and they refused me because it wasn’t their machine and I was like I could be charging $10,000 for this, you know? So I think along the way I’ve watched different people and then I’ve always hired coaches like you and I’ve you know, I’ve hired people that I respect and I see what they’re doing and I want to emulate them and I’ve learned little bits and pieces from people in the 32 years of business and I’ve always like you said, we’ve all evolved and call for different services and add ons.

I mean I have packages, you know I have just a flat d I y um I have a little mini course or you know work class master class that I teach about everything and then I have like done for you service. Um It’s like three months of my software plus me setting everything up for like 9 97. So like I have different packages. I think all of us do that right? We all evolve. Our businesses change with the times. Like I’m not doing billboards and all the stuff I used to do 25 years ago, I’ve evolved into something that I feel like it gets people results and gives them more long term um Income and more profitability because when I first did on our first national campaign was for Kawasaki, I did events for them before and we drove 93,000 new customers, their dealerships and I had all the data, I knew what color bike what style bike when they wanted to buy what they wanted. 

Like I had all this data, they didn’t even know what to do with all of it. Like I was like, oh my gosh, I’ve never had these results and he was just on a fluke every time there are, people would tell me, well you can’t capture the person’s name or you can’t capture their birthday or you can’t tell me what kind of bike they like, I’d be like yeah I can and then I call my engineers, okay I need you to do this that you know, change this, change that, right? So we built this amazing thing because like people kept telling me you can’t do this. And I was the baby of six and my monster was you’re not the boss of me. That’s been my thing my whole life. It’s like my drives my kids and my husband crazy. He was like, they’re like, mom, I’m like, what be the master of your own destiny?

Take the bull by the horns. Like you can do it. You just have to like figure out a way to help the most people for the most cost effective way then anyway, that won’t go on to all that. But I’m just saying as I get really excited about it because I think people need to understand that they can do anything they want. It takes a lot of hard work. But then it’s okay to pivot because everything like you have told me, I’ve watched your videos for years. You know, working out you were even homeless at one point like you’re you’re such a success story working at Starbucks, like you have come full circle and right, and you’ve pivoted and you’ve done all these amazing, I’m so impressed with you Tim like you’ve really blessed so many people’s lives with your down to earth. 

You know, you have, you have real strategies that help people get things done and get out of their own way. And I think sometimes we so overthink it. I was just talking to a client today. He has like a little um he’s been totally hit by Covid. He has a his businesses, um, festivals like he has a, he makes um, he’s one of those trailers that makes a, it’s called Okay. He has had like 197 events a year. Fun. That’s, he’s a 65 year old man. His whole business is like was decimated and so it’s like, I’ve been helping him like create a list and people love him. So we’re trying to make like a mini festival experience. He’s parked in a parking lot of a party store Who have allowed him to see, you know, so that 90s open and people can come and get treats and things like that.

It’s like, but that’s the thing. It’s like he never built a list. He just would relied on events, which was his social platforms. So it was his platform and built his business on. So I think it’s important to know that no matter where you’re at what you’ve done, you take all that experience that you’ve done like you have and then you use that expertise into whatever new thing you’re doing. So when people do have lost their jobs or how to downsize your company or shift the direction, it’s okay because it gives you a great opportunity to take everything you’ve known and do something in a different way. 

That’s going to help evenmore people. I’m sorry, I’m rambling. Trust me, it’s, it fits in. I mean, I, I’ve, I’ve taken this branding course with frank and again I’m talking about branding but I’ve taken this thing with frank Curran last week and he’s like you needed three fundamental pillars and I’m like my number one pillar is you can do this, you have the ability to create your own destiny. And I I firmly believe that that this is like the founding principle of my being an entrepreneur and again mine goes back to my dad was a diesel mechanic and a truck driver and in the 1970s every one of them got shut down one after another in Pennsylvania and I was like my dad went from job to job but I remember as a child, something that happened that I went okay that that’s never gonna happen to me and my family And I stopped believing, I think I was like 11 years old, I didn’t believe in the education system, didn’t believe, I mean you you right there shut me down and said the system don’t work. And I went from like doing okay in school to being a D&F student because like all right, you look at and and you know at the time, you know what I mean, as a parent there looking like oh my God my my kids failing but now as I get older I look back to that as a dividing point in my life. 

Exactly, that’s exactly one in my mind. Something clicked and went this don’t work, quit putting your time in there, quit putting your effort in there and go find something that does, right? And that’s exactly what you just got done saying, go find it, if this isn’t working, stop doing it right, Right. Yeah. And if you’re not having impact, uh, like you might say, oh my God, I love doing blank, but if it’s not helping anyone and maybe it’s just a hobby. But if you can do something that helps somebody live a better life, right? That definition of success, you know, leaving the world a better place and you found it. And if you can help someone, just go up even one level that baby steps, right?

Um, can become a success. Oh, 100%. But sometimes they just need someone like you tim to hold their hand and say it’s gonna be okay. Just one more step, One more step. You can do it. What more step? Just like when you’re teaching a kid to walk, they don’t know instantly, but they need someone to guide them and help them and encourage them. And I think that’s so important. Like for all of us, I always my favorite um, saying is rising tide lifts all boats. And I think when I do social media strategy people, I’m like, at least once a week shoutout either a customer, a vendor, a partner, you know, tell them how amazing you are.

Just this morning. I think it’s sunday. I spoke to the national charity league and it was just to a bunch of like high school girls and their moms and it was how to use social media to get into the college or career of your dreams. And I was like, okay, at least once a week, say something awesome about your mom or about your little brother. Like my little brother trained every day and today he made the little little league team. I’m so proud of him or oh my gosh,my sister just won the debate team or whatever it is. Or my mom made this awesome dinner tonight and she worked so hard. 

I’m so grateful once a week. Say something really cool about someone else has nothing to do with you. I said, when colleges are looking for people to go to their school or, or employers are looking for an employee. They see that on your social media, you’re gonna be the one they want to hire or bring to their school because you’re thinking others, right? You’re helping others rise and then again, you rise as well. So the whole both things. So I think that’s so important that we all do, even if we’re really successful business reach down and pull somebody else up your bet. 

So, well, maybe this has been a fun day, getting to talk with you again. 48 minutes have gone by now. I know what I, what I wanna do is I also want to make sure everybody who’s in here gets a chance to come get ahold of you. What is the website that they can reach you at? Sure. They can go to another brilliant idea and on there, they can, you know, make an appointment with me or they can text the word Mary uh to the same number someone for for one is my short code and they can get an appointment right there as well and they can see how texting works. Um but yes, I’d love to be of service to anyone. Uh and uh I, so I’m appreciative to him that you have allowed me to come on your show and speak with your audience and it’s so great to catch up with you. 

This has been so much fun, We have to do this again more often, I think I’ll find a way I find a way. But anyway, yeah, wherever you talked to in the Rockstar world, especially craig, give him a hug for me. I missed the whole gang. I know, I actually, I think I’m going to see him tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow we have a weekly call and I’m on almost every, almost every Wednesday I’m on last Wednesday, I was hanging out with somebody and couldn’t make it. But anyway, oh, nice. Will give it my best. So anyway, before I finish up though I have this wonderful little list of this or that questions that I have prepared specifically for you. Okay, It’s a game. I learned it from Sammy Hagar. I still think I’m cooler than him, but anyway, why not? Alright, I asked you the question All right. And some of these might, might spawn a conversation. Some of them are probably gonna be, Yeah, that that’s my answer. 

Go ahead. So are you ready? Alright, question number one I ask everybody is Star Wars or Star trek? Star Wars, Star Wars. Okay. Like were you the first round of Star Wars in the seventies or like Yeah, I mean like star trek and talk about the borg. I used that example all the time. Just plug into the board and lay back and relax. So online marketing. So let’s go to something a little more in your field, shall we? Apple or android? Apple? Once you go back, you never go back. So are you on clubhouse then? Yes. Okay. I’m still not getting into it. But anyway. Yeah, it’s a whole, it’s hard like you have to like, be really intentional and you don’t want to waste your time and it’s not recorded so it’s all in the moment, so it’s good for that way. But yeah, I’d like to record my content anyway. My next one here is goes to the clothing alright, Especially in our Covid area.

Are Covid timeframe, are you a dress up person or you like wearing yoga pants around the house yoga pants. I actually wore my brand, I’m oranges, my brand. So I wore my business suit for you? But you know I’m I’m pajamas down below. I my 1st 1st speaking gig in Covid. Yeah, my pajamas.

Nice shirt, suit jacket. Yeah. I would say dress up from the waist up by the way if anyone’s listening in their own um clubhouse, it’s at “MobileMary”. So it’s across the board. Well let’s stick with them there since we’re dressing up. Are you a heels girl? Are you a boots girl? Uh huh. You know as texas people were into the Boots? You’ve seen some of my boots by the way? That’s pretty cool collection. 

So yeah. Um let’s move on to some food products. Tacos or hamburger. Oh we know they’re both good. So I know right. Well my biggest client is Miguel’s jr so I have to say tacos. I love tacos, I love burgers. I’m a I’m a food girl. I don’t know hardy stock. It is Tuesday and you know in in in texas on Tuesday it’s taco Tuesday. It’s always taco Tuesday baby. And today is also texting Tuesday hashtag texting texting Tuesday. I didn’t know. No, I did not know that, wow. So let me go to this one here if you’re going on vacation? Would you rather go camping or stay in a hotel hotel hotel? So okay. All right, okay. How about having your having a drink? Are you gonna have some wine or beer? Oh depending on time of day. 

Uh huh. Before five, beer after five wine Or Bourbon seven. Our house is Moonshine. I also like a good dirty martini if I’m out. Oh that’s what, when, when, when, when my wife gets home, that’s hers. So dirty martini. So my mom’s coming. My mom is coming to join the broadcast Mary your mom. Yeah, my mom, my mom, my mom lives in a condo here in our our development. So have fun that you have your mom. I love that. Give her a hug for me afterwards. So my last two here, the next one is the toilet paper. Does it go over on the roll or under over? I love this woman. So this year has been one of the most common Mary Mary.

Now Mary I know that you know Casey Everhart. Right. So Casey, when he was on, I gave that question and you know Casey, Casey gets along with everybody. I asked that question cases like over, I don’t want to deal with them if they’re under people. I’m like get in trouble if they put it on under. I’m like, who are you? Were you raised by wolves? The best one was this lady I had on from new Hampshire name’s cami and cami when she, when she, I asked that question, cammy goes, well I’m single and if I’m dating a guy and I go to his house after the third time of switching that toilet paper from under or over that relationships over this man is not dating material.

I love that. So, my last one on the question here is boxers or briefs. Ooh, well, I’m a girl. I’m a girl. So I, you know, girls like briefs because you know, it doesn’t get crammed up in your pants and make a little bumpy on your pants. But for boys, if you’re walking around boxers, because you know, it’s more decent. But my daughter is like, wearing boxers around, that’s their thing. And my husband’s, like, put on pants, they’re like, they’re like shorts, it’s okay. So yeah, my husband’s a brief and then everyone else in my houses boxers. Again, interesting things that happen when these questions get asked on my show because one of them I had on my show was, I don’t know if you, you know Deborah Kagan out in California? She’s the mojo girl. Deborah was on the show and that was the only time I ever changed my last question because Deborah’s like, hers is all the sexuality, so I’m like, Debra, I gotta change yours and I forget what I even asked her like girls or Yeah, and you know what I mean? Deborah’s like, I’m still glad you changed that question for me. 

But anyway, I’m a girl. I’m sorry, it hurts. Yeah. Some girls are like, oh, they’re more comfortable. Like, no, not for me. I don’t care. Mary one more time. Tell them your website so they can get ahold of you for the audio. People, make sure they hear it. Yes, Mary Barnett, also called “MobileMary” in the industry. I help you build a database from social media as you own it. And you can find more information at another brilliant idea dot com because everyone needs another brilliant idea. And I’m mobile Mary on on facebook, so, so I need to look quite a bit of of of questions are quite a bit of of comments here today, you know what I mean? So, I’m gonna just Yeah, that’s that. But anyway, we’ll connect with her. Hi mom. Anyway, so I got to make sure I acknowledge the people who leave comments, so they’re great people with boredom for the show.

But well, Mary, I thank you for being on the show today and it’s been great getting to catch up with you. It’s been too long. We need to get together more often. Thank you so much. And thanks for joining us, mom. Yeah. To you, the listener. I want to thank you guys for coming in today, supporting our show. Be sure to go subscribe to our podcast. It’s on apple. It’s on I Heart radio. It’s on all of them. Just go to Tim Gillette show dot com. It’ll take you over there to subscribe as well as subscribe to our youtube channel I’m Tim Gillette with the Tim Gillette show and we’ll be back real soon with another guest to tell you all about them, just like Mary for now. See you later. Bye guys!