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How To Master Your Marketing Message By Finding Your BLISS With Keynote Speaker Wendy Paquette

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Mary: I’m content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I’m the founder of another building idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources that Empower them to be bold and stand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized do brilliant marketing with Mary. Everybody this is Mary Barnett known as mobile Mary and welcome to the brilliant mobile. Say myself really in marketing with Mary thank you so much for showing up today I am so excited like.

Mary: This woman that I have on the show today is going to totally blow you away in fact I have all these things I want to talk to you about and just before we started to go live I started meeting to her that I was having a little bit of a struggle in my business and she was like let’s dive into that are you willing to be vulnerable so in this show today I am going to be totally vulnerable I am a 30 this is going to be my 35th year in business.

Mary: And everyone thinks I have my sister together and for the most part I am blessed that I do have a business that is working well but I just feel like God has a higher calling for me and so I’ve been asking for prayer.

Mary: Clarity in my purpose and so the fact that I have the beautiful Wendy on this show is just confirmation that God sends you Angels when you are ready for that before we get into this my dear guest is Wendy Paquette and she is I have to share this with you.

Mary: Personal adviser and Confidant to the world’s top creators so I’m so blessed that she’s had time to talk with me today and when you say it’s it’s kind of like she’s not all tacky like she literally let’s.

Mary: World bring her who she needs to work with because they are just show up when I need to let me read her bio if you’ve never heard of this beautiful and before you’re probably one of two and haven’t heard from her..

Mary: Helps people remove the programs that are holding you back so you can actualize your deepest desires she does this by using a technique that she pioneered and refine of the last 10 years called multi-dimensional timeline shifting.

Mary: Cool can explain that today as a result of her clients are able to access self-actualization hello.

Mary: Brothers in college Ray if he wants you to see that.

Mary: Deal with extreme Clarity achieving Limitless Visionary success in life and in business so without further ado.

Mary: My dear friend on hey Wendy hello oh my gosh you are so adorable thank you so much for having me you are so welcome and seriously like I we have so many other things to talk about and just at the very last minute your life went into that because that’s what you do so like I don’t know why I wasn’t even thinking that we could talk.

Wendy: Yes the thing is you you’re used to helping everyone else with their stop but there she is.

Wendy: But yourself sometimes and so and of course that’s what I do so I’m not going to that sounds fun. Let’s dig into unite like I’m always like overly sharing the transparency of my business so it is kind of appropriate but again so everyone’s watching realize that don’t don’t don’t hang up.

Mary: Don’t hang up wait but wait there’s more because she just got back from Cuba.

Mary: Went there on vacation and she was telling me about some.

Mary: Vibration that she picked up.

Mary: This country.

Mary: I was like oh my God we need to talk about this and then we kind of switch to the last minutes of this show is going to be all you do free for all so please stay tuned all the way to the end because I think that you’ll.

Mary: Clarity.

Mary: And this is what what she’s going to be sharing with me I assume.

Mary: For her amazing clients to help them kind of see where they’re at and where they’re going where they should do so.

Mary: Take me through it when the girl well I want you to tell me so hi everyone thank you so much for for tuning in this don’t hang up.

Wendy: So what’s happened to you let’s see what’s going on so I would say just tell me like what the s*** that’s going on what’s going on.

Mary: As I was saying off error I’ve been in business in December already 35 years and I think sometimes as a business owner I’m trying to relate this to people who are watching cuz you know everyone has their own stuff going on right we all are juggling not only what’s in the physical world was also it’s in our mental world right spiritual world everything is stuffers going on we all have blood baggage and things until I have always felt very blessed that you know I’ve been able to work in my own this is for so long but through the years..

Mary: Am I crazy is I have to I have definitely pivoted because as my husband was day he says you know you just get bored and you want something new and so you learn something new you dig all into it yet cuz I’m so naturally curious about things that I’m an early adopter and so I’m like how could this help people how could you go off on a tangent.

Mary: Doing what I’ve been doing for so long that I’m thinking.

Mary: Is it again and I’m I’m not feeling as fulfilled as I have in the past is what I’ve been doing for the past few years is doing full-service marketing where I become like a CMO for a company’s and it’s kind of like that Matrix brain where I think you know okay cool like what are you what season are you coming into what time promotion you want to put together what Partnerships can we create how can we publicize you and get you on stages and how come we you know craft your message so it’s clear to your audience it attract people to you and and I’ve been doing all that for everyone else and I’m.

Mary: Are business and I think that I have kind of like.

Mary: On.

Mary: Go to my own business cuz that’s my business is serving others I just feel like.

Mary: I am.

Mary: What’s up you know when you’re feeling you said you were kind of like feeling like a funk tell me what what about that what were you feeling like.

Wendy: More of a depression or what like what kind of funk are you talkin about it could be I’m guess I’m a Pollyanna so I’ve only been a few times in my life and I’ve been in a serious depression I feel very blessed that I haven’t dealt with that a lot or when I have is been very apparent so maybe there’s a little bit of that coming into play I went to a conference that for the first time like I’m always like this.

Mary: Water I’m always acclimating to my environment I really enjoy meeting new people and learning new things I just have that like again insatiable curiosity.

Mary: Play Nashville and I walked into this Lobby.

Mary: The vampire is only 4,000 type.

Mary: Corporations that want to work with them all like and I shrunk back I in its not something I normally do and I felt totally like overwhelmed.

Mary: Not in Excel.

Mary: I need to be here so much more important than me they have somewhat their businesses are so much more dialed-in than mine they have more clarity and what they do and they can offer so much more Who Am I who am I like I can’t head of this whole weird thing I remember a friend of mine just happen to text me asking me for referral to someone and I said oh no.

Mary: Like getting all the information and I and I said I’m actually hiding in my hotel room right now.

Mary: And my friend is so why is his name is Ernie and he said well one.

Mary: Stretching you and maybe your.

Mary: You know.

Mary: Direct and Touhy.

Mary: Find your impostor syndrome right now you got to read.

Mary: Who you are and what you do and how you know who you helping but I was so overwhelmed I could even do that but it was interesting it was it was like oh oh oh that.

Wendy: Like juicy yeah so there’s a lot that’s why I don’t even know what to put my finger on so I don’t know what to tell you a lot and if not necessarily.

Wendy: Let’s just.

Wendy: Not really because what was showing up is you you forgotten your beautiful little genius pocket that you love so much that you’re like freaking brilliant at it so easy that little thing that one thing that you know the.

Wendy: Every day that one little thing and the rest of the stuff is all relative an important but the one little thing you forgotten because somehow it got it kind of floated to the side and you’re looking all the stuff in it for the sign your little something else off the screen what were the what am I doing again while I’m laying here with them what am I doing the screen and you kind of like forgotten what that thing is because when we have that thing here in our hearts bass all the time and we know that something you learned anything you want but you always go back home.

Wendy: With your business you can walk into a.

Wendy: You know that your thing your home your Brilliance can be anywhere.

Wendy: And serve anyone in this room because it’s Unique to you is the category of one.

Mary: Brilliant marketing share that there is no competition and I love that you do and what that means is you’re the one saying is that so low frequency its own unique genius it’s you that you can apply.

Wendy: Create aligned resident business.

Wendy: And know that you can support them in the best way possible. And when you.

Wendy: What you do or where you go you can’t go wrong.

Wendy: When you have kind of lost like you kind of pushed aside because inside of the screen I forgot what it was.

Wendy: Mind right.

Wendy: Thing I could speak.

Wendy: I mean you know I have that.

Wendy: Extra capacity to to utilize frequencies everywhere but one thing.

Wendy: I know that you need to meet that I’m brilliant at that I don’t know I haven’t really met anybody else who does the same thing by the would matter if they did it’d be different frequency any way to identify limiting belief systems that are programs in your brain that are preventing you from having what you want and only it’s not like some people go to West psychic and they want all this information told to that not like that at all I can I mean it’s an infinite reality we live in so there’s infinite programming that we run on right.

Wendy: Verizon Roadside world but where my.

Wendy: When you’re walking a path way I’m able to see.

Wendy: Programs what things are running within you that are getting in the way from you access.

Wendy: Your target.

Wendy: It’s.

Wendy: We can do that and you go for that is so that’s what I say you could have lost what your thing is right pretty tough to remember what your vision is if you can’t remember what your own little pocket of unique genius has its of course you going to feel overwhelmed your kind of like it’s like I’m your the balloon with the string floating in the air with no one holding on to it something that I thought was interesting that I don’t know if this is plays into it is the minute like.

Mary: Can you refer me to someone all the sudden I was in my comfort zone and I actually.

Mary: Lived in Asheville and I said hey girl you know if you’re not busy tonight.

Mary: Dinner you can come get me like I was I want to run away like I want to run away you know like I know what I’m good at what I do but I just couldn’t like hang on to it and so when I.

Mary: She was looking she looking for a new job there Nick can just move there.

Mary: Like that’s what I’m going to do tomorrow I’m going to find you a job so like my purpose now.

Mary: Me showing up so I can how can I find you know right I’m in the next day I was like so I was like on fire.

Mary: You have a company in National I have somebody three of y’all that goes through and then the next day I saw somebody walking by and exhibit hall eating this toes ebar.

Mary: Is that product that my friend.

Mary: And I was like this is so wrong.

Mary: Where did you get that just saw there’s a toasty Booth down the sound like.

Mary: She had a booth bear I had told her you should get certified at this thing and she did and didn’t tell me and she bought a booth so I was like oh my gosh.

Mary: To her and I was like girl I mean to everybody I know who.

Mary: You’re in your restaurant or in their building are there she’s like okay I meant it that became might go like I’m going to promote you to 8 so I went around.

Mary: I’m driving this is this is this is amazing product and you need to have it anyways I felt so fulfilled. And I know what I do.

Mary: But I think that I.

Mary: Lost and like I said it felt like I’m in a funk because I maybe it’s I. I don’t know.

Mary: Deliberate on the best way to make people understand it because I feel so much joy when I’m helping other people.

Mary: What they’re doing is amazing so. I don’t know if that helps you.

Wendy: It’s all the same thing like what I’m hearing you say is that when you connected with you you’re beautiful Geniuses unique to you that you felt passion but can do all day and know everything about it is so easy as you locked inside enjoy return your spark with.

Wendy: Turn it off like a rocket now was that the reason why you were there know you were there for a different purpose.

Wendy: That’s where that the is showing you the truth of who you are right in so getting you a real eye.

Wendy: Hey there so part of your work is be.

Wendy: All things technical that’s part of your work part of your Genius in order to speak into those things me do people utilize new platforms utilize new technology that’s required for you to be you right your ones.

Wendy: Is the.

Wendy: Humans that you love and appreciate cuz you believe in them and their products so very much is easy to stay alive.

Wendy: How to follow a go I think it’s something else because I’m bored the only thing that happens when I’m bored is I raise my prices and I’m Rhian spired.

Wendy: Because time energy effort and education and wisdom have value and every single day that I’m learning and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not growing learning practicing you experiencing doing Minecraft everywhere it’s then up level up level up level up love if I’m not keeping up with the up level with my value which is a dollar that I charge I’m not happy in fact I feel crushed.

Wendy: But I’m using myself and pimping my services for nothing.

Wendy: Eagle about that because I used to joke and I hope people take this as a joke cuz it really is when I used to be when I used to have mostly corporate customers and I still have some corporate but I was who I was targeting I would jokingly say privately that I was a corporate prostitute I do anything for money. Right because they’re people like oh.

Mary: Service Awards for 5,000 people can you do a newsletter for our real estate company sure can you do it like m a i want somebody asked me Hughes aircraft which is even around anymore ask me to create a haunted mansion.

Mary: Play party like I used to do like a lot of events and I’m sure.

Mary: And I was just a bit like in my.

Mary: Here’s I have such a wide niche.

Mary: I ever was always like saying yes and figure it out so that I always tell to new people.

Mary: Do entrepreneurs don’t do that.

Mary: Right and so you become the expert go to expert in that one Niche or that one industry so you’re the people that somebody goes to where I was like in the begin my business I was so eager and excited and I said yes and so might have contributed you know.

Wendy: Because I don’t know that I’ve ever use that word before but it’s funny that I did but you’re right seeing that for me that makes it fun and enjoyable because now I’m being paid when I were two beautiful human so I can afford like.

Wendy: The vendor ready for that is a different human altogether different us lot of people and they all bring the next level.

Wendy: My way. And so I’m still doing the same thing.

Wendy: You know since I started since I had my own advice.

Wendy: I Have This Magnificent gift show up since I created the way that I can serve Humanity best one person at a time I am now the expert.

Wendy: Have been for quite some time but now it just keeps getting better better better better I could be in any room in any scenario with any human and not have any issues no no nervousness know anything and be like I can mail that in two seconds purposefully.

Mary: Love it because I’m in.

Wendy: So the value to what you do because you can help them find that Clarity right and not falling.

Mary: Tuning fork right for you when you’re. All over the place with all your vibrational.

Wendy: So the universe for you.

Wendy: When.

So is the universe for you.

Wendy: And you are.

Mary: Right I mean that boils down to coffee.

Mary: You’re saying what you’re doing that you’re solid in that you can deliver white people.

Wendy: That’s it for me I interpret that as competence.

Wendy: Why did.

Wendy: You know you can’t not one so that has value.

Wendy: Because I’m confident I’ve done it I’ve seen it doesn’t really while I s*** and I know that I’m capable of it and I’m like yeah invite me a man I’m all about I give it to me give it right one of those things.

Wendy: I know that you created so that kind of confidence because I’m competent and what I’m doing if I were all over the place trying to up-level and do different things I’d have to be I have to create the confidence by being confident again and again and again and again he was turning over and over and over which means you’re starting to hear your charging lower prices and then wanted to get the value in the competence and confidence that you need to be starting over and over and over instead of utilizing the one thing that’s an eighth right it’s.

Wendy: Fiber them and inspiring others into their product that has massive for having someone like you promote me and with.

Wendy: Humans would be the.

Wendy: On the planet for me that’s what I would want or I would.

Wendy: Okay if you send me okay one day I got you and you utilize the things that was.

Wendy: That’s none of my business right that’s part of who you are and what you do this.

Wendy: Who sings it matters not to me. Your Genius what you utilized.

Wendy: I send you I am consistently reading growing learning experiencing doing which up levels when I work with my clients they don’t know all that stuff that I’m doing.

Wendy: Capable of doing this badass and powerful and it creates results that’s what they know that’s all they care about and I only thought there were salts. But I never stop growing and learning.

Wendy: The new things and experiencing it so that I can go and that’s why I said that’s what’s fun to do that’s what keeps hitting you and fresh I don’t die down the rabbit hole of something.

Wendy: Try I’m still enhancing what I’m doing with all those wonderful things which is for you all that’s required in order to not be in the f*** is remembered that is this common do a lot of business.

Wendy: Yeah they do their there are many things that they realize and that I support them to realize that they are experiencing when it comes to business as an entrepreneur that is relevant when I show it to them in their eye.

Wendy: Play some chips and their family and their health all those things are exactly the same things will show up. Until we get 3rd and we walk a path way.

Wendy: Clear that can be enhanced and changed.

Wendy: Pathway now everything that shows up guess to be aligned.

Wendy: If your Visions always changing the alarm.

Wendy: Over the place and how can you tell right right.

Mary: Yeah it was interesting when he’s.

Mary: What is always brought me joy like.

Mary: But when I was like hey.

Mary: Is just fine there.

Mary: Or find who they should be working weather.

Mary: The whole like the term isn’t used anymore with something called cause marketing like how can you blast a charity through your product or service how can we.

Mary: People of similar businesses how can we you know so I’m always like oh my gosh that’s a maybe maybe Wendy. Maybe it’s that I am I.

Mary: Raisins and again you know this is over.

Mary: Better than I when people are all over the place in their business and I feel like.

Mary: Falling and hurting the cats. Because they’re unclear and I’m trying to be.

Mary: Promote them and they’re like oh I don’t know just just do it like I do my if only I could take a USB drive and shove it in my brain and shove it in their brain and then have them download everything into me so I can back you know serve them at a time and maybe that’s why I.

Mary: Is that I want to serve at a higher level I want to build a promote. But I just haven’t I don’t know.

Wendy: Books of how the universe presents itself if you so choose to understand it this way the world everything to see with your eyes experience where your senses are a direct reflection of your inner world. When you.

Mary: Who.

Wendy: The outer worlds.

Wendy: So it’s not the other way around.

Wendy: So when people say home.

Wendy: XYZ. What if he were to go I must have been next.

Wendy: Find me instead of being the victim to them you’re the experience of your own self right.

Wendy: Which case you are now an Empower creator.

Wendy: Your freedom that you’re experiencing. That’s cool.

Wendy: It is.

Wendy: Imagine when you begin to utilize that power of that knowing. Source the clarity of Who You Are.

Wendy: How you can handle it and those people begin to show up for you. African magical is that.

Wendy: The world I get my clients do that is the world that is so completely abundance with all things Love Money experience has been.

Wendy: Like all the things because the inside what’s on the inner working.

Wendy: That’s showing up in the skin suit is reflected in the outside world right that’s so. Awesome because.

Mary: Wow wow wow.

Mary: With a lot of Christian business owners because I’m Christian none of you attract right when you track what you are getting this message and I feel like sometimes I hear from them well I shouldn’t have.

Mary: That’s not christ-like.

Mary: I’m like no no no God want prosperity for you God wants abundance for you because.

Mary: You can do but more for his kingdom because you have the money to do it like you have the ability to.

Mary: Help and sex trafficking and help feed.

Mary: How to close the cold ended house the homeless like there’s so much more you can do and I think that’s a there’s a Chasm there and I think if we understand that.

Mary: I can do amazing things and so it’s interesting how you say that I’m like. Is true what what with those those beautiful humans what my.

Wendy: How do you feel about it. It doesn’t mean I would ask them are you asking me.

Wendy: How do you what do you feel you can do if you have an abundance of money. Right.

Wendy: Kids.

Wendy: As well maybe feed some homeless what else.

Wendy: Who else can you support.

Wendy: You inspired.

Wendy: Then what would their lies look like if you are donating your money your abundance to them what is that having the clarity of what they really want.

Wendy: What they really love. So that I can show.

Wendy: All the rules of.

Wendy: Have been created.

Wendy: Oh yeah.

Mary: Man-made I truly believe that gave the relationship direct I don’t need a middleman that’s the case what rules are we buying. That are showing up in our world that are detrimental.

Wendy: Joy success.

Wendy: So the question is.

Wendy: Really true for me.

Wendy: Give before I receive.

Wendy: Is it at 2 is it are both equal to be.

Wendy: Really really cool and it just came out of my face.

Wendy: Because if it’s like 50 to a receiving program and I’m like what do you have problem receiving in like do you have a problem receiving to look at what I don’t know I’m thinking like she’s talking about money.

Wendy: Giving and she’s like I don’t think so I don’t know what’s interesting is if you put this law of Duality reality is Right both sides of the coin always in 3D World and receiving I put them together.

Wendy: Being.

Mary: Woohoo.

Wendy: And a receiver.

Wendy: Is that one either that’s a perception of the Mind.

Wendy: You know you always should give to others.

Wendy: See if that’s the dichotomy of what we’ve the rules of programming from the some of the religious cultures that we’ve been taught that aren’t actually supportive G Manatee so if that’s sometimes you run unconsciously on those rules without realizing it cuz we were so young when we were indoctrinated into like that for me would be the Catholic religion those things were indoctrinated with the end up showing up what’s on the inside is going to show up on the outside so whatever you believe to be true as a program is going to show up for you on the outside world until you until it’s somehow address.

Wendy: Until I go hold up who made those rules.

Wendy: Choose to survive any God any Duty anything I also get to choose to know that that God is me. Right we all come from source.

Wendy: For we are definitely image Bears that’s for sure made in the likeness of God yes.

Wendy: We are that which we come from. We are that so okay that’s the outside.

Wendy: Right before you before you go on for dependent because something you said.

Mary: Maybe I just wanted to make sure I clarify it when you said programming it’s kind of like a computer a lot of times we have programs running in the background right we have too many programs running our computers close down right through the data and trying to make sense of everything and work everything right.

Mary: Sorry but I’m a tech nerd stuff I think like that so when you said he’s like why do you have a million Pablo open you’re selling yourself down like you’re actually hurting yourself by having a time like this.

Mary: Like I’ve so many tabs open in my brain that I need to get back to you I need to do this and he’s like well if you could just shut him down and work on one maybe two things at a time just think how much more efficient you’d be.

Mary: That you are talking about the programs that you said that we are programmed with his children or along our life in some way so are you saying that you can help people. Delete or around Palmer what do you call it.

Wendy: Is this show up for me is binary sequencing and so you it’s funny that you say that about the computer cuz I do I have done a workshop three of them they’re all about they spoke directly into that the Skins stop the computer itself the brain is where the software goes so.

Wendy: It’s your thing.

Wendy: Makes decisions those decisions are like a programmer going okay remember back when computers you they were like green and black.

Wendy: Blinking cursor until somebody’s a programmer came along what like I will program taller in this puppy and then all the programming goes into that now we see color. Now we see color I don’t wake up in the morning I wonder if I’m going to see black.

Wendy: Today. Great God is the ultimate programmer hello.

Wendy: The programming is the programming so if your program is only as detrimental to you as a human right then is going to run consistently and show up in your room why because it’s programmed.

Wendy: Wendy: You’re not going to like just like I’m not going to wake up and wonder what it was to be black and white or color.

Wendy: The program now is color in the show up no matter what a programmer goes and it goes.

Wendy: Purple and white now it’s purple and white a programmer must change that so it’s like deleting the color program adding the Purple in my program now that’s what you see same thing with a human Okay bye and be indoctrinated into all those things and unknowingly in it.

Wendy: I think it’s like that that’s what happened the cool part is noticed when things aren’t working and then you’ll start noticing wait a second that same type of thing is happening everywhere.

Wendy: Where is like a pattern I’ll program and when you start noticing that that’s where my work comes in.

Wendy: I can see that Pro.

Wendy: Let’s turn it off what happens is returned off that program you no longer see it.

Wendy: Aspect of this and didn’t share your emotionally impacted on a lower frequency with a program that’s out of alignment with you your true nature as a source source of it okay when you have a lower frequency emotion.

Wendy: To a program that’s running that’s out of alignment to Yorkshire.

Wendy: I thought you started using your emotions as the indicator going to hold up.

Wendy: When this happens I feel frustrated and angry and upset and irritated.

Wendy: That program is out of alignment.

Wendy: Pictures of Joyce.

Wendy: He is when you shut that program off you will no longer have the same emotional lower frequency response as you once did so that’s.

Wendy: I can run into the same thing again and have no emotional response whatsoever..

Wendy: Hold up.

Wendy: Different here I’m not having an emotional.

Wendy: Maybe response to that’s so weird I have memories of that program just like we can remember the black and green screen on the computers right now I remember it but I don’t have we’re not actually sing that I never seeing color well same thing when a program. Turn.

Wendy: I could have this experience before I remember being.

Wendy: But I don’t have that no now I feel.

Wendy: Cool no empowering it’s crazy and I don’t think people most people I could be wrong even recognize those when you say cuz I said.

Mary: Like a lot of times I’m so busy during the day I wouldn’t even notice like that those things are happening in so I love that you.

Mary: Slow down and recognize those things.

Mary: It has been my knowledge among it right and you can deal with it.

Wendy: Now know I’ll wait a second I’m not a victim.

Wendy: Whatever program that’s out of alignment with my true nature of course I can that can be changed and when is changed what happens is that program that snow.

Wendy: Fills up with more stores energy of you joyful.

Wendy: So when you’re looking at member earlier if we back up to giving.

Wendy: You’re being right not thinking about giving your just generous you’re not thinking about receiving you’re just a bun to hint.

Wendy: You’re being a bandhan and generous at the same time you.

Wendy: Dang it. Wow you’re right in something that keeps flashing through my head when you say.

Mary: I don’t know who was who said stop being stopped doing you’re a being. I’m like what they like you constantly feel.

Mary: Doing.

Mary: Meaning like self-care.

Mary: You ate your triggers and things that go off that you don’t know why.

Mary: Right and so we’re so busy.

Mary: That we don’t have time.

Mary: And that’s also a painting.

Mary: South work that I think.

Mary: If you can help people pull out and say this isn’t serving me anymore you know you know what happens when you go down all those programs your life becomes extremely joyful.

Wendy: Even in circumstances like we’re going to.

Wendy: People transformation on airplane with.

Wendy: It becomes more joy from the sounds that you can now see when you’re triggered and identify.

Wendy: That one’s shut off will enhance the experience.

Wendy: Human nature all together because we’re all one energy from Source in a beautiful.

Wendy: In suit that gives us this.

Wendy: Being uniquely which is why the one thing that you had that you loved it so easy that you can get paid doing because it’s so fun and you’re supporting and giving other people. Is the unique aspect that comes from the skin suit alone because without ask into when we pass for energy.

Mary: Is a Kent yes translated to those who.

Wendy: Write this beautiful beautiful thing the Skins this gorgeous skin suit but we don’t have it.

Wendy: All together right this physical aspect of having the ability.

Wendy: Just for your like if you look at come down to your clothing your hair your eyes all the things that you like to do for yourself that individual experience whose own judgment and wanting to experience you as whatever whatever you feel like being that day whatever enhances your joy level.

Wendy: Unless you’re coming from the space.

Wendy: Which of the category one there is none. Wow full circle girl likes.

Mary: I love that okay.

Mary: Fascinating to me in our amazing that you mentioned that you just and that’s why you have such a beautiful color to you right now you’re glowing from your recent vacation think we’re talking about this before we went live and I was like oh my gosh so you.

Mary: And I was like oh my gosh was an amazing and tell me what you said the beaches are amazing these..

Wendy: Watch.

Wendy: Communist country and.

Wendy: Play Live is extremely.

Wendy: Controlled existence.

Wendy: Extreme poverty. And their nature.

Wendy: It won’t.

Wendy: Cuba is to.

Wendy: Is to thrive on.

Wendy: Where is spending their money and you know and donating cuz that’s what you do visitors have learn to do is bring extra.

Wendy: The things cuz they can’t because they have the I don’t know what it’s called I’m not I get to excuse myself to be not fully educated on cam.

Wendy: It will now learn that I’ve just come back I will understand it better by learning it again but what I do know is that they haven’t everybody gets a certain amount of money a month everybody got that in order to live on.

Mary: Thing that’s like $15.

Mary: A day yeah but their cost of living is well beyond that.

Wendy: For things like for women.

Wendy: Hasn’t Things Are.

Wendy: So they’re so expensive so even your natural way of living get it working.

Wendy: Okay so I don’t know about the whole island country is self what I do now.

Wendy: Varadero where I went what.

Wendy: Native people that were there was.

Wendy: Varadero is.

Wendy: For Hotel restaurant management.

Wendy: It’s for visitors right orbicularis and.

Wendy: Go to school they go through testing in the testing says okay you’re great at this and so this is what you’re going to do you’re going to be that we’re going to groom you into that that’s your job. And then you go into that job. No choice.

Wendy: You want to do some.

Wendy: Your choice your choice is taken away from you you are good at this your job will be this that asks you for the rest of your life in the service industry.

Wendy: An incredibly talented singer. With.

Wendy: So very talented.

Wendy: This isn’t what I love.

Wendy: Just what I was good.

Wendy: I don’t want to do this isn’t something I left.

Wendy: Because I was good at it this.

Mary: Oh my gosh.

Mary: Slave.

Wendy: To do it because.

Wendy: They learn to.

Wendy: With love because there’s no other way.

Wendy: For the money.

Wendy: Very very very very little.

Wendy: Find a lot so cute.

Wendy: Cuban people.

Wendy: Very loving. Hug you love you.

Wendy: So grateful for your existence so great for your visit.

Wendy: Right super Grable lost tons and tons of love love love.

Wendy: I need to gather an everyday watch I went for breakfast I see them coming together passing by on their shift.

Wendy: Women and I just was so in love with watching them they come together they grab hands they kissed each other and they give each other a hug and then talk about whatever and then off they go changing chest. And I was like oh my God that’s so beautiful so lovely.

Wendy: But there.

Wendy: Went and the control that’s created.

Wendy: Atlee.

Wendy: Is it okay so they rely upon visitors come.

Wendy: They tell you all please tell your friend then please.

Wendy: There we need we need nylons and we need this and we need a tray for it for all things and what I realized someone who can read frequency is that yes we feel guilty that’s what normal would go there for vacation and now he’s home.

Wendy: Very very little right. But I would I would be compelled to ask anyone what are we really really doing.

Wendy: Listen and kind and loving and giving of all your things.

Wendy: That’s all they’re waiting for. They’re learning to back there I need I need this I need.

Wendy: Space so how I.

Wendy: Declare what you were choir Please play What You Need by The Catalyst for me was when I said what will you do about this what do people talk about.

Wendy: Are you handle this they say nothing there’s nothing we do with this just isn’t the way.. Like no hope. Now you know what is irritability like we’re talking here.

Mary: The fish they fish. They can feed themselves for a lifetime. This paper is already laid out for you you’re giving a little bit of money this is your job this is all you do this thing that when my work my my ability to be able to see what’s going on with programming what’s there’s a Consciousness is different in every one right so yes that was my experience and yes it’s probably different for every.

Wendy: And I did give away like three quarters of all the things I brought there because it’s really no matter to me and I was I just love them up as much as they loved me and that was the real and true and so my work became real when I realized that the level of Consciousness that we all have about who we are as being.

Wendy: Our race or culture our skin color is our country we live in nothing to do type of who we are as beings from Source energy into skin see whatever that’s going to do it looks like doesn’t matter where we went and doesn’t matter but that we have the ability to raise our Consciousness and understand things from a different perspective is our role in evolution which is practically inevitable it’s either going to be slow or quick.

Wendy: Different so Earnest and what’s happening there is that there are some that are like.

Wendy: I’m asking on one of those both I don’t care if I died getting somewhere else I’m going that awareness that this isn’t working for anybody is so high that they’re willing to risk their life to get the hell out of there and a lot of them do right they get to dry land and I don’t care if they die they’re getting out of there because their awareness of what’s not work.

Wendy: Clear. No I was wondered like why would they do that why would they get on a raft and float for days.

Mary: Dying the water up here. Guess what there and you said their frequency is a point where they’re not have been pressed down so their frequency levels it’s high enough to be able to be aware it’s just something else out there those that are still kind of like swimming in the lower-frequency whatever for whatever reason like Evolution and.

Wendy: They’re still like please help me Invicta mode right please help us please bring us. Please come here please tell your friend.

Wendy: Nothing wrong with that there’s no judgment in any of us is a high where of the vast range of Consciousness by and so where are you at where you are at on that level Consciousness is going to be how you from where you from I’m from it isn’t judgment we have Aldine all those frequencies world. Everyone you look at it from the lowest frequency to the highest frequency Hall you anyway right.

Wendy: So how could you judge you in the world in whatever way shape.

Mary: Wow and so getting back to like you’re you are.

Mary: Feeling.

Mary: On a lower frequency as.

Mary: Just so depressed physically emotionally spiritually like they just didn’t feel like there was any hope.

Mary: They’re about to do they’re going to do that forever and ever die not wanting anything more because.

Wendy: Yeah I mean you can’t there’s no feeling bad and there’s no feeling good about it.

Wendy: Because as soon as you decide you’re judging soon as you decide is bad.

Wendy: You decide is okay you took.

Wendy: Neutrality of it is that’s the awareness. That’s it this is my full awareness is that.

Wendy: Active in one top-down nature.

Wendy: Has no.

Wendy: Understanding maybe from a heart perspective of what everyone is going through which is my I imagine that there’s such a dick.

Wendy: Does an experience with the lower leg what is a lower.

Wendy: Experiencing because they have no heart connection to it otherwise they would look at their brothers and sisters and me like Crisis me. Write that will wow I didn’t realize that.

Wendy: Hold that L that have that.

Wendy: High in the sense that they’re just such a distance that is just not.

Wendy: Willing to split yet into the category of awareness.

Wendy: He wants.

Wendy: All of the.

Wendy: Are him right all those people represent an ass.

Wendy: Find there or he would want to get he would want to be like 100 hold.

Wendy: To change with Evolution as it is that will at some point occur.

Mary: Write something that I thought was interesting you said.

Mary: And how concerned I was a lot of kids that don’t know any difference are glamorizing common is amazing I want everyone to have stuff I want everyone to have the same blessings I have it all comes from a good place but when it comes right down to it human greed is there people who will maybe the higher frequency I don’t know rise of the point where they get greedy if you don’t care I’ll just give you this much and I’m going to take the Lion’s Share and you can you get his exist and then I’m going to convince you that you’re not worth anything more and you just have to keep serving.

Mary: Good letter becomes Twisted you know I started it start.

Wendy: And this is my.

Wendy: My roundabouts perspective.

Wendy: As I go meet my next who knows how long I’m going to learn more so I can speak or into it from my understanding is that the idea and it was just started from an idea was that everybody would have everything and every tow how much easier it would be for everyone right which is great but human greed is real because individuation causes natural competition it’s in all nature to.

Wendy: Right that’s the thing the lower frequency.

Wendy: Perspective is that I need something over you I need more than you so everybody’s in compass.

Wendy: Better than I do have more more more was that sure is what created that you know that aspect of competition and greed created the sense of power and power is what cause.

Wendy: So distant from the true potential of the idea that everybody have everything now everyone already does have everything when you have the power-of-choice consciously you have everything all right.

Wendy: Right if you’re not experiencing everything you would like to that’s where the emotional aspect of an indicator of a program comes into place to go.

Wendy: Programs are running within me that are causing me to live in poverty is. In competition what are those programs and how can I address those programs in order to no longer accept.

Wendy: Changes everything we’re here for the experience of growth. And nothing more. Right right we’re not we’re not here to be better than everyone else I’m doing.

Wendy: Jess Moore.

Wendy: I’ll meet up or you have a huge beautiful individuated skinsuit beautiful experience where I could love you as much as you love I can be loved everybody if I want to and being me which means I can lean into all my unique things and that is the biggest gift I can ever be. And you and everyone watching us.

Wendy: Watching this has their own unique gift is the best gift we.

Wendy: Symptoms from wanting to be like someone else but better. Yeah that whole compare.

Mary: Crap right and I admit.

Mary: Multiple times.

Mary: When we do a live event.

Mary: His name was Mary.

Mary: And she did all these huge glamorous you know the celebrity red carpet thing whatever but then I heard that she was an absolute.

Mary: Where I would first like man I wish I had those accounts you know and then puke my vendor to come back to me and say thank God you’re not like her you’re you you actually fetus and pay us you don’t yell at us like until I was like oh that was stupid of me to compare myself to her I’m being so dumb right and then as soon as I realize that as you said it since this is unlocking my brain I attracted to amazing clients who then I didn’t care less because I knew what we were doing was blessing them right.

Mary: The tenth world and I was like you know we’re creating the software where do we doing these other female like we’re doing but they’re doing the other thing and you know when I realized oh. It’s like this is that normal and then do you like like you would like the high-level frequency and then something triggers you when you go down in the lower light.

Wendy: High frequency isn’t how good you feel. High frequency is how joy-filled you feel not how.

Wendy: You feel how joyful..

Wendy: Yes exactly if I’m not enjoy.

Mary: Something I can’t do it so they want slice up those Christmas decorations up so if you’re just feeling really high because you’re doing so well you’re going to feel really low cuz you’re doing shity when you are joyful you realize that the high points are beautiful and amazing and you relish and them and the low points are growth poison you Relish in those two. Oh I like that growth points. Yeah well you’re learning something and it feels like you’re.

Wendy: Going through it.

Wendy: Growing a hurts like mother but they’re growing taller same is going to hurt but when you know that how can that not be a gift you gave yourself the allowance of growth yeah so high frequency is when you can know and then and be enjoyed in both of those are wearing.

Wendy: When you’re high.

Wendy: You’re doing so awesome and you’re above someone you’re being someone else and you’re making the most money you are going to have they low shittyboyz.

Wendy: Going to feel like hell broken loose wimey victimization aspect which is not high frequency when you’re out there it is just an inexperienced.

Wendy: Of being high on winning right but you can.

Wendy: Can be so freaking joyful.

Wendy: Are the highs in the.

Wendy: Matter if you do.

Wendy: In Project you up higher.

Wendy: What you might not grow right but if you have something that like pound you and you’re like what.

Wendy: Such a learning curve and I’ll never do that again you just.

Wendy: For learning. That is so cool.

Mary: Would be unapologetically transparent obviously.

Mary: Let it be transparent in the show but in life like right it’s okay to admit when things are not right and realizing them yourself and I’ve always been like beating myself up that I.

Mary: That I shift and I have these grow things because I’m so inmate.

Mary: About what that.

Mary: You know I’m feel like all you’re just an early adopter and I was up and.

Mary: I can’t feel bad about that because it is the reason that I.

Mary: Leveled how I can help people because I’ve gone through those growth spurt.

Mary: I love that that’s so helpful you holds the vision of what you do and you’re just adding to it so you’re not having much like there’s no hard thing in that except for the fact that you’re learning is feels harder but the the full thing is so their full vision.

Wendy: Your Brilliance is still there and adding to it you’re adding to it and your adding to it but still..

Wendy: The Corbett you’re the promoter that is so in love with and believes in.

Wendy: Contact that you’re willing to tell the world and show them how to do it and your brilliant mind gives you a million ideas on how to do that.

Wendy: Now if you look at someone from the opposite part of the spectrum Spectrum where they’re like yeah let’s just.

Wendy: Do the same thing for everybody and get it all out there do the same date there’s no.

Wendy: Connection.

Wendy: Really like anybody can pay to have that do they really care about you who knows that they really laugh and believe your product Niger food.

Wendy: Didn’t pay them any way going to have someone like you part of your uniqueness is that you absolutely will not promote something unless you fully believe in it and tell are so inspired by that you’re willing to shout it from the rooftop.

Wendy: There is worth more than any. Program where someone just pumping you through their funnel of promotion like Pro do this.

Wendy: For everyone because people have shity programs in the way that will prevent it from working. I’m poor so right oh my gosh I thought this up for a second because I just wrote this tagline.

Mary: The bees everywhere I go and what you were saying about receiving right and that you have to be be a word oh my God it’s so wild that is so true because you need to be in your business to be able to.

And build the offer what you been gifted with.

Mary: Thank you for thank you for helping me tell me we be unapologetically transparent today.

Wendy: I mean that’s that’s my thing right so.

Wendy: By you being vulnerable and being able to step into that space where you were like yeah let’s hash this out and let’s see what’s going on thank you so much for sharing.

Mary: Also confirming about your experience in your vacation and again you and I are both not experts and communism but we’ve seen how it failed over the years and the fact that you physically felt. That almost depression but the.

Mary: Cuz I guess I’m not ready at the feeling.

Mary: Beautiful in white.

Wendy: Did really clear 2in in this is my transparent so you don’t have a lot of residents lower-frequency energies that I can.

Wendy: Emotionally that much anymore and when I do is because I have programming that’s indicating it. And walking can’t impose my own works so I had something come up for me that was frustrating in that.

Wendy: Are still living there still living that way I taste it because it’s not a new thing.

Wendy: Living that way right and there’s potential in other countries two heads.

Wendy: We as human beings individuated do not Empower ourselves to vocalize the gift that we are on the plane at 2 to be a community to come together to love each other are the big huge family of humans on this beautiful planet right so and we are all being roughly equal in that we’re all human beings in the skin to where all the states of matter what color shape size whatever for me that was a higher awareness was that that is real and true because until I experienced it for myself it’s just a story someone told me right and I didn’t I didn’t know I heard the stories I didn’t know for sure until I experienced myself and I was like oh yeah there’s a lot of.

Wendy: Ways of being on the planet that have yet to be addressed and that’s that was my Dash like my detrimental moment where I was like are you kidding.

Wendy: It’s like.

Wendy: True that was one of the things I was like man and I mean to see it around the globe.

Wendy: Can you live someone can live in the most free and beautiful place but if they’re trapped in their own and not I mean that was not fixing it and that’s the thing.

Mary: Like 99% of people I’ve met.

Mary: I’ve been actually amazing.

Mary: The 1% who just her lost that’s all I can say is that their loss but they’re not willing to be found right they’re not willing to find themselves.

Mary: And expect more from themselves expect more from.

Mary: And lift others up I’m.

Mary: I’m a rising tide lifts all boats because I think it’s so true like by helping each other you know be aware of things and tune in to.

Mary: Running in our bodies not even realizing it all to become better and help each other become better.

Mary: Don’t you know.

Wendy: It’s true write it so you can’t judge anyone else we just because guess become aware of it and when we become aware that we are being that it gives other people permission to be the same. I love it I think we need to end on that cuz we just crossed the hour mark I threw at you all day I love you so much and I’m sorry you’re in Canada.

Wendy: Not cool the cool people.

Mary: Wendy thank you again so much we are you taking her.

Mary: Before so you have so many things to do I want to thank you for being so gracious with your time.

Mary: I cherish you as a friend and I really appreciate you being on the show right back at you sister and it’s such an honor thank you so much for opening up the space and being so vulnerable and allowing me to be me and this is well I’m so honored thank you I hope every.

Mary: One thing I didn’t ask you and hopefully if you are still like still on the line haven’t hung up. Is how can people find you if they would like to uncover their own stuff and get better like what you do like how can they find you.

Wendy: On my website so it’s Wendy

Wendy: Click on the link sure thank you and there’s a timeline assessment they can go on.

Wendy: Which means we’ll go and see like where are you at where are you at right now where do you want to be and.

Wendy: Can get a gauge on what’s in the way in between and even see that you have a vision that you’re really locked into if you’re activating you know your own beautiful unique.

Wendy: Fun things it’s a fun thing to experience in that space and I always say if your people only show up when they’re willing to face themselves. And as soon.

Wendy: Feels really called is because they’re ready to face themselves and really truly like come into who they really are and that’s.

Wendy: Demons that I work with so that’s what you’re feeling and then by all means I would love to hang out with you and and see who you are and support you in the best way I know.

Mary: That’s awesome thank you for doing what you do too cuz I think you’re raising the frequency is going to make the world a better place so thank you for for doing that all right.

Mary: Marketing with Mary shell and power and you can be in your Brilliance everyday because we need you man we need your Brilliance me out there to make the world a better place so I’m I’m just so excited so all right so thanks again.

Mary: And will hopefully have someone just as amazingly.

Mary: All right you guys take care God bless and we’ll see you next week. Thank you for joining me today you can learn more about me my products and services at another brilliant idea. Com.

Mary: Another brilliant idea make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 2:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.