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How To Create True Value In The Life You Live With CEO Dianne Kelle

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Mary: Hey and welcome to the brilliant marketing is Mary show I’m married and I’m really in the marketing so there you go so excited about today’s topic we are talking about how to create True Value in the life you live and the fan and the business owner and amazing on Springer and friend of mine who is a guest today she and I have had a devastating loss yesterday and to this is heavy in our hearts so this is a perfect topic of rest we talking today and so stay tuned for some amazing.

Mary: Fifteen minutes of.

Mary: Action packed content so before we get started on the on the real content of the show I just want to do a couple housekeeping and now since I guess you would say as always I like to invite you to my brilliant marketing innovators.

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Mary: Free just click on that and you can come in and again meet this amazing group of amazing people so we love to be a part of that also I have put together a course for speakers I’m on how to build an audience base lift so they can continue to communicate and follow-up and make their life so much easier to make more leads and more sales every time I step on stage so this is for speakers podcasters live streamers and I’m super excited so I’ll put a link to that as well in the comments and if you’re interested just just let me know DM me or make a comment and I’ll follow up with you I’m it’s going to be super super helpful no matter what platform you use I’m it’s a it’s a way to make to automate your business and really help it help you make more money cuz that’s what it all goes right if we make more money we can have more impact we can give more money to charity we can do wonderful things for the kingdom of God so there’s no shame in making more money so some people worry about that for some reason so I just wanted to put that to bed.

Mary: Without further Ado I want to introduce my dear friend Diane as she is amazing and she’s going to give you so much awesomeness okay so I want to tell you that she after died and Kelly after running a successful life and health insurance business for many many years it became evident that small business owners needed help to get out of the day-to-day operations and create a business actually has value if they plan on selling one day which we all should they need to create a business for that event all along the way not wait until they’re ready to exit so if you need to protect your business from the what ifs or is she calls the 5 P’s death disability divorce disagreement or disaster you need to hear what Diane is telling us today without further Ado let’s bring Diane up and have this awesome conversation thank you so much for being on the show Diane you married thanks for inviting me on thrilled to be here and welcome to all of your audience. What are equal will again we’re trying to pack all this wonderful information into 15 minutes I will get right into it as we had said that you are you help businesses plan you keep the end in mind so tell me a little bit more about that yeah after working in the employee benefit of seeing some of the things that they needed to do to protect their businesses as well and telling them what they need to do coming back and finding out they hadn’t done it. I realize that there was a gap for small businesses and people working with them on planning their eventual exit.

Dianne: What we know and you alluded to sometimes a voluntary and the business needs to be protected and there’s some particular things that a solopreneur has to be aware of and set up properly so they don’t leave their loved ones in a mess something does happen to them and more importantly that they have something of value when they’re at the end of their business work-life.

Mary: And just because you say exit you can also sell your business for a profit and then go eat bon-bons on the beach all day right thing is probably one of the most known ones you can also franchise your business how many people have thought about doing that and maybe you need some help doing that that’s a great exit strategy maybe you how about that yeah yeah exactly so if you have to do that yeah I have somebody who does I have a transfer but then how would you be.

Mary: If you’re having other people have to get it off of me did you not running it anymore oh yes well this.

Or just have somebody come in and run it was just better yet but then you get money off the franchisees.

Mary: Plant girl I’ve been in business as of this month Diane.

Dianne: I saw that congratulations that’s a huge timeline I do it again I cannot marry Emily 36s where we are right now came right out Mama’s changing my diapers in like a man that’s yours come in and buy you you know so if you have like a small electrical contracting company will come in and buy your company in the merger with other electrical contracting companies.

Dianne: Time they sell it you make money it’s kind of like an annuity.

Mary: Is a.

Mary: Already and I think we’ve been on for 6 minutes to talk about today is how the business owner sets the business up so that they’re not running the day-to-day stuff right.

Dianne: Do you know and I know who are working tons.

Dianne: Yeah weekends holidays what’s a vacation.

Mary: Do a job for themselves right it’s not a business anymore and it’s kind of like where your marketing that comes in right tell me more about how to give your team a little well first of all you have to know how to create a team so there are ways to do that and things to look for and we certainly have experts who can help you with that as well but if you have a team and you build a team you have to trust the team.

Dianne: Troll And this is Jerry Devine let go.

Dianne: If you’re the salesperson in your The Rainmaker and you hire somebody to do sales and marketing you better get out of there way.

Dianne: 90 days if they’re not performing them that’s not the right person write they are and they pick up and they start doing what they’re supposed to be doing you shouldn’t have to be out there doing the sales okay if you’re the one running the office you’re the operations person you got to have your hand on every little to micromanage everything that comes through that office you need to get somebody like yourself is my prettiest clone yourself.

Mary: Said I kind of Breeze over this but tell me little bit about how your business is not your baby or your retirement plan it’s an asset and needs to be treated as such so cut the umbilical cord what do you mean by that I mean is exactly what I’m talking about these business owners they they look at their businesses their baby many of them.

Dianne: My retirement plan but they haven’t set it up to be able to harvest that well that they’ve built up in the company number One never knew the business becomes their identity it’s who they are not what they seem.

Dianne: You are a you can’t separate yourself emotionally from the company and then it’s your baby and that’s why I say cut the umbilical cord because your business first and foremost is an asset and you need to treat it as an asset now your finances your retirement plan or whatever you have going over here that’s not your babe.

Dianne: At your resources those are your assets you want to grow your assets and make sure that they’re in the right spot same thing for your business and just staying okay and I’ll give you a fresh perspective interesting that your needle. I just going to feel like you have a fresh view of your business why we have I heard that before that’s why we call it is awesome give me like when do you start your business happy of a team right now. Going to give me like walkthrough just in a nutshell what someone would need to do to start hiring.

Mary: Trusting them.

Dianne: Yep step number one you have to figure out what you were doing.

Dianne: What you’re doing on a weekly basis and keep tabs of everything you do everything no matter how small it cuz then what you need to do is start taking off stuff on your list that you should not be doing number one and delegate if you don’t have somebody in your organization that can take over that that’s a starting point of who you need to hire so it shows the gaps okay and I have a little quick idea on that but I did what I was taught by someone called Jen lehner her name is Emily and she’s higher.

Mary: Anyways she taught us that you take a loom video which is like a screen sharing videos there’s lots of fun I just like Loom and then once you instead of just doing what you do and just getting it done because you was the only one who ever doesn’t knows how to do it cuz you’re a control freak and I don’t know I’m not talking about myself at all is that you turn on the loom video and then you do a task whatever that task is that you do without even thinking but you’re recording it and you’re saying out loud into the video into the thing okay now I do this now I do this now I do this right and once you have that one video you can send it to you.

Mary: And this is how this.

Mary: Seizure I would like you to follow every time you do my emails or every time you do my best for that so if that might be helpful for your people as well as videoing it now if somebody is out in the field you know like a salesperson or something is a little bit harder to do during that time. But you can record your sales conversation okay.

Dianne: Or if you have an intake and you’re asking them 20 questions as I put it you can record all that and this is a real never really important thing is to step set up your standard operating procedures and have them written down the recorded somehow so that you start to get that done which also largely is not done right or a sister thinks you’re so everything you do offline and and in person gets recorded well I know I don’t want to miss talking about this because I think it’s so important you had mentioned and that I need to pull it up because I thought it was five D’s where did I put them so tell me a little bit about the 5 C’s are what happened that can change your plans to eventually sell your business and Mary and I just.

Dianne: Dear colleague and friend who died in their sleep right.

Mary: Never like I don’t know if she’s planned for it or page of course you know it’s kind of forgot and I’m like I’m like looking back on my desk and she had booked an Airbnb for whatever photography sessions in Arizona she was coming close to you and I know that we both had our head shots and lifestyle pictures taken with her friend has lost a very bright light anyways been halfway and in that can create chaos hopefully she did have something set up. Play setting right and she’s very very successful divorce I had a client recently going through divorce in the soon-to-be ex had taken some assets out of the company and left it with that okay so.

Dianne: Trying to get back on track disagreement I have another client who had a business partner who decided that they were going to move away and not tell her and then all the sudden she’s made aware of this and then she says this is what I agreed to in trying to figure out how to get them out of the business when there was no legal agreement on how to do that oh my gosh.

Dianne: Money how much money do they want so if you don’t have that pegged and that goes to another point if you have a business running at least a million dollars of annual revenue you need a business valuation and you need to keep me up-to-date so if something happens like.

Dianne: Hickory Manor divorce or gas you have that value peg in the IRS or somebody else can’t come in and arbitrarily pull a number out of the sky and you didn’t mention.

Mary: Air disaster but we all know one another one so I had a client years ago fell off the roof and he drank himself to his truck got into his truck that surgery ptot and he almost lost the business because he was tied up getting taken care of medically right so that could do and then disaster and you know we can talk about disaster.

Dianne: 20 Maui you know how many of those business owners may be had all their data backed up somewhere else off shore or out of the office has everything but it’s going to happen so you just have things in order as much as possible I mean there’s only so much we can do but definitely.

Mary: Loss of feel like peace of mind like one of our things we do with our business we have software called really and it allows you to build a list so again I was calling.

Mary: Business insurance because an acid that you can turn around and when you sell your business you like yeah I have 10,000 mobile numbers of my customers that just increase the value of your business right you know if something goes wrong and you’re like locked out of Facebook or your e-mail system goes down or your website goes down and have a way to communicate with your customer so I totally agree with you dye a my business to ask your business as it’s so important to recognize in any sort of your business.

Mary: Insurance I love that you help people with that and I I’m so sad with the show’s over you could have been giving me so much that information formation we’re happy to help him that is awesome so you can find.

Mary: Obviously 14 runs in amazing Oliver social but she has an Instagram She’s Fresh view Pro and a v u e in case your listing on a podcast and a LinkedIn I’m she’s at Diane Kelly Owen words that will put all the links in that in the comments you can find it on YouTube on Facebook on all the things but again you are a blessing to so many people Diane and thank you so much for the work that you do and helping us great True Value in the life that we live happy to do it thank you so much for having.

Mary: You are so welcome all right listen everybody who’s watching this will see you next week be a brilliant and all you do and plan for your future before it’s too late and if you need help.

Mary: So all right you guys have a wonderful day and until then as I said oh my goodness sakes. Be brilliant in all.

Mary: All right here we go.

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