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How to Use AI to Create Content that Converts With Social Selling Strategist Molly Mahoney

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Mary: I’m content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I’m the founder of another building idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources that Empower them to be bold and stand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized do brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: Hey everybody and welcome to leave really in marketing with Mary so thank you so much for joining me again this week I’m so excited to have one of my dear friends and mentors code consultants in all the things to me on my show today and we’re going to be talking about something that really gets me excited seriously we are going to be talking about the new thing that everyone is either in love with.

Mary: Scared of.

Mary: Is a I write don’t go shivering and cowering in the corners if you are even a bit interested in what the heck this will AI thing is my friend Molly Mahoney is going to simplify it and unlock your mind in fact you might even show as a few tricks today I’m super excited so the title of the show today is how to use AI to create content that converts and only say converted mean sell more right here she’s an expert at this and I’m just super thrilled to introduce her in fact there might be one person on the planet who doesn’t know Molly Mahoney and sold for that person I’m actually going to read a little intro to her because she is amazing seriously I feel like we’re sisters from a different mister I love her so dearly.

Mary: Tell if you didn’t know this is this is Molly do after she created a video that reached over a million yes with an M People organically she didn’t pay for that might develop her go live and monetize method for helping businesses get clients with video by staying ahead of the trends like a AI chatbot she stays on The Cutting Edge of what is coming next so her client can make the most of this rapidly changing space so combining her social media experience and twenty years of performance experience Las Vegas from New York to Las Vegas her most recent viral video okay to reach of 39 million yes the damn my eyes and featured by belied manychat social media marketing world’s got the conversion Summit Cary Belcher and Rich deference dealer winners ink magazine Forbes entrepreneur and more and her book which I absolutely love help finding my awesome allows kids of all ages to celebrate their unique sense of awesome and. Life of confidence and joy so without further ado.

Mary: Bony girl oh my gosh I love you so much too y’all are so lucky to be here with mobile Mary Barnett because she I mean we can get ourselves she is just such an amazing human so I’m I love you so much I’m so glad to be here thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to share with my audience with the amazingness that you have unlock like you okay so I always prided myself on being Cutting Edge but you aren’t even more cutting-edge you’re on the bleeding edge right we found.

Mary: I love about you is that through say I’m always in my husband always says like you know shiny object on my old something new. And you’re the same way and so tell her that tell us the millions of people are watching.

Mary: You kind of like some of the pain and I cuz you’ve been using it for over 2 years so tell me a little about that journey and how you can type it into your your business model yeah so actually I’m so glad you asked because when it comes to these things that are.

Molly: Or whatever right we all learn it from somebody it’s not like we just all of a sudden end up at the front of a ship like you have to the captain has to help you get there I don’t know that was a bad analogy but I mean we all learn about these things from somewhere right reminds me of the book steal like an artist that you know we’re all being inspired by the people around us and the community our community are relationships all of that so hard I’m staying on The Cutting Edge is about connecting with people and actually having relationships I’m so glad you asked this.

Molly: We first learned about this type of a I dislike generativity I from Jamie O’Connor Harmon’s you know her that you’d from Glam I believe maybe Jenny Herman Jenny O’Connor I never know which is her actual last name.

Mary: Who’s in my group but yeah what she may have been at the cross over right.

Molly: Anyway she is was a hardcore like Facebook ads expert and she now runs a coaching program where she helps people to really tap into the great seldom actually leading a retreat with her and Mexico in a couple of weeks so cool things that are happening and she said oh my gosh have you seen this new tool called conversion AI.

Molly: Like I’m a check it out so conversion AI is now known as Jasper it became Jarvis and then then you know Thor sent him a letter and said hey you can ask you that Marvel fans over here at school I was wondering did you say get in trouble by marble setting.

Molly: Which is kind of funny because the community when they when they officially changed the name of the tool from conversion. AI to Jarvis we loved it but we were also like this seems a little risky and they were like no no no it’s a total in Iron Man.

Molly: I sent his robot assistant is Jarvis and somebody said this is a little too close you got to knock it off so they had to Rebrand everything for a third or second time cuz the first time they they rebranded was into Jarvis then they rebranded into Jasper Todd II.

Molly: Jarvis I had fallen in love with this like Amy told me about it I freaked out I message Dave the founder on Facebook and I was like dude you have to come on my show about this I’m obsessed right always look going to the store is right like love it give me the.

Molly: And so in playing with it a little bit more I went to a workshop of.

Molly: My friend’s name is today I went to a workshop with my friend Reed Reed was doing a workshop about how to use Jarvis.

Molly: Like Bob.

Molly: In this kind of like a trance of like who that didn’t work so now I’m going to do this and it was this little dance back and forth and my friend Jill says said.

Molly: Doing choreography.

Molly: I went oh it’s like you’re dancing with Jarvis and then I said Jill can I use that so I launched an entire program about two years ago called dancing with Jarvis.

Molly: Be more human while they’re playing with these AI tools and you I mean you’re in it so I just been like amazing right and I I recognize though that it is dangerous to name your program after a tool because now we do all kinds of AI stuff when they change their name to Jasper I was like I don’t want to make it dancing with Jasper so now it’s just called the AI content club and we are we are too ill agnostic.

Mary: That’s really smart actually because there are so many people coming out with their vote.

Mary: They’re like oh and now they’re adding everything another software saying AI is now part of almost every software that I subscribed to and so I love that I’m assuming you’re going to share that that your strategies work with.

Molly: Right they do yeah and that’s a winch on CBT came out in or when we first started like really hearing about it in December of 2022 and everybody was like paying attention.

Molly: Little bit of a moment where I had a bit of a pout Fest where I was my husband and I were on a walk and I was like I don’t tell him not to come here is where is everybody been you know when and I was a little afraid to talk about other tools because we do pretty well as an affiliate of Jasper and so I was like well maybe if we don’t talk about it nobody don’t do anything else in this and then I tried some of the other tools and I was like okay we still use Jasper for the big like heavy lifting of what we’re doing but things like Chachi PT things like you do video where obsessed with and some of these other tools were using a lot there’s a really cool when I don’t talk about very often called koala.

Molly: Post so I’m using a lot of different things and we’re even we’ve created our own AI tools as well so I think about that so I’m good to go and I will tell you Natalie Graham is going to tell me about koala it she’ll like message me that he’s too old.

Mary: Like I do I found another one it’s really cool I have to say I’m guilty of like I buy all the like beta versions of software and my husband and his wooden handles all of our teeth are CFL he’ll go through going to be like are you using all of these tools that you pay for it I’m like well that was a one-time he was well no yeah you stinky are you thinking to the head of The Simpsons totally and I made it and then like oh you’re something else.

Mary: That works and you tell trying to free version like that PPT as a free version that works pretty well and then you get to the point.

Mary: Obsessed with it it’s important to like.

Mary: You need to support this the software.

Molly: What happen if I don’t know if you were using volume yeah I know in fact I emailed back though because we became friends it’s just like a boxer or any of the other like Marco Polo and I know what why.

Mary: Start a software like I know what it goes to the trade all that I’m in just to have it fizzle so I’m like yes Port so I pay for Judge Judy T even though I know I could use the free version I just feel like I’m you know supporting the.

Molly: Totally I never got in there are benefits to it right but I think that’s actually a mindset thing around software tools the people like just expect they’re going to get all the stuff for free which is like there’s obviously a cost to get into it it’s obviously saving your time I mean you could be paying team members to do the things that these tools do for us so I am so with you on that yet so tell me a little bit about because this was one thing that I asked you for a brilliant marketing tips and I just think this is so perfect as actually the key to unlocking your authenticity and humanizing your brand so so people who talk to me about a guy because I also speak on any I even though I would ever talk about this like I want to see how you speak and then I do it cuz it’s awesome. How about that.

Molly: So I’m really obsessed with like Tech tools like you are right and I get very excited and go very fast the thing that I love.

Molly: More than anything else about this new resurgence.

Molly: Fact that it’s taking over the middle so many of our Lives is in order to use it effectively for your business in order to use it effectively for Content creation which is what we mainly focus on you have to be.

Molly: Information in the first place and if you weren’t clear about who you are if you weren’t clear about.

Molly: If you weren’t clear about your weird. You’re weird plus aisai is what’s going to allow you to create content that converts otherwise it’s just a framework or a template that’s going to create the same thing for everybody so it’s really it really is..

Molly: Many of our clients who have been on the fence about actually getting clear about this stuff and not really done it this strategy like.

Molly: We use a day I in order to put the stuff into your chat assistant first they’re finally doing it which is amazing still figure.

Mary: What is the thing I think to like people like they put something in it and if it if it pops out in fact I wasn’t asked you this question privately but I might as well on the Shelf I read an article that said that Google is actually looking I’m so sorry there’s an echo on this is actually looking to see if your content is generated by Ai and it will dies.

Molly: So glad you’re asking this because this is actually a secret Strat secret information from behind the scenes.

Molly: Marketing World there was an amazing session by Paul oh my gosh what’s his last name is starts with an r and then I Google it right now Paul Rog.

Mary: Brown marble.

Molly: Roetzer brookser I don’t know how to spell it. I should know he’s amazing and he runs an organization called d. He’s the founder.

Molly: The Eye Institute and he gave a great session at Social Media Marketing world and after the fact he went into the hallway and we stayed till like the bitter and asking all the questions that we could and this is a question that came up and he said there’s no way like cuz I had heard.

Molly: And people were saying will like.

Molly: Say I you know and he said it’s actually not true no ice cuz he said it’s been tested and it’s just there are it’s not possible for it to really.

Molly: If you’re using like I seen a couple of memes that are like.

Molly: Kids turning in there a sign.

Molly: Then it says like sure I’d be happy to help you with.

Molly: Doesn’t help that you know so they can definitely see it was written by Chad gbt something with like the block color behind it like what I know it wasn’t actually typed by you that’s one thing one thing I saw someone right now in in the Jasper group just yesterday someone said that they read that there.

Molly: You for.

Molly: This is because AI is more likely to write longer sentences and I I don’t know if that’s.

Molly: Back I started right back and then I deleted it but I was going to say like you know Charles Dickens wrote really long sentences to is it going to like delete all of his stuff.

Molly: Get around this is it you do what I’m talking about right now which is twofold and it’s actually something that came up at the Jen Jen p i conference that Jasper.

Molly: Okay and I can I have a little slide that actually walks through this and I’d also love the I know we don’t have much time so I’d love for you to show a little sample of what you’re talkin about because I think when people see it that’s when it blows their my like I helped one of the Charities that we support help and not only end in sex trafficking but they give us a Lucian they’re teaching their saving women in different worlds and teaching the maskil how to cut hair and how to run a salon and so it’s called sheer love it’s amazing amazing it’s a dear friend of my husband’s name is the last eight years she’s an angel on Earth anyways I was there was the week before her Galax you flew in from Thailand to the run this fundraising Gala and I said how do you make your speech yet I know it’s Saturday and your been really busy and she was like well I have kind of a couple thoughts in my head I said let’s for fun I’m going to show you if I think that’s why I opened up and I started typing like it I am a. Sherry and Highland and I helped these women Bubba and I and so I wrote this whole thing out and she’s like yeah and I go give me five things I should say in my Gala seeds help raise money and I hit send.

Mary: I bet that’s right and she literally went.

Right here right this is not a I like oh my gosh and I’m like.

Mary: I’m a give me 10 ways to raise money for people who believe in my car and she was like.

Mary: That’s all I was like you know what I can help and nonprofit as well as of four anyways so I want to share that with you but oh my gosh I love it so let me show you I got three things pull up on the screen here the first thing is and this is this is.

Molly: All that I actually learned about from Megan at Jasper at the Jhene Aiko conference and I’ve used it a lot cuz it’s such a great example on the screen so this is what I am calling the content creation trap and this is really where we were before a I came out of the picture we spent very little time on ideation we spent very little time on research and we spent a lot of time on the creation piece or we’re paying a lot of money to have team members do it and then we spent very little time on editing and very little time on distribution right now and one of the fears that a lot of people have is all this is going to take all of our jobs that’s not true this is what’s going to happen.

Molly: And this is just like.

Molly: Shift that we get way more time for ideation for dreaming in the possibility for.

Molly: Yes we get way more time for research we spend less time on the actual creation and then on the other side we spend more time on the editing and on the distribution and so if we can.

Molly: Zombie content because we’ll have more time to edit it and we’ll have more time to come up with a fun ideas ahead of time I love that and I think that this will help.

Mary: Not burn out is that something you spend so much time.

Mary: I think will be a value to your audience and in the meantime you’re like.

Mary: I don’t have it by the way you never to talk about that this morning like I’m just.

Mary: Moultrie Creek create but I’m not allowing my mind.

Mary: And, or brilliant that I know God has planned for me but I have filled packed my brain and my schedule is so full that have no the step back and as you said id 8.

Molly: Do we need time to dream time to breed and you know.

Molly: Really funny there’s a story. Do you know the story that I thought actually story it’s like whatever a fax I guess but that.

Molly: Working used to.

Molly: If he still does this.

Molly: Swing in a bunch of the things he says that he takes a shower every time he needs to like to have a new idea so sometimes he would take up to seven showers a day.

Molly: Was talking to Liz about lying.

Molly: I was talking to Liz about.

Molly: Show you I actually thought it would be funny this is my Cielo I thought it would be funny if I went into.

Molly: Chat GPT and I.

Molly: About Aaron Sorkin showers.

Molly: Oh that’s fine okay there’s ways that you can start to bring in story and someone was telling me the other day she said well you know I know that you’re doing stuff about creating your signature talk with a i and she said what if I came in and taught how to do story since you can’t do that with a I and I was like girlfriend you can do that with a I so want to let me show you so this is the path to chat where I said please tell me a story about how Aaron Sorkin used to take showers in the middle of the day to refresh his creativity right then it goes into Aaron Sorkin the famous.

Molly: Known for his creative genius and his ability to write compelling dialogue but it’s alright or is he sometimes struggle to find inspiration when.

Molly: Surprising solution to his creative blocks taking showers in the middle of the day and it goes to this whole thing about his shower taking which I think is so funny that is a oh my gosh that’s awesome.

Molly: That’s like one example right but what we.

Molly: Doing a very strategically it’s we are uploading hour and it’s like a whole you can see this is.

Molly: Chat that I use so if I go all the way back here in this chat you can see in the very beginning of how long this chat is I said if I give you information about my company.

Molly: No clients and my products and services can you pretend to be a high-level marketing consultant and give me a full breakdown at by brand messaging so I can create marketing campaigns that stand out and attract new clients with ease and I didn’t hit return yet I continue to nice that I’d love you to bring it.

Molly: Source from people like Dan Kennedy Simon sinek Donald Miller and Hanley and brene brown is that possible I really do treat this chat I like to say that I’ve hired my grandma Bobby to come back from Heaven to work for me so I talked to him about me but I check in like I would.

Molly: And then.

Molly: Of course I can help you with creating brand messaging strategy..

Molly: Getting campaign stand out in the track new client please provide me with the necessary information right it goes on so what we’ve done in our AI.

Molly: Is that we load in all of the company details our client avatars are products and services all of this stuff and then it says.

Molly: Give me a detailed information about your company blah blah blah here’s our core messaging here is your mission statement here are your brand pillars like authenticity Innovation fun and impact and I did amazing.

Molly: Like the first round right storytelling of elements leverage Molly background as a performer and her success with Organic video content to create engaging stories that showcase the power of authenticity connection and fun and business I love that and I want to highlight.

Mary: How has not been immersed in your world as much as I have which I absolutely love nothing I learned from you is to be polite I always say will you take a right and then to say thank you I was awesome but something that you spoke of in the beginning right before you share this is seasoning so people might not know what that means so when I went in and you didn’t clarify but seasoning just like you would have pan on your about to cook is basically kind of fought like.

Mary: Loading it with every.

Mary: And your and your real like being a human and that makes it so even when he or she without you can go back in and edit it and say oh I love.

Mary: This which I said you’re human and write yes so and this is the same thing you would do if you were on boarding a new team member so it’s really like on boarding and then I’ll check in so when I have a friend that this long I’ll say like let’s let’s let’s do it in real time are you ready and I’m going to type it and say like.

Molly: Lot in here so it could start to do.

Molly: Hallucinating but we’re going to see what happened so I’m going to say can you make.

Molly: Please.

Molly: What.

Molly: Products.

Mary: Go to settings and it does for a 12-month virtual master.

Molly: Readers who want to bring in at least an extra hundred K leveraged sales strategies without ads are complicated funnel that is spot-on you want to create a six-figure business without ads are complicated funnels whatever Club.

Molly: And then watch this weirdness.

Molly: Say thank you.

Molly: You play.

Molly: Email series with a Disney theme because I love Disney.

Molly: Series animal that’s right you know campaign maybe is right where I want to be really clear or sequins that’s the right word..

Molly: Our ideal client.

Molly: How to sign up for the content.

Molly: Now I’m going to say.

Molly: Make sure I include based on what you know above.

Molly: You please okay.

Molly: You believe in magic what if I told you you could sprinkle a little bit of pixie.

Molly: Creation process of transforming into something straight out of a Disney fairytale introducing the AI contact Club the enchanted solution for coaches.

Molly: Greater is he watching consistently create bababababa..

Molly: Oh my God that’s adorable I would never have thought to use emojis like this so when it says with the AI content Club you’ll just in case you’re listening to this somewhere save time and effort and it has a little like fairy Emoji level of a lot then it’s like create content that resonates with your audience like a spellbinding Disney story and on that one it’s like a lot.

Molly: Right and it has a mermaid that says maintain consistent an authentic brand voice that your audience will a door that is so cute.

Mary: Like you taught me and when I was sharing with my friend Diana who runs I’m sure your love I said well let’s let some try to have it come up with your license what is who is someone in your field or your industry that you really admire and she names when I never heard of it I said can you please share can you please write me a speech in in this person’s voice I was headed and she would like was literally lost your mind then I said just for fun.

Mary: She said that’s awesome can you also write my script.

Mary: And we did Kevin Hart and each one was different based on.

Mary: Just like you can literally hear Kevin Hart to decide I might not be tall in stature but I believe in Big Dreams and the dream we have tonight is too and she was like oh my God and we didn’t tell her that like.

Mary: Like you said in Disney themed but also can be in a specific person’s voice I’m okay that because because this is just came out yesterday and so if you’re listening to this you are now on The Cutting Edge so one of the things that a lot of people have struggled with is what is my brand voice and the way it just so everybody knows in case you’re like not really familiar with what charge of beauty is and all of this the weight of this word works is that it’s pulling from a percentage of the content on the internet and bringing it in as a source so if Kevin Hart had content on the internet it does a chance that I could pick up on him so if you have a lot of content out there like if you Google your name and content shows up there’s a chance that it could act.

Molly: Invoice however like when I Google Molly Mahoney there are other Molly Mahoney’s out there.

Molly: So I could confuse you with other people so.

Molly: That is available within Jasper and if you go to Jasper and I’m sure Mary has an affiliate link and if she doesn’t she should get mine by the.

Molly: If you go into Jasper they have a new brand voice feature and when they first.

Molly: The idea that that would be coming they had said it was only going to be for Enterprise accounts I’m so glad they released it for all of us so no matter what level you’re at you can get access to this mystery what I did. Pat so I have this Google doc that is.

Molly: Guide to Pho.

Molly: I’ma tell you a secret it’s actually a written translation of.

Mary: Like master class or webinar so let me show you this you literally uploaded your webinar and if something like water or grain Jeff trans yes and then you took both at content and you uploaded that into such PPT actually a little you could just straight-up do that I did for Matt it a little bit so I made I I hired someone to make it like a really good Google doc that’s all the stuff that you could do it just with your with your transcripts.

Mary: Loaded by graphics.

Molly: This is what I mean because if you have a blog post like this will save you so much time if you have ever created a blog post earlier or a pillar post you can use that link so all I did I did this yesterday I grabbed this link I went into this new brand voice section and I pasted the URL for the link right.

Molly: If the URL is public it will scrape the data.

Molly: I didn’t have to edit I didn’t have to copy.

Molly: The URL there wow and this is what it gave me. The ultimate organic social selling guides writing style.

Molly: Clear have you been here on this podcast conversational and persuasive using a friendly tone personal anecdotes clear language actionable steps and humor to engage readers to help them achieve their business success know my plan so that to me is already so valuable because they.

Molly: Want to tell people but I wouldn’t have been able to come up with that on my own right so I’m going to try something I’m going to go over here and I’m going to say.

Molly: You.

Mary: New chat it doesn’t.

Mary: And look at your old.

Molly: Play a new chat will not look at your past information so this is like bringing in a new assistant now I just want to tell you also the other day I tried doing a new chat to create some email templates and look at what it said to me at the top.

Molly: I said just like I always do I said if I give you an email can you pretend to be a.

Molly: Copywriter and course creator and then rewrite it as a template that anyone could use for example blah blah blah and it says wall and program to generate human-like language.

Molly: Assistance it is not within my ethical or professional boundaries to impersonate a highly-skilled copywriter of course creator however I can certainly help you I was like this is as if I went to a higher ring company this assistant is not my vibe I need to start a new chat cuz this is person just going to argue with me the whole time. So I wrote back I said LOL thank you.

Molly: Thank you could you do it in the style of a highly-skilled copier.

Molly: I’ll do my best to write in the silent that is engaging in persuasive while still maintaining a professional tone so what this tells me is whatever version of the AI world came into this is a little too stuffy for me I don’t want to continue in this chat was it really was having a bad day you know maybe but I also don’t want not to.

Molly: I’m going to start a new chat and I’m going to say hi can you. Please write a list.

Molly: Write an email.

Molly: Write a signature talk oh nice.

Molly: Person that you talk to.

Molly: About.

Molly: The importance of maintaining.

Molly: That means.

Molly: If you spell wrong.

Molly: Even in business even when it seems.

Molly: Everything.

Molly: These days. And I’m going to say right in.

Molly: A tone that is.

Molly: style.

Molly: Eye style.

Molly: Number to Pace with Jasper.

Molly: Burning smell absolutely. The whole thing is done wow.

Molly: Do I have a frame.

Molly: You’re my framework but in two seconds..

Molly: And will my friends let me tell you relationships are onions bringing in silly thing.

Molly: You may be thinking but ChatGPT every it’s like speaking to judge. Which attribute everything is automated these days we have a high-powered chatbots email.

Molly: Relationships when we have technology. It’s like written as if I would write it right love it.

Mary: You have the capability it’s not like your lock.

Mary: You have the ability to go in and week things afterwards or you can ask it to tweak things right like 6 exactly so that’s why I don’t write the same thing as your talk as to where I can so I can stay here like right it has Carol Burnett or write it went right this. Bring up Lucille Ball cuz I love her she’s actually my mother in car.

Molly: How do I spell.

Mary: Lucia.

Mary: Think.

Mary: Lucy Lucille Ball.

Molly: For those with the Alycia we got these fancy gadgets and gizmos that you.

Molly: Who need relationship doesn’t mention Ricky.

Molly: Starting out in.

Molly: Met this guy named.

Molly: We hit it off right away even though we had enough tie downs over the years we always had each other’s back and you know what we ended up building one of the most successful TV shows in time I Love Lucy.

Molly: That is cool. I just ate.

Mary: Go play with it I don’t want to feel like I’m Carol Burnett you say something about taking your ear I mean totally right and one thing actually.

Mary: I haven’t really talked about.

Molly: They all stars I was at when I was at Perris event he was talking about re-creating your.

Molly: Board of directors and so I was like that sounds cool so I brought in.

Molly: The whole board of directors and I was speaking at this event but I was also attending and I brought in Pema chodron Simon sinek Antoine de saint-exupery who wrote You Know The Little Prince I brought in all these different people and I said hey I would like to bring these people together to have a conversation about why relationships are important and then I basically was like you know the person in the chair asking all the questions.

Molly: I think about that then she would tell me.

Molly: You know Mister de saint-exupery what do you think about this and he would tell me what he thought.

Mary: That is so awesome wow your podcast episode.

Molly: I get different AI voices and we hear them talking to each other I know they’ve done it already but with my own board of expertise would be awesome nice again this is so exciting so interesting if you don’t want to know more about your signature program which is a higher authority how do you say I had a great content that convert how do people find.

Molly: I would love to actually give you a really cool little gift so all you have to do is go to my Instagram which is the prepared performer so the prepared performer on Instagram okay and if you message me over there this is top secret message me with the word human.

Molly: You my top performing 100 posts on social media plus I’m going to give you a full check CPT guide with all of these different prompt Sandra Lee.

Molly: We do about instilling beliefs in your ideal client through your content so that they’re ready to convert so just go message me on Instagram the prepared performer with the word human right there is that right there preparing for a keyword.

Mary: Text will come alive and share that information.

Mary: Audience.

Molly: You’ll meet Molly bolts and I’ll admit it is really cool. I love it alright Molly what thank you so.

Mary: Wait for people to get your goodness I know it is less me tremendously and I’m just so excited for the coming year ahead to do some amazing things with you thank you and I’m so grateful for you and how you show up in the world y’all if you’re not like actively obsessively following Mary’s Adventures you should be cuz she is amazing.

Mary: You’re so sweet alright my love I will see you soon. You two weeks we were excited.

Mary: Person her a right my love you have a wonderful day and then everyone next week another exciting adventure with brilliant marketing Mary and thank you so much for getting in and learning more brilliant marketing tips for your business alright take care. And just to finish up before we go on the X.

Mary: She is my coach she is my friend and again I think a sister going to different Mister so I encourage you to go to her ID and follow the instructions exactly pop it up one more time.

Mary: Seriously you will be blessed by this information go to Instagram look for the premier performer and the key word is human and that her Molly bought will actually come up and send you that information so I’m well so they going to share with you before we go off I have been really diving deep into our business and.

Mary: And I’ve been in business in December of this year it’ll be 35 years I’ve been doing marketing and so blessed to stay in business for 35 years and I’ve been working on stealing down the different services that we provide because we do everything from consultation all the way to full implementation but lately people been coming to me asking me for something I’ve been calling VIP days which you basically come on my way.

Mary: It in person but usually doesn’t call for this level and obviously helped you figure out what your offers are I helped create a road map for you to follow I’m it’s going to help you share your amazing as your billions were the world and because really you are the answer to someone’s prayer so I help figure that out and then we have another program where’s all the VIP intensive or section in person 6 hour day we’re basically take that offer and then we grade videos and content and repurpose them for you and get busy and everything in a beautiful gift box that you could actually use to promote your offer your your company or Services everything that you do so if you are interested now please reach out to me do you have me you can also text the word brilliant to the number 714 for.

Mary: I’m and I had give us a nursery tale called toys at three ways to be poised positive and profitable and when you text the word really at the site 144 one you’ll get a link and instantly magically to your phone and then I believe 24 hours later or maybe a few hours later you’ll get a link to my calendar if you would like to book a complimentary 15-minute phone call to see if there’s a good fit if you’re needing more help and there’s lots of different things that we could possibly help you with so I just feel like I want to make sure that I can serve at a higher level because the Lord has blessed me with an amazing experience and expertise and I just want to be able to offer that to the world so please go ahead and text the word brilliant to 71441 and we’ll we’ll get the magic marketing so until next week thank you again for being a part of the show and I’m going to I’ll see you next week and have a brilliant day. Help and be brilliant and everything you do fight. Thank you for joining me today.

Mary: Except services at another brilliant idea. Calm because everyone needs another brilliant idea make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 2:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.