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How To Get Past Imposter Syndrome And Gain Visibility With Visibility Strategist Kelli Komondor

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Mary: Hey hey hey and welcome to the brilliant brilliant marketing set with Mary and I am Mary or mobile Mary and today is going to be a super exciting show and by the way happy New Year can you believe it’s 2024 what the heck we’re going to do more be more.

Mary: Add more.

Mary: 2024 y’all those all those Rhymes. How to get past imposter syndrome and gain visibility with a leading expert I’m super excited she’s a new friend and she’s actually really and I I only interview brilliant people on the show so I’m super thrilled that they introduced her to you but before we do that I want to make sure to invite you to my free Facebook I called the marketing innovators playground I’ll put the link in the in the comments but it’s a super fun place to find innovative ways to help Mark at your company cuz we’re all about creating fun to attract your ideal client so I hope that you will join me inside their butt again today show is so exciting because.

Mary: I’ll have imposter syndrome sometimes we don’t even recognize and I’m going to share a story today about it happened to me and I’ve actually been in business for 35 years do you think I’d be over myself by now but no it creeps back in and so our expert today Kelly she is going to be able to share with us how to get over yourself right and gain more visibility in your business I think maybe one person the world doesn’t know who she is so I thought I would read us little short intro.

Mary: You know who you’re dealing with guys really it’s she’s going to blow your socks off Kelly, Commodore is a visit is a visibility strategist speaker and best-selling author yes and her company tape to creative strategies her mission is to empower and Elevate ambitious professionals including solo panniers entrepreneurs authors koecher coaches and speakers and without further Ado let’s bring her up yay.

Kelli: Fabulous thank you Mary I love having new friends and happy New Year to you too thank you so much I just becoming seriously I can remember thinking I do it’ll never be 2020 I mean 2000. And then there’s Dallas 2024 what the heck.

Mary: Not well that shows that we have staying power right and we’ve been around and we’re survivors so.

Mary: But like I said we’re good we talking today about.

Mary: Syndrome and tell me a little bit about what you what your definition of imposter syndrome is.

Kelli: Give me.

Kelli: Yes, I do know I didn’t know what imposter syndrome was until probably about I want to say 2005 I was working at a local business newspaper here in Pittsburgh I live in Pittsburgh.

Kelli: I myself always saying like why are they giving me this raise or you know I’m getting a job title change a promotion why you know what are they going to figure me out when are they going to figure out that like I don’t deserve any of this I’m serious right you know you have a posture syndrome.

Kelli: Somebody to posture she goes no imposter syndrome and then she explained to me that it’s when you do have knowledge and know-how and you do really well at your job or in life and generally there’s a lot of mothers that say that they have imposter syndrome as a mother I started this path of like trying to figure out why do why do I have this what.

Kelli: And how can I help other people overcome these feelings and that’s how I got to where I am today.

Mary: Well it’s interesting you had made this comment I thought this was kind of cool and your brilliant marketing share that high fever struggle with imposter syndrome which affects their visibility in the marketplace what do you mean by that.

Kelli: If you were struggling with imposter syndrome you’re not putting yourself out there.

Kelli: You know what I always say it’s waiting to be tapped instead of putting yourself out there for your speaker to have an opportunity to speak if you’re an author maybe you there’s an article that you can write for really big publication and you know you can do it but you’re fearful that you’re going to be questioned or that you’re going to apply and not get the the position or not get the article or whatever right it kind of sit back and wait for people to tap them and say like hey do you do this or hey is this something in your real house because they’re still afraid of putting themselves out there to rejection.

Kelli: Is it whenever I worked in the place that I was working at where I was told I had imposter syndrome I would eat lunch in my car for like the first couple of months because I didn’t want to be sitting in the kitchen because I overheard conversations people talking about their college degrees I don’t have a college degree and other jobs when I was so fearful that they’re going to ask me about that stuff that I sat in my car and I ate lunch there for probably a good month before I really started to feel comfortable talking to people it’s it’s terrible it’s terrible having a lot of men have this issue either for some reason they’re born with a confidence that yeah I deserve this yeah I should do it like walking around a movie but I think it happens to everyone and it’s not like just for people who are new in business like I I just celebrated my 35th Anniversary in business and as I said I’m only 36.

Mary: I know I was a go-getter can ride out of the way right now.

Mary: Sharing with you off screen that this happen to me recently where you think I would have gotten over myself by now I went to a conference in Nashville there was like two thousand women certified women-owned business owners there was for the National Organization for that it’s called we Bank.

Mary: I am not a shy person I am literally the most like you look at the extrovert in my pictures next in the dictionary I love pee by loving and crowds I love being on stage like I dig on that but.

Mary: And I also was looking on going I am not worthy to be here I and I wasn’t even like.

Mary: Feelings inside me I just.

Mary: Overwhelmed where should I don’t normally I mean that’s like not me so I remember like find me an excuse to go back to my room. Like I don’t.

Mary: What am I go to the bathroom like I have to go the bathroom and I remember hiding out so I found things to do where I should have paid a lot of money to get that conference I should be.

Mary: All the things right.

Mary: Call from a gentleman it was on one of my with the present American Marketing Association here locally and he calls me for a referral to something and so we start talking and doesn’t what are you doing why what are you why are you sitting in the room while I just feel and he was like oh my God Mary you have imposter syndrome.

Mary: Yes you did now you stop it he says you smack yourself around and you get your butt out there to the conference I was like.

Mary: Through many he’s right yes so are you heard about I’m sorry.

Mary: Tell me like how it’s someone recognizes and themselves maybe that’s why they’re not sharing what their accomplishments on social media or not putting himself out there an email or anything like reach out and tell me what they do how do they get over it you’re the expert in this what should people do it’s not easy and it’s funny because you mentioned about men as opposed to women with imposter syndrome right and there’s a statistic and I don’t know the exact numbers but it’s close to this if you’re applying for a job is a female and you.

Kelli: Company website say and qualifications they have listed if a woman cannot check off all 10 she will not apply for that position a man.

Kelli: A man only needs to check off between 4:00 and 6 and they will still go for the position how does it look that up and get you the exact statistic yes because women feel if they can’t check every box are not worthy they can check every box are going to be questioned and he had met her just like I can apply for this job I have half half of what they’re looking for there’s a lot of famous men who have said they have imposter syndrome Tom Hanks has one Mark Cuban is one there’s a lot of famous men who have admitted to having imposter syndrome wow.

Kelli: Topic of your question but I wanted to make sure that I remember to tell you that because I think that is such a mind-blowing statistic is crazy that that is nuts will they this isn’t that your brilliant marketing size is that true storytelling from the heart allows others to relate to you is this a strategy to help get over.

Kelli: One of mine yet yes it’s one of mine I’m I actually do a 90-minute workshop that I talk to people about imposter syndrome I have a workbook and you know how our point it’s the whole nine yards of what people really enjoy about it whenever I get the surveys back and people make comments and give me referrals is that I tell true life story I talk about sitting in my car and eating my lunch you know I talk from the heart and I tell people that it’s okay to feel this way but you can’t let it hold you back I think there is imposter syndrome everyday the crazy thing is I had a friend who was an old client I work with are I first started my business who actually called me this morning and went to start working with me again and I kind of Hit the panic button and I was like why does she want to work with me again what’s happening like nothing bad happened she went a different way I want a different way and now she’s been seeing my stuff on social media she’s been following me.

Kelli: Like we did two years ago right before my head was why does she want to work with me.

Kelli: Because she knows I can help her it is the it is the worst feeling in the world oh my God.

Mary: Every time someone says I need to talk I think like.

Mary: Elementary School where I’m being called to the principal’s office and I’m like why.

Mary: Great results are always praising me but one email or text it says we need to talk I think like what the heck is that.

Kelli: Is all the time I mean even you like like I was saying going for a job going for a raise going for a promotion all that stuff we second-guess ourselves because we are so fearful that we don’t have what it takes when we have proven to ourselves and to our clients and our family and our friends and our colleagues over and over and over again that we do have what it takes were in the positions were in because we worked hard and that’s how we got there right wow.

Mary: I mean like.

Kelli: Kinds of stuff like we know my name is now I know you’re not and we need like 90 minutes I mean there’s imposter personalities there’s three different things like that could have happened when you were a child that led your posture syndrome like there’s so much in this and like I tell people all the time I don’t claim to be you know a doctor or a shrink or whatever but I’ve done my research and I have facts that I share with people and that’s what people thought we talked about like heart-centered storytelling they want facts and they want to know who you are and who you truly are inside of that you care about their success oh okay well you got me on to things I’m interested what are the five different personalities and one of the three things are happening in childhood can you I know where like have a limited time that is there can you go to the free I’ll do the 3 childhood about things cuz there’s there’s different there’s different ways of looking at it but there is there’s 11 buckets as you’re the person that everything has come to you very easily so you are like the Superstar you’re the gold star 8th. So whenever you becoming a dog if everything doesn’t come to you that easily that you automatically think that you’re an imposter you don’t deserve this that you know if you have to work really hard to get somewhere and you didn’t the child as you were just brilliant straight-A student gifted program you tend to think that okay bye I don’t deserve this job I shouldn’t be in this position because I have to really work hard to learn this stuff and today.

Kelli: There’s the unsupported person and that’s the person that makes me so sad it’s the person who might have done well in school or in sports or whatever but never had anybody to be there cheerleader so they feel funny celebrating successes because either they didn’t have a parental figure or maybe teachers or a coach or somebody like that who were able to celebrate and tell them.

Kelli: Celebrate whenever you do well. So that’s another one is.

Kelli: The person that that whenever they do work hard they still need more understanding so takes a little bit of time you know you might not have been the straight-A student but as you were and you gain more knowledge than that kind of set you back because you feel like you should have known all that from the beginning it’s it’s complicated it’s a horrible thing I know it’s a whole thing and it is funny as most people can identify with one but I’ve had people in my work.

Kelli: If I was more than one I was I was.

Kelli: Straight A student write out whenever I go to work and I’m given a new project and I need help with it I feel like an imposter because I should just know this off the top of my head right while that is wild wow okay so where can people I mean I want you to email me the link but I would love to share with people who want to sign up for your work.

Kelli: Fascinating yeah I do virtual I do in person and the ice into work books out and it’s very open I do to breakout sessions which really gets people to you know communicate with each other you find a large group so they do better in a smaller group right I will definitely send you the links okay say what it is right now verbally so if it’s been listening to podcast this over the weekend. Calm and then under speaking.

Mary: All right well you’ll send me the link and I’ll put it in the show now so again if anyone is interested in that make sure you comment in the comments.

Mary: Make sure that you get that he has Kelly seriously that is going to save so many people so much heartache because I think that we need to Value ourselves.

Mary: Syrians and you know stuff into.

Mary: Show me how you say all the time is that we are an answer to someone’s prayer you never know right.

Mary: What we’re doing and if we are not visible why we’re not putting ourselves out there telling our stories sharing their experiences we don’t know like if some.

Mary: Berlin social media or get our email or they’re searching online and they’re like oh my gosh this is exact.

Mary: Or if you don’t put it out there how do you find you never I can keep that light under a bushel and it’s the waiting to be tapped.

Kelli: And you expect people to just come to you and that’s not going to happen you need to get that visibility for yourself I love that I love that will Kelly thank you so much for the end of our show I want to make sure everybody knows how to get a hold of you here is the website here K2 creative I’m and go under story to get link to that I worked up I think that’s awesome and land and on social media how can I teach you what is your favorite social media and you’re really getting into Instagram.

Kelli: Enjoy doing Instagram so it’s just at K2 creative LLC on Instagram I loved it awesome okay well I’ll make sure to put that in the notes as well so Kelly was such a pleasure getting to know you and what a blessing you are to world and I’m happy 2020 for me it exceeds your dreams may you be blessed abundantly and all you do and I’m looking forward to meeting you in person someday which is absolutely will what will crisscross the coast I love that alright cool so listen everyone will this is the first show of 2024 look for us every Tuesday at 12:30 Pacific seemed at that time same bat Channel and I remember.

Mary: In all you do have a great day bye.

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