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How To Post LESS On Instagram For More Business With Social Media Strategist Katie Brinkley

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Mary: I’m content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I’m the founder of another building idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources that Empower them to be bold and stand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized do brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: Hey everybody and welcome to the brilliant marketing with Mary so I mobile Mary or Mary Barnett and I’m super thrilled when you beat for YouTube today because we’re talking about the gram Instagram today and I have the leading expert of Instagram and all the hacks that really I’m super excited because this is the title of the show the gate you’re going to be super excited because.

Mary: Is how to post left on Instagram for more business.

Mary: Is more people left his marks and I’m so excited to hear how to do this today by our lovely guest Katie Brinkley the before I bring her up I just want to let you know like where we do the show every Thursday it’s going to I go live inside my Facebook page in my group all the places but I really want to give you really quality information that’s going to help you up level your business. That’s what I do I have another brilliant idea for you and that is our company name and so I hope that if there’s anything you do for you please in the comments or send me a DM and I sure would love to help you and Katie also is willing to help as well so we’re going to talk about her and all the amazing before I bring her up there might be one person in the world who doesn’t know who she is and she’s pretty amazing as let me give a short introduction to her by her name is Katie Brinkley and she has been leveraging social media to grow audiences and income which is the most important part right. 19 years and she looks 21 so she’s amazing since the time of Myspace believe it or not he has helped her clients will the strategy to attract the right followers and generate consistent inbound leads as little as one hour a week what yes and she can chat with you today from building corporate-level growth strategies for AT&T and DirecTV to implementing done-for-you social media for entrepreneurs Tech startups and Consultants Katie has been at the Forefront of the in the changes on how buyers engaged on social media utilizing her platform-agnostic strategies Katie’s claim to be able to see bottom-line results at every stage in the sales process which is absolutely incredible.

Mary: The coolest person around you’ll see this allows her to bring a unique inside and leverage your client stories to the Forefront of their social strategy so I am super thrilled and introduced the Beautiful the one the only. I just want to keep you in my back pocket saying I look 21 I’ll take that all day so thanks for that.

Mary: When you said you been doing with your name like no you not liar.

Mary: Young and beautiful and have two beautiful girls and so all about that it’s all about the human connections right I mean social media is just like.

Mary: Play into someone’s life so.

Katie: 1 million % 1 million percent and yeah when I started it was Myspace was the big thing and I worked in radio at the time and at the time my space was mostly for bands and so that’s why I want to Robie yeah I know how do you say check that out I just.

Mary: Get to the time..

Katie: Set the radio station so I worked at the radio station we had to get bands to send us their music for free and everyone was writing ever using pen and paper.

Katie: And sending handwritten letters asked people to send us their music medical this doesn’t seem very efficient why don’t I just go on MySpace and that’s when I really saw how quickly connections can happen how fast Community can form and I was addicted I loved I loved the aspect of making sense with strangers on the internet non-creepy way.

Mary: What is 62 parts of that was okay already owe station so what did you do for the radio station so I was the postgame as I’ve worked as a couple of them but my my my dream job was to be the postgame reporter and I landed that job right out of college so while I was in college I worked at the radio station 850 KOA and like I said before I part of our job was to get music and all that and.

Katie: Atlanta my dream job working for the the sports station here in Denver and I was the postgame reporter so I got to go into the locker room and give interviews that the Broncos and Rockies and the nuggets and Avalanche in.

Katie: Sing I loved it.

Katie: Please speak into younger Katie right now I shouldn’t have given up as early as I did this thing called SiriusXM came out and everyone in the radio industry panicked and I was like well this is the end of radio I have no TV experience I have no like.

Katie: Experience I guess.

Katie: And so that’s that’s where my my marketing Journey began was because I I thought radio was over..

Mary: Never knew that interest if I can totally imagine right at 8 if they say the Video Killed the Radio Star yeah but you kind of thought I better move over quickly and did anybody in your station to say what the heck I’m just going to stay and now there is that why you said that yeah so one of my good friends Andy he’s still in radio he is the afternoon Drive guy now I’m on a different radio station and then he’s also one of the play-by-play announcers for the Denver lacrosse team of television station so he calls the games for the TV station for lacrosse so he’s still in it and then somebody else who might that I was broke really closely with she moved over to TV work.

Katie: And now that both of her kids have grown up in her off to college now she’s doing the Broncos.

Katie: So she she went back in to radio now that her kids are going up because it’s a lot of hours and radio but it’s worth it like it’s it was fun it was like I said it was my dream job and I’m so fortunate that I was able to do it for four years before moving on to things that really I believe set set me up for Success With My Career now and what I’m doing I love it.

Mary: He’s got what you needed and those four years I mean obviously we never can live in regret but you actually thought the advantage over a lot of people that you haven’t kind of a backstage pass to see now does your dad have connection so I’m sure that kind of brings it around to what you do now you have access to people who they tell you like oh this is working in this isn’t so what landed you on focusing on Instagram because that’s what we’re talking about today in fact that’s one thing that TV said she’s going to be sharing as if today is her for post social media strategy so if you’re just tuning in just make sure you hang on cuz we’re going to the strategy and you’ll leave the show today with actual tips Bill to get that done so so what made you land on Instagram as your platform of choice.

Katie: A lot of entrepreneurs.

Katie: That so many people make is that they start their business they get a website and then they post on every.

Katie: Popcorn known to mankind and because I mean.

Katie: What Barb’s don’t you want to be seen by more people and that’s a huge misconception is what platform do you enjoy the most what weapon do you enjoy spending time.

Katie: That’s what we’re giving these platforms is is our time and that’s why I believe somebody said that it. I was wrong but I believe that time is our most private is the most precious thing for us and Edward give.

Katie: An app.

Katie: Computer that we carry around in our phone and our back pockets everywhere with us if we’re giving that priority over the people that were with.

Katie: The things that were actually like the beautiful things that are around us if we’re giving that to this thing.

Katie: And so I enjoyed Instagram the most and I don’t have time to look at the time I didn’t have time to create social.

Katie: If you think about it there’s.

Katie: Host on each platform you know whether it’s the LinkedIn newsletter feature or Instagram reels or going live on Facebook from ways of showing up and that they prioritize within their own algorithm.

Katie: Not willing to go all in on that one platform then really.

Katie: Really just wasting your time.

Katie: I love the fact that I could see I enjoy reading so I could see a picture of beautiful picture and I could read I could see the carousel post I could swipe and then I can read and then Rios Milan and this girl who left radio because she was afraid of TV I was like I got to start making video but I found like there’s a whole new way of Express like showing the Katie Breathe by Dove what.

Katie: I’ve had a lot of really nice pictures and I can make some really nice Graphics but make a lot of weird faces I’ve learned and I may come in my reels and people kind of think there’s.

Katie: For me that’s why I think that you have to look at what.

Katie: You enjoy spending time on how do you enjoy creating content like I like I said before I wasn’t on I still have on Tik-Tok because I can’t imagine having to create that much content and it sucks me in so bad.

Katie: Yeah if this isn’t good for my mental health so I chose not to be on it it’s all right do you want to be on are you willing to create the content the way that the pop I want you to create it and once you know that.

Katie: Asphalt real long.

Katie: Why I chose Instagram but once you know that then you can really get dive into the strategy of what’s going to work and how you can post less so that you can mail go out and live your life with real 3D humans I love that and you know what that’s such a real answer like I think that.

Mary: Like figure out where my customers are in this and this and this and you just made it so simple like just pick the one you like.

Mary: It’s all our business and as we forget you know we’re also like what are the gurus doing or what’s this or what’s the best of this was to get dang girl like I love.

Mary: You like best and then you can dive deep and go attract the people you want in fact I.

Mary: Baby video once and he has his whole with his 98 Cent there is to something.

Mary: Dollar rate in India.

Katie: Yeah so the dollar ATM.

Katie: Strategy is you give 90 people your two cents and we’re not talk.

Katie: Emojis are the three fire emojis are just liking it like and I do it stay like for the love of God please the three Emoji comment is dead please stop using it because it is not an actual comment but the dollar 80 strategy is where you go in and you leave a comment on 90 posts and.

Katie: What is can do for you the community that you can build the relationships that you can build so I will go in to I work with a lot of real estate agents and so I will do hashtag.

Katie: Denver realtor. I’m a realtor.

Katie: When.

Katie: I have a realtor and I will leave comments on there.

Katie: Send just say oh my gosh I love this neighborhood what a great kitchen is an actual comment about.

Katie: Talking about what’s in the picture. And it helps them.

Katie: Because they got that comments it’s boosted them up for more people to see but you know what else because I left a real comment it’s almost like a little billboard of Katie Brinkley.

Katie: This really nice comment I’m just going to click here and oh.

These amazing tips and the weird faces she makes I like her I want to follow her..

Mary: The back because I was trying to write the word so you can remember that we can never go back to that did you say like you looked at the hashtag Colorado realtor and that’s when you found the people I have the Denver realtor.

Katie: If you know who your ideal client is what hashtags are they using what hashtags are they using not like I could do hashtag social media strategy but then I just end up with a whole bunch of people doing what I do if I know who my.

Katie: Is what hashtags they’re using and I go into that house.

Katie: And I leave comments nice comments again none of this.

Katie: Buy crypto from.

Katie: Three hearts or whatever and I’ll like actually leave a comment for them I’m going to stand out.

Katie: Helping them so you have to know what happened perfect looks this doing great here Mary I love this.

Katie: What are your clients using and it’s boring to make a world of difference so that you can get in front of them and really just if they don’t follow you if they don’t do business with you so what I mean you help someone out in the algorithm you were spending time on the app is going to help you with your you know post going forward so be mindful of.

Mary: You should put the hashtag that your clients use in your own post or only when you’re searching for them to give your two cents to them.

Katie: Put the hashtag strategy give me a hashtag headache but with me I’ve been doing less hashtags only about 10 hashtags that are a very specific to me and who I work with and then I’ve been using a lot of SE.

Katie: So I will go into Google keywords and just like so this post is about this and this is who my ideal clients are and I’ll grab a whole bunch of healers and paste those in there and that’s that’s a whole nother conversation be.

Katie: Co thing with Instagram is rather new and that’s so they’re doing a lot of bumps out there for content if you have the right SEO in your caption.

Katie: Extremely important oh wow.

Mary: Are you saying this is really quick and then when I want to go to your for parts strategy are you saying it’s better to put hashtags in your caption or in your car in the caption okay.

Mary: Assassin okay well let’s get this.

Mary: I’m so I want to make sure that wouldn’t put could hashtags that’s what that means incredibly which is York for Postmates.

Mary: You smell like a cigarette yeah I think that a lot of especially.

Katie: All you hear is more well it’s it’s your.

Katie: But you’re not getting as much reach it well.

Katie: All you need to do is post a real four.

Katie: Jay is still alive, you know what you got to do is just engage for 30 minutes before hitting post and said that it and it’s like honestly I don’t know who has time for that but I have a.

Katie: And my business isn’t social media but like I still can’t spend all day on social media creating content and so what I do is for myself and for my clients this for post strategy I called the awareness to action strategy and for Instagram specifically.

Katie: You can do these four posts.

Katie: You can just rotated on like okay I only post twice a week so I’m just going to have them in this rotation or if.

Katie: Crazies that does post everyday I love you more power to you you can still do this strategy and it’s just rotates so post one is the awareness how are.

Katie: You getting the most reach right now it is still as much as we want to say that reals reaches down it is still real reals if you think about it it’s that wine that it off the boat and hoping to get it.

Katie: You know shrimp is possible we might get a shoe or can it do.

We just want to catch as much things as we can in our net and natural real so.

Katie: I mean is it okay well.

Katie: Port of Tampa be like.

Katie: Tools that I use every week and then I could like points and sale only kept show and flick or whatever and I could just point net.

Katie: Are new to me could see this this real me like I’m one without lonely thing is I’ll just like it whatever will now the next time.

Katie: To be that tip or tutorial and these are best used as a.

Katie: I’ll post so you will then make your Carousel post going deeper into what it is that you briefly talked about in the real so for me.

Katie: The way.

Katie: 5 hours a week.

Katie: Then I can say it’s a social media scheduler.

Katie: Has a hashtag storage it allows me to do it for all my clients whatever each slide is going into deeper about the thing I briefly mentioned in the real establishing those people that I might be.

Katie: I caught maybe it was a can.

Katie: Inside was a can full of shrimp and I had no idea and I gave them all this great information about Louis and they said wow TV that’s so smart I want to follow you so now I’ve given them even.

Katie: The third post is the community building post and I think.

Katie: Most everyone misses out on and forgets about what what is it that makes you.

Katie: How are you connecting with the.

Other side of the screen. Because nobody want nobody opens this.

Katie: I wonder who is going to sell to me today you don’t want to say this is why you can trust me this is one of the things that I learned this is.

Katie: I wish I would have known sooner.

Katie: One way that I am different than the rest you share your story and what it’s something that you learned along.

Katie: Your client is going to resonate with.

Mary: Image.

Katie: I suggest typically so this is to me either a single image or going live a lot of times I will go live because live video mean what’s more.

Katie: At people.

Katie: Do you make that say the eyes that and see you lose your train of thought or whatever and live video is a great way to to really say I’m a real human on the other side of the screen I’m worried for you..

Mary: Best numbers for phone number for you ready for this do you want to know what you reported Earnest your first kind of hose and that’s a real right something is going to be a while. They’re going to bring people in I’m just repeating as its bonding it in my brain never to type of post is all you think of you know why I love it if her tutorial and it’s a great with the carousel because then they can read by swiping over right another reason I always like to say never share reels the Facebook the other just takes away the coolness of it cuz I’m Facebook it then goes to individual pictures I really like you don’t.

Katie: Is this white that’s the whole purpose of it is yes it’s fun.

Mary: Wasabi video that you’re basically trying to and repeat what you mean like I can hear you’re trying to build.

Katie: Your community relate to your community.

Katie: Really nice photography bike brand photography that I had taken I’ll use one of those in their first single image it’s longer almost think of it as like a mini blog it’s a long caption saying like Elsa for me like a going off of the examples that I gave here with the real would like the loom land stuff my community building poster this would probably be. I can go back and tell my younger self.

Katie: When I started my business.

Katie: Attention to what your posting on social media Believe It or Not folks I was posting a bunch of stock imagery.

Katie: Copy and paste captions and I was afraid to show my face. A enemy like and telling the story.

Katie: Yeah I I kind of been doing that so the person who’s reading it is saying she made all these mistakes to I’m not that far off like maybe this’ll only tool would help me maybe I do just need to have a social media strategy in place maybe I maybe I am.

Katie: Right way and that’s why it’s not working for me so it’s me saying this is where I was easier things I’ve learned along the way relating to them saying like you can trust me. I love that yeah so they can see it I love.

Mary: He is following us all down make a funny face that people actually are they they can relate is it like I do that to get you the North.

Mary: Okay so what number four number four is the action post and this can be either to sign up for your webinar to download your free gift to listen to the podcast to sign up for your boot camp whatever it is this is where you can ask them to leave.

Katie: At your.

Katie: Go listen to a podcast.

Katie: Nobody came on to Instagram and said I want to know what what random website I can go spend time on your eye open up Instagram to say I wonder what podcast I should listen to.

Katie: On Instagram for a reason and it wasn’t to leave the platform so this is why those action post you.

Katie: Can’t do it time and time again if you’re constantly..

Katie: Listen to your show where to buy from you or the sign up for your your ebook or whatever gets annoying annoying and so.

Katie: Post you know again going off the example here and be like are you ready to have a social media strategy and get more of your time back are you ready to have you know spend 1 hour week will you can do that when you use a tool like lonely and I have a free month if you want to sign up for it grab it by clicking the link in my bio or whatever the post would come in a Cell it could be real.

Katie: This kind of the wild card you can do whatever you want with it but you’re asking people to take action I love that I only thing a social-media thing at a party and what would you say it’s going to be walked in their house and guide you for a birthday party you want to walk right up somebody and go hi I’m married I offered the service and you want to buy it for me to buy for me or if like you sell cops like this I saw this copy want to buy it for me I want to buy it for me you going to buy her me like a baby like oh my God go home like leave my party you know and you have every single person be a cop like you event.

Mary: Finally the one out of four times you’re asking for something I love that if you think about it this way all those posts are basically like tabs on a website.

Katie: Ain’t no matter who, if you’re only posting for.

Katie: Everything on there tells people how to buy at Duke.

Katie: A little about you section A little about you so that they can connect with you you built out your thought leadership with your trip to Portrait Oriole and then your awareness post is showcasing some of what your company offers like.

Katie: Tools that I use for social media or anything like that so this is where all of those are Evergreen and it’s it’s something.

Katie: Somebody comes on to my page today and I don’t post for a month all the stuff that’s on there is going to resonate with them you know.

Katie: Seconds from now..

Mary: The last question I have for you which I didn’t you don’t have prepped for this so based on that topic of not having a post all the time and having something waiting that they can refer to you like tabs on a website what do you think of the nine post strategy or you have nothing but the nine post that sometimes creates an image.

Mary: The topic but you’re only doing a 9 grid and you either you can refresh them or you just leave them what do you think about that.

Katie: 2.

Katie: Or it would pop, do you have time.

Katie: Again till 2023 I only was on Instagram and Linkedin I wasn’t on Facebook it wasn’t until this year that I had the capacity.

Katie: You incorporate at 2 cuz it’s time like I have to spend time on face.

Katie: You know engaging sending DM’s looking at Facebook groups you have it responding to comments and stuff this is all time that I need to spend on the platform and so if you if you Instagram is not your platform and you want to just have those nine grids or nine tiles up there and you’re like I’m actually spending time on LinkedIn connect with me there then that’s fine cuz I can just live there but.

Katie: When if you were.

Katie: If you want.

Katie: And have the opportunity is that I mean like it’s the most cost effective marketing out there really it is and I want to use it that way and have build out the right community of the right buyers you just need one and you just need to depose.

Katie: Four-post strategy with on LinkedIn it works on Facebook it’s it’s.

Katie: Amazing the different resources that each popped.

Mary: I love that.

Mary: Say would you say.

Mary: You rotate so it’s the same type of post every like every week you just do one of each.

Mary: Then take a day off yes I mean I’ll say this.

Katie: And for me and I only posted three times but I still did my for post strategy and it was one of my best month ever because the way that I was posting I was I just I was burnt out.

Katie: They hosted the event and I was burnt out I couldn’t create any more content than once a week but I love it.

Katie: Meeting with the right people they would come over to my page and they’d see that these this real or they see this Carousel in there like I said okay well I want to follow her so that way when I was ready to get ramped up again into my for post strategy of so for me and everyone is going to be.

Katie: The real on Monday carousel on Tuesday I either go live or do a single image on Wednesday and then on Thursday that’s when I ask them to either listen to the podcast sign up for my email list and whatever and then it starts all again on Monday if you look at my stuff at your little you’ll see it’s pretty darn like regular.

Mary: This thing and then you ever once in awhile like throw in a personal something about your kids or something on your Instagram or you type it all because the stories are gone in 24 hours like I posted a picture of my daughter and I we went up to the mountains or weekend and I post a picture of us like typing and it was great value no escaping and getting a little down time and a picture of the two of us and so it would people were like oh yeah I forgot she had kids or oh yeah this makes total sense she’s in the mountains cuz all she does is talk about how much she loves the mountains or whatever you called them into my like little personal world to that story and then you can always save them to a highlight if you want to have family pictures they’re right would you do that I think the one thing to remember about stories is that the people that see your stories already.

Katie: And so they’ve already said like this you’re my person and.

Katie: You continue to give them value in the feed and then.

Katie: This is this is who I really this is who I am this is this is like I’m giving you the keys to the background you know so you can actually like see like she is walking out to her car again all she ever does is talk to me at the end of the day but I do because I’m like I need to do a story and I’ll be on my way to the parking lot and I’ll just pop in and say hello so I mean that’s the stories are a great way to really build.

Katie: Your people even further I love it oh my gosh you’ve given so much information in the last 10.

Mary: We just had so much fun in the beginning I love it I love it I could talk to you all day but your I love hanging out with you Mary and I love that we got to see each other in real life and I know take a picture but.

Mary: For your time I hope if you’ve been watching this that you’ve gotten the Nuggets awesomeness that Katie has thrown down hope you pick him up cuz he’s been throwing them down so I’m so if you want to know more about Katie and how you can get.

Mary: How do you say a website here next step so she’ll Communications is there any special place they should go if you like like a often patronizing you like me to share anything with it just a heads up.

Katie: How does the podcast you know a bump around and you know I hope that you’ll connect with me on on the socials and I hope that this was I hope that you feel better that you have your get-out-of-jail-free card that it’s not your fault you just need to have a strategy in place and pick pick one platform and as time allows.

Katie: Add more in.

Mary: Helping all of us collectively put our shoulders down out of.

Mary: Relax like.

Mary: Seriously yeah life is short and you have to.

Mary: And you know continue to build your business but you know what I think at the end of the day quality of life is much more important so that’s awesome alright thank you again.

Mary: Social Communications. Calm and she said Bop around in there and see what you need listen to her learn from her she’s amazing and I am blessed the color of friends so without further adieu and we will see you guys next Thursday same back panel.

Mary: Briliiant Marketing withMmarry show because we want to empower you to be in your Brilliance and we’ll see you next week.

Mary: Today you can learn more about me my products and services at another brilliant idea. Calm because everyone needs another brilliant idea make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 10:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.