1. Do you want to Learn HOW to build your business online, using social and mobile tools to Show up as the Expert in your Industry? To be up on what’s changing so you feel confident online?

Then you need Social Expert Camp! We are offering a Scholarship for your first month for only $1 and then if you are learning each week from “MobileMary”, you enjoy the supportive community and you like access to her bi-monthly directly during the Campfire Chats, then it’s only $37/mo. Click here for more information: SocialExpertCamp.com

Are you wandering?

Ever feel like you are wandering around Facebook, or Instagram, or LinkedIn…just wishing you knew more of what to do there to share your message with those that need it?Ever feel like if you had a Guide, someone to give you a shortcut or share insider tips with you, that you could gain more confidence to use social media tools to grow your business?Do you long for a community of postive go-getters that you can bounce ideas off, or get some atta-boys when you do make a post or put yourself out there?If so, Social Expert Camp might be the solution you are looking for!In our private Facebook group, I am the head "Camp Counselor" and I share pro tips and tactics to help you navigate the wilderness of Social Media. My "Guest Camp Counselors" and I help my Campers gain access and training to cool mobile and social technologies that make Social FUN again, and do it from anywhere!We also have bi-monthly "Campfire Chats" on Zoom, so you can meet fellow Campers to network and it gives you access to me to Ask Anything you want as your Coach, on the spot, which save you so much time and money!One of the cool tools I use and teach on is WaveVideo, and this video is made using this free online video maker! Cool, huh? I even teach my Campers how to use it inside Camp! WaveVideo is one of our Camp Partners, so you can use it for free, but if you want access to some cool features, you can save money with this link: http://bit.ly/mary_wavevideoLet me know if you have any questions about Camp by commenting with the word CAMP below and I will send you a private message!#wavevideo #madewithwave #wavevideocontest

Posted by MobileMary on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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Or are you thinking…”I just need a little help with a Geeky BFF with this one thing, so I can save time figuring it out…”

2. You’re just STUCK and need someone to jump on a call, look at your screen and teach you privately so you can continue to run your social and digital business on your own, right?

“MobileMary” offers 70-minute “Your Geeky BFF” sessions for $397. I jump in, explain how to do a variety of techie things, solve social marketing puzzles or fix it for you!

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Or you are on your path, you just need a little strategy and direction when it comes to Social Marketing or Automation for your business?

3. You feel confident with all the Social Marketing tools, but you just need a plan of action, a strategy that will put you on the right track, a social calendar to follow so you can stop guessing and start making #AllTheThings work for you confidently!

We offer a “Social Selling Strategy”, in which we take a look at all of your social media assets and determine what you were doing right and where you need improvement.

We give you a recorded analysis with solutions to your most frustrating issues! From there, you can take over running your social media yourself or you can hire us to fix the issues and/or manage your entire social media presence.

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4. You are fed up with doing things yourself, and you just want RESULTS, dang it!

You want to hire our team to run your company’s Social Media efforts, start and continue Social Conversations for you, create engaging, thumb-stopping posts and eye-catching ads. We can do that, we are good at it! Check out our Testimonials page!

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