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How To Grow A Multi 6 or 7-Figure Biz With A Small Team With Business Strategist Ursula Mentjes

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Mary: I’m content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I’m the founder of another building idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources that Empower them to be bold and stand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized do brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: Hey everybody I’m so excited that you’re here back again with a billion of them are you working show that wasn’t it.

Mary: Is it Brilliant Marketing with Mary show.

Mary: Hey I’m so excited that you’re here today because would you like to grow your business into a multi 6 to 7 figure.

Mary: Very small team.

Mary: Let’s overhead less work more profit fantastic I am so excited to share my guess would be she’s actually a dear friend I want an old friend right cuz we’re not old we’re just dear friends and I we’ve been in the trenches together for years and I’m so honored that she actually had time for me today because she’s super busy Super Famous I’m not busy in a bad way busy making millions of dollars and she’s going to help us learn how to do that as well today so I’ve got some amazing questions for this amazing woman and her beautiful name is Ursula Mendes and she is I may share a little bit about her.

Mary: This is the title of the show but I just thought there might be one person in the universe who doesn’t know who she is but I thought I would read a little better before bear thing her and putting the sunscreen I’m going to read a little bit about her bio because again I have watched her.

Mary: Call a.m. to amazing Heights and she is so generous build to share her on her journey and how she does it so she ever so Mendes is a leading expert on success and business grow and a USA Today best selling author of a pup level now which again brand new book super excited learn about it plus five other non-fiction books no big deal right she is a business I just and coaches coat the works with Audra nurse to double their monthly Revenue in as little as 30 days while working.

Mary: Love that she’s also a keynote speaker and a certified as an MLP which is neuro-linguistic programming coach do the LPN State of California and helps your clients release the limiting beliefs and block that hold them back in their greatest success she has actually been my could before.

Mary: Magical you know that you can change a limiting belief in as little as three simple steps is easy to stay stuck in our comfort zone but that will never allow us to reach the goals we truly desire and we’re going to learn how to break through to the next level with his entertaining expert without further Ado love you bring up my dear friend or slub Mendes. Mary Barnett I’m so excited to hear thanks for not calling me old I love that we are dear dear friends and I’m about to hang out with you anytime and also to connect with your audience today so I’m excited to see where this is going to go that’s awesome I put up your cute little Title Here cute little title but is that a lot and I need to probably stop at my husband says that I shouldn’t say that to men.

Mary: They do not like that you want to tell them no no no.

Ursula: I don’t know what I want to be the opposite of that so I’ll take cute middle today that sounds great I love that like that no no.

Mary: Let’s get into it because Thursday I have so many questions I don’t even know what a terrible friend that you just wrote a new book.

Mary: Tell me what is the book upper level now. Someone said that to me once put it by your face and I believed her so I wrote up a level now right before the pandemic started and it was supposed to come out so then make happen and my book publisher was like the book publishing world is dying or I don’t know there’s everybody was dressed was a terrible time for everybody and the book publishing industry was upside down right so that your ago and you know it’s and I’m sorry that you didn’t see it apparently didn’t put it all over enough and piss it did you well it’s a USA Today best selling books so it’s our best-ever in terms of marketing perspective number one on Amazon in number one on Barnes & Noble which has never happened before. I have all your other books on my bookshelf I merely lined up I bought multiple copies of them to give out as prizes at events and seriously I’m I’m your biggest fan and I wouldn’t do that has no I’ll buy it I’ll just go online and I’ll put the link in the comments so or the description of the show so people can get it.

Ursula: In the hole point no point above sea level now is to make this is what it says on the cover for you and create more peace freedom enjoying your personal and professional life in the whole idea of why you wrote the five others.

Ursula: All the my gosh like I do field my time by my business and the almost two decades of time that I’ve been in business.

Ursula: Most successful is when things were moving when I had momentum when I was in the slow and it’s so easy to fall out of that and and so the idea is just to start to start with one thing right one thing and use this in your case like in for those who hang out with Mary it could be your marketing and by the way that’s a good place to start when we’re in business right like what are marketing to get that momentum going to get something happen because that has a domino effect into the other areas you life and I find it has a domino effect in your personal life as well. They say the object in motion stays in motion. Yeah.

Mary: Famous said that I don’t know.

Mary: Look different than your other books.

Ursula: It has its it has a wider audience right like even if you’re not in business you put this book up and get something out of it but it was it was truly written for business owners or maybe more prescriptive or this is for sales in this for sale or sales goal setting right the blue stone was for you know really working on your limiting beliefs so this one was a little more General but it’s like how to get things moving and I you know what I look.

Ursula: Right after that you know we’re starting to come out of the pandemic was the perfect time to lunch because I think a lot of people.

Ursula: Upside down right in backwards in like who am I and by the way for those business owners who were in business during the pandemic and you’re still in business give yourself a pat on the back. Everybody made it.

Ursula: The people have plans for sure if you were willing to do things differently but also the people that had relationships right like you and I connected during the pandemic I can tell you that relationships from 20 years ago and people that you and I both know in California came out of the woodwork just to be like how can I support you and it was such a great time as business owners support each other how can I keep you in business how are you going to help me stay in business I look back nostalgically but also it was a painful time that I hope we don’t have to live any chance to exactly one thing I’ll be honest with you I’m outside front line appreciation group but we were raising money to pay the restaurant deliver food to Frontline Heroes so please fire Hospital senior homes ambulance driver said it was amazing because I felt so much joy because I work a lot of school so I said hate it can you give extra credit the kids are home anyways to make signs of appreciation and we’ll deliver the. So the hospitals can be lying cuz nobody else to go in be lined with posters it says we love you thank you for you know going to work so we can stay home and I like I said I know I was getting dropped off at my doorstep every day like these child out of the door I mean there was nothing but joy even though he know you said it was.

Mary: One thing that I regret not doing is like everyone I knew was like redoing like reorganizing your kitchen and they are going through their cause they can’t all this extra time I’m like what extra time I’m more busy now than I was before like oh my God which is a great I don’t mean to like sounds like.

Mary: I do like I kind of wish I could go back and say and I guess we all have a choice we can all decide I’m going to take 2 weeks to have a steak.

Mary: Going to get my closet and we can make that choice for not forced to do it right.

Ursula: I have no desire to do any of that like a who could do that, but I guess I got it like I we were busier than ever to we literally burned my old company to the ground feels cook now burn to the ground like if you think about it there’s no seals Personnel that’s how you knew me that’s how our clients newest and I just got really clear that that was not how we.

Ursula: And so that’s why I landed and if it was linked was born during that time which is now being Branch off another things it’s more like that’s the parent company now and there’s other pieces that you’ll see and she’s coming out. We’ll stop for the 4th.

Ursula: But it was to the ground and then we rebuilt the company so fast fast as I could imagine imagine because of some things are going to talk about today that I can help small businesses grow what is the number one secrets of goal-setting that most people don’t know so I would say you had a goal to burn it to the ground and so.

Ursula: And this again I’m sure people are like I’ve heard that before and I get that I’ve heard these things before so the question is am I applying it the question that the realization of do I know something or not is is it working for me so what did I do that.

Ursula: Is around the area of clarity and while we offer.

Ursula: Clear I often find that are.

Ursula: Crystal clear so it’s like there’s Clarity here’s what they want but then it’s like we need to dig in and get Crystal 30 set example of that would be an easy example and where is our clients is a revenue model.

Ursula: You know maybe they are at their first hundred thousand and they’re like I want to hit I want to hit 200 thousand and then I’ll stop them.

Ursula: Cuz I always can tell like it’s not quite there I’m like what do you know what do you really want and this is the piece right it’s going to like the difference between what I think I want and what your true heart’s desire is like I’m a big believer dropping from your head into your heart with what’s my true hearts desire what do I really need much revenue driver.

Ursula: Do not believe the lies that I want for my family but also to fund that nonprofit in your case right to have that the amazing support from a team to do all the things going to do for a client’s what’s that real number because it’s specially for women business owners I know we’re talkin to there’s a lot of guilt and shame around asking for the amount of money that we want to again the number one pick your goal setting got to be crystal clear to be like what is what do I really want and unfortunately a lot of either don’t know cuz we haven’t spend the time or we don’t think we deserve it or we don’t think it’s for us. Wow.

Mary: I’ve been in business for Saturday three decades 34 years I’m only 35 so you know how to reinvent myself multiple times in those thirty-four years pivot our business like right now we’re kind of in that mode because you know people are thinking differently they’re looking at things differently and we had to take our I mean again we’re always have done marketing but how do I do it in a way that people are going to be like oh like you want them to lean in and I’ve noticed that people have been so stressed out for so long it’s like their new Norm I may have lost the ability to be creative or playful in their marketing and so I’m launching into this hole now.

Mary: Of helping people find their inner child again find a way to be more playful enjoy their business and so that’s why I’m so excited we’re talking about this day because I think people I think we were so into the hustle for so.

Mary: Got to keep going, keep going and I think now people are realizing that doesn’t work you know hustling is.

Mary: Bring you out and make you want to give up and.

Mary: Not choose to burn it to the ground but you know end up burning ourselves into the ground so I love that to let me go to the next question that I have for you because of this all comes.

Mary: That’s really small but how do limiting beliefs block us from growing our business and is there an easy way to change a limiting belief belief down because so so once once you have Clarity once you say okay you’re right I really don’t want to just go from 100 to 200,000 a year I want to go from a hundred thousand to 500 thousand a year and once you get clear on that the next thing that pops up typically is a limiting belief or a story that you tell yourself that why you can’t and I want everyone to know is that when you catch a limited for when you catch that story like you hear the story in your head or your like oh my gosh what I’m saying is messed up to celebrate that to really celebrate it because that is that is the bridge to your next level or in our case you’re up level case let me give you an example of a lot like a lot of people in our world there are maybe two hundred thousand hundred thousand secretly. They haven’t told anyone yet they want to be at a half a million so nice and it’s like all right so what do you believe about reaching a half million.

Ursula: And that’s the question I want to ask you something.

Ursula: Reaching whatever number I desire and so many things like it could be a limiting belief that this one of your lot there’s not enough there’s not enough especially ideal clients for me to get there or client or especially for women. It’s going to be worth.

Ursula: I have to like I may be working 10 times as hard as I am now to reach that right because there’s this belief that I have to do all myself so this heat the whole thing is we’ve got to identify the limiting beliefs that showing up now once you do it’s very easy to shift to believe and I spent the last two decades figuring this out so here is here’s my hat because if there’s anything I like about being an option or inside there’s ways to do think if there’s a weighted shortcut something I’m going to do it take the example of.

Ursula: There’s not enough we here. There’s just not enough ideal client for me to hit the school.

Ursula: Beautiful listening audience is ask yourself what are three things that are potentially not true about that limiting belief three things that are potentially not true so let’s say the idea of.

Ursula: One thing that’s not true is 38 billion +.

Ursula: On the planet right now we can’t fathom that amount of people so there’s more like there’s more than enough there so there’s so much opportunity and we did this Rebecca and I did this with a client went to the client from St Paul Minnesota who have this belief that there wasn’t enough and they were in a pretty specialized industry but you know when we even took like.

Ursula: Small quadrant of the Saint Paul metro area.

Ursula: Jennifer International listeners that’s a a city in the state of Minnesota and. Eva.

Ursula: Either they tried to service all the opportunity that was available in that tiny quadrant they would never be able to do it unless they like build franchises or massively increase the size of their business competitors in your industry and look at that right but it’s kind of killing it till you get to the three things that are potentially not true and by the time you get there it’s clear that potentially what you’ve been saying yourself isn’t true and.

Ursula: To get there exists around you right now. Wow.

Ursula: Once you get there the next steps to start to show up like you you’ll get an opportunity that will pop in or an idea here’s the thing though Mary as humans that’s thing that pops in your world is usually something we don’t want to do and usually means we’re going to invest in our business it might mean we have to become more visible it might mean we have to pick up the phone and might even have to talk to more people like it’s usually something that we don’t want to do and that’s where we stopped.

Ursula: Let’s be fair your.

Ursula: And then the rest of us right so maybe that’s why I’m joking cuz it’s people always say oh my gosh you’re so good at that I’m like okay thank you for that compliment and I will like.

Mary: But at the same time we’re all in that same place like we all think I don’t want to annoy people I don’t want to bug him I want to but I’ve learned over the years as you have that we are the answer to someone’s prayer so if we’re not putting it out there and.

Mary: And this is the opportunity to work with us we’re doing ourselves and our purpose at the service because what if we’re not there and someone really needs us.

Mary: You know that’s I mean you have to get it.

Mary: Level that if I don’t offer this.

Mary: You know I and I.

Mary: Give me this talent and if I don’t share it that’s like a that’s like a slap in his face so I feel like you know it’s our it’s important to know that so love that so three things that are potentially not true so is this like a journaling exercise that you have people go through they just write out what these things are yes yes it’s very quickly you’ll see if it’s even better to talk about it afterwards the conscious Minds like yeah that’s not true I see that you two okay that’s awesome.

Mary: The thing I miss is is missing a.

Mary: Is it possible to grow so people tell me that to the economy is bad and you know the first thing that usually goes is marketing right so you can think you know all my God am I going to survive so is it possible to scale and grow your business in Ann Arbor.

Ursula: Business ever during a difficult quote on quote difficult because what is that right through the last Great Recession I’m still in California I remember a lot of his own his own real estate at the time we’re playing we are paying 6 mortgages in one month so that’s when I started teaching the three days sailing with intention intensive course so back in the day and it was $1,000 a person which I could have believed that no one had the money to pay it but you know what people showed up and God bless Michelle Steele’s in the guy remember that right.

Ursula: Sponsored the space and then I promoted you know their organization we had the long-term relationships that hurt my business during like one of the most difficult time.

Ursula: Mystery in my life at cetera and a lot of small businesses we’re leaving at the time I remember I do remember this. I had a lot of friends and be and I at the time shout out to be.

Ursula: And they also have these buttons already said I’m not participating in the recession yes because it’s a choice so fast forward if you made it here’s the thing if you made it and or thrive.

Ursula: I don’t know that I mean I don’t I don’t you always I’m always afraid to say things out loud right like I don’t even know that a recession was as bad as the pain..

Ursula: Is that what people literally couldn’t do business and had to figure out how to do business like we had all of our live events planned for the rest of the year in price and live in person first move to Doom which.

Ursula: Was a big deal that I don’t even know if you was in route to the purchase stock and zoom by the way the best training class B was making like 97 bucks a pop and.

Mary: You know video how to wear to click where to put your bike oh my gosh this girl is really end up being the best time ever in our client end up having some of their best years ever in business why because we told him to stay right here get off get off the internet stop watching the news..

Ursula: Feeding your brain right and said feed your brain that has to be the best time ever to be in business and so hilarious I think like for the last year-and-a-half right if you’ve been hearing any of the news or whatever they’re like we’re in a recession.

Ursula: Maybe we have high inflation for sure eggs cost a lot of money in that stinks for a lot of people I get that but I mean has it affected business.

Ursula: We can really pivot know this should be the best time ever to be in business and I would really shift that belief like even if things get I mean we’re going to be coming into an election year and who knows what that’s going to be like always say it smells.

Ursula: Stay focused on your goal he can stay focused on your vehicle if you can blast through the limiting belief that it’s not a good time to be in business put aside and just focus on you your business and serving your client right green but you got to stay in here you can’t be like listening to.

Ursula: Negative stuff yeah yeah I agree staying here.

Mary: Time expand right cuz you might beat me like that lady whose popularity Zoom obviously that’s short-lived every near knows how to do that now but yeah.

Mary: I want you to tell us.

Mary: A client success story because I know that you have I mean you’ve had a lot of success stories but I also because we’re talking.

Mary: Business with a small team what would be the number one secret wish you know that.

Mary: At all compared with no..

I’m very interested in this myself. Well it’s time to the team so.

Ursula: It’s not a it’s not a big team you do not need.

Ursula: How to grout tile give me example we have one client who grew from $1,000 a month should have product based company to 3 million in annual sale so yeah multi multi Millions with your W-2 employees may be one contractor and a little bit of marketing help if that she work from 10 to 2 every single day and you know she’s a great example I I will say this though I’ve had I had another client years ago since years pass before the pandemic all the things and she grew her company to 10 people and was about just under seven figures she was at some point she didn’t need 10 people and what she said to me was it was more like this goal of serving Eagle Bay school if I can’t wait to have 10 people on my team is going to mean that we’ve made it very expensive and she is either my people said that she really cut back to a bunch of people off and realize that she could she can still grow with a small team and so especially I think for women business owners are supposed to believe that you would like when we say. Team were talking about five or more people most of our clients have 7-figure business is have one to two employees and sometimes just they’re just contractors and in it you know it’s a personal decision some for some one client who service-based business had a lot of contractors it made sense for her to move her three full-time contractors to W2 because it was more cost-effective for her company that’s not really true for everyone she was just happier in the the service space and needed people to deliver so again I just want to blast that believe that to scale the business that you need a big team you don’t in fact what you do need is the other part of the secret.

Ursula: A small.

Ursula: That’s very well trained and in fact like this is their dream job which is very possible like working for you searching job and then it’s about fine-tuning your systems and processes so that the company can almost read itself that’s what you want to do right is so like when something like whatever something Swanky in our company or something soft my first question is you know is there a we missing a processor like is there something that needs to be put in place this doesn’t keep happening and you know there’s a quick fix and easy to go through that yeah that’s awesome yeah it’s over the years been growing my team but they’re all virtual now office in the cubicles and networked computers only going to stop and now people actually prefer if and if they’re really good at what they do they’re not just helping me they’re helping other people as well and I know that they are laser focused on their skill and Alan and so I can you know if it’s more bang for my back because I know they’re really good and they’re doing they’re staying in their Lane and they’re helping me so yeah yeah. It’s possible and you also get to meet the most amazing people who bring their back to you when you have to have instead of doing it all yourself for sure in terms of like this they’re doing this one thing really really well for your company and sometimes it makes sense to hire a company like yours for example that delivers a marketing service versus a person right so you also got to look at do I need a vendor or no company to work with or could one person do this or white person who’s may be managing that relationship right right yeah and and do you also.

Mary: You don’t that’s fine do you have anything in your book that helps people learn how to system eyes or create procedures for their business to help them.

Ursula: A little bit yes there’s a bit about the business it’s not a ton in a little bit about team as well so yeah thanks for asking yeah cuz I think that’s the thing some people like okay that’s awesome.

Ursula: How do I do that so that might be another book you could write is how to take you know you bring your business the ground you build it back up I’m sure you’ve documented it.

Ursula: The next book yeah it is.

Ursula: Are you hurting your friend. Yeah and. Simple thing here to hear it look like I feel.

Ursula: What exercises to do with our clients that Rebecca Hall has brought that she brings to the team is the order and it’s like from start to finish like wood someone purchase something from the very beginning right and then what funnels did they come through how did they find you to sail and then where do they go after that because of course we want them to come back as a client so it’s like step-by-step and within every single part of walking the order what’s what needs to be in place so that it’s seamless right so that it’s just easy for that person to make it easy for people to buy from you how do you make it easy to deliver your product or service how do you make it easy so they stay with you how do you make it easy so they come back and those are the keys in the other tester that Mary we would plan do this right now actually. The test of that is if I left for a month.

Ursula: Anthony still be successful in running a profitable sweet look like.

Ursula: Who has grown a very successful almost 7-figure business and it took a long time to hire to the very long time to hire was kind of like doing all the things you know things finally hired a part-time person and I was going to hire a full-time person so that the goal is by July 1st can leave for an entire month so that’s another way to reverse-engineer right and Adam.

Ursula: And who would need to be in place for me to leave for an entire month and so that my company would right itself essentially I love that okay so here’s another journaling exercise yeah like going through everything and something I learned also when I start hiring my VA this wonderful woman I don’t know if you know her Jen later she has it’s coming called front row seat yell and she teaches you how to hire va’s in a way that you there doing what you need to do and you could try it back anyways but on the same note is every time you have to do something turn on loom or Renee.

Mary: Are screen recording software and she says record what you do.

Mary: People. You don’t have to be on screen but you’re like okay then I do this and I do this is how I send the newsletter send a text that decide whatever on your busy documenting it and so when you.

Mary: Okay here’s how I do these items allergy with watch the video and then come back and ask you questions but you’re basically creating a system for your your vendors or your staff or whatever team and I thought.

Mary: Oh and then if I realized that they’d found a new way of doing something or better way of doing it they could record a loom and say hey this is a new Twist on what you been doing and so we can get better and better and better cuz I think that if we don’t live in a silo we need a team to help it up level up that is for sure next week.

Ursula: Document everything yeah yeah you said you have what I’m so sorry.

Ursula: Like so it’s so that if they left some date but not the question we ask them is like if you left some day with them to be able to step into your job what would they have to know what would have to be documented I love that well obviously everyone needs to buy this stuck-up level now.

Mary: You always have now in a lot of USB sales right sale.

Mary: Why do you put now and everything is a great question because I think it’s entrepreneurs we can be real we can be such great.

Ursula: Procrastinators and I don’t mean that in a bad way just there’s a lot going on lot of us have a little bit ADD ADHD right and shiny objects plus so what do I need to do now or today and that’s one of things that you know we work with our clients on this well is to have an ongoing to do list not a journal let me go right there to do in a journal and then they just get lost I’m a big believer and I’ll show you the paper out and yeah my girlfriend my twin Jenise gave this to me years ago I love it and it’s a run.

Ursula: So the beginning of every day and make sure you look at your list and you do a couple things either you pick out your Genius things like this is what I have to do which for me is like this you know the podcast write meeting my team I’m writing you know just like a handful of things that are good for me to be dying and then if its delegated right someone else should be doing it or delete it because maybe no one should be doing this thing that’s on my list Doritos make sense for the company Moore’s to do a delegator delete it and the day list now I’m one of my favorite books of all time. When my favorite authors are mentors Brian Tracy wrote eat that frog right and yellow.

Ursula: Whoever right cuz he says you got to do the things that you don’t want to do first right so look at that list and save yourself like to do that but I know it needs to get done writing marketing copy I love doing it but I just getting started assignments like oh my gosh so I give myself a little timer so I get it done but just using a list your productivity goes up 25% more likely to do it now do it now or delete it I love the bees.

Mary: Oh my god listen.

Mary: You always have a big thing cuz you’re amazing and I’m so excited I know what school is I mean you left us here in California.

Mary: You like once your family you live your best life you’re raising your.

Mary: Like new your family farm and you going to be with your mom and your family I just love that you did that you made a choice. You made a choice to live your best life how you wanted to live it and I think you’re.

Mary: And you were worried like it wouldn’t cuz you had you everything here in California can you leave us with that thought is is how to how to. Decide to up-level.

Mary: And.

Mary: Like advice in regards to how you did.

Ursula: Thanks for recognizing that cuz it was so it was a hard it was like we like in California and at the same time when she had her son was like okay and also there was an earthquake I do remember that like I remember stuff like that was a time when there was a little bit of an earthquake and we go with the baby tiny baby and I thought I don’t I can’t do this anymore so little bit but we did make a decision and I remember someone telling me they’re like you know y’all can have the same business there that you have here in California like you’re just your you’re mentioned in California I was like yeah well I’m not anymore so I have to come go away but I did make the decision and assembly is Mary that was like someone light a fire under my butt to say you can’t so I was like okay that’s great I need a little bit of a challenge and thanks to the move and really also the pandemic I have to say you know there’s always good in the darkness that’s good. Really shine through for me I mean it’s God’s hand of God pushing us like it wasn’t even a question where was like get your butts back to Minnesota.. And because of that we were so blessed in fact I remembered.

Ursula: Ran into you in person you know the story but it’s in the police down jennise and I were out to dinner when I start my twin my good friend needs go out to dinner tonight in Laguna Beach and we ran into Joel Osteen and I just ain’t been listening to him he been in my heart a lot and one of the things he talked about was before I move he talked a lot about and you probably know better than I do but I want to mess this up if there’s a verse in the Bible that talks about there’s.

Ursula: A place that you’re supposed to be right and for us it was Minnesota and I took so much.

Ursula: In that cuz I I said that the time I’m like we’re supposed I knew we’re going to be blasted Minnesota we’ve been blessed beyond belief and so that’s what I want to share with everyone there’s probably a place that you’re being called you and it is exactly where you are right now you’re being blessed with you feel like you’re getting a little bit of that push you’re probably being called Somewhere Else where you will beat you will feel more grounded you will be blessed in ways you can’t even imagine so that’s I love that have to be a physical place.

Mary: Open a new line of line of products or services or programs or something that you went and I always say that to like Lord if this is not what you want close.

Mary: Dial window that I can jump out of. He’s a big mattress and plus but it’s true like I think a lot of times like throughout my business lies there’s been a lot of times where door is kept reading and I was like what the heck you know and then all of a sudden on the other side of it you look back and go oh.

Mary: That’s why I owe and you just have to kind of go with it and I’m so proud of you.

Mary: Pigging out leaving and taking the leap to making your business because you know why you.

Mary: Cuz you have built.

Mary: More people so again I’m going to be putting.

Mary: Something that I your assistant sent me that you wanted.

Mary: Our listening audience there with that a gift that you had to share that expansion masterclass it’s a three-part course is 3 hours and I know Mario be showing the link with them and it’s an opportunity for you to do three things one get really clear on your new Revenue model what you talked about today then get ready on your like what you need to ship with your packages and your pricing and you know we had a little bit into even your marketing like how do you spend your marketing how do you hire a company like Mary’s right to really help you see where to go next with your marketing and then the last for the class is all about collapsing time if you could get there faster what would that look like so we talked about how to really speed it up to change your goals in record time I love that so I’m going to put on here this is your free gift and I was so generous of you thank you so much.

Mary: So this is what I will be putting into the comments that you have a link and you can get this and I love that thank you are so that is so awesome and I know that will help our listening audience get to their big their next level at least I was buying your book which you know I’m excited about so thank you so much for.

Mary: And we’ll definitely have to catch up and do like a wine Zoom call or something or every Thursday at 2 at 12:30 p.m. for the next brilliant marketing with Mary show and until then I will say do and thank you again for your time or so I love you thank you bye. All right everybody so thank you for joining us as an Ursula apps.

Mary: I’m so we are going to end now but again I look forward to seeing you every Thursday and if you have any questions please put it in the comments below and if this content has helped you in any way please sprinkle it on your community I’d really appreciate that without further Ado will see you next week.

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