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Mary: Everybody Welcome to the brilliant Market with Mary show thank you and I marry they call me little Mary and I’m just so excited for you to be here as a said this title the show is Billy marketing with Mary show bring together amazing and brilliant people in the industry who can help you as a business owner reach your potential exceed your potential and today is no different and thought the title of the show today.

Mary: How to increase your confidence krisma clients and cash and I have an expert today who is the person who’s going to in fact we’ve been talking offline probably 40 my gosh I almost started.

Mary: Having so much fun talking about her past and what everything that you bring to the table she has so much so much experience not only in the industry of helping you make better financial decisions how to open up more lines of income but also just brings a breadth of experience and this lovely lady her name is Shelly Campbell and if you know her you will love her and I have only recently met her in the last year and I feel like I’ve known her all my life and I’m going to read a little intro because there might be one of you out there in the world that doesn’t know who she is and she is so amazing I just can’t wait to introduce you to her today but as a short introduction to her.

Mary: Maybe a little perspective after a career in a musical as a musical comedy actors not that we can tell you about a half an hour or so much fun Kelly Campbell said let’s put the fun back in funds and Tony bookkeeping service with 13 employees for 12 years she can buy her gift for public speaking hello musical theater weather Financial workshops and is the author of three not one not two but three best selling books voted most inspirational speaker by women in management speaker of the Year by the Association of women entrepreneurs and rotarian of the Year by Pacific Palisades Rotary Club she has a past president of the LA chapter of Novel and I might be a novel and even read that carefully enough that’s so exciting and when the Los Angeles District SBA Wicked business Advocate award and in 2018 after speaking at the women’s Poker Association first conference she won the Golden State ladies poker championship. Hear more about that if you’re living on peanut butter and jelly and would like to afford a deli call Kelly and without further Ado let me bring up his beautiful woman so we can get started.

Mary: Best lobster.

Mary: Today everybody it has been a day.

Mary: Again as I said if she if she logged back in I love it here we go.

Mary: There she is.

Chellie: We have overcome what’s up we are we are a genius.

Chellie: The first important thing everybody has to know that there’s going to be things that get screwed up and you would have to just keep going until you get it right exactly because it is the way you respond to the way you reacted instead.

Mary: Like that you just roll with the punches today I absolutely loved it will let’s get right into the show because we’ve been talking for so long.

Mary: I don’t be so much fun sharing stories and by the way I’m back this beautiful woman went to school with Michael Douglas.

Chellie: I have to share with you that I had to get physical therapy on a foot problem young man was 29 years old to do that I don’t went to school with Michael Douglas and he said who’s there.

Chellie: Yes.

Chellie: Well when did he’s a big movie star he has a show on Netflix and he didn’t recognize any of the movie.

Chellie: I just went my one claim to fame and I’ve about lived it.

Mary: Same situation oh my gosh that is playing his game who’s the gentleman who was Moses.

Mary: So I went to Wayne’s World 2 and I was Goofy and the theater was packed and sitting next to these two little teeny boppers.

Mary: When were Mike Myers says I wish we could just get a really good actor in here to deliver this liar than a gas station attendant Charlton Heston comes in a push somebody away and pull into town houses like rubbing his hands with oily rag and he’s like.

Mary: What y’all doing what is right and I heard a little teeny bopper asked me go who the heck is that yeah.

Mary: Lost my stuff.

Chellie: Makes you go there is a passage and there’s a group that you hang with and you all know each other and you know all the icons.

Chellie: The upcoming generation has different icons right and keep up with some of the younger people stuff but you know why I think they say that when fruit hangs on the vine long and it becomes very sweet.

Mary: Are very sweet and filled with wisdom that you can now pass on to the generations right that needs to know in fact let’s get right into a my very first question and.

Mary: Is really testing our back.

Mary: Tell us when she didn’t log back on cuz she started this group call the financial stress reduction Workshop items they group is Coors and she really is an expert at helping you deal with money how you see money how you would get more money into your life and so the question is.

Mary: She’s going to talk about she has actually this show and back I was going to do this later on but she has this really cool show called cheese and crackers with Kelly and it’s every Tuesday I believe it’s 2 p.m. I’ve had put it in here so you could actually come and watch it with her oh I think she’s back on going to bring.

Mary: Tech God will let us bring her back up.

Mary: They want to keep picking her up anyways so she actually goes on live every Tuesday at 2 and actually told me she goes on every day but she actually has a dedicated every Tuesday at 2 but she goes on her page everyday in 10 minutes and she speaks to one of the chapters in her book which I believe is the one that she that I’ve mentioned here double-check it it is the the wealthy Spirit who by the way when she comes on cuz I’m going to bring it on again or do this gently show in screen here we go.

Mary: Oh my goodness.

Mary: Nice by huge player in her industry who was who shared her message out to a gazillion people in his group and that was so exciting we’re going to Mastermind together Shelly and Shelly and I and it was as exciting news that someone that is has established himself as an industry as a as an almost a guru recognized how awesome she hasn’t is actually on her book for years and because of her persistence in as she would say launching ships which means going out putting the ships out there and when people of of what you do write your products or Services you launched the ships not every ship is going to come back full of treasure some will come back with a small amount of treasure and some will come back with a lot of treasure and so you just have to keep sending out ships and we’ll see what’s what.

Mary: She can explain it much better than me so I.

Mary: Just gently see if it comes on.

Mary: She comes.

Mary: But I was there to talk about your cheese and crackers its belly every Tuesday at 2 or you share wisdom but you also do something you said every day you sure A Doctor Who book yes I have a page of a book called The Wealthy spirit daily affirmations for financial stress reduction so.

Chellie: Are the words on a page and of course there’s a lot of backstory so I invented the people have been reading this book and you know reading it every day and then starting over which I didn’t know until they emailed me and told me that’s what they were doing and I went well let’s get all the readers together and do a little video and tell him the backstory so Monday through Friday I do 10 minutes of the backstory on the page and it’s so fun.

Chellie: Borat a little bit you can join it for $7 to experience it for a month and after that is $47 a month but I just called..

Chellie: Group on Facebook that’s so cool so with this is the my first question even though I’ve been talking a little bit about you as you’ve been off screen so what led you to start keeping the bed you obviously have a diverse background of doing all these amazing things what led you to start it.

Chellie: I had the musical comedy career which I loved for a while.

Chellie: And then I did five shows a day 5 days a week for 9 months at a Disneyland.

Chellie: All I ever wanted to do was sing and dance for a living and here I was doing it and I didn’t like it cuz he along.

Chellie: Like three weekends.

Chellie: So then in between acting jobs I took secretarial jobs office positions and this one.

Chellie: Wanted me to go for.

Chellie: And then promoted me into office manager I said that’s Finance I know nothing about that they said will teach you you’re okay cuz I have a friend who’s.

Chellie: When I was about to take a risk I consider the downside if it’s not that I do it so I kind.

Chellie: Do you know what I like to take ribs I want to explore I want to live life and so much of my.

Chellie: Who saved for retirement isn’t that all they ever talked about retirement.

Chellie: Do you love your work have you ever heard of the actor or celebrity say I can’t wait to retire no Dame Judi Dench in her autobiography and furthermore when she wrote when she was 79 she said people always.

Chellie: Go to retire and I said no people retired to do what they love I’m doing what I love now.

Mary: Where did you I thought if you love your work you won’t want to retire so we are doing work that’s fun you want to keep doing it but you also want to have a backup right, that’s how you teach people yes absolutely course you want to save money for that day that you might need it and still.

Chellie: Because too many people are spending their lifetimes working working working and don’t even get to retirement by 30%.

Chellie: Buy before they get the retirement age of 65 didn’t know that.

Chellie: But you very much you can find it.

Chellie: Percentage of people who are age 65 and over in America what percentage of Americans do you think that is.

Mary: Know what 13.

Chellie: 50% but if you Google it.

Chellie: A lot of people about the projection is in 2040 we’re going to be 50% or going to be.

Chellie: Life expectancy over the last 4 years wow.

Chellie: I just knew I wanted to have fun.

Chellie: I don’t want to have fun now yeah, he was great but then when I fell into this job it was great too and I just kept doing and then I started turning down auditions that I even turned down the lead in Threepenny Opera at the Houston alley theater in Texas that was the end for me.

Chellie: And I said okay.

Chellie: I love this I’m having fun I get to be creative I get the same Applause and so that’s it.

Chellie: Keeping service I built it from 80,000 and sales to 450,000 and sales the owners gave me 20% and then I bought them out and that’s it.

Chellie: I hear it is when I saw that people did not know how many worked they didn’t budget they couldn’t even balance their check check register and in school which I think is well it’s horrible who wants to keep.

Chellie: Got that right this a question.

Chellie: So.

Chellie: If everybody knew.

Chellie: Everybody to have money.

Chellie: People that prove them.

Chellie: Good idea so anyway I just started sharing.

Chellie: I can see it I just have a natural ability I call myself a financial intuitive because I can see.

Chellie: Somebody back and I.

Chellie: Financial statement which they usually cannot read and interpret of where I’m going to say you’re losing money over here you were making a lot of money over here and stop doing that do more of this and people three people.

Chellie: Didn’t know each other said you should teach this. And you know when I.

Chellie: We don’t know each other I think it’s a message and I kind of went yeah I got to put in front of people.

Chellie: Made up an eight-week class called Financial stress reduction Workshop cuz it didn’t matter how much money you had her didn’t have you were worried about it you had a lot you were worried about where to invest it that was saved and you know all of that kind of paying so I saw.

Chellie: Glasses and then my life made sense so I want to tell everybody listening today if you think you can’t figure out what your purpose is your on your purpose you’re always on it when I was singing and dancing I was training myself to be able to be a coach and a workshop leader cuz it’s all.

Chellie: Interpersonal.

Chellie: Thinking it’s all how you feel about yourself and I mean.

Chellie: Started.

Chellie: I look back and I’ve been doing it 33 years now.

Mary: So into her story then she went away but yes she’s been doing this is like a passion project she Shelley is just just like you up when she talks like literally like you can’t stop smiling she does as I said before I’m have a saying that says.

Mary: And I want her to go into a little bit more detail about that because when life gets hard and it seems like their ships their sailor I was thinking what do you mean by that sending out more ships.

Chellie: See the first.

Chellie: And doing positive affirmations and there’s a lot about that that people can tell but that doesn’t work yes it does it does.

Chellie: And you get I meant you saying every day I got my first.

Chellie: I want what.

Chellie: It’s not publishing my book and salespeople and say we’re doing another house that goes well yeah I said so let me ask you a question she says what I said are you doing.

Chellie: Positive affirmations about money specifically are you doing and she doesn’t know I’m not I said then I challenge you here’s my list my top 14.

Chellie: Every day for three weeks and see what happens then call me back she said okay I’ll do it.

Chellie: Call me back she said I’m getting money out of the air people were paying me back long as I forgot the old we I got a Bonus at work I’ve never got a Bonus here I’m doing so can the affirmation stay in the book now she doesn’t and that was my deal.

Chellie: After positive.

Chellie: You can’t just sit on the couch and go home I’m making lots of money at home the people that want to do that I just go well how many ohms do you think you’d have to say I’m trying to bug piano before you could play Mozart in the.

Chellie: Sending out ships comes in that’s take positive action that’s actually Tony Rob.

Chellie: Positive positive action on a daily basis and I went well that sounds really hard I don’t.

Chellie: I want to send out a ship and send that his ship taking action make a phone call go to a beating give a speech write a book Cellar book go on social media do a post.

Chellie: I love that. That brings up the marketing.

Mary: You shared with me that I was going to share with everyone else here okay.

Mary: Skip is the money is in the DM so she used to say the money is in the phone but then she said was social media that the.

Mary: So you know by message people and creating communicate like creating a conversation with other humans.

Mary: When you send out that ship which is sending out a message or she mentioned posting something going and speaking out of bed just going intending event right because when you’re and Jesse said you’re not cold calling is gold.

Mary: When you know that if it’s a numbers game right and she’s in the financial industry world so she knows it’s the numbers game. I’m if you know it takes calling.

Mary: That 10 people will say yes you better get to a hundred people so you have time to do this.

Chellie: Yes and you got to write it down you’ve got to keep track of the numbers I have what I call a ship’s log so so you go well today I’m going to make.

Chellie: Or reach out to 10 people on social media and the DM and I love that and then you right.

Chellie: Well what you do and you start adding up your percentage then you know it’s going to be 20% yes and.

Chellie: It’s somebody asked me they said oh well you’re acting career must have prepared you for rejection I said why yes they’re going statistic when I was going to commercial auditions was you go on 30 auditions to book One commercial now that’s going to take you let’s say let’s make a phone number I say is going to take you 50 calls to get you no one yes or whatever that when every time someone says know you like thank God I only have another one to help because then you’re getting closer to your 50 and if you know what 50 you’ll have one then you you want to get through the nose is fast because.

Chellie: Just have to get through them cuz they’re devastated by his president in charge of sales back in the day when I was and he said let’s say you sofa.

Mary: Hundred dollars and it takes you 10 calls to get to the person who says yes he said every call you made you made $50.

Chellie: Get an okay $50 to get another note.

Chellie: 5 knows it’s $250 and then you get the one yes you made the money you have to look positively at each call.

Chellie: This is something important I want to say because people forget this and especially women they want to have success.

Chellie: Call and sometimes success doesn’t come in till.

Chellie: Call the old Mexican nipple called.

Chellie: Maybe they do a follow-up over a month later and then if it’s still in know they give it up but I’ve had people sign up for my class thirteen years later now I’m turning 75.

Chellie: Ears anymore they don’t get to wait you know you want me to get beat now yes yes I get it while the getting is good I love that.

Mary: So true and I’ve also over the years as I’ve been in business for this is our in December will be our 35th year in business I know right crazy and I’m only 36.

Mary: Plays that I don’t think of what I do now is selling I think of it is offering an opportunity to work with me.

Mary: I want the opportunity great if they.

Mary: Okay I’m not going anywhere I’ve been around a long time and so when they’re ready they’ll come back I don’t have this whole likes you have to get it now because somebody I know it’s okay when you’re ready I’m I would love to have the honor of working with you but if you’re not ready I don’t want to you know force you to do anything because you know it’s fine for me by from the back let me know it’s like it’s all about building a.

Mary: And join them the opportunity of the amazing.

Mary: When we get to work together because that’s when the magic is going to happen right for me it’s about even have a little.

Chellie: Shooter at the bottom it says somebody needs your help. That’s what it’s all about somebody new.

Chellie: People double their incomes get their dream job be able to take a month off and go travel in France I mean there’s just an amazing things that I’ve watched happen and I think a half of it is just having.

Chellie: He did say to somebody you can do.

Chellie: Do it.

Chellie: And they believe that they can take the risk cuz I know I’m going to believe.

Mary: You’re a fan of the show.

Chellie: I just loved him so much I just want to squeeze his cheeks you know yes yeah he’s Sunshine wrapped in glitter is so sweet and this whole is I saw this in my was in Nashville and I didn’t have it I bought one for my husband a bond for meeting and have him put this on my computer but I but it’s true you have to believe that you said something that triggered something that I always say that you are the answer to someone’s prayer and you don’t show up how are they going to find you so.

Mary: And if your ass add carpet cleaner and and somebody is like thinking oh my gosh my mother-in-law is coming for Thanksgiving and my carpets a mess like where am I going to find a carpet cleaner and all the sudden either they see a social post or a testimony or they get an email from you or they get a text from you and says we’re having a special you’re the answer you just provided as the answer to their prayers do you have to be out there sending out the ship’s exact Lloyd’s of London and it was in the 1800’s and Freddy bar.

Chellie: Was it at 2 and they were ensuring the merchant sailing ships because a lot of stuff happened to ships not all of those shifts that were supposed to go out traded for gold and jewels and silks and spices was coming home because there was Pirates of the Caribbean Mutiny on the Bounty and we all know what happened to the Titanic so you can send that one ship and then wait for it to.

Chellie: Because you could get sunk right outside the harbor you’re going to be a little skeleton waiting at the dock but some of those ships are going to come in.

Chellie: And they’re not going to announce themselves ahead of time because back in the 1800s they didn’t have ship-to-shore radio or cell phones are telegraph’s or anything about where the expression waiting for my ship to come in and comes from. We’re going down to the dock waiting for their.

Chellie: Send a hangout so you got to be more you send out the more that might come back.

Chellie: Sometimes relationships and sending ships and nothing on the horizon and you’re sitting somewhere and then nothing and then some more. Oh my goodness well I agree with her.

Mary: Sure that we are communicating with our clients to make sure that they know that we’re available right with our texting service that was a blessing during the pandemic because the people that already had built a list they were able to send out their ships by a text message to say hey we’re open we’re clean we deliver right and so they’re the restaurants that we work with we also work with rest retail and then military all I can accept the restaurants in particular they took off during pandemic if you’re like oh they’re open they’re clean his liver and they were able to recoup and and sell more because people feel confident of that so when Kelly comes back I’m super excited to have her tell us the story about Suze Orman.

Mary: What she took her to task over because I read this in her bio and I was like that sounds interesting so jelly tell me what did you take Suze Orman to talk about well you know Susie Susie cakes.

Chellie: Forefront of Finance.

Chellie: I have with her first book 9 steps to Financial Freedom and she was all over Oprah and I’m still writing my first.

Chellie: Asian the hotel and I’m going home and and then she was in an old magazine.

Chellie: She was the big deal and a half.

Call Will in one of the columns she was taking.

Chellie: He would prove that I can take this step and this one woman wrote in and said I’m 48 years old..

Chellie: Business for myself I’d saved 9 months worth of business expense.

Chellie: And I want to open my cake decorating shop do you think it’s a good idea and Suze Orman.

Chellie: If she was 25.

Chellie: Go ahead but.

Chellie: Forties and fifties this is a time when you have to deposit the most money that make her break years for your financial security when you retire so no and my little corner of the Facebook universe.

Chellie: Because I don’t want these women business owners I have to I hang with and what is she talkin about I started my business started this business now its 7 I might let me know don’t do it and so there was a lot of chatter about that so when I was writing my book for women which is called from worry to wealthy I put that story in there because there will be. Oh my goodness.

Mary: So when she.

Mary: Her book.

Mary: A books I should say from worried too wealthy and she has three books in fact it when I produce the show or publishes guyses day I’ll put a link to all of her books in the in the chat so you cannot go and pick them up because I think she is definitely someone to listen to and I think everyone wants to go from worry to wealthy so I wanted to make sure I showed everybody your book belly and I’m going to hide it right now so when you come on board here imma be able to see that but yeah I think a lot of times people who get you know who are famous just because they have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s right and I’m really really proud. Jelly took that the task and address that is.

Mary: It’s never too late I mean what was the guy who started the Colonel Sanders he didn’t start his chicken company right or whatever chicken fast-food you like 55 or something it was 65 and he got his first social security check and looked at it and said this will never do what what else can I do whatever I got to sell it. Oh my gosh wow.

Mary: You know of a lot of other people.

Mary: Decided they were going to do something at that age is only a number right is only between our ears.

Mary: Happy happy birthday is coming up in 28 days two days ago on my mother’s birthday and I’m exactly a month after.

Mary: I’m made me realize like wow I’ve been doing this a long time but I still have a lot of vim and vigor and I have a lot of wisdom that I can share with people and so I feel so blessed when people take me up on my offer I think to give them the opportunity to work with me I’m as a marketing consultant because I bring a breath of knowledge right to what I bring two clients right I have 35 years of experience I’m sitting up promotion than creating marketing companies and doing joint Partnerships and cross promotions and some people call cause marketing where you actually benefit a nonprofit with your marketing so if ever you saw like Toms shoes, shoes for every pair you bought they would get one pair of way.

Mary: That is another strategy that a lot of people used to make good PR as well as Thalmor so Tom’s were time I was just cheering about cause marketing so it cause marketing is wonderful.

Mary: How many feet.

Chellie: Yes and I did want to say that your age doesn’t matter.

Chellie: There are the eight were aging up and people are now women can be stars of television shows in their fifties and sixties and seventies right it’s awesome we could probably decide when they were younger like oh my God like you’re so movie so many movies about actresses that are now being asked to be the mother instead of being the the daughter of the girlfriend and they’re like.

Mary: There’s so many movies of the transition between.

Mary: Play Sally went dark for a second so I’m going to hide that and seeing those comes back up but it’s true I think that we are at the the title of this show is how to factory make sure I bring it up cuz it was brilliant.

Mary: Kelly is.

Mary: I have been buried here hold on hold on is brilliant name here we go.

Mary: Chris my clients and cash it sometimes what’s holding us back is us we are our worst enemies sometimes and because we don’t believe in ourselves we’re leaving money on the table we are holding back what could be an abundant life right and so what would you say to someone who thought I’m too old for that or all I do.

Mary: What would be your advice of them selling well first of all if it’s something you can’t do is it something you could learn to do.

Chellie: I will tell you. Technology is this.

Chellie: That’s one of my.

Mary: Right today I hire other people to do this but you know I learned what happened was in 2019 I had a surgery and then two days later I had to evacuate because of a fire.

Chellie: And when I was done with all that I said okay I’m taking the holidays off cuz.

Chellie: Play December I said I’m just not doing anything around and think about my life and where I’m going next my angels always speak to me when I’m napping so other.

Chellie: Meditation I call it napping.

Chellie: Is it Angela said you got to get your Workshop up on zoom and I went yeah cuz it was the thing it was beginning to be the thing.

Chellie: I had been doing my class as a teller class since 2008 so I knew I needed to make the switch so in January I got people.

Chellie: Don’t work I did a lot of big ugly cries in front of the TV as I tried to make this work but I got it done it helps you she sent me a woman that wanted to take the class and didn’t really have all the fun.

Chellie: Really an expert and assume I’ll help you run those who might say you’re a hot you’re in my house in February.

Chellie: Does Facebook live thing that I’ve been avoiding and so I got to learn how to do it and that’s when I called Molly cuz I knew Molly from networking for 10 years and she took my workshop like in 2013 and I knew she was doing all of this great and I said okay I need to do that what you’re going to do I said I’m in here is my credit card you’ll tell me later I did just hear I knew what you have it was because of working with her that I saw the possibility of doing the wealthy Spirit group and do those two little short boots for my book and gather all the readers and the people that hadn’t heard about it but will start to read it and it was just wonderful and I’ve been in her group’s ever since. That’s how I exactly and if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t be connected I love that were connected well instead of typing up some new things in the bottom cuz I don’t want to kick you off a couple more questions for you before we meet up at this Thursday I can talk to you all day this is been so much fun to do something that you had we had talked about the question of how does the story of your life affect your finances past present and future because we’ve age is never too late with you if you can’t do something you can learn how to do something.

Mary: What is the story of your life and how does that affect it. Will everybody has stories that they tell themselves and their a they’re negative stories.

Chellie: And some of the stories we tell ourselves about money come from her parents like did your parents.

Chellie: What money did they fight over money did there it was there never enough money was there too much money in they didn’t really value it and so that becomes the story in your head what that means and like.

Chellie: Is a Methodist and I went to church and Sunday school every Sunday and so I heard money doesn’t grow on trees money is the root of all evil and all kinds of thing.

Chellie: People say oh well it’s the love of money is the root of all evil but you have to love money or you’re not going to.

Chellie: If you think it’s going to make you a bad person right and it wasn’t the Jesus and that it was a letter to Timothy in the Bible and in that same letter as I forbid a woman to speak women cannot teach women should obey their husband while I’m not following that advice so why should I follow this other stuff about money right now and you can do more good when you have money right me and you can help gerrity’s you can support your church.

Mary: More.

Mary: If you’re poor then you’re relying on other people anyways so I agree with you I think that we have to let go of that and it makes me.

Mary: How did I raise my kids right now did I I always want to make sure they’re set up for Success so what would you tell somebody who maybe when they were a child their parents had money’s tight you know make sure they open.

Mary: How would you address that the trend that around one of the things I do in my classes I have everybody and then they come and they tell the story and I said what patterns did you see how did you behave in the rest of your life because this was the message you got young and I said looking at that message right now is a story is it a true story is it a factual story is it true maybe it was true about there a circle.

Chellie: It’s not true for you and maybe you can make a different story what is this where you’d like to write so now I also and my books he wrote a zillionaire I give an example.

Chellie: Like you’re supposed to submit your bio two different places you know this is what I’ve done in this is who I am that’s positive about all your wins and guess what they’re both true but even failures are winds cuz you learn stuff I left some of the things that’s so important is people go.

Chellie: This happened to me and that isn’t always a productive question that because sometimes this happen.

Chellie: So that the storm is he happy.

Chellie: You will be thrown on the deck so you can save another sailor from drowning. I love that we’re all here together on the planet we’re supposed to be.

Mary: 100% I love that that’s something that I have shared before to like any hardship I’ve had I realized something that I had to go through so I could help someone else avoid that. Cuz I believe in the whole boat analogy that you always use I love it is that Rising tide lifts all boats together and I think there’s no competition you know it’s all about collaboration and if we can help each other what did Zig Ziglar he says if you help enough other people succeed yeah he said.

Chellie: You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want.

Mary: It’s actually gives me shivers I like.

Chellie: How people get this money is because we serve them in some way right get the into serving people and money will come the universe wants to give you money it’s a little abundance is out there you have to call it in and you called it in by doing good and being a service and believing that you are worthy I love you oh my God I love this quote it came to my.

Chellie: By Catherine aird she said if you can’t be a good example then you’ll just have to.

Chellie: Hoarding. So I left my dirty laundry.

Chellie: But they’re all right I remember there was a period of time where I was fighting at my business was failing and I had. I’ve lost my home to foreclosure and I filed bankruptcy at the time I was.

Chellie: I own the financial services bookkeeping.

Chellie: And I had just started on TV.

Chellie: Don’t stress reduction work how humiliating is that. So I wasn’t telling anybody about my terrible circumstances until one day and class.

Chellie: Later a young couple was having a problem and I gave him some advice and the man took to turn to me instead.

Chellie: You know you never experienced anything like this.

Chellie: Bay angel in my head said it’s time for you to share.

Chellie: Filed bankruptcy 6 months ago and the whole class went.

Chellie: I mean they’re learning about how to be rich for me.

Chellie: Play the story and let me also tell you.

Chellie: Millionaire files bankruptcy 3.5 x right cuz you don’t win out of the gate every time so you have to cut your losses.

Chellie: Okay that’s what happened to me was I had my bookkeeping service I had 13 employees we were doing 450,000.

Chellie: And the biggest client we had was 75% of our business and 9 months later they gave me two weeks notice and left that was $30,000 a month I was no longer receiving I had to fire up.

Chellie: And I went to my landlord with a 4.

Chellie: Dollar a month lease and I said I can no longer pay the.

Chellie: You’re going to insist and I have to file bankruptcy and they said no. We don’t want you to file bankruptcy.

Chellie: Under that was it cuz I did eventually file bankruptcy but it was to give me a new footage to keep going with the business sure except I don’t want to just to keep going cuz we’re Limited in time but we.

Mary: Very similar we used to do a big events and we have again if I was called a bottle of wine story.

Mary: Can bankruptcy and start over completely I remember that.

Mary: I didn’t own a home at the time and we and I had taken care of my grandmother for her last 8 months of life she literally passed away in my arms I was the high.

Mary: The time but through that you know I realize that you can start again right but I’m calling to try.

Mary: I’m moving my grandmother passed away help sell our house and I remember somebody on the that I was in your calling and you know the old fashioned newspaper you go down and see if it’s available and when I explained what was happening and I feel that my business like I kept my like a couple clients like as a consultant but I you know that’s what I did.

Mary: And I’m going to feed our family but this woman said these words to me that literally crushed my soul Kelly she said. We don’t rent to your kind of people oh my God I’m like.

Mary: Right and I was like.

Mary: Everything I couldn’t.

Mary: Took out loans and I promise that everybody back and I will literally ten years later we paid everybody back yeah you know it just gave us a fresh start but I remember thinking I am the worst human on the planet I should die.

Mary: For my first time of my life and Suicidal Thoughts because I thought I am an absolute fail.

Mary: And I gained immense away from the stress I’m like I’m a big fat loser.

Mary: And it was taken care of my grandmother and I was like anyways I I will go all into that but I’m just saying is having everyone hit their low and unless I went through that I wouldn’t have as much compassion so what.

Mary: Kelly hits home to me and I’m sure all of our listener.

Mary: It’s going to head home because we’ve all been in a place where we think you know while I made that one decision and it went bad.

Mary: Spell decision for the economy goes down there right now.

Mary: Place where things are always cyclical yep and it’ll come back you have to have the hope you have to believe it’s going to come back if you send out enough ships and maybe they’ll come back slow or for a couple years.

Mary: I’m going to come back we’ll let me tell you one thing the miracle happened after I did all of that I played in a poker game.

Chellie: With a group of women.

Chellie: When was $10 a we did Nickel Dime quarter bedding okay so it was just a minute but I was telling them my story of what was going on and they said one woman looks at a record store.

Chellie: Live now you have to give up your condo I said I have no idea she goes.

Chellie: What year was Shelly and Shelly looked up from her cards and said yeah you can live with me Shelly lives in an exclusive.

Chellie: Brentwood Forest.

Chellie: Gorgeous 3 million dollar home.

Chellie: Who how much rent do you want how about $200 a month.

Mary: Well honey I’m still there I love it.

Chellie: We’re both divorced we we both dated other people for a while and stuff like that and and then we just went.

Chellie: It’s really fine we’re getting everything we want the life we’re happy we go out weird. Yep and you’re not only Golden Girls being that way but you’re also Golden Girls with all the yo money or helping people make.

Chellie: So you know what you want in life you put your goals out there’s I want to be happy I want to have money at want to be a piece I want to have fun I want to have fun friends to do it with and sometimes it comes in a different package that you expected right get your dream.

Mary: You are living the dream I love it we know what we’re going to end on that I have a bunch of other questions but maybe I’ll have to have you come back on the show me when I use different software I would love that seriously you are such an inspiration to me jelly I am I know that since we’re both here in California we need to get together.

Mary: We have a color for drinks or something fun we’ll figure that out but hey. I love it all right we’ll listen to Shelly I’m going to put you down into the Green Room I’m going to play our exit video hang on for a second cuz I’d love to take a picture with you at cuz I always have my guest spot light but again thank you for coming on in for everyone is listening I hope you’ve enjoyed how to increase your confidence Christmas clients and cash if you want to learn more and free to put it up cuz I don’t want to get chili off but go to chelley. Which is c h e l l i and she has those free affirmations she has a chance of a way that you can connect with her on her Facebook and she brings so much brilliant and literally you will be blessed by going and being in Charlie’s world so I encourage you to do that so Kay I put Kelly Down Will and again we’ll see you guys.

Mary: On the Brilliant Marketing with Mary show and until then have a blessed week and be brilliant in all you do and we will now play our exit video and here we go.

Mary: Brilliant Ideaa make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 2:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.