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How To Forecast Marketing Trends With Content Creator Joie Gharrity

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Mary: I’m content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I’m the founder of Another Brilliant Idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources and Empower them to be bold and stand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized do brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: Play everybody and welcome to the new brilliant marketing with Mary show I’m so excited to be on Joey’s new livestream Network and I’m thrilled that today is the day that I get to have her on the show because we are going through some amazing topics I’m so excited to have our new network and I’ll bring you all the Brilliance that you deserve so I heard you to come back every week we’re going to be launching these on Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific 2:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m. us Central.

Mary: At 3:30 Eastern yes and today’s topic is how to forecast marketing Trends and my guest Joey Garrity is the founder of Joey g113 and she’s a brand consultant personal development coach author life dreamhouse podcaster International speaker but most importantly I’m honored that she is my friend Siri.

Mary: Recently if I could see.

Mary: The Superstar women Network media networks and the me network is unique because each live streaming podcast Host this is a woman entrepreneur who is an expert in their field to provide tools tips products and services that include Business Health fashion well Beauty and spirituality exclusively for women entrepreneurs looking to incorporate more ease and Grace in there. Merry Christmas and professional Lifestyle the meeting at work has been picked up by a Los angeles-based agency electric ask media and without further Ado I’m going to bring Josie on cuz I’m so excited to have you with us today so here’s Joey. Right on cue that’s awesome sister.

Mary: You for being on the show I really appreciate it and as I was saying I’ve been doing live streams for years and I was so honored that you asked me to be I’m on your under new network tell me a little bit more about the networking what’s you’re officially launching in 2023 so it’s all about.

Joie: Supporting other Superstar women entrepreneurs out there right and like yourself I’ve been identified I’ve been watching people for the last couple years and I’ve been identifying talent that I was like to be perfect for the network and you’re one of them and what I love about it is that it’s all about helping women entrepreneurs out there that five more ease and Grace both in the personal profession lifestyle.

Joie: As for myself I know that.

Joie: Start looking for like information here information there and it gets all kind of wonky and so the Network’s going to be connecting the dots for them out there.

Mary: I think wonky is a technical term is not corrected.

Mary: We’ve known each other for You lyrics.

Mary: I know it’s so cool it’s so I’m so excited to be meeting and having the other guest on my show as well so I would like to do something kind of cool about your network in your brand did you been assuring with the the new hostesses as you’ve been telling us is that we’re going to be sharing a certain kinds of Mark our knowledge and our field which obviously – marketing but also what are guess.

Mary: Right and so I have a couple things that I wanted to I don’t know if you want to get into your topic which today again is.

Mary: Marketing forecast so here we are we’re just realize there you go how the forecast marketing Trends with Joey Garrity and don’t know if you want to get into this or should we do the brilliant marketing share first I was super flea market Easter first it’s fun very cool all right.

Mary: Talk about this directly I want to just talk about how live streaming / podcast because essentially they’re they’re going to be the same.

Joie: Always be the audio podcast but live streamers are now it’s easier just to scrape your podcast and so now you have repurpose content which you and I love right there doesn’t know what the word scrap mean so what do you mean you’re sure so it’s just taking the audio file and then just repurposing it for your podcast just need to make sure that you have an intro and you have an exit so we on the network we use intro an exit bumper videos so you don’t have to edit anymore but it’s a great friend right now because just like podcast last couple years have exploded out there in the marketplace I predict that live streams going to explode and.

Joie: I will because it’s a video component where big Brands can also come on board and you can sell organically.

Mary: Awesome and so that’s kind of part of your philosophy in your strategy in regards to the network I’m is that you mention the word sell that each lifestreams should have a monetization component to it and so I think that is so important in fact I don’t know if this is the right time to share So based on Joey’s recommendation.

Mary: Open live streaming gosh over 4 years now and some things that have really helped me out I thought I would share with the audience here so if I could see if I can make them look nicer.

Mary: It looks nice I like this microphone this is the microphone that I’m using so it has this really cool little pad you’re right so you don’t hear that.

Mary: But that’s what it looks like in the picture so if you don’t have a USB microphone and you’re wanting to do a podcast real live stream please invest in the seriously this is $14.99 a my client I literally mail one of these to them saying okay that you can do it plugs right into your computer with a USB and it is so handy and makes you sound Crystal Clear what kind of microphone do you use Joey.

Joie: What is it again it’s the.

Joie: Ross Brand told me to get.

Joie: It’s it’s this one yeah yeah yeah blue or something it’s really expensive I think it was like 50 or 60 bucks but.

Mary: Mastic and it’s no 1499 I’m just saying.

Joie: It really is Emily she’s so brilliant because he also knows like where the deals are.

Mary: And I just realized I was going to share so I just have three today but the other one is this selfie like when.

Mary: It’s about this big but it’s big enough that it lights up your whole face if you don’t have a lot of weird shadows you can also put your iPhone in the middle of it and it’s also so cheap 2999 like really 30 bucks and he has a little clicker on it so if you wanted to take selfies you can step back and yoga pose and look really cute not do all that kind of Lifestyle sauce especially with my second book that just dropped and things like that yeah.

Mary: Your story okay so I’m going to share those really quick too because you are now a two-time author right you just have to bust this is the first book when we first met the red carpet guy to visibility and influence that you spoke at a woman’s brain of Robbie modders a women’s event and this is the book that I bought from you because I thought you were so cool and this is seriously like exercise.

Mary: Whatever we met ya Robbie’s awesome after Lover. Going to be in one of her Club recent books about so this is that again I know that link is in here but I would definitely put it in the comments and then the other book that you wrote which is just came out right Superstar how to expand your love capacity now tell me a little bit about this because.

Mary: I didn’t know how they tell me more about how they connect that the bigger superstar has been downloaded to me and it’s basically the real reason I worked in the observing Superstars and how they really get what they want is a just have this incredible capacity to take a mass men’s Love Money business opportunities Mansions whatever it is just love right everything just love right into it and so this book doubles as a guidebook and so it’s really about growing your inner capacity to take a massive amounts of love so as you get on the red carpet and these are just as.

Joie: I’m don’t care about People magazine I don’t care about any of that I believe.

Joie: Is our Birthright to.

Joie: Gifts and talents with the world and we’re all a child of the Divine and therefore you are automatically Superstar I also.

Joie: Is your Birthright to gain as much visibility influences you want out there cuz it’s directly linked to your earning power but as you’re doing that you definitely want to be growing your your love pasta Grand Canyon level so that you can it be able to handle all the love that’s coming at use this specifically when you get that kind of visibility out there that’s awesome so kind of the Imposter syndrome helps you kind of get over yourself yeah.

Joie: How many people in there that like this does not.

Joie: In Hollywood I didn’t know for a long time I mean it was fun is great after credits and all that stuff right but I didn’t understand for a while why was really there and then when it was downloaded one of my friends and I was asked.

Joie: I’m like what’s life really all about it was very blue and so memory after memory started downloading and I started connecting the dots and I was like oh it’s to bring it to the masses I know that I know that a majority of mass people out they’re asking why am I not getting what I want and I’m like the Divine want you to have what you want like it’s your Birthright.

Joie: It’s just you have to be able to allow you have to be able to allow us to even accept it and think about it in terms of love notes.

Joie: Sending you love notes do you use. Ability to allow receiving accept love notes. So it cuz.

Joie: Stronger sales people say I want a mansion for instance and then they’re in there like it’s being ladies this morning clean right I want you to have that so.

Joie: And I’m like so right now someone walked up to you right this second and they poured.

Joie: Love notes on you could you allow receiving accept that.

Joie: I said so see where you’re at right now and build your muscle to be able to accept a million love knows because money is just love the Giant.

Mary: Right.

Mary: That’s awesome okay.

Mary: Show is you’re going to give a brilliant marketing Debbie this is brilliant marketing with Mary and so this is the other ship that you shared which I love I’m so tell me a little bit more about about face recognition the marketplace yeso face recognition so I predict that as a live streamer or anyone out there that says solopreneur is that you have an opportunity to be your own reality star but I don’t want you to think about it in terms of in terms of tradition.

Joie: What do you think about it in terms of face recognition so as your bill.

Joie: Find out their particular in LifeStream what you doing is your you’re putting your face recognition out there so people I have literally Mary walked into rooms where I didn’t know anyone and someone walked up to me and said I know who you are is this because you can see.

Joie: Play MercyMe and so it’s just it’s a great way and I have a particularly women will say to me while I don’t like the way I look nothing like first. With that.

Joie: You are.

Joie: Beautiful both inside and out because you are a child of the Divine.

Mary: Right In His Image so we are like wow.

Joie: Really that you’re gorgeous you and your hot that’s why I tell women all the time and I said so let’s let the marketplace love on you.

Joie: I love capacity because it can feel very uncomfortable at first but what time will be more comfortable. I love that.

Mary: The Nuggets that I like to share is that was a brilliant one right there I mean that’s absolutely brilliant is that we just have to learn how to accept it and say thank you remember my mom would tell me when someone gives you a couple minutes like giving you a gift and if you say oh no you know that that’s like taking that gift throwing it on the ground and stomping on it and I know she like then all I have to do is say thank you don’t need to say anything like I received it or not speeding me weird you going to say thank you and that’s like they just giving you a gift and you’re grateful for it or something else that you mentioned.

Mary: Is triggered in my mind is when you said when people say oh I don’t look good I don’t want to whatever I remember there was a time when my kids are really small and I would never be in a picture of that because I was even really happy I was going through.

Mary: And my husband said to me one day you know if you died today your kids would not.

Mary: Pictures and they’re so small that they built your memory will fade and they’ll be no record of you and I was like with them you know I was like oh my God that moment.

Mary: I don’t care how I look.

Mary: Do the same thing with live streaming is that people you know we’re all a work in progress and so you will dress just like the damn wearing my computer glasses and you can see the blue this isn’t typically what I would wear in a live show so I’m noticing but that’s okay I love this trend around life to me because you it really helps you to know they self on a deeper level and then just just like yourself but you’re just being yourself like this is this is how I look this is my hair this is my skin this is but also to it allows the marketplace to emotionally connect with you and also to it allows Marketplace to have a slice into like your unique point of view.

Mary: I love that cuz you’re letting your bro.

Mary: Right now so I’m actually I’m doing the show little bit on the Fly because of my very first one so I’m actually pretty.

Mary: That as my mark.

Mary: Mary said today is that you need a ride.

Mary: Lily and shine through because I’ve always said you’re the answer to someone’s prayer and if you’re not out there you know promoting it right b a.

Mary: Sad face recognition that the person who’s out there whatever when someone really needs you they’re not going to find you you’re really keeping that light under a bushel like that old song we had so it you owe it.

Mary: Audience you owe it to the people who.

Mary: Out there looking for the solution that you provide to show up to be there.

Mary: They need you you they can reach out and get you so if you don’t get.

Mary: Then reach out and hire you right and if you don’t let your brilliant sent through it doesn’t matter just remember this is just a shell and everything that comes from inside is going to magnetize your people that you want to work with to you and they will they will see you as you mentioned Billy that your authentic self will be tracking the so if you try to fake it you’re going to attract people you don’t want to work.

Mary: What you want to attract people that that are perfect match with you energetic Lee and yeah I really really would love to see every woman on.

Joie: Livestream Tran.

Joie: We want to encourage him because it’s a bigger bigger picture we all want a seat at this table right now you don’t want me DIA.

Joie: Media was mostly male-dominated we want we have an opportunity to jump into this and have a really really really big table.

Mary: Either pull your seat up to it or build your own damn table and every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific I want to know if I want people to know that there’s going to be value in the marketing I’m sorry the brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: The new name as a ruby talking about how do you make I catching memes how to write scroll stopping copy how to take thumb stopping photos how to bat social media content forecast marketing trends like we’re doing today in fact we need to get on that I want to hear about some transitional as we’ve been having so much fun talking we haven’t talked about that but in future weeks we’ll be talking about supercharging your email open rate smashing with videos how to be bold and say yes to public speaking how to build a buzzworthy Client List how to create a PR action plan and how to find the missing piece in your marketing strategies you can attract those ideal client so I’m excited about all those shows to come up but before we finish I would like to talk about what this show is actually about what do you see as the Trans Am coming for 2023 live stream.

Joie: Live stream live stream now you can see it.

Joie: Cuz you can see even think they already knew were like news now they have live up in the right-hand corner right now or you’ll see live Good Morning America live up there also to we’re going to see trance around how people are going to be organically shopping through live through live streams and it’s going to be because it is is a consumable way but also to getting really real value and having an emotional connection with who I’m also Transit the trend for 2023 years live stream hose hostesses and her so take this very very seriously have an opportunity to become seriously the new reality star a reality star that is real and real time right now.

Joie: The reality shows were scripted reality and real real time and then also be able to consume a lot of knowledge and you know tips and resources and how.

Elevate both personally and professionally I love that wow.

Mary: See if you can if you own that right you be, you said your own reality star but you are really connecting with people in real time with about Real Madrid.

Mary: Importance of time you know.

Mary: Find a network like yours Joey that is all about serving you’re very specific target audience of women entrepreneurs I think it’s a really great start so I’m gay to you for starting this awesome alright well thank you so much.

Mary: On the show and is there any last thing you’d like to say you know I just want to just remind people.

Joie: Literally is your Birthright literally is your Birthright to stand.

Joie: Very very bright being a Superstar..

Joie: Hours for others to do the same. I love that I love that because you know what.

Mary: Scarcity right truth.

Mary: Brilliant marketing Mary show and I look forward to collaborating with you on lots of future project and I hope they have you on the show again thank you you’re welcome all right okay without.

Mary: Karina and Michelle.

Mary: For your attention on this is the first of many shows so I’m looking forward to sharing all the other content that we have I’m coming up in future weeks but until then you be brilliant be bold be brave and be brilliant in all you do. And here we go.

Mary: You’re joining me today you can learn more about me my products and services at because everyone needs another brilliant idea make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 2:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.