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How To Energize Your Biz & Your Health With Functional Medicine Practitioner Claudine Francois

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Mary: Hey everybody and welcome to the brilliant marketing with Mary show and I Marry.

Mary: Coincidentally “MobileMary” some people call me and I’m super excited about you being here on the show today I always bring brilliant gas they have so much value to share and today is no exception we’re going to teach you not only how to be more energetic.

Mary: Your business or how to be more energetic personally because as I was talking with my beautiful gas.

Mary: You don’t feel good it’s hard to show up really well for your clients or even for yourself right so she’s going to actually this is it a healthcare practitioner that’s actually going to share with us how we can be the best that we can be out of feel good from the inside out right if you’re feeling good could take over the world right but if you feel like poo poo.

Mary: That should be a t-shirt.

Mary: You like poo poo.

Mary: I mean you can use that okay.

Mary: You haven’t actually by the time this ere’s I will have already shared my masterclass on the AI but I have more master classes coming up soon so if you’re interested in learning more for me to actually have a group called marketing Innovation playground where Syria success meets creative fun or the other way around but it is a mark of the Invaders playground and what’s awesome is that I get to share all kinds of cool Tech stuff cuz I’m really a geek I love sharing new software that I learned about and use and out of the show that I also love on my been in the marketing game for this this Christmas I’ll be on 35 years I love bringing my experience of a promotions and creative and playful marketing that really helps attract your ideal audience and fax them to you so you can make more money so if you’re interested in that I’m coming in below and say hey I’m interested in the group or anything you want to say and I’ll send you an invitation cuz I would love to see you inside there so without further ado. You might be one or two people in the world who do don’t know who Claudine is and you need to know her because she is actually beautiful on the inside out and she’s helping other people do that so awesome.

Mary: Play little bit about her before I bring her on so cutting Francois which is a fancy name I love it is a content creator podcast hose and creator of the empowered Radiance method helping women become more empowered taking control of their life and lifestyle giving them back their help and having enough energy to become radiant positively affecting the lives of those around them I love that as a board certified functional medicine and holistic health practitioner and he just got a huge like.

Mary: Find her name like she’s a functional medicine practitioner I’m going to we’re going to dive into that more because it’s really really fascinating she has helped scores and driven women step out of the burnout and overwhelm into their most Radiant Life so they can have all day energy dream Focus motivation and their healthiest body to Take On The World so without further Ado let’s bring on clady. Mary thank you so much for having me oh my God you are so welcome thank you for being on my show I was actually on your show I had so much fun of my girl you got to come on myself so it’s all good so today show is actually called how to energize your business and your health and planning and tell everybody like to get into this because you were always at my seeing you like making really cool like recipes and finding all kinds of fun desserts things that looks so yummy but they’re obviously really healthy so how did you get into doing what you do.

Claudine: Crazy story cuz my background is in accounting I spent 25 years in accounting I was the CFO of multinational corporations and killing myself from the inside out.

Claudine: I’ll be right but I was stressed to the max I was.

Claudine: Migraines I had small children whom I never saw cuz I was at work all the time I helped started my thirties and my health was deteriorating so I realize I need to figure this out and that is what started my health Journey.

Claudine: As I went through that I started helping women with the things that I had learned I started to realize there was another layer to it which I do you want me to go into that yet but there’s if there’s any more that I need.

Mary: I mean I guess we were friends on being on the network together I mean I was kind of like watching your journey of going through this like it’s serious business like you’re being a.

Mary: Heard of this Justice League but we hear you say functional medicine that seems like it’s a little bit more like obviously natural but tell me what is functional medicine.

Claudine: Medicine is where you go to a doctor that you play the sounds like game you tell them your symptoms and I say oh that sounds like X or that sounds like Y and let’s run a test for x or y and then we give you a pill or X or Y.

Claudine: Thing out that there’s always not working we don’t do that in the sticks take it out your uterus is causing problems.

Claudine: So that’s what is the medicine and don’t cry.

Claudine: To get to the root issue 2.

Claudine: Issue cuz we’ll just use it as an example you’re sorry doesn’t wake up one day and just say.

Claudine: I just need to take a break like I don’t really want to be pumping out anything this going to help you with metabolism so I’m just going to stop.

Claudine: The reason why because your body is trying to do what you know is it’s trying to function right God made us through all work everything works together and like you would have put a part in if it wasn’t supposed to do something for you right right no extra parts.

Claudine: Yeah it’s kind of like you do you get a car kit like they don’t usually give you a part of our bodies are not made it I’m surprised either.

Claudine: Lamborghini but that’s another story is going on in your body give me some times to resolve that root cause cuz you don’t resolve the root cause your your body is going to show up with something else.

Claudine: I like that it’s going to keep popping up until.

Claudine: How are you get diagnosed you actually get a diagnosis right well in.

Mary: Somebody just gave me an analogy that is kind of like our health is like a dashboard on a car when you.

Mary: Check engine light right you need to go.

Mary: By Claudine go to you that because because then you can find the root of that and you know shut that light off before your engine.

Mary: Miles out of the car and you drive over it.

Claudine: Don’t ignore your car is warning lights why do we ignore our bodies warning lights.

Mary: I actually do you ignore the 12 Mile and my husband are good for you no vehicle maintenance Lawn Care bug squishing up there certain thing that’s there for the trash yes.

Mary: Will FM when we do shows as you know I do not work we actually have market shares right and do something you share as if that was really cool you said feeling energized and creative is the best way to prepare yourself for marketing billion so let’s get right into the title you know the show which is taught it energized your business on your health so explain a little bit about that that Cher.

Claudine: You and I both run around businesses I run to.

Claudine: Businesses and I’ve noticed that when I don’t feel well I cannot be creative and definitely.

Claudine: People in Peabody.

Claudine: Cub client’s spouse has children only one spouse but do you know people you definitely can’t come to Boston by the way if you had more than one husband I’m sorry yeah I know my.

Mary: But like having more than one that’s a lot.

Claudine: Sister Wives perfect if you’re exhausted and I know because I have myself out to the point where my body just shuts down and I think that happens for a lot of us go getters we will go go go go go it’s a we are literally on the floor like a pill you know.

Claudine: The idea is for us to not get to that point.

Claudine: Do then we can go down some rabbit holes with our health does the idea is to prioritize our personal well-being if we want to.

Claudine: Energy to pour into our businesses and maybe our spouse in our children and friends show them so.

Mary: Check engine light like what is the first thing you would that basically makes people get to the point where they want to call you.

Claudine: So the ones that people don’t call me about all right.

Claudine: I was going to start feeling sluggish or they’re just not able to like they have all the food intolerances pop up.

Claudine: They start to notice if they’re irritable all the time or at certain times of the month or that there that got bloating or after meals you know just all these like little things but they all the other start.

Claudine: People people get headaches you know they are a lot of people just want to pop pills or I think that’s their only way to get rid of certain symptoms and those are can actually cause more harm than good so that’s what they don’t they usually don’t call me about but when it gets to the point where it’s impacting their daily lives like for me I was I was out of commission with migraines right like I literally couldn’t move I couldn’t function when you get to the point where you can’t function with other people could be digestive issues right like they can’t go on a hike cuz they’re just worried I can’t go to family dinners cuz they’re like I don’t know what’s going to happen so it’s usually.

Claudine: It’s stopping something in there.

Claudine: Doing something in their lives that’s when they usually pick up the phone.

Mary: Inspiration cuz I was going to ask you like how do you help you know women.

Mary: You’re talking about this like when women have tried they think they tried everything you know and they want more energy one more bite valve by tala t b l a t i know that you’re barely pulling themselves the day with their you know 8 cup of coffee so how do you how do you help them at that point.

Claudine: A cup of coffee I had a client 12 is taking who is drinking 20 cups a day.

Mary: That’s a that’s a testimony right there you get them up from 20 to 1 cup wow.

Claudine: What do I do to help women who are in that state there’s altar though it’s the basics we start with the basics right what are you eating.

Claudine: Did the best thing for your particular body cuz I know a lot of people will say oh and paleo and keto and whatever and that’s fine if it works for your body and but how do you know if.

Claudine: Well that’s actually the last.

Claudine: The testing we have all kinds of testing so we have food sensitivity testing which.

Claudine: This is a different kind maybe they’ve heard this is not the off the counter ones desire a blood draw they’re not saliva samples and it’s a Martina IGG if you want to go and step on that but what is it.

Mary: Test.

Mary: Okay when my daughter was there.

Mary: Eddie Homeopathy with my kids and we went homeo whatever.

Mary: And he gave her and me the alcat test and it I believe it was a blood test but it showed like which.

Mary: I was just curious if that was even a thing anymore or the ones that people tend to take that don’t work as well I like the Bayou more than everlywell like the over-the-counter ones so those ones don’t put me in that basically you can also do a metabolic typing test which tells you are you more of a meet type of person are you more of a plant B.

Claudine: Right to their test but there’s also the basics right.

Claudine: Let’s some let’s eat more Whole Foods instead of the.

Claudine: Yeah the fast food or the processed foods you know they’re going to be Basics like that lay off the sugar maybe or replace it with natural sugars so this diet there’s rest.

Claudine: Okay a lot of with.

Claudine: These are people in general but women especially think that they can get by on no sleep or just like you said a cup of coffee that is actually our body needs that down time to regenerate ourselves and if it doesn’t not only are we cranky and annoyed than.

Claudine: To eat more and we tend to eat things that are near the comfort food.

Claudine: Exercise and I say exercise with a caveat cuz some women are so depleted that they actually need to exercise less some of us supposed to do not too much.

Claudine: Oh wow okay for you and again there’s a stress and hormone panel that we take that.

Claudine: What’s a is your in like are you an exhaustive phase are you in compensatory phase are you in the acute phase and that tells us where you should be an exercise in simple exercise.

Claudine: Stress free..

Claudine: We are all walking around with like chronic stress which is that actually stress is what the stress response is catabolic which means breaking down your body for quick cortisol energy. Right.

Claudine: Rest your body is literally eating itself. You serious.

Claudine: Tell him I was running into before I got my.

Claudine: Certification as I can tell women that’s all day long but until they can see the results.

Claudine: Personal test it was like yeah but I’m fine.

Claudine: Right we can we all think we can handle it.

Claudine: You seem like we’re handling it but our body on the inside it is it is tougher.

Mary: Do you like people say well you know I remember I went to my acupuncture so they can get a lot of headache so I think we probably should be talking soon.

Mary: But he and he is very real broken English from Cree at and I said and so he doesn’t speak much so I kind of like what are you treating me for you know cuz I was thinking oh this that and he put the needles in all these weird places I mean says stress. And I was like.

Mary: And he took my.

Mary: It’s the end of the session right and he says stress and he closes I like that and I was like okay and he goes.

Mary: He’s like.

Mary: I was like okay like I was like excited like what are you treating me for cuz I feel so much better and it was interesting so when you say guess I was like how do you find out. What it is that your son.

Mary: Give me of this seems like the great unknown.

Claudine: Stuck acupuncture.

Claudine: Pathways are often times focusing on the liver in the liver is what’s pulling out all the toxins which is a huge dresser on her body okay how do you request was how do you find out what your stressed about I think I can make a list if you are going to say it like for a lot of us it’s probably pretty easy to like figure out welders there’s a problem in there that problem there’s this thing I’m doing.

Claudine: Do is just being constantly busy.

Claudine: Take a lot of downtime.

Claudine: And sometimes like I started you know Joey gerrity’s.

Claudine: Capacity book and I started her morning practice and you’re taking time to meditate you’re taking him to visualize in the morning or taking time to say nice things to yourself.

Claudine: Gratitude just that 20 to 30 minutes in the morning can really set you up for a day where you are more resilient where the stressors of the day just kind of roll.

Claudine: But rather than be cute like and I’m talking about me specifically.

Claudine: Do everything your kid doesn’t like an annoyed that you or your spouse or you just like it’s alright it’s good it’s okay babe.

Claudine: Do the dishes.

Mary: Where are working my last nerve if this was a movie right now wow okay so basically I have a couple questions for you like what are your top suggestions for things a woman can do like right now to start bouncing the hormones gain their energy booster metabolism may I would do we talked about the basics so when we have those covered like.

Mary: Steps people can take for that. Well I think the app.

Claudine: Authorized at this they are the basics it is get seven to nine hours of sleep per night the End Market in your calendar put your phone on do not disturb tell everyone to go away don’t answer your phone at the actually the best hours of sleep for humans are between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m..

Claudine: Every hour of sleep before midnight.

Claudine: Two hours after midnight so if you’re in the car.

Claudine: And I.

Claudine: Judging anyone because I have been the person I am sometimes still this person if you’re the kind of person who wants to stay up late and think so I’ll just make up for it on the weekend. Or I’ll stay up late.

Claudine: Quality of sleep we need that quality of sleep cuz there’s so many REM cycles that happen and they happen the best before midnight.

Mary: Anna so simple.

Mary: I was told that when I was very young about that and I really didn’t believe them.

Mary: Thank you for confirming.

Mary: And tell them I’m sorry that I made f*** with you only calling my mom all the time you.

Mary: Yeah we never appreciate what our moms say I’m actually writing the note so I can put on here we never appreciate really what I moms.

Mary: Until we have children to have live.

Mary: It’s in your teenagers like oh my God old lady you don’t know what you’re talkin about whatever hopefully don’t say it out loud but all the stuff out of it. Yeah my mom would say.

Claudine: All the time when.

Claudine: Partly cloudy and stress is really bad for you you need to not be so stressed and I feel like I’m handling it I’m fine they so obviously the one that I work with I get it because I.

Claudine: Ways to reduce your stress.

Claudine: Walked you and yoga I mean for a while I was I would take walks several times a day and.

Claudine: Because I was so.

Claudine: I like this little left the building I didn’t care that I was 110° outside and I’m walking in heels and a Vineyard like I’ve got to get out of the building taking a walk.

Mary: Vineyard without a glass of wine in your hand come on girl.

Claudine: Until it was a work day.

Mary: Play somewhere I’m just saying.

Mary: Oh so you found that out okay.

Mary: Interesting all right so I can.

Mary: You’re so if anybody’s watching the replay they can get all the goodness like spelled out in front of them it seems like a lot of this is common sense but you actually have degrees the back pass this knowledge why you taking classes you got certified.

Mary: What you’re talking about I really really appreciate it so what is the number one thing women are doing wrong but I’m quote to feel better and once they be doing instead. The number one thing is they’re blaming.

Claudine: Bright we are.

Claudine: Doing all the right things but they aren’t working like I just need to try harder so many of the women I know have tried themselves harder into the ground. Ring yep that’s good try.

Mary: Wow like if you never think we’re doing enough if we just work harder just do more just to help people more wow really and the place I see it.

Claudine: When women get to.

Claudine: And better they start to see a little they might start to see a little bit of extra love in the middle and they think I just need to work out more.

Claudine: And the problem is is that the that is an additional.

Claudine: Their bodies and they are probably getting that extra love in the middle because they are stressed and their hormones are out of whack.

Claudine: Adding extra stress or.

Claudine: Sing or.

Claudine: Calorie diet or trying like all the hit workouts is actually making things worse.

Claudine: Yeah blaming ourselves doesn’t work what is the name.

Claudine: Who is that they can one try.

Claudine: Sammy Hagar.

Claudine: Try.

Claudine: Things that are actually.

Claudine: Adding more stress like alcohol. Or sugar.

Mary: Those things not.

Mary: Reducing try I want you to do more of these things alcohol as we get into our forties and I’m beyond it actually has that way you could try is noticing when I have one glass of wine how well do I fall asleep how well do I sleep how do I feel the next day right when I have two glasses of wine when I have no wine.

Claudine: Experiments on yourself and decide how do I want to feel about works best for me.

Mary: seriously

Mary: Make it so hard.

Mary: Having you on a team right of your part of their health Team you can really like yeah I would say smack them around but helpful.

Mary: Annabelle.

Claudine: An accountability yes and the data the data was what was missing in my practice beforehand right..

Claudine: You’re feeling this way and these are the things we can do to help your body cuz there are herbal supplements that can help jump-start the healing process oh wow okay so so it it there is.

Mary: You can take to make people feel better I love that well we’re going to end on this kit because I thought this was brilliant you shared set yourself up for weekly success.

Mary: Find so the heavy lifting feels so much lighter so this is something that you help people with obviously.

Claudine: Joey and I think some of it you and I have.

Claudine: We talked about before like deciding what your food is going to be for the weekend prep some of it so.

Claudine: What you want during the week rather than having to stop off at you know of a fast-food place because you’ve already made it like for me if I don’t make it I really like soups or easy it’s like one pot I can put in the freezer.

Claudine: But it’s really easy for me to make a big pot of soup on the weekend and then if I for some reason don’t have time or I haven’t prepped a meal I can just grab some soup we still got that are y’all you know I love that yeah and I also is is in my head I think we’ve already taken the time to make it I don’t want to waste that time right and to every sin.

Mary: On the thing I made for let’s be honest my husband is made for dinner love it I’m so sorry but you think he’s already made it.

Mary: You know I’m hungry now and I have a half hour to drive home I’m not going to stop and buy something to talk myself off before I get home cuz I know he’s you know and it would hurt his feelings if I didn’t eat but he made so.

Claudine: Yeah I do like the material.

Claudine: Do gnats in my.

Claudine: Just in case I am starving too so you spend a few raw almonds or cashews or something can just get you through right sometimes I feel like.

Mary: Yeah yeah sometimes I mean I literally thought I was getting headaches from being hungry like if I don’t but I literally I carry my water is that a good thing to do if they’re like too much water I’m having tested I’m not diabetic at all in the accident.

Mary: But is there like 15 times I’m hungry I drink water to fill my tummy is that wrong or is there like a limit. Well I would say if you’re hungry eat I don’t know that.

Mary: Running water but however if you find that you are drinking drinking drinking and you’re not getting satiated you maybe you may have a mineral and balanced right now so you might want to add a little bit of Celtic Sea Salt to your water or.

Claudine: Coconut water which has potassium you know you might want to check out your minerals all that’s fantastic wow.

Mary: Okay so if you don’t want to get ahold of you Claudine is it best just to go to this website in Good Taste no been good clean or is there any other way to get a hold of you that is a great way there is a way to contact me there I have some.

Claudine: Recipes on there too and of course my show with youth on their awesome cuz you’ll actually like don’t you like.

Mary: To make certain things as well yes I have a master master class on how to set your way.

Claudine: Meal prep buy just one hour for the whole week There’s a free masterclass really okay so and you can find.

Claudine: Paige top of the page.

Mary: A whole bunch Claudine seriously like I think as you said women just think we’ll just keep go go going and eventually everything will work out but then you burn yourself out to the point where you know the the analogy of being an airplane and they say put the mask on yourself first then you can help others if we don’t feel good how are we going to help the people in our lives not just in business and in arms or kids or husband or our lives right so I think what you’re doing is amazing and you are helping so many people with the gifts that you’ve been given and that you’re using so I just want to thank you on behalf of the world. And the world.

Claudine: I’m so grateful for you I watch every one of your shows they are amazing I learned so much you’re so sweet you’re so sweet all right everybody will be marking with Mary Jo and Claudine so I’m so excited that you were here to learn all about how to be healthy so you can.

Mary: The world in a better and higher way and next week again next Thursday will have another amazing show I just feel so blessed to be able to talk with so many brilliant women who are out there changing the world and make him to better place so that she loved that Colleen and your show cutting again for your time and I will look forward to seeing you next week here on that brilliant marketing Mary show and here we go by.

Mary: You can learn more about me my products and services at another brilliant idea. Calm because everyone needs another brilliant idea make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 10:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.