Another Brilliant Idea

Mary Barnett “MobileMary” Joins The Tim Gillette Show

Another Brilliant Idea, Inc., is a certified small and women-owned boutique marketing firm.

Good afternoon morning, whatever it might be. Hey guys this is Tim Gillette and this is the Tim Gillette show. No I know it’s it’s my name on the show but it isn’t about me, I wanted to create a show where I can get to know people and in some cases like I I get to meet people for the first time on camera, I think that’s really cool, but in other cases you know you kind of, let’s face it over the years, I’ve met so many cool people and we’ve changed our businesses, we are developing businesses developed, they get better, they improve with time and you will get to reconnect with people that you haven’t seen sometimes in eight, nine years.

I don’t know it’s been a long time uh since today’s guest and I have actually chatted so I thought what better way to do it than to have a chat live on air recorded, make a podcast out of it. After all, we’re both kind of in the internet marketing business uh you know what I mean kind of ways and we kind of met through some other internet marketing guru dude alright, you know what I mean? I’m sure well I’m sure we’ll pick on it.

Alright. I know we’ll pick on him because he’s a friend of mine anyway we’re gonna have a good time today Mary Barnett, our “MobileMary” as I’ve learned to know her over the years alright. Has been someone that I’ve wanted to have on my podcast when I had radio shows, I wanted to have her on, it’s just it’s been so long being able to make this work. 

Finally we found a way to make it work and I’m excited to bring around here today and see what she is up to. Let’s see. Hello Mary, Hey, hey, hey, hi Tim, so good to see you again. I know I’ve been stalking you for about seven or eight or nine years, so it’s all good. I was thinking about that today. 

It’s, it’s literally bent. It’s got to be at least seven or eight years since we’ve seen each other. It’s been a long time. In fact, I meant to like, look back and see actually what the year was that we met at Craig’s event. Um but I failed to do so. So, you know, we met the very first one we went to I went to, which was the spring of 2012 john wait was his singer alright. Um and I can tell you like the people I’m connected to still till this day from them is, you know, Jason nast remember?

Yeah. Um I don’t think my washer started making noise. I’m like, what the heck is that? Actually? I went back actually, is the first time I went there before I went 2012 was the first time I ever went and I joined Craig’s mastermind and I’ve been in his coaching program ever since I went through his elite program as a matter of fact. Um and and and I’m great friends with Craig now and Craig and Natasha and, And the boys are all grown up now. 

I think like I was at his 50th birthday party in his house, so I don’t know how many years ago that was. I guess we could figure that out. I moved it, but remember his boys in this, guess what? Because I teach blogging, I bought all and I do mean all of Tyler’s inventory. So now, so now because Tyler didn’t want to use his picture anymore. 

But now Craig, he shows the picture when he’s doing his presentations and he’s got to say, if you want a copy of the book, you’ve got to go to one of my clients, Tim Gillette, that’s my football phone.

Alright. It’s like, and I speak at events and I show it, hey, even a 10 year old can blog and everybody wants that book and when they want that book, they’re like, oh, I just want that book and I’m like, I’m sorry, it’s only available to my coaching clients. That’s awesome. That’s your like, value add my ultimate bonus. Um but my very first blog videocon, Tyler spoke at it because he goes to college here in, in Dallas area. 

Tyler’s Tyler’s my my way to pay Tyler was, is if he, he came, he spoke at my event and he signed his book in the back of the room and took pictures with people, he got 50% of the money that we brought in from the book and I already paid him for the book. Nice. Yeah, I mean I made a good deal. So I mean even afterwards he’s still making money on to it. Um he’s doing stuff with movies now. 

So actually the other thing is, is I actually sat two seats over from him watching that queen movie with him and his dad. Tyler is just, I love Tyler well and now um, you know, well the youngest, Hayden is going to school here in Dallas as a high school, but both of his boys or other two boys are going to college in Fort Worth. So that’s why they moved here, wow again, you’re not making me feel old at all. 

They’re like, oh my God, I get it, I’m old now alright. All kinds of things in the body started to started to creep up on me, but you’ve cut your hair, used to be a long hair, you know, Rockstar dude? When I first met you and now you’re all cleaned up and corporate. What’s up with that? Well, uh 2012, I had to get on our 2020, I had to get on camera a lot more. I couldn’t hide out from day to day and you know, you’re, you’re a woman,you take care of long hair,you know, like, you know, if you gotta go make an appearance, you’ve got to do the hair,the makeup? 

I mean I, because I was working from home all the time most of the time, unless I was doing a speaking gig, I didn’t do anything with my hair. So it was a mess. Now I’m having to be on camera every day and I’m like, you know, this makes you more relatable, tim the fact that you can, you can, you know, the struggle is real and you can now like relate. That’s like a key and marketing is being relatable and authentic. Dude. You could say I live the long hair life. I get you women and they’ll be attracted to you. Like for your business. I love that. Yeah, it’s, it’s just, it’s, but I mean, so I’ve changed a lot. 

You’ve changed. I mean, tell me where you’ve been, cause I look younger and thinner. Is that what you’re trying to say? Look younger and thinner? No, no, no, no, no, no, I don’t remember you being being, being younger or thinner. I remember you being the same age and you’ve always been that you’re supposed to say you’re still as young and thin as you were. 

Anyways, I’m just kidding. Hey, I’ve been married for so long. I forget the pickup lines. Okay, let’s just think I’m not good with pick up lines anymore. I’m always trying to help out my guy friends and like, okay, when your wife says anything, you say, oh my gosh, have you lost weight? The first thing you always say, even if it’s every morning. Oh my God, have you lost weight or your butt looks great in those jeans? Have I told you that how pretty you are? Like little things that husbands need to remember? 

I’ve been married 33 years so you know, okay Mary I had to go through three marriages to get this thing right? Alright, let’s face it, okay, I’m not I’m not the sharpest christian in the bible. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Well tell me what you’re up to Mary, all right. You know I met you you were doing something with you know with text messaging and marketing when I met you, are you still doing that what you want your business now? What I’m saying? Yeah, we have been I’ve actually been in business 32 years in my longest standing joke is I’m only 33. Just say Oh my gosh, it’s amazing. Um but we did traditional marketing our 1st 20 years and then our last 12, almost 13 years now has been all mobile social. So we started our software right before I met you and we’re still doing the same thing. 

We work with the military city schools, restaurants, retail stores, basically helping them build a list of database of both mobile and email numbers, mobile numbers and email addresses um that they can instantly and on demand reach their customers to drive them back for sales and promotions. Um We also have a lot of coaches that use our service for automation. Like we do what we call texting funnels. So um set them up as you know, the final issues you’re in marketing basically leading people down the path of the sale, helping them with accountability, things like that. Um So yeah, texting is my jam and that’s why I’ve always been “MobileMary” which actually came up with um on the radio show that I create, connected us with john at Toby net Toby net radio and I don’t even know what it is now. But yeah, it has a different name but um But yeah, so it’s because of that show, my producer, I was joking around and I think Craig was joking around into it.