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How To Turn Your Gifts To Gold & Monetizing Your Knowledge With Biz Coach Dr. Christina Fontana

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Mary: I am content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I Empower women entrepreneurs by sharing digital Marketing Solutions on my show brilliant marketing with Mary Mary show I am very bored as they also called me mobile Mary and today we have a really exciting show for you today I have a new friend and she’s going to be talking about turning your gift to gold and monetizing your knowledge I’m super thrilled to have her come on and share her a brilliant with us because I only have brilliant speakers on my show they’re going to get right into a puppy for you I just want to make sure that you knew that you were invited to come to my private but free Facebook group call the marketing innovators playground if we’re serious bottom tray to find me siri success we have a lot of fun in there I share about software and cool tricks and tips and all that get some stuff I’m into the place to figure out like. How to magnetize your message keep making people want to share your information because it’s so creative and fun so who doesn’t want that right and also because I helped a lot of speakers I just launched in fact if you’re interested in a Michael Kors I will actually put it the link in the comment of the show but I just want a Michael Kors called audience building Mastery and it basically shows you how you can build an audience base with a people who are in your various audiences that you’re a speaker at so you can continue the conversation with them and help bring the conversation to where you blessed in many ways as well as help them pay you for what you do your best and really we talkin about that today in the show because we are again talking to a brilliant woman who is really a transformational coach let me bring up her information before I bring her on-screen because maybe there’s one person in the world who doesn’t know her so I want to do her. By telling you that dr. Christina Fontana is a pharmacist holistic healer rapid transformation business coach speaker and five-time author wow so excited I’m getting my my Nextbook out soon so I’m hopefully someday I’ll be just like her. She helps women to read night they’re light and sign in their brilliant confidence and true Essence I love that she shared her on funeral your journey 11 years ago by being just empowered homeless broke with eating disorders PTSD and anxiety.

Mary: Has transformed turning her pain in the purchase purpose and power and women from all over the world except in their purpose Power & Prosperity Prosperity so without further Ado let’s bring up Christina because she’s amazing there she is thank you so much for joining me Christina how are you today what a beautiful introduction and I love that you have I want to just acknowledge that Joy again because that’s just your personality I want to acknowledge your Brilliance but yeah that’s I’m just filled with the joy of the Lord and I can’t help.

Mary: Staring at so I’m so excited to share this show with you I’m as we are like-minded which is awesome so Christina I have so many questions for you but first off screen what kind of but you mention you dealt with trauma and you also said you were homeless about your background and what changed 11 years ago.

Christina: Absolutely so I grew up just kind of like a CliffsNotes version of this story is I grew up in a very controlling chaotic household with a.

Christina: Parents who came from trauma themselves so my dad had a very physically abusive father my mom had an alcoholic father and so my parents were just trying to do the best that they could.

Christina: Meantime we.

Christina: All my siblings were victims of physical mental emotional verbal abuse and so.

Time I grew up suppressing my emotions and.

Christina: Being highly sensitive and.

Christina: Both of that my body had so much trauma that it manifested physically.

Christina: Two different types of Eating Disorders at to various points in my life as well as anxiety and depression.

Christina: I’ve had a lot of different things happen along my journey and.

Christina: With the pharmacist that he owned a pharmacy in Long Island at.

Christina: Take over that business and my heart knew that I wanted to go in a different trajectory and I knew that I love nutrition and I wanted to heal myself cuz I was experiencing all of these symptoms like I said I knew that I wanted to help people heal.

Christina: You don’t give medication I wanted to really help them get to the root of what was happening because I was experiencing that and I know that God has given me on these different life lessons so that I can show others that there is hope and healing so anyway fast forward to Super 8 around the end of pharmacy school.

Christina: Actually wind up kicking me out of the house because of my decision to essentially leave that business and so I found myself in 23 home.

Christina: Hold my things brought up what’s the word sprawled out on the lawn go.

Christina: Yeah I had to kind of like just pick up the pieces of my life in different Leaf Bags he’s clear leaf bags to put them in my car to figure out a place to live and I just had so much Trauma from that experience so much guilt and shame around.

Christina: What I wanted in my life for the first time and so.

Christina: I do this work that I do now because I was dissing power died a lot of anger a lot of these..

Christina: Especially toward my dad that I had to resolve because my life wasn’t workable so I had abused in my body.

Christina: Cigarettes I drank I just did all these really horrible things because I was holding all of this rage and in all of his energy.

Christina: Release then he’ll that integrated so as I had that experience happen I have been led to so many different teachers and Retreats and books and courses over the last 12 years that has allowed me to then turn around and help other people who also struggle High Achievers who struggle with anxiety.

Christina: People pleasing perfectionism the survival patterns that we.

Christina: To cope with life right instead of it really experiencing true empowerment and freedom so that’s part of my story.

Mary: Are you like that’s okay.

Mary: Like the friend of a movie like oh my God yeah and like most people would just be profitable and use that as an excuse to.

Mary: Basically abused themselves of the way to get back their parents right but you turned it around it for you for standing up and saying you’re not the boss of me.

Mary: Christian the baby at 6 and I had a very.

Mary: My father he was like oh.

Mary: But that’s the whole that’s a whole nother story so what a blessing that you’re able to take that experience guess.

Mary: Show yourself or they say he’ll just kill myself and then you’re able to turn it around which is fantastic and you actually answered one of my questions I was going to ask you and what kind of trauma you help you help with anxiety is most high cheating women and then I’m overwhelmed nervous system responses right, so when when someone goes through a trauma whether it’s Big T or a little T you know you’re a body fluids with.

Christina: Are you going to fight flight or fries or Fawn depending and so you’re bi.

Christina: These are the subsets of essentially.

Christina: Like I said the people pleasing patterns are the survival patterns so that whenever you know if you go to shine your light in your business some past.

Christina: You.

Christina: I’ll protect you so it says oh no that’s not safe the last time.

Christina: I got bullied I got abused I got ridiculed criticized and so we hide unconsciously and somehow it showed up physically as wait so I was.

Christina: No eating I was binge eating there’s a lot of shame that that you know I was trying to just to regulate my my nervous system and that’s how I was unconsciously doing it so we have unhealed trauma it shows up in all of these different mechanisms like numbing out through alcohols everything that I was doing or overachieving staying busy to avoid being with ourselves and he’s.

Christina: So I essentially help bring awareness and love to and compassion to some of these different patterns that are playing out with my clients because it’s stopping them from shining the light in the Brilliance and the gifts that they have to share these a god-given gifts that they have I love that.

Mary: 25 years ago my goodness sake in your brilliant marketing Terry you said the trauma often blocked for Lance right and revise transformation that increases profitability and scale thriving businesses because you you can’t show up and do your bass when you’re dealing with all that right. Absol.

Christina: When you suppress often times were suppressing or repressing emotion then the energy can flow and I believe that you know I was a goddess.

Christina: Then if we can’t we can’t receive those Divine downloads because there’s so much fear and there’s so much of these mechanisms getting in the way that we can’t allow ourselves to be the channel that God wants us to be the vehicle for reaching the clients who need us or being magnetic so often times what I see is that as an example is that wounded man.

Christina: Wanting to be in control really shines through because our inner feminine doesn’t feel safe it didn’t feel safe in the past because of whatever trauma had happened and so are you and comes through because we don’t trust the masculine so that’s one way of plays out and then we’ll overdue will say overwhelmed and busy and all of these things and it’s not allowing that.

Christina: And softness and and magnetism to really see through your business and I think that’s what people are drawn to. Oh my.

Mary: You don’t know how much.

Mary: I was telling you a little bit before we got in a camera today that I’m about to launch my book is called hello God it’s me Martha a 31-day journey.

Mary: Overwhelmed Overjoyed that busy with my life and I’m not going to talk about my trauma today but you know I’m you know.

Mary: And I was always so like my dad taught me that lazy was us the original four letter words so I could never be lazy so.

Mary: And I always had to volunteer for everything and do everything for everybody and always cuz I wanted you to like me and if I was busy then I couldn’t do this a little bit I mean just it just use. Worthiness piece yeah.

Mary: Can you yes yes I had to work through this work through this and when you said about Divine downloads that was the thing like I started this book 5 years ago and then you know I got busy.

Mary: Busy busy busy and I think the enemy wants us to stay busy so we can’t do it God has given us for you right and so this summer had a couple major surgeries so guess what.

Mary: It started knocking.

Mary: Hey what about that book hey you can help people with this hey if you got an appointment I’m not like completely Overjoyed all the time I fall right back into you know they overwhelm.

Mary: Back and get into the scripture and get into my aunt so I created this journal with Tom’s and doodles and all this.

Mary: And oh my gosh like it’s.

Mary: Nobody else has gone through this that you were obviously so much more and I’m.

Mary: Healing yourself.

Mary: I can’t talk to you all day but you’ll be brilliant marketing tactic is to show up and shine as yourself can you touch a little bit yeah I saw think like I said.

Christina: Best carrier on this almost unconscious low-level guilt and shame of oh I can’t speak up or share what I really desire because what are people going to think of me or will people like me like you said right that people-pleasing that dumped in her part of you that just wants to be loved and accepted different Pieces come online and it’s our thread throughout our businesses and our lives that you know we feel.

Christina: Boundaries we feel ashamed of you know our packs and I know I was for a long time like I had this vicious eating disorder where I would get up and binge during the middle of the night and I didn’t tell people for years so I kept that part of myself hidden but when I started to share and be boner but which is the medicine.

Christina: And I started to heal.

Christina: I call it the inner Punisher the guilt the guilt cycle his guilt speaks punishment you know my life was so unworkable.

Christina: He forgave my father and I understood.

Christina: That I was actually was not the I was not..

Christina: Unhealed trauma.

Christina: I was able to.

Christina: A word with with him more power and so when you own.

Christina: You are all of these different parts and you heal through some of the.

Christina: From whatever you did from a different level of Consciousness from the past you integrate into it’s almost like this the higher.

Christina: Or this more. Like who God really wants us to.

Christina: That’s when you’re truly shining your light and you could eat you feel confident shining you’re in your Brilliance and sharing your gifts with the world so when you shine as yourself then you can own and say yeah I had an eating disorder that’s going to resonate with someone and they’re going to be like oh that’s how you become magnetic to your sole client in my opinion based on the title of the show I wanted to finish on that is that train your gifts to go to monetize your knowledge it can you stand on that as well come on as I seen your mom has smelly farts.

Christina: Yes like my husband is a food critic on the side he does his guess is he’s in it.

Christina: Dogs to kind of like dig into restaurant menus and I’ve helped him literally turn that.

Christina: You money now he gets paid to go to restaurants he just got paid like to I’m so proud of him so you know you have gifts that are valuable and it’s just about learning how to translate that into practical Frameworks and structures in a business model that can help you not only serve the world but also provide for your family so anything is possible I love that oh my.

Mary: Seriously I think we’re going to be at your best friends because I love everything you said.

Mary: And thank you for acknowledging.

Mary: Other people turn their their Brilliance into brilliant.

Mary: Another brilliant idea by the way I totally had a percent agree with you world’s holy like my nickel until thank you for being on the show thank you.

Mary: People can find you at pharmacist that cracked podcast connect with me somehow I.

Christina: Sex with you in and just thank you so much for having me on today that is you’re such a blessing I love it all right well thank you again Christina M everyone thank you for the tuning into the show more brilliant Business Leaders like Christina will see you back next week for the brilliant marketing with Mary show and again be brilliant and all you do is.

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