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How to Use Three Actionable Hacks to unlock your Creativity In Your Marketing With Alex Cappe

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Mary: I’m content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I’m the founder of another building idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources and Empower them to be bold and stand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized do brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: Hey hey and welcome to the blame marketing with Mary show thank you so much for being here with me today I’m so excited to have another amazing friend and fellow Creative Marketing expert and we’re going to be sharing some awesome awesome tips with you today I am.

Mary: Just behind the scenes little bit just looking for always transparent here on the brilliant marketing Mary show we’ve been having some technical issues and isn’t that the case with everything in life right you think you have everything dialed in but you know how you need to learn to go with the flow and Alex and I were just talking off a screen that you know we used to be at a point in our careers where that would really bother us but with knowing that everything is going to be okay right with bouncing all the things in your life you just realize you just rolling with it is going to be better on Mini and the guest is Alex cake and I am so honored to have her talk about the three instantly actual facts then lock your creativity in your marketing she is at creativity codes in fact I want to make sure I read this correctly because she has done so much and again there might be one person who doesn’t know who she is but in case you don’t know Alex is a creativity coach singer. Songwriter Keno speaker and CEO of creative Self Revolution in La you’re speaking engagements include Microsoft ewomennetwork and small business University in her business creative Self Revolution uses unique creativity coaching processes then hands personal and professional development her focus is include perfectionism growth mindset and work-life balance their work speaking adamusic Alex is on her mission to revive inspiration worldwide giving people powerful tools involving creativity and mindset and Empower everyone to live a life that they truly love so without further Ado let’s bring Alex into our screen here.

Mary: I’m again she is so generous to share time with his day welcome Alex having me today you are so welcome and thank you for rolling with the glitch.

Alex: Was going to call it the glitch will just name it and claim it and it’s going to be okay I love it so Alex did I pronounce your last name correctly.

Mary: I apologize.

Mary: You are kind of a superhero and Super Heroes wear capes.

Mary: So today we’re talking about at they said earlier how to use three instantly actual hacks to unlock your creativity in marketing and tell me what you mean by incidentally actionable.

Mary: Okay well here we go having another glitch. So I will share a little bit about the fact that Alex has a brilliant marketing share every week I truck up here she’s back that’s awesome I’ll bring her back in.

Mary: We I was asked my guest to share what they feel is a brilliant marketing chair I’m announced when are you address the what you showed me with the statistic.

Alex: In studies done about kids and where they fall on teeth and pee scale and so basically they did a study and they gave this test to all these preschoolers and they’re like a creative genius has tested as creative Geniuses which is amazing 5 years later it went down to about 30% to 12% and then as we’re adults it down to 2%.

Alex: We all were treating us as kids we all have it is just Wheatley suppressant we.

Mary: That is so sad in fact I wish I’d had the video acute up yesterday I was driving home from college reunions and I stopped at this really cool playground because it’s think I was sharing with you a screen that I talked all the time about how we really need to get back to playing with our marketing right playing with our business so we wake up energized and looking forward to playing on the playground of our business right I stopped at this park and I must have been inspired from you subconsciously because.

Mary: What’s Joy listening to the kids laugh.

Mary: Yummies giant double swings and there’s a little boy that I asked a mom with her permission and and she said it’ll be okay I’m literally videotape this little boy standing up on.

Mary: He was on some kind of sculpture was clearly a dolphin and he was changed. And he was doing this like we was now at Yale lasso I usually standing on a dolphin you know and then he said he saw a friend and he’s yelling. I was like.

Mary: So overcome with joy because.

Mary: That we are you sad we suppress that.

Mary: So tell me a little bit about how cuz you mentioned that you not only help business owners but you also help people person personally in a person lives as well like unlock the creativity what kind of problems do people bring you that you helped fix.

Alex: Why do people will come at me when they are out of the transition moment where they surgically forgotten who they are maybe they have you know the kids have left the house or our relationship has ended and now their homes and I don’t know why and so just like you were saying it’s so much about the joy and so much in marketing I think it’s about the only guys I was just thinking about what I was in the park I was thinking you know what I bet it totally like people pick up on that Vibe if you were.

Mary: The motions and you’re like what do I have to post on social today what do I need to send out of my email this week what am I going to be like you can just feel that fix ledge you know that they’re walking through but when you have more of a joy kind of like what we’re doing by you do not freaking out every time the camera goes off on this show.

Mary: Just kind of permeates through that you know what life is short and we’re just going to enjoy it along the way.

Mary: Something else that you mentioned and I thought this was kind of cool when I asked you what there you go. Ever.

Mary: Using this little as they call it.

Mary: Pixar right off but sometimes.

Mary: Anyways but her marketing tip was I’m utilizing and sticking to creative routine in your calendar and then batching shoot shooting in that time so it will get your most creative content and all it went so busy when you’re feeling the mood get it done.

Mary: Don’t wait and try to do something every day basket and I’m on the same page has her I did at talk for you in about that’s in your content both and getting your work done as well as creating the continent self cuz I think that you know when the mood strikes right your hair looks right or your makeup is done guys don’t have any clue about this right they don’t even understand like why would you have to worry about if your hair was done or your butt girl.

Mary: So when you still are feeling or maybe you’re in the what they call the the golden.

Mary: When the sun is just about to go down but it’s everything is glowing and you go outside and you can create a video you know speaking to your phone or take a cute picture of yourself where the content that you’re talking about something of inspiration I’m just get it done and then then while you’re inspired get everything done at the same time and then you can let that be something that you trickle out of overtime against great.

Mary: Come back in but I don’t know if there’s the other okay so when she comes on I will break bring her back in do something that my marketing magic with Mary is a tip that I guess is that I really want people to learn how to be playful in their marketing because at the basic level people love to play right it starts as as I was just pointing out I’m in preschool.

Mary: There’s a famous poem I probably should have pulled it out.

Mary: He’s better with everything.

Mary: I learned in kindergarten right and you know play well with others share be kind you all those things I’m are so important to remember not just in life but in business as well write you want to play with someone in their playground if there are you know someone who up I think I hear her awesome here She is again. Okay.

Mary: I just entered into hunting without you is off of let’s get to those three actual tip so what’s number one the first one.

Alex: Giving yourself.

Alex: Having somebody give you permission to release a perfectionism and it sounds really simple but this is half of what I do as a creativity coach is just giving people that permission you can do it wrong you can do it messy it doesn’t have to be right and sometimes people feel so free to buy that like boy can.

Alex: Do it ourselves we think it just has to be just right and we hold on to it so I’m giving them permission to everybody today that you can release some of that professions and it’s okay and no looked at us rolling with it like sliding all a relation and so that’s the first thing I think that really needs to happen to us which I love that.

Mary: The world of the dead of digital you can always go back and fix it later so I talked to a lot of people we helped them create courses by filming them and if they think oh my gosh I have to wait till his perfect will guess what if the content most likely will change next year right new friends new information new research will come up and you have the ability with digital marketing to replace that and no one would be the wiser somebody this year is going to get great content or information from you and the people who have it next year will also the same great content just updated and everybody win so I love that okay awesome okay so that’s number one and give yourself permission to release the Perfection I love that.

Mary: LKQ. I just lost you again I said what’s the number to because we actually decided to be spawned.

Mary: I’m in this and so I didn’t have four answers.

Mary: There She is again. I need stamping it’s all good okay or what is number to okay I just lost her again got to love this software today.

Mary: My seat of what number to could be but it’s true I think sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves we think that everything needs to be perfect issue is bang or that we have to have all our ducks in a row we can’t even even just talk about something before it’s absolutely perfect and finish and a good friend of mine. Her name is Molly Mahoney she actually teaches to sell it first which means if you have a concept of something that you think is going to be really helpful and lead from service of your customers with your client face if you put it out there and say hey if I’m pretty.

Mary: If I create a course about blank would anybody be interested in signing up to be on the waiting list. And then if Pete.

Mary: All I’m talking about selling it first right when you have a concept maybe it’s not completely ironed out all your ducks are in a row if you just throw it out there you be amazed.

Mary: Great feedback either way you’re going to get Retreat for Bayview can’t nobody answering you you okay I’m not going to waste my time building something that no one wants or two you might have an overwhelming heck yeah I want.

Mary: Let me know when it’s available it doesn’t even have to be done that when you like it so that was just something I shared while you were.

Mary: So what’s the number to Action Realty.

Alex: So what.

Alex: Concept you know ask your Bible when you’re about to do something. Go back to that bridge.

Alex: The situation that can be a marketing thing they might maybe they thought about being a dolphin and having a lasso and that’s not entirely relevant but you just start to like poor out those ideas do not edit them while they’re happening what that five-year-olds go crazy with the ideas and pour them onto the page.

Alex: A lot of times we try to do both at the same time.

Alex: I don’t know it and let it go.

Alex: I always mix it up creative because I’m creative so I’m like I’m always right.

Alex: So so so yeah so you’re not saying that go find a five-year-old and ask them you’re saying you asked yourself why I think about the things that you like to do whether it’s drying or whether it’s gardening or whether it’s melting or whatever it is to bring those things in your whole self into your marketing because a lot of times we just try to separate out and just be the expert if I find anything else in there. Oh my gosh.

Mary: Yeah I think I feel the same thing I always feel like I have to clean it up and and due to the same time and I think you’re right we went by and she comes back to you finish your thought that I think that we get so hard on ourselves and we feel like we have to do everything at the same time sometimes it’s better to slow down to speed up for that so.

Mary: From the gurus that sometimes we’re so in a rush to make that sale or to get something finished you know to get it on the big you know board that I got checked it off but I got it done right but you’re such a rush to do it sometimes things are missing and you’re like oh my gosh I how did I forget that one element and it’s because you thought.

Mary: Do it once but if you slow down as she was saying to create whatever you want through your five-year-old lens right through the of your childhood land then I think that you can.

Mary: Take the time to then say.

Mary: What are something as a professional that I would need to build into that on top of the five-year-old perspective so but again you know Alex is the killer of all you know Joy I hate because you know we think they’ve been all buttoned up is important but after awhile it just will wear on you and it’s it’s really to your detriment to do that and I hear her coming back yay this is been the most fun show.

Mary: The cool you know it’s so in the moment it’s almost like reality TV I just clicked her to come in.

Mary: I’m so awesome so I’m were talking about if you hadn’t seen this yet we’re talking about how to use three instant instantly actionable say that three times fast. You’re crazy be your marketing and it’s Alex was sharing.

Mary: The first one was to give yourself permission to release the perfection.

Mary: I get her.

Mary: She went away so she told me to give.

Mary: But you need to give yourself permission which is so important right the second was ask your five-year-old self about what you’re working on and if that if your five-year-old Southside yeah that’s super cool I want to totally do that and it’s something that you think maybe you’re on the right track right and if you do have a five-year-old in your life ask them their cons of course you know make it so something that will relate to them but and I think sometimes that creativity is something that well just you know spark something in your.

Mary: You didn’t expect I’m I’m going to share a tip that helps me and I might be just me because I love swings but sometimes when I’m stuck.

Mary: In a mood where I feel like I just I’m just not feeling it today or I’m trying to think through a problem and I just I can’t seem to have it.

Mary: Can I jump on a swing I swinging for some reason.

Mary: Calling me and I have a much more open mind when I’m you know I’m pulling my knees back and I’m pushing forward and I’m almost like you get caught up in the air for a second before you go back down it’s just such a release for me I just actually love that my husband is so sweet a anniversary this summer he built me a swing in our backyard a full twin size bed swings so I could lay out a seat out of a blanket on read a book have a cup of coffee or in the evening is glass of wine and it is actually the most joyful things so we’re going to hopefully bring her on.

Mary: Third hack.

Mary: I think the shows going to catch keep people are excited about staying on to see if you come back or not or bottom thing so we can get the third act out before it kicks you off again and you are a little bit less perfect or right now we’re just improvising people can relate to that more than if you’re just absolutely polished so I think it’s important I love that and I think people were.

Mary: You’re so right cuz people you know they lay things you know they know how to do everything I don’t know what to doing but if you show that you drop the mic or kick somebody off the screen it’s okay and I.

Alex: Okay what is the number 3 reaction Bowl tips and purposes I’m talking about actually putting into your calendar 30 minutes three times a week at least for three weeks he would start to happen to you because if you start setting aside time for that rather than waiting for the Muse all the time you’re against Pirates often if you do that if you’re constantly setting aside time to be creative it starts to come in more you’re also less precious about the ideas when they do come when they come like in frequently. You’re constantly doing it I’m like so it’s been so rushing because I’m afraid of me kicked out of the screen again but like there’s lots of different things you can do in this time. Might might not necessarily Artistry it is that state of mind is being open and honest and you could also I’m take your phone and take pictures of Nature and different angles you seen something in a different way so just sitting beside that time and knowing you’re going to get into that has faced an overtime that really developed Ashley learn.

Mary: Who said it was in some courses I’m always learning you important to right we have to be open to always being a learner because that way you know we are open to new ideas and the person said if you work with your hands you should rest with your mind and if you work with your mind you should rest with your hand so if someone who’s online all the time working on their business give me a step away and go for a walk or do a craft store Garden something with their hands right but if they’re their business is being a landscaper ride or you know something is it a like a like a trainer been resting would be maybe going and reading a book.

Mary: You know something a little bit more in fact on that note it’s funny that we’re talking about this today because today in the mail from Amazon actual order to things on creativity and I thought that I would share it during the show so.

Mary: So these are both resources from this gentleman that I actually met like 25 years ago I was new in my business been in business for 34 years and I’m only 35. Thank you for that.

Mary: Have you ever heard of this a whack on the side of the head I have the pants and it’s up in my bookshelf but I ordered this cuz I was talking about you know that we’re going to be doing this challenge coming.

Mary: I’m called play play your way to profit.

Mary: Back to the basics of playing and so we can lighten the heck up and have some fun.

Mary: We’re doing the show today anyway so this is a book that’s all completely filled with all these creative ways that will inspire you to think differently Ryan I was like apples.

Mary: He was always everything.

Mary: This is called the creative Wack Pack and they’re like cards oh my gosh Alex you would love this Siri say just got this I’ll put the link for Amazon in the in the comments when I post a show but it has like cards that you can use like if you were doing like a group setting or something and if there’s like rules that you can pass them out and everyone can like look at the ones that make come from different points of view so if they having to have like I’m Explorer Warrior anyway so it’s like coming from a different part of your brain and it helps you you know it’s like change your Viewpoint you listen to your dreams reverse something see the positive anyways there’s all these really cool ideas in this and I thought oh my gosh since I’m also in curious and helping people be more creative in their marketing I’m excited to share these things so it’s so cool that we had today schedule.

Mary: Anyway so I’ll send you the link as well so if you interested in that and so they need more creativity.

Mary: If you break through the barriers that they’re sitting I live in it.

Alex: And I never thought that I would be at a place where I could not be like that since you’re feeling that right now and I Know It Works to wait before you can share if you want before you go you were telling me a little bit about.

Mary: Two workshops with oscar-winning composer’s to get an idea then you ask them questions everything after I would love to hear some of the stories from your adventures and talking with the composer’s to get help get creative ideas.

Alex: So watch the movie and then and the creative process of these people who are at the top of their field give me cool and so the first one I would like to mention is Danny else.

Alex: Probably a lot of you that the person monitoring the event was saying aren’t you frustrated when you come up with crazy.

Alex: That is his entire process into me.

Alex: If we all approach life with that kind of curiosity and it’s not for too many to do something else rather than us I just thought that was a beautiful example of a open creative growth mindset and see everything as a growth opportunities by because if you’re working with him as the Director or anybody else in the process and you have a composer that the whiny baby who complain Well why’d you do that, let’s get to the next you know then if course they’re going to want to work with someone who’s creative and open-minded like that I’d love that yeah perfectionist issue.

Alex: Composer Trent Reznor who’s also a rock artist.

Alex: They were as well and so he has..

Alex: Close to that weight or marketing.

Alex: Working he was able to start just start we’ll just put something on the page just started going with it you’ll learn from it it’s not always and when he went with that route he’s at all kinds all kinds of albums and so I think we can learn from that too it’s just starting to happen and certified and it’s about how life is about the journey not the destination.

Alex: The little things that happen along the way otherwise.

Mary: Your message.

Mary: So when you’re you know you just think oh my gosh.

Mary: I’ve made so many mistakes or I have fallen so many times and knows nothing I’m credible or no one’s going to think I am I know what I’m doing or and in you all those little voices I called the enemy right whispering in our ears we have to say you know shut the heck up and get behind me I want I want to go forward and use the message that I’ve lived through it’s going to help somebody bless somebody so they don’t make the same mistakes or you can take those messages and change them just slightly to create something completely new you know out of the ashes so to speak so I’ll of that Alex.

Mary: So many people with this I’m so proud of you. Framing failure we think of failure is a bad word but if you think about failure Morrison learning. Got it like if you look it up on top of a bunch of failures if he never did all those things you do.

Mary: Did a wrong Sometimes some kids actually use that as a challenge and some kids use that as a defeat.

Mary: You’re going to stay so it’s say it again with kids are.

Alex: System is about you have to get an A on this thing not so much like figuring out how to get there then you’re just Paralyzed by just that number or the SATs for whatever and we become really fixated on that you told me a story about your daughter I think we’re it which is a very growth mindset type of story is scary and what else is there.

Alex: I just got to get this one thing right and then I’m a good person and that the failure does not define you the 6 months that says more like if you fail at something you’re a failure I tried it didn’t work it let’s try it.

Alex: I love that it’s so crazy that you’re bringing this up cuz I’m on my way I was.

Mary: Can up see it from Collins girlfriend and I was listening to Brandon Richard six growth tips to six rows something anyways and that was one thing he said is it when you fine.

Mary: You instead of going on my gosh I can’t do it it should instead of stopping their say oh my God that’s something I need to learn more about.

Mary: And then you go find someone who’s an expert at I don’t know.

Mary: It’s going to help you open up your mind to it.

Mary: Right I’m or if it’s you know you need to learn Spanish for your job you don’t whatever know you’re going to go take a class on learning how to speak Spanish cuz we all can learn we all can get better at something and then you never know who you’re going to inspire on the way because you know kids R kids are always watching us and they’re not doing every just our kids they could be kids in our worlds like nephews nieces Kid Next Door someone who’s over hearing your story and a grocery store you might be the inspiration to say wow if they could do that mean yeah I can do that it’s not so scary that didn’t kill them you know he was trying but you know what through we grow through fire Riley.

Mary: Fire what is that term you use when you get better steel strength.

Mary: Bill sharpen steel the Stephen Covey thing where I used to have his organisers and he had a thing called there’s a section that about growth and it was.

Mary: Some of the comments please tell us.

Mary: Sharpens steel sharpener whatever it means that you have somebody in your life who challenges you to go to a next job on that kind of what you do Alex’s that you’re showing somebody at.

Mary: I’m thinking and holding them accountable to change.

Mary: Looking so they can get to the.

Mary: Life.

Alex: Because you know sometimes it will get excited by watching something like.

Alex: Can you go do this immediate happens for a few weeks and then it falls off where is if you have you know you were working with them any number of things part of what they do to keep doing that thing and hoping you could sometimes people are so hard on themselves.

Mary: Wait steel sharpens. I’m going to find out what it is is a famous expression.

Mary: Doesn’t matter anyway but you’re obviously someone was going to help somebody reframe.

Mary: Look at it in a different way almost like a prism like you or just needed to change that a little bit to kind of see it a new way and go oh maybe was standing right in front of you the whole time.

Mary: Can’t see the forest for the trees you know absolutely.

Alex: Growth mindset is the fixed mindset is this is he.

Alex: I can’t change it this is all I can do the growth mindset is coloring Outside the Lines by Little Ships like that that you do over time start to rewire you.

Alex: Differently another thing I wanted to mention is just this doesn’t sometimes kids get worried.

Alex: Smart.

Alex: Well I’m this is why I am I’m set in my ways we can learn it is all just I love that it’s true life is all about a series of choices.

Mary: We decided maybe we made a wrong place we can turn around and make another choice and that’s okay no I think that I can come people think if I make the wrong decision then I get off I can never do you know I know it’s there so many success stories of people who have started over like Colonel Sanders wipe and eat and eat.

Mary: Chicken recipe in Kelly’s exit 53 how many like you know he can only see him with the beard.

Mary: Goodnight how many fights are doing marketing he was probably you know it is 80s.

Mary: It’s never too late it’s never too late and if you’re stuck you need somebody like Alex again let’s roll we’ll finish up the show and then hang on afterwards that I want to take a cute little picture of us about how people get ahold of you if they would like a chicken with a whack on the side of the.

Mary: Creativity with you how can I get ahold of you.

Alex: Nothing wrong so you can email me at.

Mary: That day. In fact I love it put it.

Mary: They kick you off her friends so just say it and we’re all right in the comments Alex at creative self I’m also on all the social media app creative self selfie or organization that might need their workers to be more creative and inspiring them to.

Mary: With their little.

Mary: You can help them kind of breakthrough on their crate Hindi I love that well hello Microsoft not like no Microsoft no big deal.

Mary: Yes but I’m sure you have you know all the you know accolades of all these lovely companies on there as well I’m sure yes.

Mary: Forget about it we’re wrapping up the show.

Mary: I’m putting up on the screen but.

Mary: Thursday at 12:30 I dropped a new show with an amazingly brilliant marketing a pal talking about different ways that you can up level your marketing because I think everyone is brilliant we just need to to take the take the bushel off our candle or whatever that is a light up we just need to shine her light out there in the world so I thank you Alex for coming.

Mary: That it is possible to have more creative in your business you just have to maybe reframe a little bit and amazing things can happen so again I’m sorry you want to see how to say thank you for having me here I’m going to know we were kind of kicked in.

Alex: I’m really honored to be here with you today and we do think a lot alike and I think that you really help people I’ve seen.

Alex: It’s always very inspiring so thank you so much for including me and admiration Society I love that.

Mary: Again that thinks you out back Alex cap on your head but she’s also a hero and that I look forward to seeing you I’m on the next show all right take care God bless.

Mary: My products and services at another brilliant idea. Calm because everyone needs another brilliant idea make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 2:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.