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How to find your POWER of Purpose” with Coach Lia Dunlap

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Mary: Hey hey hey welcome to the guerrilla marketing with Mary show and I am Mary or mobile Mary and I’m so excited that you joined us today because I have a fantastic topic and fantastic guest host and we’re going to blow your mind literally the topic of Today Show is how to find your power of purpose and Leah is a with is called in Oracle business Oracle and she can literally see things that we cannot see she gets information from above and she uses it for good and I am just so grateful to be a friend of hers so I’m going to reduce your in one second I just want to give you a little taste little excitement of what is to come there’s a couple housekeeping things thank you again so much for being here at The Show Goes live every Tuesday at noon and I am thrilled always invite people to my freak Facebook Community where it’s a playful. Market Innovative program is all about having fun and being creative to magnetize your best customers towards you so we have a lot of fun I share a lot of. We’re and things to be able can use to be Innovative and again magnetizer clients through them so I just wanted to put that out there to invite you because it’s absolutely free we love to have you join us there and like I said Today Show is all about your power up her purpose as soon as they purchase which is weird.

Mary: But I just wanted to share a little bit about her because there might be one person in the world that doesn’t know who she is so I thought I would do us all a favor and share a little bit more about Leah Leah with over 26 years of success successful operational business experience has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners into the inspired l.

Mary: As the Oracle on purpose you’ll help you cut through the confusion and will guide you step by step to finding and fulfilling your life purpose track at everyone’s it is different.

Mary: Is something you’ve never experienced before Allie has the Oracle at 4 and intuitive business architect.

Mary: And prosperity mentor and she’s been helping Business Leaders and entrepreneurs I’m really fine and follow their purpose to a life of a thumb in our prosperity and I’ve witnessed it is truly magical so without further Ado let’s bring up.

Mary: I love it thank you so much for taking time out today I know you’re so busy and it’s so awesome to have you on my she’ll never too busy for you Mary never never never I’m so glad you allowed me to come and stare and play with you today yes yeah okay so we’re going to get right into it cuz we have 15 minutes it’s all about at our listeners I guess listeners Watchers OSF it’s a podcast live stream it’s all the things we want to give them great information so they can get it get it get out right so the first thing we’re going to do is.

Mary: Questions is going to take over a lot of it so it’s just over that question because I think it is so so important in fact let me make sure I have it because it was so brilliant I don’t want to not show it will let me first tell everybody everybody that your website is Oracle on purpose. Calm and on all the social you can find her at coach Leah Dunlap which is.

Mary: Get started on this question with them to put it on the screen Leah tell me a little bit about why you got into this line of work obviously you have experience and operational.

Mary: Tell me a little bit more about why this was something that.

Mary: Inspired and for doing for businesses.

Lia: No it’s an interesting story because as many people who have house and just like I do as far as being intuitive it’s always accepted in our families in the world and so many moons ago it’s now almost in 30 year so I started doing this kind of work I kind of hit it I did it on the side I did it because it was like part of who I was I can stop doing it oh and in the meantime to prove that I was a viable person in the society I went off and joined the corporate ranks so my parents are happy that I had a good job right and then many moons later I continue to do the work that I really meant to do my own purpose which is to help utilize that get that I have.

Lia: And then I stopped I stopped because I got consumed by it not being good enough and not being right the right thing to do and how and how you been doing it for so long and I’ve been doing it for so long but I just I felt like if I if it was meant to be I would be so successful with it that it would just automatically happening all those overnight success if you hear about right back into diving of the things I was in sales at the time.

Lia: I.

Lia: Myself nearly to death.

Lia: Brentwood I’d come by to buy for a moment.

Lia: I was like okay I know God you have the swipe for me but I got to pay the bills I got to do the things I got I got to be an important person in this world so I’m going to push push push doo doo doo and in the midst of a very busy sales push I got stuck in traffic on going between.

Lia: In Vancouver Washington literally stuck in traffic and I didn’t buy the truck I was stuck in traffic and.

Lia: Sharp pain in my chest and my shoulder.

Lia: Sweating.

Lia: I was on a bridge literally between world.

Lia: Look up driving all the way to my.

Lia: And pacing in front of my bosses glass you know.

Lia: All right call me and cuz you like you look good and I said yeah I think I’m having a heart attack.

Lia: What are you doing.

Lia: Do you know bog down with his ideas like this is success and I have to reach this ring and I have to do these things that I have to fit and I have to squish myself in and they’re going to fire me and I think me and.

Lia: Home to get my husband to go to the hospital now. Luckily it was it was stress induced hanging that is going on and it was like a panic attack it like physical I had a surgery to take care of that but it wasn’t a heart attack but it was enough to get me out like my time at like I said it literally was like stop I don’t like him and I just called when something feels not right and then I was like Wow Wow.

Lia: Phone while I was recovering was that I had given up this really big part of who I am and why I do what I do.

Lia: It was.

Lia: Going to do like literally it was like I brought myself to this place where I literally thought I was going to die.

Lia: I’ve been saying and so my.

Lia: Is this text message on a Blackberry that’s what you how long ago was I am not coming back and I.

Lia: Oh my God I just quit.

Lia: I bet it was like okay so what are you going to do nothing getting that text I mean obviously you’re a very bad for like I like until I guess just a my husband.

Lia: It was all dark like the house was dark and then sitting on the couch is like what’s going on.

Lia: It’s about time.

Lia: Really who I was meant to be and what I was meant to do in the great news is that nothing I did has ever been.

Lia: All of those years and sales and marketing operations I use them today with my client you know and.

Mary: Leah because I think so many people in our listeners are afraid of pivoting right and keep going.

Mary: Punjabi that you’re going to make your parents after your husband after your kids or whatever and like really like and so like it’s okay it’s okay to realize and you need someone like Leah everyone just, hello you need someone like me to help you figure that out but that’s the thing like you need to figure out in fact that kind of goes to your brilliant marketing share which is your purpose leaves Clues.

Mary: Can you cut a dive into that a little bit just like I had been luckily doing a lot of this work on the sky women’s Retreats and I’ve been talking about this guy give purpose I’ve been talking about how to manifest things I’ve been talkin talkin talkin and helping clients on the side right now I’m a little things with their lives and businesses so it’s kind of like in the you know turn the viewer back to yourself and then like I got to say when you stop doing it like and went back to what you thought you should be doing right yeah I bet your clients are like hey wait like Bryan drinking a part of that was that they that I I just.

Lia: Superior inside of myself and so when I started back again why don’t things that I looked at was what was working.

Lia: To making sure that they’re aligned with who they are as a human being and why they’re here we are all here on purpose right is a 1 + 400 quadrillion chance the person the Beautiful married at the cross is here that’s not an accident and so.

Lia: Is it about what did you bring me here what is a Brilliance that is only you and why.

Lia: And how can you bring it into the world because that is free for sold it and so I was like what do I have and I would like to go you know I really can help people and I really see out of it.

Lia: Help me to see what I need to see for them so that they can make the next step and then we look at there.

Lia: Your life all around you there are Clues and I work with them I have a specific processing to take them through which is called it’s it’s basically how to figure out what your sweet spot is in life and it takes you through this process it had cleared away the Clutter of like you said all the things you’re supposed to do should do people think you’re good at right right back to the Corvette and then you look over your life over your shoulder and you see that it’s happened when you’re doing those things are most happy your most successful and people flow.

Lia: Even if you’re not trying to do it for a business when you incorporate that in the work that you do again we don’t lose anything then we actually.

Lia: Super strong and powerful and by the way exactly what the world wanted when it created you.

Mary: What you’re doing marketing tactic is to a right when you show up in alignment with your purpose and message you create a beacon right cuz people are so clear about what you do that they can’t like it if they need again you can tell people when to hire you but you need to be out there by.

Mary: Lydon and I always say in answer to a prayer that if they have like oh my God what then there’s no magnet eyes towards you they can’t help it work with you well this is the question I know we only have like three and a half minutes left do we like I could talk to you all day leave your fast many but this was the question that we spoke about how do we know I’m at Lowes..

Mary: How do we know that we’re on the right path and I work right.

Lia: Super easy for you if you’re listening to this right now A that’s a clue.

Lia: If you’re curious about why you don’t feel satisfied and the biggest reason that we don’t typically So Satisfied in our work is because we are out of alignment with that purpose to say everybody should quit their job it’s not right it’s that you need to bring your full purpose into the work you too and you need to do an alignment and that part is.

Lia: People feel like there’s just something in them it feels like I should be happy if that phrase passes through your mind more than once in a week do you have work to do.

Lia: Figure out what it is that can make you happy with her that staying in a job or not staying in the industry or not completely changing careers all of those things happen with my client but ultimately it comes back down to if I show up in the morning and I feel like I’m doing the thing I meant to be doing whether it’s a little hard or not doing that today I’m still up inside passion and purpose of doing the work that I meant to be doing that I’m still drop my cup is overflowing.

Lia: Overflowing you don’t feel fractured you don’t feel overwhelmed you don’t feel frustrated and angry at like silly things are happening on the on the job at work like okay I got this I’ll figure it out so that’s part of it and the other part really is if you’re looking at your Clues here’s some Clues to look at if there is something.

Lia: Emily is is aching.

Lia: That the Universe God whatever you want to call it is tapping you on the shoulder and before it becomes a two-by-four like it did for me just you investigate what is this telling me why is my back hurting.

Lia: Making enough money am I not really feeling like I’m prosperous enough doing this work cuz that’s another sign because you should be making money your your purpose will be prosperous that’s not they’re not mutually exclusive right and I have to ask you cuz it always, I always like.

Mary: Alignment when you’re in alignment I mean obviously you’re doing the thing that you’re aligned with but is there something deeper than that the word eleven your feel like you’re alive.

Mary: Best to me it’s when you’re serving.

Lia: Your own Spirit the way they’re meant to.

Lia: Cuz it feels like you could do it forever and guess what people wouldn’t even have to pay you.

Lia: Happy to do it.

Mary: My dad used to say that when you do what you love to do getting paid is just frosting on the cake yes exactly that I love that oh my God.

Mary: I can’t believe I actually over 15 minutes and we need it to the wrap it up but if there is tell people how they can get a hold of you so you can help them figure out their purpose and get in line with and feel good and be a.

Mary: But they do like how do people find you.

Lia: Leave them up on any social media platform but if you really want to know about your purpose and your Prosperity click down below one of these or just go.

Lia: Call and yeah oh my gosh.

Mary: Thank you for helping people find their find their true purpose right as they might be doing exactly what they are meant to do but maybe they’re just not feeling right about that and I think that it happened so much I was saying do you off and I know work now happy and the job we just a wrap up like this.

Mary: My 35th year in business like I’m only 36 so how was that.

Mary: But I mean.

Mary: Brian like really is this really what I should be doing should I be doing something and I’ll maybe I should scrap it all and don’t you and I know and I think it always comes up but it’s so nice to have someone who really specializes in helping ground you and lock in that so you feel confident that you’re not always questioning solia thank you for doing that work I love you so much and we’re going in the shelves go again every 12 noon next week for another a brilliant marketing with Mary cuz I only interview brilliant people like Aaliyah and so I get to check to check in soon and or I don’t know.

Mary: All day love you all and we’ll see you next weekend remember be brilliant in all you.

Mary: And here we go.

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