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How To Create Soul-Fueled Actions For Biz Breakthroughs With Biz Architect Shannon Spencer

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Mary: I am content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I Empower women entrepreneurs by sharing digital Marketing Solutions on my show brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: Hey hey welcome to the brilliant marketing with Mary shell and I married so thank you so much for joining me today we have an action-packed do for you today we’re talking about how Soul fueled action crate business.

Mary: I am super excited for my guest today she’s going to tell me about smart goals and if you’ve been in business for awhile you know what smart goals are but she literally has a new version called smarter goals and she’s going to explain that today I’m just a few housekeeping things that we are going to talk about I want to make sure that you are joining or have joined or should join.

Mary: Marking my free community on Facebook it’s called marketing innovators playground we called the playground and it’s where I share tips and tools and I do training on all kinds of new software but is also a place that people can find or I should say marketers can find creative ways to Market their business right or help their clients Mark of their business cuz I truly believe that you need to magnetize people to you you never should go out and look for them they should find you do if your if your messages are so magnetic that people want to share them that is where the sweet spot is so I hope you will join the oil marketing and I’ll put the leak in the show notes.

Mary: So people have been asking me when I say all the other messages here with the world they asked me that question I say oh yeah I have a new course for speakers it’s called audience building Mastery and it’s in an expiring Corso you literally have three days to consume it literally there’s 10 videos each other five minutes so in less than 45 minutes you can consume this but it’s got client files a I promise all kinds of cool stuff that helps you if your speaker and you use any kind of microphone for podcast live streams are being on stage so that you can build an audience baseless to communicate directly to you can follow up with your.

Mary: Do clients which is really exciting.

Mary: So.

Mary: Housekeeping so I was so excited for you to be here I got to show up alive on Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. so again if you miss a show you could always go back and see more on YouTube I’m as well as all the channels which is exciting to do my guest today is James Spencer and Jay I’m privileged to call her friend and they might be one person in the world who doesn’t know who she is so I’m going to introduce you to her she has a received her ICF accredited life coach training life coaching I should say but she’s truly a consultant heart and she opened her practice in 2004 she spent nearly two decades in power and women in the marketplace including sounding her own networking Community The Savvy women Christian business which operated for seven years supporting women in the marketplace want to connect with like-minded sisters being the lawn tractor for her local BNI franchise as well as launching an award-winning Toastmaster Club virtually during covid is a Roxy. He is passionate and powers of announcing hers and again I’m privileged to call her friends let’s bring her up.

Mary: I did thank you for being on myself.

Shannon: Right now I know you feel me with.

Mary: Set up last Christmas can you know that’s when all the new car and I never took it down because it brings me so much joy to see it in the corner but every time I see you online and I told there’s joy tell me quickly cuz I know we have a 15-minute show me quickly.

Mary: But your true desire your mission in life is what you really want to share with the world.

Shannon: Oh my gosh that’s such a great question I love to empower.

Shannon: You were called into the marketplace we have a purpose and a passion for the services that we do so bringing who we truly are in service to those people that we have been privileged to come alongside and I really believe that to our business we are able to love our neighbor that’s how God wants us to love our neighbor whether we ever mention Jesus or not till we’re being Jesus to be an example of what being in price like right yeah no business and he created the world in the beginning in Genesis but he only created it so much I’m going to give the rest of us has the ability to be able to create new things and I’m so my joy is a help female Founders actually create those things and live into becoming the best.

Shannon: I’m self I am a little like their best version of whatever it is I have it over by my a check but it’s called word before work by Jordan I love Jordan I just got his newest book 2.

Shannon: Next to me I know.

Shannon: Okay he says he reminds us that secular means without God so.

Shannon: It’s nothing secular there is no separation right and so I love that and he’s a Creator we B.

Mary: We are Creations but we are our creators ourselves so yeah and that book where before work he literally is like a little mini like the only like this big devotional every day about how we are to be a blessing and in the marketplace because we are creators honor.

Mary: Great though I could talk to you all day and that didn’t even mention that I’ve got that book coming out and I’m so blessed that you said that you would be on my lunch team. About it yes I’m fine and I’ll put the information about that but my if anybody wants to get on the waiting list is hello God. Hello God..

Mary: Download God. Today so that’s where the waiting list is so I can when I finally get it out there but in God’s timing which is actually a show I always ask for some is brilliant marketing Services the brilliant marketing with Mary show and you said creating yearly goals for your business is important can you expand on that.

Shannon: I think especially creative right it’s really hard for us to what was that goes but then we we don’t necessarily pay attention to that just to see how we have the business plan may be there a few people actually do have a written business plan right.

Shannon: You know it’s like we just we can fly by the seat of our pants or were so buried by responsibilities in our employees have Sunday school but then we never really look at them statistically I think it’s only five.

Shannon: Actually have goals.

Shannon: Show that you’re on track how do you know that you’re actually achieving the results that you want it with cheese if you.

Shannon: A goal written down right.

Mary: Heavy simple things like getting out a monthly newsletter this year like that’s one of my goals I completely ignore my email list and as terrible as a marketer like what are you doing before I share your next brilliant I want to ask you this question because I want to get to the meat of it you talk.

Mary: But yours you have a smarter goals formula can you share a little bit about about that as well.

Shannon: Smart goals be where tiedemann College were taught in school they’re part of the business Are there specific there measurable there.

Shannon: Are actionable there time-bound people come to me when women come to me they’re usually results.

Shannon: Don’t.

Shannon: Just feel.

Shannon: I was working through things that came to me smarter goals fuel your soul.

Shannon: About what do we do with with this Vision that we have of what it is that our work is doing and.

Shannon: Make it fuel our souls and so I sat down and really thought about that you know.

Shannon: I’ve been a coach the women that I’ve worked with the organizations that I’ve worked with over the years and I thought about you know when we’re feeling excited and motivated about things you know that we start moving but then we dry up again that they can then we’re staying sober.

Shannon: Schools that are fueling our soul continuously and then when we recognize something isn’t fueling our soul because we’re paying attention to it right what’s missing and so smart that my smarters formula is that you start with A Soulful Vision okay.

Shannon: You want things to be efficient right but you want to have that transformative power of a lining the goals with your inner purpose in your values or do you want to accomplish them right now if they need to be measurable but let’s let’s not say oh I’m going to do this three times a week for 6 weeks it’s like we really need them to be purposeful right side mention getting your newsletter out so I you know I want to create I want to send out my newsletter on a monthly basis so that I can connect with the people of My Tribe so that I can share value with them and serve them in the way that my message gives them right so yours I like that Milestone entering the the reason behind it that you’re does not just getting out like a checklist thing to do cuz I have my check list is long girl.

Shannon: I think I heard another statistic that said that so this is employees so this is.

Shannon: The hours of to do on their checklist above and beyond.

Shannon: Imagine us as business owners and entrepreneurs how much more we have on our plates with a.

Shannon: We’re supposed to do. We were supposed to I help people release things a lot when I’m working with them that’s awesome.

Shannon: We wanted to be actionable strap.

Shannon: The first Soulful success rates are going back into creating and crafting strategies that online with the actions of our.

Shannon: That focus on abundance and service and so it’s not just it’s not just your eyes you’re creating these goals just saying okay here’s my action steps I’m going to calendar this and then I’m going to pull up Chad GPT and whatever avian but it can it just really looking at what is it that I’m doing how am I doing it for me how am I wired to do these things right I’m not wired.

Shannon: You are so instead of looking at those and I love all the gurus and all the experts but you know what they’re not me and I can try their time management systems and all those things and they have great ideas but I’m just not wired that way right making sure that are resourceful and inspired than meet our needs so that we we do that we want to do the men make a difference right and would you say that if you find that there is something like you said that act.

Mary: Step.

Mary: Like what we want to do that we need to delegate that and give it to someone who is gifted in that area right it’s okay to let go let God right about my remind me haha..

Mary: But I bet it’s true like the think sometimes we think the whole way I can afford to hire people to do this.

Mary: I know what is taking you so much time to get those things done that you don’t like to do or don’t have a gifting in that that you are actually spending more money because you are and I’m speaking to.

Mary: Because you’re literally like.

Mary: Having so much more to do.

Mary: When you get that check right.

Mary: And I can start that.

Shannon: Kindly transformation and efficient leadership. So.

Shannon: The significance of the timing of our goals there’s an epic float or business right and we don’t want to just set a time that’s a random time and then just stick to it right we need to make sure that we’re paying attention that it’s actually moving our business and ourselves forward so that we maintain the momentum of what they were supposed to produce in us and in our businesses rather than just checking a list but then we have to be compassionate with ourselves right do it all so yes delegating right it’s like okay we need to to find that person on our team or find that person in our life if we can’t if we’re not ready to hire a team yet, but we really need to be.

Shannon: That we ourselves could only do so much as a solo preneur you know for the longest time I was trying to do all the things and I would have coaches and people tell me. Stop. Stop saying that you are not good with the computer to start telling yourself you are good with the computer and I’m like I don’t know myself that all day long but I’m going to tell you what I’m not good with the computer I.

Shannon: You know know I’m going to go hire somebody to work on my website it broke you said 4 hours.

Shannon: I need to pass it to myself and said I can’t fix this I know it’s true it’s true but I think we’ve.

Mary: We can do everything cuz we’re supposed to tell I totally totally feel that yeah and then we do we waste so much time and then all the other things get dropped down on the list which makes us more stressed and then we’re not living in the purpose that we have and build a fleet fully present because we just buried. You know for Nora like totally all Bayou.

Shannon: Something that doesn’t need to know the only does your your particular gift and you can go in and plug somebody into somebody else’s project I have a Friday does that just have to mark it or anything she just goes in and and shows up for her piece of the project and then she leaves if you meant that’s okay but I know I’ve been interjecting into all of your things so let’s finish up cuz I have this is such great information that I think every every woman and man needs to but we said smart right but then we have the. So the ER is embracing timely transformation and cultivating results-oriented empowerment of that the evening is efficient strategy.

Shannon: Not leadership so we want to discuss that we wouldn’t have that balancing between efficiency and compassion right want to look at the impact on our team dynamics that we were just talking about right and vice and Implement help your people into implement the strategy has in their own rules for their work and then we also want to highlight the importance of having bulls that Empower ourselves and others that we focus on service and our leadership style because we’re all leaders and a lot of times a week.

Shannon: Feel overwhelmed that leadership responsibilities when we take this Soulful approach and we align it with our purpose than that really helps our journey. As business owners.

Shannon: A purpose and we take these and all of our lives and then just leave them out and it houses are really just Manifest this wonderful thing that that we have been called the create or we’ve been called to to serve and we do it in a way that grows us.

Shannon: Gives us an opportunity to grow every Vision gives us a chance to have a victory and so that’s what my smarticle formula is.

Mary: I love that so I want to make sure if you.

Mary: To further the conversation with you because you obviously are gifted in this way then you could help so many people so he’ll then go to Shannon Spencer I’m and if you want to retire on social media like a direct message or something would you suggest LinkedIn I have your LinkedIn here okay.

Mary: Because yeah we we all have our prefer like I would definitely prefer Facebook and I get to the other ones attending Instagram but like it’s I seem to answer questions much quicker on Facebook for some reason that in as well playground if you will marry I love you I love hanging out your playground thank you I do tomorrow I know this will be there tomorrow is my my Valentine’s Day a master class which is the how to how to make your customers fall in love with you so it’s Shannon W Spencer so Shannon. W. Been there for those were listening to the podcast but I’ll definitely be putting these in the show notes so people will fail to find you Shannon again this is Shannon Spencer the business growth architect or website is Shannon Spencer consult.

Mary: I’m and again she is such a blessing to so many and to me so I hope that you will look her up and it was really awesome talking about how Soul fueled actions create business breakthrough so Shannon thank you again for being on the show everyone thank you for joining us on the brilliant marketing with Mary show I look forward to see you next week on Tuesdays at 12:30 and be a blessing and Brilliant in all thanks Mary you are.

Mary: Ariel have a great day everybody.

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