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How To Make YOUR Content Go Viral With Online Influencer Gabby Gonta

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Mary: Hey everybody and welcome to the brilliant marketing with Mary so I’m so excited for you to be here today and we have so much awesomeness to share with you I’m actually excited because I have an amazing gas.

Mary: Hope you make your content go viral yes this amazing girl is actually an influencer people like stay all influencer this in front of that will this girl actually is an influencer and I have known her since she was just an old term knee-high to a grasshopper see I’ve seen her grow up and become this amazing amazing woman of God and so talented and a digital marketing space and I’m just so thrilled because again known her since she was young and she is just.

Mary: Awesome and taking the World by storm and she’s actually being hired by brand tell promote them and she’s going to help you as a small business owner do the same thing for your brand so I want to introduce her today because I’m just asking you thrilled to have time with her actually see her in the theater every once in awhile where we grew up together I would like to say cuz I’m really right.

Mary: Read her her amazing biography before I bring her on I’m because I know she’ll be embarrassed and maybe there’s one person the world it doesn’t know her so I’m going to read this so you can actually learn who she is so her name is Gabby Dante and she is a brand strategist content creator and on Camera Host whose social media content strategy has gained tens of Millions with an M of use for her personal brand as well as household name brands like Amazon marsoni popsockets and more.

Mary: She’s so much fun and her company is digital magician Studios and it’s a Creator LED social media marketing agency that specializes in viral Tik Tok content for Brands sold out further Ado let me bring up the Beautiful the wonderful the smart a funny the Charming.

Mary: Gabby dawnta Harris.

Gabby: What an intro thank you so much Mary. You are so welcome well seriously Gabby I again I was asked her permission to share this because I I don’t know what what year did you join cat which is the local children’s theater in our area that my children grew up in what what age did you start.

Gabby: Remember seeing my first show at cat was The Wizard of Oz when I think I was eight or nine years old and then I finally started auditioning when I was 10 and I said shows all throughout graduating high school in 2018 or 2014 graduate of college in 2018 childhood a cat and met so many amazing people like you and your family that’s so sweet and I love your family so it’s fun is that your mom I text her I said. So excited so yay so we’re good talk today about how to make your content go viral and I have tons and tons of questions for you I’m and she also just a little you know announcement she also disagreed to be in my new book is coming out called influence and it’s basically how people who are considered influences their Market not only on social media. In real life on how they’ve grown to be an influence in their industry and how they use their influence for good and not evil.

Mary: We believe that we all have the capacity right and there’s a term Gabby I don’t remember is it heavy is the head that wears the crown and there’s like a.

Mary: When you have a lot of responsibilities are you have a lot of influence you have a responsibility to people who are watching you ever heard that term before.

Gabby: Lily and I think it’s something that.

Gabby: And how you want to use it and who you want to be and who you want to help other people become as well write zactly so I was just thinking that before we get started cuz again I have so many questions for you like how you got started how do you get a Defender Street what did you do what did you do right and what did you do wrong like things like sometimes you don’t go I wish I would have known like we don’t know we don’t know until we know it and then go oh my gosh and if you can help someone like leapfrog over those landmines on that’s what I love to do it like when I hear people are doing certain things I’ve been in business for 34 years and I’m only 35 so wow that’s the main thing is I love him be like see people doing something like what weight have you thought about this have you thought about that so I would love to share some of those as well but before we get going I want to show your.

Mary: Sizzle reel your content real that might give people more kind of.

Mary: What you guys do at your company is that okay if we show that first okay.

Mary: Yeah.

Mary: Bring it up and I’m going to bring us down into the Green Room so everybody can see it and then if you guys have questions in the comments when is.

Mary: I’m I will definitely Circle back and answer your question so let’s bring this up.

Mary: And we will get started OK Google go.

Mary: Fantastic can you imagine this.

Mary: Massive.

Mary: Wow okay.

Mary: Question how did you get started in doing this.

Mary: I actually.

Gabby: I would say all the way..

Gabby: Before and you know that just made me really comfortable in front of the camera and you know really enjoying being.

Gabby: I love of myself enjoying my personality but like also just performing like I loves doing that so I when I went to college I studied broadcast journalism at Pepperdine and graduated with that and then I ended up going to USB for a master’s program after that also in broadcast journalism and so.

Mary: Let me have 2nd interview right now because I’m a bruin and I have a rule.

Mary: I just gave him a fantastic program my way to Dig Inn. No.

Mary: So seriously wow I remember you going through that and I was so impressed with you so what did they now I know you don’t have to get a degree to become an influencer do what you do but tell me how you felt at that if you an edge or an advantage.

Gabby: I went and studying broadcast journalism I know I wanted to be on camera because I just feel very comfortable and excited doing that so I thought I wanted to become a news reporter are you know local news kind of cozy up the ranks and do all of that and I did a couple internships went out and we see it here in LA and I was doing a lot of like breaking news and she sings fire in the car and all those things and it was really fun.

Gabby: Driving on camera but it was just became like really happy for me and I didn’t see like a long-term career doing that so I transition more until like the entertainment space where I felt like it was just more lighthearted and fun and found it. So I started going more of them and that’s what I really studied at USC was like entertainment broadcast journalism to realize you know I didn’t want to necessarily move.

Gabby: Town in like two reporting in like maybe make it up you know back to LA one day I’d really wanted to stay here and stay within the entertainment industry so that’s when I kind of transition instead into doing social media content where I was still on camera I was still creating you know visual video content which is always been my what I messed I.

Gabby: And I think it was a guy.

Gabby: Because with just the numbers and the sheer amount of people on social media and online right now like I get more views on my social media videos that I probably would if I was on TV like real TV so I think is the perfect combination of everything I love you look at the statistics I mean I again I’m a mobile Mary right so I was kind of on The Cutting Edge of people being on their mobile phone and I actually three honest a little guilty that now people spend so much time on their phone and they don’t lick their head and experience the world am I put it down now but I mean when I first started back in 2007 when I first got into the most days I want software in 2009 like literally people like I would go speak on stages as an innovation expert and people be like well we are family phone like we keep it in the car.

Mary: Urgency is I’m like oh my God I said inside.

Mary: Show me the house that your phone your account your wallet and your keys like those are the okay and I’m like see you then so I so I can I take full responsibility for it I apologize by so true I think it’s a whole new world and it used to be called the third screen now it’s the first screen.

Mary: Your email they get their data their news everything you know I’m sitting in the front of a desktop but there’s a different reasons.

Mary: Platforms have totally taken off and I love that you are living in this amazing generation that the guy that is a thing that you can again use for good and there’s some people.

Mary: You know that’s for trying to encourage the good so I love that people are going to follow you and not someone who.

Mary: So I love that okay so the other question is we just looked at your demo reel and it was so impressive because I’ve actually been watching you for years representing other brands you’re on the screen that a lot of that was.

Mary: When you’re not so tell me like what the difference is and like.

Mary: You’re a client success story.

Gabby: We’ve done our my company that we’ve had going for about a little over two years now we’ve done a lot of different Services there was a lot of some of its console for like YouTube or is that a lot I think are what we are focusing on right now is now the vertical video Tik Tok content and basically our business model right now is to take a brand who wants to.

Gabby: Start on Tik-Tok maybe they’re not picked up yet or refresh their page you know will work with that and then basically what we do is we hire a content creator to.

Gabby: They’re brand because we find you know that’s the best way to really personify brand is to put kind of a name and a face and a personality behind it so people can relate to you that way that work specially well on Tik Tok so that’s what we like to pitch Brands you know we’re going to find the perfect Creator that’s going to represent your brand and really become a part of it and represented well so what we did most recently was with popsockets so if you know the little plastic circle on the back of your phone right, name your popsocket built into it look at that.

Mary: That when I’m you know so I bought the case it had it like it was like a combination of otter and up like it I love it.

Mary: Testimonial you let me know.

Gabby: Are one of our most.

Gabby: And they have had a Tik-Tok page before but content with it looks like a TV commercial that wasn’t you know platform it wasn’t good for the platform so basically we re hold everything came up with a New Concept hard to Super fungenzi creators with you know a really good Dynamic and there are full-time creators for them they I think they produce.

Gabby: + 20.

Gabby: How to post which is about two or three per day Monday through Friday which is just turning out a ton of content so I was the head of content for a bring any ideas in the execution and doing research and leading that team of our creators and you know other assistants and things like that so we did that for them for a few months we gained I think about seventy thousand or so followers and three or four months it was super fun I mean.

Gabby: So not curious.

Gabby: You know we hired other people to be the face about Brands one of our other clients is nadra jewelry which has a special occasion jewelry brand so maybe you’ve seen them in Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s but this is my life sets for the immaculate by 3 like jewelry in fashion pull them up on Tik Tok so if we have time I’ll I can do some of what you’re doing that to this is awesome if you go if you look.

Gabby: It’s just all of my face as well because for them we hired myself to be their creator because it just kind of made sense for I was you know good for graphic and kind of near the space working and cash it before so and I can you know I’m their creator in the face about 4 and so it’s kind of what we do with our current business model and hiring creators and me being a Creator as well as actually just going to ask you that.

Mary: The business model is until you just going to answer that which is awesome but as a piggyback onto that question.

Mary: And if I was a small business watching this and I was like well I’d like to be the face of my business because obviously everyone is the face of their own business another like singing oh no I don’t want to whatever you have to get over that because the right people want to buy from a person don’t you agree right so they that’s.

Mary: Brands like Nike picked on me all Michael Jordan right because he had a a good positive influence right and made.

Mary: Damn they want to be like them and they want to buy the shoes he was wearing right so how would you suggest that someone start.

Mary: Business and what would be something they could do so they could make their brand go.

Gabby: Yeah for sure I think.

Gabby: Just really being Austin.

Gabby: Are in your brand story and not being shy to or scared to like be authentic I guess right like.

Gabby: My personal brand so you know apart from DMS and and the agency work I have my own personal brand which is Gabby’s gift guide.

Gabby: My personal brand would I want to become like Bill.

Gabby: Small business so in that case like I asked.

Gabby: Millennials vs gen Z person so I’m like on the edge so I like you know grub pretty much without social.

Gabby: Got into it and like high school and college and.

Gabby: Wrightwood Instagram and everything was so much like you know edit your pictures to be perfect and like you know everything has to look look beautiful and perfect right if you’re going to post it on the internet and now that’s just not the case anymore everyone wants to see your authentic self in like unedited pictures and videos and they want to see the behind-the-scenes and not everything to be perfect so that’s what I struggle with is trying to like make everything about like polished and beautiful but like that stuff doesn’t perform well I seen its the like behind the scenes and they’re like oh the best of mole man or whatever like that so people relate to because that’s what real life is right so I would say don’t be afraid to show like the hard times are the the behind-the-scenes because you’ll be surprised if that’s what people actually want to see write thank you for saying that. I have been telling that’s my client for years because you look at the numbers on the back and write numbers don’t lie and people love I mean it’s like living in reality TV time right is. Ever see the movie Truman with Jim Carrey.

Mary: Yeah.

Mary: He didn’t know he was living in a reality TV show Everybody In His World which is sad like.

Mary: That really sucks because I got dark but he was like oh my God everyone around him I guess but he was living and when he would fall down or when he had his heart broken or when something went wrong that’s when the viewership would go up because people like we’re into the socket like what’s happening in your back in the day.

Mary: But that was the draw because he was damn watching my stories like I had some neighbor who would never come out of her house beat.

Mary: And because she was watching okay.

Mary: Love these people’s lives and so it would that was course I’ll fake but I think that’s why people are drawn in they want to know when someone you know I’m the whole Kardashian being in the house.

Mary: My daughter Rocksino Haley got to grab either the Vanderpump Rules is like she can tell you every detail of every characters like why this is important and why this is and who hates you and why is like like there’s so much and I think that that’s just as another testimony why we need to be real because people want the real they don’t want the.

Mary: So and I’m sure you’ve gone again I’m going to mess up.

Mary: Years ago a member I’m a friend of mine was doing the study and found that if you told your videos and you do them vertical which is that standard TV format right I was just great on LinkedIn it’s great on YouTube rights its long-form video and very policies that you had asked when people started holding their cameras bird.

Mary: A vertical. The viewership one up so high because people.

Mary: Like live video was true versus polished and people.

Mary: Everything going on what was really true they were so sick of like people shoveling BS right and so I’m sure you find the same thing when you provide that kind of content for people so is there been like oh I know we talked a little bit about your client stories has there ever been something that you tried and didn’t work or which we should have gone that direction so people can learn from that.

Gabby: I think.

Gabby: I think it’s kind of along the same lines of.

Gabby: Everything.

Gabby: You know trying to make everything perfect I know.

Gabby: Working with popsockets.

Gabby: Thing for a long time about video ideas even every single toy.

Gabby: Even my own stuff you know overthinking how to make a perfect you know what should I do here.

Gabby: Yes and just like thinking about it way too much or even like putting too much time into it doing a lot of takes or like filming a bunch of stuff. Just like always it’s just like never works because it’s so much.

Gabby: So much effort right so I think this.

Gabby: Like tip is one of my it’s my tip over a simple yes exactly and it’s like the great tub because honestly it’s going to help you no.

Gabby: Open what time and has better results don’t you know is not what we always want so every single time literally not joking every client account every video every single time I you know just had an idea come to me out the blue super quick like executed its own the video post.

Gabby: How to go viral like millions and millions of views and it’s insane because you’re like how do I how do I plan for that you know and I got the license come to you naturally just do it you know so many videos were those videos when I was like thinking about it and doing.

Gabby: Text my like at the center my business partner like is this what I say unlike is this funny or die.

Gabby: If that’s a question you have like is this like good or die like I could go either way it’s like that strong of a of a thing is usually good and like definitely like to put it on the internet and it’ll probably do well that’s awesome cuz you know the beauty of digital is at if it really sucks you could take it down I mean it may say there’s a digital footprint so it’s all good I can always find it but if you delete it off your pay drop your feet or whatever you know just not as active accessible for example people want to find certain things right but for the majority of the time it’s.

Mary: We see it on horses and obviously social as well if you’re like oh my God I said that’s the beauty is not back in the day where you had a printed book and you have to throw the books away and we print them is there.

Mary: Wrong now you just going and added it like it’s so much better but I would imagine based on because you have a company that manages four people there has to be a strategy riding can’t do everything off the car.

Mary: Starting Saturday how do you kind of how do you kind of take a step back.

Mary: Ames is it up based on time of year like how do you do that.

Gabby: Foundation of when I’m doing content strategy.

Gabby: Or other brands would be too it’s definitely about timeliness you know what’s happening right now what’s trending.

Gabby: Talking about doing a lot of research on social media already another tip that I would have is like just not copy but.

Gabby: People write so.

Gabby: Rolling rolling on Tik-Tok first step if you want to like start creating content would be to look and see what other people are doing right like this is..

Gabby: Social media being here saying there’s people who have done it for so long had so much success so like they’ve already like laid the blueprint and the half of the the pathway page for you do you know so I can go see what’s working for then you don’t have to start from scratch a lot of my videos are inspired by other creators whether that’s using the same music because it’s never going to be the same video right cuz you are your own person you have your own personality and everything so if you take inspiration from somebody else that’s going to give you a head start and yeah just really going to like help you get there so I’ll.

Gabby: Doing the research literally find other creators or.

Gabby: Whoever you’re like like somebody like if you sold like I was just talking to it I kind of mine who does cyber security.

Mary: Looking and seeing what other people in the cyber security industry.

Mary: Right getting ideas and you might actually be the first if you’re in a very Niche Niche niche.

Mary: Doing hardly anything else can you imagine you know sending out are you mentioned something that I thought was kind of interesting cuz I had some follow-up question on this but you gave me I asked you for a brilliant marketing share and this is your market share that Tik-Tok has 1 billion people globally monthly I should think of Louisville monthly active users there’s so many new eyes and discover your brand or product so I have a question question this but tell me what you meant by this.

Gabby: I think people sometimes.

Gabby: Tik-Tok I was like oh the silly like gen Z people wear their just like doing dances or whatever but it’s like so so much more than that now and it’s just social media has democratized.

Gabby: The way that you can get yourself seem right and.

Gabby: Especially Tik-Tok is is built so perfectly for the little guy or the small business to be go by go viral with your story and really connect with people cuz people on there are willing to hear you out and willing to buy your product they believe it at so I think you know my tip would be set for my share with you to give to talk of chance if you haven’t yet and have some fun with that I think you’d be surprised at how much traction you can get from it and it’s so easy but.

Mary: We got that a little bit and you said it be okay to ask you there’s a lot of drama lot of countries right now about tiktok.

Mary: Play in the US and what is your opinion on that and too if it does go away.

Mary: Or solution to that yes great questions I mean this is definitely a Hot Topic.

Gabby: Been doing a lot of research and you know figuring out my opinion.

Gabby: Plans for the future since it’s so tied up into my livelihood and career at the moment so I am a big fan of.

Gabby: How many opportunities and so many people around me. I see and other creators you have built careers and Brands and I think it just like I said before.

Gabby: Opportunities for the person who isn’t known isn’t seem to finally have eyes on something amazing they’re creating so I absolutely love it for that.

Gabby: Of course it’s sad to see that there’s issues going on in the back in that kind of a certain side I guess so.

Gabby: World obviously I would love to talk to stick around and also have more of those security issues taking care of not sure exactly what’s going to happen with that so of course you know we always need to have a back-up plan I would say that at the moment for my Brands and my clients Brands we’re suggesting to start building an audience on other platforms if you haven’t yet so what I’m doing for my gift guides to physically is so my my man following for my gift I got to get that is on Tik-Tok.

Gabby: Thousand followers there so I was like that’s my.

Gabby: I hate for it to go away but you know what the same time I am putting all of my videos on YouTube as well YouTube is obviously tried-and-true been here forever not going anywhere so they’re also prioritizing short for vertical video content on YouTube short so I’m building up my portfolio they’re having my followers now go over there as well and then I also just recently launched an email newsletter so that’s kind of my way of taking you know the people who are my followers on Tik-Tok and getting that you know during their contact info.

Gabby: They’re like in my ecosystems because that’s what you have to think about Mariah social media all the social media could go down tomorrow and Siri and you know everything you’ve built there could be gone if you don’t have them somewhere else under your belt so that’s it I’m working out as well that is awesome yep I’ve been screaming into the wind is 2009 we lost our software like not just by myself where but do something to grow your list because it used to be those.

Mary: The biggest toys win now it’s the biggest list right because you can then if you ever decide to sell your business. If you have a list of ten thousand 20 thousand.

Mary: Please respond and open your emails and things like that.

Mary: This is so much more valuable as their exit strategy right they will have to think about that protected it’s like business insurance.

Mary: And it’s a business asset obviously so it’s a 22-4 what’s I love that you.

Mary: So smart girl so far okay but also like other other brands like copy feature so I know Instagram kind of took the Rydia reels from Tik-Tok and they’re always trying to add all the other things you didn’t even mention Instagram do you ever put your your you know repurpose your Tik Tok onto Instagram I’m actually not even a huge fan of Instagram.

Gabby: Play the real Dave like you said they really try.

Gabby: And I don’t copy and I don’t think they’ve been very successful at that I haven’t seen that it be worth it for me to post content as my gift guide because it’s the discoverability part right like Tik-Tok algorithm is so good for.

Gabby: New people being discovered and Instagram’s just to listen have that is really they’re trying and maybe we’ll get better if they’re the only option you know.

Gabby: Yeah I would say and I don’t know but just Instagram.

Gabby: Is it Wednesday.

Gabby: At the moment is my opinion but you know that my changed well yeah I was actually at the social media marketing World Conference a couple weeks ago and they were talking about course all the hello it’s just me and so I’m there actually saying that there is kind of a hidden agenda regarding meta there it’s called oh now I’m blanking on it I have a picture of it it’s I think it’s called unconnected unconnected something anyways I did have a real about it but it’s.

Mary: They’re trying to show your content of people who.

Mary: Delete it or I’m connected to you and so that’s a new initiative driving forward so that it puts the.

Mary: Business owner to create content that is both educational and entertainment right they called edutainment because new people who’ve never even heard of you is this unconnected right so if you can do something that your friends will think is clever and fine and they will share it then it’ll share people that are in their unconnected and you’re at so that whole like.

Mary: Congruent circles they have two friends and they had.

Mary: So that’s the thing..

Mary: Map on the back bed Tik-Tok is nailed that that algorithm and her trying they’re trying to copy it so Dad.

Mary: You’re saving all of your stuff and you can repurpose on any on any platform that that comes at which is awesome.

Mary: How do you get to work with the cool brands that you you do like we talked about popsocket. Yeah that’s a great problem Bubba and I’m sorry I’m looking all day and Hubba Bubba.

Mary: Ran so how did you get how did you do that come about yes you’ll see my face.

Gabby: So fun so a lot of it is I guess it’s two parts so one would be just networking and people that you know.

Gabby: These brand connections with come from.

Gabby: School with our people that I worked with before or I go to a ton of not working in social media events out here in Los Angeles so meeting people there I can even if you don’t think it’s a strong connection at the moment like they.

Gabby: Someone sewing a lot of our clients have come from just people within our Network we went to one event.

Gabby: In LA and met this guy named Matt and he just seemed really cool you know.

Gabby: I work in marketing agency would love to like where you guys come day the really cool and then we will follow them on social media chatted a little bit and then realized later that he is Matthew Lowe who’s Rob Lowe stop sign. Can I ask for a while and then we’re like oh well like he’s a big deal and then the marketing agency she works that is absolutely huge like billion dollar company they work with top brands in they were wanting they do traditional media and we’re wanting you know Tik Tok experts to come in and help with their their brands and that’s how we got Hubba Bubba because Mars has their clients so we started making contact for that and so it all starts you know which is meeting people and expanding your network and then the other side of that 100%. Relationship is I am hungry sound like thank you for saying that.

Mary: You never burn a bridge.

Mary: Never know he might move from a company to another company and it would bring you along so it’s all about the connections and our business has been a hundred percent. Like relationships and 53rd in 1988.

Mary: About the year you were born right.

Mary: Dino Thunder be nice I get it.

Mary: Sherry said that the Sou.

Mary: He brought you in and and so how did that start like you he decided let’s.

Mary: FEMA Contracting like that for a while back and forth trying to figure out what would be.

Gabby: We started with our Hubba Bubba content we made a few videos for them for their to talk to like free lunch. And we know we still have a great relationship with them and might do more content of you sure that’s not what before I’m sorry I was wondering more like did you like grab a stick of Hubba Bubba and make a sample for them I can show that.

Mary: The rent or was it babysit just look at what you’ve done before infant do something similar for us or how did that work out for your be racing how about a little bit so the marketing agency that primarily works with Mars and Hubba Bubba.

Gabby: We’re catching them on like let’s read a tick tock and so what they did was they created a whole like a massive pitch. Probably Thirty slides or so with the concept than the images of the references in the Creator is in outlining everything I could possibly do for them on Tik-Tok and then they would send that to my team so just kind of like redirect them in the right direction and do things cuz you know we were the two trucks birthday not work necessarily but they were experts on the brand and the client and stuff like that so that’s how we work together we came up with the references and the video ideas and things like that but we could do about to die they approved everything we found it you know come around about it and then go sign posted but did you get the contract even to start the whole strategy the beginning or did you have to do all.

Mary: And then get a contract to actually produce the videos. Yeah so when we’re creating the pitch back Cyrus.

Gabby: That we don’t know what we are we working on her how much your anyting about.

Gabby: Hey just trying to sell the client on what we could do for them and that’s what all is pretty much social media agencies are like which is the hard part about it if I’ll be honest is you know when you maybe had a lead a client lead a brand who might want to work with you there’s some.

Gabby: Your value and what you can do for that and why this is important and like I was talked about earlier a lot of Brands don’t see you to talk as being on 14 right now so we’re trying to convince them that it is and what we can do you know maybe a couple month process of doing a lot of work without having any deal on the table necessarily and it doesn’t come through then that’s kind of a waste of time but has deals for sure what is the term is called betting on the come right so you’re doing all the work ahead of time wedding that something big will come and that does get frustrating and as you grow as an Indian as a agency you know slowly as you get to the point where you can say okay we have a fee for our strategy for creating a pitch that that you can give to your client and you’ll get still get to that point just wanted to let you know I mean you know. And usually if they do sign on you Noble. Money be spent on the deck into the Caesars I get tired of it and also another incentive for sure I have to do everything for free and at the end you know they already got all the kinds all the strategy all the things a front I’m in it does get frustrating so I just want to give you hope so but you’re telling the game girl I’m so proud of you okay.

Mary: Because I know that you’re.

Mary: I see some of the other questions I had here for you so let’s bring it back around to the business owners or maybe watching this so what.

Mary: What to do to get started creating viral content not everything is going to hit out of the park and the less you plan the better it is but will be the first thing people should do or maybe the top and yeah for sure so if you want to get started today again I would say to do research on what other people are doing right now.

Gabby: Translate that into what who you are and what you want to say when I first started my gift guide on tiktok basically my goal was I wanted to start getting brand deals on super making money from it cuz I had a different.

Gabby: Entertainment news and it just wasn’t set up well for brand Partnerships and that’s the only you know kind of main way to make money at the moment with that and so what I wanted to do was from the beginning make all of my videos.

Gabby: About the Brand’s I love gift recommendations product recommendations.

Gabby: Started doing sponsorships where you know he would pay me to talk about their product it wouldn’t seem out of the blue or weird like all the videos with sound and look the same and so it’s supposed to be stabbed really well for that since I was married you haven’t beginning and then.

Gabby: He was to post twice a day every day from Monday to Friday 4.

Gabby: I’m buying it for 2 months straight and how was just starting a new account so it would probably wasn’t going viral again twice a day even Saturday and Sunday like you’re doing every day just quitting or Friday so twice today so that’s about 10 videos a week right and I do a lot of that and get them done and then you can live your best life right yeah so that was the plan and I ended up doing that for about two months before my first viral video kind of took off so it takes you know a little bit of time and represent what was it what was that one video that took off.

Gabby: Is so crazy because there was a lot of like strategy behind it I think just with like all the years of experience and all the things that I’ve done.

Gabby: In Grandin to it for me so even though I was like oh my gosh I’m so easy for me like it’s just because I’m experienced I guess but makes perfect right so basically when I was doing my gift guide you know there’s so many different things you can talk about.

Gabby: Holiday every month there’s so many things you can talk about so I was really trying to decide what should I actually talked about it when I was starting I just covered everything under the sun Mother’s Day Easter like all the Holiday Inn topic and then when my viral video to God it was kind of like a relatable joke or meme about how hard it is to buy gifts for men right like it’s always about whiskey glasses and wallets and it’s like you know you can only do that so many times and maybe they don’t drink whiskey and that’s like like stereotypical guy gifts right but we were there other ideas than that right so I’d meet a video like that in people loved it was so relatable there like you know I can never find any guests for my husband or my brother whatever so that’s when I really would be able to refine my strategy even more and say okay now.

Gabby: Could I gain a bunch from that video now I know it’s women who have a man in their life that sucks to shop for so that’s like from then on out.

Gabby: All the videos that I did was like Just For Men because I knew that’s what people watch it so yeah there’s my page you can check it out I’m going to bring myself down to the green room and I’m going to make it big and you kind of like point out certain things okay so I’m going to go down and then I’ll have it on be big to children. Yeah so you know back to the question.

Gabby: What.

Gabby: You know I was talking about every different video idea gift guide holiday whatever and.

Gabby: Viral video you can see what people actually want and gravitate toward from that and then you’re going to take that and that’s now your new like even more targeted Niche and it really helps cuz then you’re not thinking about my gosh what should I create a video out today there’s so much I have so many ideas you can help narrow it down for you so these are the videos I’ve done so far a lot of gifts for your boyfriend if you do recurring series part 1 part 2 part 3 and that’s great cuz people know and text back.

Gabby: There’s some Valentine’s ones that I did. And you know.

Gabby: Colors that you want to focus on as well.

Gabby: I’ll go shopping for gifts gift ideas you know just a normal gift guide is another one that I do.

Gabby: Talk about gifts that I’m loving with screenshots from the website these are a bunch of brand deals from Christmas time.

Gabby: But yeah you can see a lot of them.

Gabby: So now one of the brand deals that I do are Men’s Pro.

Gabby: Reduce your expectations 20 you can be relatable and funny is.

Gabby: For sure but yeah that was kind of how I just started the gift guide and how I obviously gift-giving it’s.

Gabby: So I was saying you sounded something and I can make you stand out try a bunch of stuff with it once you have some traction or go viral in one video like know that that’s what people really want and then you can focus on..

Gabby: I love that and I only clicked on that one because it has so many of you that like fifty thousand views on that and what did your sing is you didn’t talk about a product in a video right here has been kind of funny and silly about it right and so.

Mary: It would that be a suggestion as well like mix up your content and I’d only be like by for me by for me but something else might be a little bit more silly yeah of course for even me but.

Gabby: Two different type of content that you should do on any page on any platform whatever first one is low-context so meaning you know a new person can watch your video.

Gabby: I need to know a lot about who you are and what you do to understand.

Gabby: Like being invited in.

Gabby: And whatever you do you’re saying that’s going to get the new people and that’s the funny stuff has to light hearted stuff a relatable not looking to bring people in and then the second type of concern that you should also include periodically is high.

Gabby: The stuff where your community you have to know the inside jokes you have to have seen my last video to know what I’m talking about like cuz that makes you feel like own our friend and now you’re in crowd right the popular girl. Exactly is so that’s kind of the two different types of videos you should be doing 50/50 right to your ear ringing.

Gabby: Same time that you’re cultivating a community that you have I love that is that.

Mary: Play the part 1 part 2. Yeah I think.

Gabby: Series like that so people you know come.

Gabby: And it’s almost like.

Gabby: A kind of parking comparing TV to Tik Tok it’s really like that especially with people going there for their entertainment now it feels like you’re watching the new episode in your latest rally feel like we’re talk about right so like if you cut it up that way if you are going to consume it that way as well that’s awesome okay do this brings me to my gosh I could talk to you all day it’s so much fun and I will talk to you more about the book which is going to be fun but if someone is like okay I get the ideas for my own brand but maybe they want to become an influencer for other brands like you what would you suggest they do to do that. Yeah okay that’s a great question to you made.

Mary: Someday I’m just saying yes.

Gabby: I think you know for my gift.

Gabby: I for my brain deals for that I was getting a ton of.

Gabby: B o g coming to me saying we want you to be.

Gabby: And I was simply because I was posting so often so many people are seeing my stuff yourself out there like going to see it probably the right person going to see it so that’s one way to get noticed by Brands another is to just go for it yourself in like picture self put it together of Media Kit you know have some traction have something that you can kind of show for what you want to do or even if you have nothing to say I have these great ideas I think I could do this for your brand just search for the email of the social media person at that company you know email them cold emails of course are always difficult sometimes they never get open sometimes people see it and it’s perfect but you got to try right.

Gabby: A mix of outbound and inbound reaching out I love it would you suggest going through an agency that specializes in marketing creators to Brands is that a thing yeah there’s a ton of agencies like mine out there right now that you can reach reach out to 2 because riddle.

Gabby: Sometimes you have multiple right yeah so you can say you know hey I’m a Creator or I do xynz and I love.

Gabby: The brands that you have.

Gabby: Sometimes you don’t maybe they’ll reply and say hey like yeah that sounds great we don’t have anything right now but like will keep you in mind.

Gabby: That’s a great way to do that to that is awesome thank you so much over again just being authentic be you either for your brand or a brand-new might be interested in hiring you I mean I’d be kind of a fun side hustle let’s go but you are obviously your your company. Put up here again which is digital magician Studios and I just realized I didn’t put that website but.

Mary: Is a digital Edition I’ll put that in the show notes when we.

Mary: Are there but I also want to encourage everyone to get the gift guy because that will also give you some great ideas not only for gifts but it’ll also give you some great ideas and get on her newsletter list and people you know you could see how it’s done.

Mary: Again imitation is the highest form of flattery and getting ideas from Gabby which is awesome and I seeing did I put it up on the it’s here Gabby first-class Gabby’s gift guide also getting on the show notes you can click on to that and it just a form to fill out which is easy peasy so that is awesome all right so Gabby I’m going to we’re going to wrap up the show.

Mary: For the final.

Mary: But then if you can stick around I want to see a cute little picture of a so we can we can promote the show and promote You’re Gone by to cycle light I know this sounds silly but I’m so proud of you.

Mary: You know I just you that you are telling the game and I’ve been in marketing for like I said my 35th year in December and so I’ve seen all forms of marketing what were obviously you’re doing something that’s working.

Mary: Meet people.

Mary: Don’t forget like helping Brands make more money so they can hire more people and do more good in the world because you know they say that you know money isn’t evil that being poor is that silly you can do more when you have the money to do good.

Mary: Encourage people to figure out how to do this sign up with Gabby learn from her in her experience obviously she knows what she’s doing so.

Mary: I’ma put you down and we’re going to wrap it up and I’ll see you in a couple minutes again thanks every.

Mary: I’m watching this today again this is Brenda.

Mary: With Mary show we are at every Thursday at 12:30 I hope this is blessed you with some great information to help you build your brand help it go viral to do all right girl all right I will see you in a couple minutes and tell then you guys have a blessed day and be brilliant in all you do all right here we go.

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