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How to Write A Book That Markets Your Business With Book Publisher Cori Wamsley

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Mary: Hey welcome back to the brilliant marketing with Mary so I Mary Mary Barnett they also known as mobile married and I’m so excited for you to unlock the show today again we are giving you all the love in all the information only 15 minutes on each other and today I have an amazing speaker talking about how to write a book and Market your business and helps the reader so stay tuned because my gas Corey is pretty amazing and she’s going to show you the easy way to do this to make sure that it this helps you with your business so that is awesome before we get started I wanted to invite you to my free group I’m with y’all put a link in the show notes but it’s the marketing Innovation playground which is no fun free group that allows you to be playful and get creative so you can use to attract your perfect client and if you’re kind of like what would you say suck and you’re like I don’t know what to offer exactly your I have all these things. I do and I don’t know how to laser focus my audience that will really get people to buy from me because I confused mind doesn’t buy right if it’s like a mantra and marketing so if you really want to get laser focused in what you need we have this a power hour that we offer I offer and it’s very affordable but it gives you a very distinct time with me and you walk away with so much Clarity so much laser focus on what you can offer especially going into the new year so I encourage you to click the link that will be in the show now if you would like to book a time with me I only have a few spots left in this year we can’t believe we’re zipping into the end of the 2023.

Mary: Let’s bring on about further do my wonderful cast I want to read a little bit about her because she is pretty amazing and I have to read it because it is there might be one person in the world who doesn’t know.

Mary: He is the CEO of aurora borealis publishing and she works with leaders who have a transformational story to share Nelson quickly and easily write and publish a book while.

Mary: Are there Brown that helped them create a legacy a be seen as an expert while building a relationship with the reader Corey has 18 years experience as a professional writer and editor including 10 years with the Department of energy and Justice and four years as executive editor of inspiring live magazine fiction book The Spark method how to write a book for your business fast and contributed to to anthropologie’s or 10th book the treasures we seek will be available this month in fact I think she just wants it so without further Ado let me bring up the Beautiful the waterfall for a wobbly.

Mary: So I can thank you so much for being my guest today so you basically help people become a rockstar and be like super famous so tell me a little bit like how I mean I’ve just read your amazing history but really what it what is your why why why is it so important you to help people publish their book.

Cori: So many people have amazing stories that can be empowering others and because especially business owners are people who run nonprofits people who are leaders in there and they are busy they don’t have time to figure out how to write a book and how to publish it and where to find them all together and made it super simple so people can actually just come to me if you like your new scripts thank you just deal with us and we take care of a whole week so before to what do they need to do.

Mary: Lesbian practices questions I just.

Mary: . like what is somebody have to have ready before they come to you anyting it depends on what they want to do people who have a manuscript already we work with people who want to start Ghost Rider we also work with people who want coaching I do private and also a group coaching so it’s really whatever it is that they need we have okay so doesn’t matter where they are on their journey is long as they know they want to have a book out there I’m because you mentioned the word legacy and I think that’s so important that.

Mary: Our kids write something up I’ve asked if they can hold onto or even for the for the community to make leave the world a better place like tell me more about your your desire to help people leave a legacy.

Cori: Best voice. It’s incredibly important because our stories in our heads.

Cori: Look across the neighborhood and be like yeah there’s nobody out there like me and sure enough there’s probably half a dozen people who are going through the same exact thing and we’ll talking about this stuff than nobody knows yeah yes.

Mary: Does someone who in marketing I always tell people that they are the answer to someone’s prayer.

Mary: You keep a light under a bushel like the song or right or we’re not putting it out there.

Mary: Map to answer that prayer right so you need to put yourself out there at a book is a phenomenal way to that to do that you shared your brilliant marketing share with me which is if you open up about your story your book because incredible authentic barking please tell me a little bit more about that so what do you want to take away is our this is what I’ve learned that why is it you’re the expert a little bit show me that you’re a real person of I will share a story about one of my authors who’s talking about his health journey is saying like well I took everything out my fridge and I put a healthy foods in and I’m like.

Cori: I know you got a pizza real person and I want to see that so when we’re sharing the opening up about what really happened right and neither are you so right and if I get it you can do it too right and I think what’s important is that gives them hope right.

Mary: Your readers hope that if they’re stuck in that same situation or they have that same pain point that you are the aspirin or the least say you’re either a pill or a what’s that.

Mary: Are the passion or alliteration that you know you either solving something that hurts or or helping something feel better like your.

Mary: I should think of what that is. You also shared this time brilliant marketing fact says.

Mary: Nuggets of wisdom within your field of expertise do more people understand who you are and what you stand for so elaborate on this one.

Cori: Thanks from an educational perspective a point of being able to help people people get it if you’re trying to skirt around details or if you’re sharing those nuggets of wisdom if you’re just like this I mean you could have gone online and do that why would I pay for a book why would I come and see you talk in the goals that people have when they put a book out there why should I do all these extra things I can go in a blog post in here anybody is like oh yes you have to why should I be authentic tell me how you learned that right and people do love to hear the Ugly Truth like the more.

Mary: Fake and I’m not saying being gross but I mean I think people want to know the details they are.

Mary: You when you are on the freeway why is everybody stop and look at an accident right what happened.

Mary: Remind sat right where all have to know what happened and why people follow those ridiculous.

Mary: Like oh my God why would anybody put themselves on that like they are looking like their grandchildren are going to watch this like.

Mary: What’s the complete strangers like.

Cori: People are sharing but they are sharing are what’s important to Their audience know if you’re doing like a business or at a book about your health Journey or innocence of life experience you had and used to be something that you’ve gone through that you can help others Swift and when you’re sharing like yeah I walked in the room and I immediately burst into tears people are going to get that they’re going to say yeah I had the same exact experience but because your two or three stuff down the road they get that hope that means like I can go ahead and follow some of this stuff or I should guess how I feel I feel better because someone’s going to commiserating with me I love that.

Mary: About business books are nonfiction books I’m what would you like I know you just launched in fact I’m so sorry I have the while you’re talking you just wanted you didn’t Living Color okay to tell me a little bit about this book because like this obviously the.

Mary: Because it’s a fiction book like tell me like how you came up with and why you wanted to publish it fiction for the most part but oh okay I was thinking the opposite okay cool everything’s fiction except the spark method which is how to write a book for your business the treasures we seek and by the way I did before that breaking the shore those are books about some of the things that I’ve experienced a long journey and I know not everybody reads the same sort of experiences and ability to learn so when somebody fix up one of my books they can kind of dive into this other world and it’s not somebody saying hey you should do this this is what I’ve done it’s wow let me follow her journey and I’m going to be able to reflect a little bit on my own too.

You actually use the fictional characters to get your point across.

Mary: A little subliminal learning there I love that.

Mary: Have to share with you that.

Mary: Turn off you know that I got credited Journal I’m stumped up sing it it’s nothing fancy but it’s I think it would be very impactful for the Taipei. Overwhelm.

Mary: Mom that we stop before you are the same way like yours you are a do everything volunteer for everything and get it all done girl and I had this journey all my life I just recently took the Enneagram test and I.

Mary: You’re 70. I’m like really I don’t know like fun but simple superficial I don’t know if you do it so I finally this weekend that we were on a girls weekend away and won’t be all okay and I’m at 3 which is done.

Mary: I always wonder why I’m such a spaz like getting old sucks to realize all this childhood issues about my dad said the word lazy was a four-letter word you know I’ve always had all these books in mind so I thought I was going to get this dirt all done and I’m is something that.

Mary: With me going from overwhelmed.

Mary: I’m excited about but I’ve also had these like fiction books that are stem in it so you can give me your opinion so they stand in reality so when is that they sell my grandmother’s like that of course you passed away.

Mary: Get any more information than from the story she shared with me as a child on so-so.

Mary: I don’t even care if there’s a market for that but so that’s like.

Mary: I said kind of interest me like a good make her into a character that teaches a lesson is that what you’re saying.

Cori: Obvious obvious way but like in my book Mackenzie my character she learns how to be able to trust yourself again because she went through a really rough break-up and she feels like no she destroys everything and it was with a narcissist she was in a relationship with and so he kind of made her feel like of this is all your fault and you ruined things end so she’s going around like a meeting get validation from people and I know that’s a huge thing for women is that she kind of has to turn it around when she goes on this trip to Italy with her best friend and starts maybe I can try new things. Okay can I buy.

Mary: The autograph cuz that is amazing by it book from you.

Mary: Okay if I want to buy it from you and I want it I would like you to sign it because obviously you’re super famous and I are going to fangirl area. Thank you I have a million more questions but we are running out of time so is there a how can someone get a hold of you Corey if you go to my.

Cori: Coriolis publishing that’s Corey c o r i. Cam you can go through the contacts and I will make sure to put.

Mary: Website link is not clickable in that in the video so I’ll make sure to put wrestling in the show notes so everyone feels they are even like thinking about a book or wanting to get published and leaving a legacy for their themselves their family their children I’m you’re the person that they need to go to write.

Mary: So much for being on the show today Corey you are truly a blessing to so many people and I’m just so excited to hug you in person in January I think that we will be at podcast in January in Orlando Florida speaking about being and having a live stream and podcast show so I’m definitely thrilled to be in the same network as you Corey and until next time I’m have a brilliant day be brilliant in all you do and we will see you next week same time same channel and I hope you have a brilliant day by.

Mary: The services at Another Brilliant Idea. Calm make sure you join me every week on the swe media Network YouTube channel and wherever you listen to your favorite podcast.

Mary: The services at Another Brilliant Idea. Calm make sure you join me every week on the swe media Network YouTube channel and wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.