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How To Take Thumb-Stopping Photos With Master Photographer Tricia Turpenoff

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Mary: I’m content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I’m the founder of another building idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources and Empower them to be bold and sand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized show Brilliant Marketing with Mary.

Mary: Everybody and welcome to the brilliant marketing with Mary show live I’m super excited to have you today because I have a dear friend of mine and again as I said before I only bring brilliant people on to the brilliant marketing show with Mary.

Mary: She is no exception and I’m super thrilled because we’re going to be talking about some things that actually will help you from this moment on every single day I don’t know about you but we carry these things all right hello mobile Mary right and people are using these phones to take their selfies are business pictures or videos all that going to stop but the gas I have today is not only going to show you a new technique for taking selfies.

Mary: She is an award-winning certified Master photographer that will basically talk to you about not just what.

Mary: Front of the screen and how to make yourself look absolutely stunning gorgeous than smart wealthy all those things that a good picture will share but behind the right what’s happening on your inner game to help you show up.

Mary: The photos really come alive and really showcase your brilliance.

Mary: From the start of his lands so I’m just so excited to have her and also the given case you’re not I have not watched before I marry Barnett they call me mobile Marion the industry and add the intro said I am a digital marketer have been for 34 years and I’m only 35.

Mary: My story and I’m sticking to it and I try to bring all that together and help people with their promotions their marketing and I’m also launching a challenger inside of a little bit late in the show CHiPs challenge called play your way to profit because my biggest passion is helping people find their silly.

Mary: Hang at your marketing will actually drop people to you hiding your curiosity skills are and your creative skills will actually help you think differently so you magnetize people do you want to work with to your right so that’s totally ties into our topic today which is how to take some stopping.

Mary: Okay then I’ll fit on there there you go I am stopping photos because right we we are all scrolling through right and we want to create images that people go right capture attention and provide more value and I’m super excited about that so.

Mary: Guess today is Tricia Tripp. And again he is in my stock of each time she does all the all the famous people charge a fee and I want introduce her to you before I bring her up and because I want to make sure I’m there might be just one person out there that doesn’t know who she is because you know she’s phenomenal in every way but let me read it to you because I want to make sure I get this correctly matches Mission or I should say her introduction but I when I say what I think about her is at Trish’s passion is her purpose her mission is to listen here and truly see you be able to capture your Radiance Essence and elevate your image through the lens of a camera has been almost thirty years of all types of people capturing their personal history and branding their business the difference will feel when you work with her is that you will still seen acknowledged and heard that is her promise to you without further Ado let me bring on my dear friend just shot.

Mary: Camel come up and here she is there she is. Mary thank you that was beautiful oh my goodness well it’s so I’ve had only had two or three different photo shoots together we re women sisters and she just like is a light when it walks into a room and he literally is really and you can see by her hair.

Mary: Tell me a little bit before we get started cuz I have some questions for you but everybody a little bit how you got into photography and why you stuck with it for 30 years when people are carrying around I think they’re all smarty party and have their own cameras show me like what you what sets you apart.

Tricia: I have a camera my hands since I was 5 my Jeff my aunt and uncle bought me a camera and it was really funny cuz my parents were always like Trisha.

Tricia: I guess that are too old for you and they let me keep the camera now the chemistry said had to go back when I was 8 that was a bummer. The camera stuff they bought me a Kodak 126 is an instamatic and I still have it it’s one of the rooms oh yeah I still have it and I just fell in love with photography and it was one of those things that my parents complimented me we went to Washington DC when I think I was seven.

Tricia: Stop and obviously you know in the beginning I was photographing the butts of dogs and things like that because yet you know dropping off every bit you know here’s the mouth you know that’s all we had it look like that you didn’t know until you got it back from the developer.

Tricia: Every time I started in the film days oh my gosh film was very exciting I have to tell you I love digital because I have more control.

Tricia: Time to get as good as film and it’s still film still has an edge the price.

Tricia: Doesn’t have an edge with you being in control because you just have to send the film off and have them produce at now I have I have developed some butt and I did real yes and the darker in high school you went in the dark but he had to put the chemicals on whatever it is you’re not to be a place people made out in.

Tricia: I should have done that what was I do not print pictures in there.

Tricia: What Was I Thinkin by the way I’m not saying I would one of those I was jealous of all the girls were bringing boys boys in their am I.

Mary: Ernie said occupied oh wow we have quite a few in our at our high school and then I went to college I actually went to a four-year college for photography which is totally unusual did you know what I mean there’s no your level of entry into photography you get a camera you learn how to use the iso the you know the shutter and the aperture and you can go I mean really it’s a.

Tricia: And I and you need to understand your equipment and I was blessed enough to get to go to college for that and so I had to I mean it was just it was it was super fun we had big dark and we got to yeah I got to bring my sorority sisters in and photograph them with Hasselblad oh my favorite camera.

Tricia: Call Hasselblad so there were medium format camera has that professional photographers used before digital 35 mm were a big thing and Hasselblad was one of the leaders and my Maya and also bronica those were three of the biggies yeah Pinterest even had some medium format camera was a square format and it was used by Ansel Adams and so yeah I never heard that before then so cool about history or photography and I actually had oh my gosh had the best history of photography class I was in.

Tricia: And it.

Tricia: It was my second year college and I was at a community college that year before I moved to a four-year after that and what was the 4-year.

Tricia: Missouri yeah.

Tricia: Unity College in St Louis and there was this studio that the 2nd Brothers all the block brothers and the second brother and passed away and the History Museum and taken everything they wanted but they had all these five by seven glass – that they gave to the school and we got to print them.

Tricia: It’s a w – they were 5 x 7 glass negatives and so you literally just put the paper down we put the negative over it and we exposed it from the enlarger right yeah it wasn’t that you put a negative into the larger and then Exposed on the paper you put the paper right on that glass – it was.

Mary: Wow.

Tricia: That is really in the net I mean it was one of those things but you just don’t know that you’re.

Tricia: Photography super fascinating and that was one of the things that really tripped my trigger and I just I loved it and then like I said I went to a four-year college and I actually got a job my senior year with a studio.

Tricia: Outside of Elvis I was in Warrensburg.

Tricia: Warrensburg Missouri and so I went to Sedalia Missouri which was about 30 minutes away and I got to work for a photographer for a couple years and then I actually moved to his friend and another place.

Tricia: Missouri which was just about 45 minutes east of of.