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Mary: Hey Everybody thank you so much for joining me for the brilliant.

Mary: Working with Mary Jo I am married to call me mobile Mary and I’m super excited about today show as I have a very dear and patience friends on an amazing yes on my Saturday but you know one of those times where your software we goes crazy wild today’s today but with awesome is going to be talking about how to create a profitable business relationships and that’s what I have with Lana so she is amazing I can’t wait to share all about her but before I get into this wonderful topic and seriously who doesn’t need profitable business relationship cuz really it is it’s all about you in connection with all the AI and I’m a big fan with all the AI and the chalk box and everything is going on people really need human connection people love relationships I mean in business.

Mary: For 35 years I’ve only received referrals I have never done any official ad campaign everything is based on doing great work for great people who referred me to their great friend so I know that today show is going to blow you out of the water as long as gives us some amazing tips to help you strengthen your business relationships how to create relations how to understand people so they feel even more loved and more heard I’m and more seen in the relationship you have with them I’m so excited about it.

Mary: But I want to tell you a little bit about her but you know what she has such an amazing back I’m really going to let her tell her story a little bit more than I could probably tell but she actually does have a degree in Psychology but she was actually in the corporate world for twenty-five years and she finally said it enough is enough.

Mary: Before without further Ado let me just bring a lot of that because she is so adorable and I want you to meet her right away so without further ado.

Mary: Euro 03.

Mary: Unisex girl we are we’ve been having some fun off camera and now we’re going to bring the good stuff so it literally let me bring up your name yours every can see how amazing you are.

Mary: Ronnie is an emotion and body code practitioner so before we talk about your hustle bit what you do now what is an emotion and body code practitioner.

Lona: Where I help people that either could be stuck in their business or they just have emotions that they haven’t dealt with because what people don’t realize is when you have trapped emotions inside.

Lona: It can make you sick so that.

Mary: I didn’t realize that if I’m trying to find a book cuz I was told that we’re supposed to have our microphone in camera but I’m trying to put my little cubicle Micro by the way if you guys do podcasts or you do livestreams whatever this is the end and our producer always tells us make sure you show your product this is a USB microphone.

Mary: Really sexy if you use it like this but other than that I’ll put the link in there will be proud of me I couldn’t get ahold of you when I got back and I’m straight and this might look so looks like this but has a little the spit guard so you don’t do that please. Here we go we have that emotion and body could practitioner if you are so mean to me again what causes this illness so rustic world I didn’t really understand that emotion and our physical.

Lona: Essential oils in using emotion and body code it is allowed me to heal myself and to help other people kill themselves now it doesn’t mean that.

Lona: Leasing energies essential oils don’t really feel you I don’t know if he motioned in body code really kills you but once you get rid of those blockages or you create a higher vibration in your body then it actually allows your own body gel cuz their bodies can you help people with I love that now you chose to because we’re talking in general about network marketing because there’s an effect in that but you had told me that.

Mary: Now would you say the proper world you said that you were a business consultant for 25 years small business small business World corporations but.

Lona: 35 years.

Mary: Did you say enough is enough I’ve got to take ownership of my own health and and that you would actually be open to a network marketing opportunity is a you said you said no no no no no no no no yeah that’s why I said no no no no no no no I would never do network marketing because I had tried it over and over again and I just was not successful cuz I hate so.

Lona: Ever.

Lona: My health was so bad that I would fall asleep at the computer every day at work I mean it was.

Lona: I would drink a Diet Pepsi to just stay awake and so I called him my my shower A-ha moments.

Lona: I’m so because does everybody feel like this I just didn’t even have an understanding of what was going on with me but I think it was like super major PMS quick story went to Utah workout at the gym met this lady bought a book came home seven months later try again.

Lona: The book.

Lona: That I went and I called and I got an oil called Clary Sage and it was the first time I slept from 3 to 5 in the morning.

Lona: That was the beginning of my journey into natural healing and then the emotion and body could just kind of Happy.

Lona: Do you know my son’s mental illness and then another lady just telling me on an airplane that when I mentioned or she saw me reading the book emotions.

Lona: Person I trust with my house because she does she’s a body code practitioner so I went and looked it up online and that’s how I certify so and then I just transitioned out of the business world into.

Mary: After work for you you could help other people through their house Journey.

Mary: Okay.

Lona: Happy killing me cuz I was always happy when I was telling me how she talks about that’s it’s all about your tuning into your happy so I left that so because we talked about marketing here in on the show and I’m sorry my phone just keeps going off.

Mary: I’m so popular you know my phone is this.

Mary: I’m just eating yeah but I want to get into like the marketing part of this because I think it’s really valuable for people again so maybe they might be open to network marketing we’re not pushing that way business but you had mentioned about something that made you realize that you were.

Mary: I have work because you took a personality test and I think we were talking about this book strength finders and how you determine that your personality type with someone who is nerd.

Mary: I could build a team and that you weren’t weird this was actually your gifting from God like and that.

Mary: This personality you’re perfectly they were driving it is that kind of like how you figured out if I didn’t find out this the strength training until a few years ago but what I do I just discovered that people have different personalities so when I first started I was like feeling like I needed to compete with people.

Lona: Melody types really help not just I mean help to learn about my own personality so that I wasn’t beating myself up all the time like why was I not not not like Mary that could do all that technology like I said that’s married that she’s good at that I’m not but this was something that later binders no no cuz I in the beginning I was not going to do it but I just was able to convince my niece to do it with me and she was a superstar so that’s what really kicked my business off and I learned a lot from her okay. I learned she’s an actual person right so I am a nurturer.

Lona: Okay. So what so that was my question is what is so important about personality type I mean types important because you can help people do the things that they’re good at because that’s if you have a team you have a team of people so somebody’s good at knowledge they can do all the time.

Lona: Stuff which I have a lot of those on the team and then the action people get everybody excited and ready to roll and then you have the nurturers that keeps a relationship together and then you have the.

Lona: You know this.

Lona: Kind of people.

Lona: Show up all the time they’re going to be there for I would say that would be for finding Builders or for finding you know customers really connecting with them because if you can’t connect with a customer and you’re trying and I’m trying to sell them from my heart there a knowledge person and I’m not giving them knowledge then I’m not going to be a benefit to them or if it’s somebody that is an actual person they want to excite me so if I’m not treating them in the way that they’re going to respond then I’m not going to be able to even start building that relationship so in attention and learning about each person in valuing them is your better shot at building any kind of any kind of marketing I would say it doesn’t matter if it I’m just using it. Network marketing but it would be just missing General yeah when you make sales you have to mirror the person who you’re with Sabe yeah but.

Mary: What is 90 the book you said why they buy buy cherry tree and put a link in the show notes but what is it like how did the she show you and I know it.

Mary: Is there a great way to determine who you’re talking to.

Mary: Reality is is there like some key things the book helps you identify.

Lona: Kind of like how to recognize so she’ll go into how to recognize and then it’s it’s so I would say at least the two most important things to learn or how to recognize one of these four types.

Lona: B what are their values.

Lona: But I think I might even just about them but it’s understanding your values and I think that you can morph and you can learn all the other gifts that different.

Lona: Ways of thinking so that when you have the knowledge of all that information then you’re able to kind of as you said.

Lona: Morph into that person or give them what they’re going to connect to cuz if they’re not they’re going to sit here and try and try and try and connect to you and and they’re going to give up so you’re going to lose that person that could be a very very valuable asset to your team or to your lap and it’s not like you’re changing who you are you’re just realizing.

Mary: I’d like to be spoken to so if there’s someone who is analytical are the steady Eddie they want more numbers and facts for someone who is more of the nurturing they want to know that they’re going to be valued going to be there in a safe space at his be great if it was more of the the wrong person they want to have more excitement they want to know that there’s any fun things to do with her in this group right so I totally understand I think that’s easy to explain it perfectly so this is something else that you and I had talked about about how do you use purposeful communication.

Mary: Business. Well especially.

Lona: It isn’t even a specialty with network marketing it is in general and then following up because I think we have a hard time following up with people but.

Lona: He’s either a CRM because I’m not that.

Lona: And I’m just like the relationship nurturer I use my iPhone but I have to be specific in my notes and even in that I have to make list so I know every business professional was going to tell you to have a CRM and that’s when everything will start having a small eventually you’re going to have to have a theorem of course you know that’s what I’m saying is some people think oh my God I can’t start or I can’t jump into that because I don’t have something really professional girl No in fact I’m a member of e women and women who started that Sandra Yancey she and I don’t know how she did this but you just talking about numbers should Q-tips and she would move just for the number of calls you make a day she would move the keys get from one side of your desk to the other and we’ll get finished moving all the Q-tips from all the phone calls she made. You know that she was dead.

Mary: Do you have names on the I think she went into Post-it notes and then she went to a spreadsheet and then she went to a software but as long as you’re tracking it right I mean you have to have a way up so however you make the notes but I’ll probably be reaching out to you if you know a great I need the most simple version of I have street but I thought I you know it’s just like one of those things that’s just like that sword it’s because I want to build a relationship.

Lona: I don’t want to sit down and write people names in a in a state write what you do because you’re such a nurturing spirit people are drawn to you because you’re comforting and you’re you know you you’re freaking and they know that you’re like a mom you’re going to put your arms around them everything to be okay and we’re going to walk them through their hand your lead them through it I love that I love it something that I always ask for this show is what is your brilliant marketing share and so this is something that you shared with me before the show that that we create good business Relationships by keeping our word being consistent showing up.

Mary: I’m being kind and that’s exemplifies you.

Mary: So that is your advice to people who are just getting into business in general not just network marketing heading into business because that that is something you’re looking like I made the worst thing for me Sunday night keeping their word cuz I am a little blueprint also but keeping your word at least for me is super super important and then the consistency you can’t you can’t build any business if you’re.

Lona: You can’t build any business without consistency and you can create whatever a consistency level it isn’t comfortable for you right you don’t have that Target like I say okay I’m going to work 5 hours a day if I do that one day.

Lona: Later I will never have a business but if I’m consistent exactly you putting the time right here right but it also people are always like all I want to work 4 hours a week you know that the book and I’ll whatever and that’s great once you get every all your foundation set up all the automations all that kind of stuff but you’re right I mean if people appreciate and when you say keep your word I miss is like if you tell someone they’re going to call you call your uncle a blowed off I’m near the beach.

Mary: Exactly and then I want to move right into the tip of you share cuz I got those really going as well is that relationship you building your business life brings growth we learn from each other as we accept and celebrate our differences and we are not competing speak more to bet I would I love.

Lona: Keep it up there in case I lose my track when I first started I saw it I was like oh my gosh I got to get to every single person in teach them about oils because somebody else is going to get them but what I realize were what I didn’t realize at that time is that energy attracts so like attracts.

Lona: People that want somebody that’s nurturing or we’re on that same vibrational level of the people that I’m going to attract and I would love to attract action people but that’s not me so somebody else might work better with somebody else and in this big world it’s like I don’t have to have everybody so that’s where the competing thing is the relationships this is been the greatest value and I would hope that people in the business world not just network marketing spend that time for self development because this is an ever-growing ever-changing and we are ever in prison people and not to be judgmental on anybody but even most don’t be judgmental on yourself but just spend that 1020 minutes a day on self development because watching people run.

Lona: One of my greatest things and I asked him I said we’ll have you noticed a change in me you know four months ago you would not see me.

Lona: Hating somewhere right but this was something that I took on you know just to learn to not be so afraid.

Lona: Well that’s something I didn’t even I didn’t even introduce them poorly I’m sorry that we are both the hosts on this superstar superstar on here a woman net worth.

Mary: And that’s how I met you is that we’re both host and so you have your own show and tell us a little bit about yourself because I just know that if we don’t just wake up in the.

Lona: Well sometimes we are but I’m saying but we have challenges as you know you just do.

Lona: And so when you’re going through those challenges how do you keep your face up how do you what is the support that you get emotion.

Lona: Sickly and the little tips because everybody has their little way of doing it and I love doing the show because I’m learning right I learned from other people I might know.

Lona: Because I’ve had my battle.

Lona: But I just think that as.

Lona: Group of people as a group of women we have so much that we can share and help us uplift each other so that’s really what I do when I’m going to have my back I was like how do I do this without looking like a good night.

Mary: In anything like a network marketing in your business in any business if it’s all a muscle so the more you work it easier it becomes rise of you work out every morning you’re not going to be as tired after a month of getting up and lifting weights as you would the first day.

Mary: Open yourself and having the show like a pro now like you were so shy in the beginning and now you’re like are out there your desk you’re having fun you’re rolling with the punches I just I’m so proud of you. What is a mean it’s true I think a lot of.

Mary: Assuming with that your help you know you don’t know buy some oil.

Mary: They are all better I mean you have to apply it and have to use the friend you know practices and and things and so so you said a little bit in the beginning and I wanted you to expand on that the very first oil because you weren’t sleeping in the middle of the night.

Mary: Oil that I think I own cuz I’m like I think I have that tell me what it is and what did it do for you and because.

Lona: Hormone also there’s a lot of different oils that you can use for sleep so it could be that your mind races you might need something that’s grounding like a vetiver I use copaiba Serenity and let me tell you when I don’t use those cuz I did try like saying I’m just going to use oil instead of taking the pill and I was getting five and a half hours of sleep and that was like 3 or 4 nights in a row until I put them back in my life so.

Lona: He is the key but if it’s hormonal I was going through the beginning stages of the night sweats all that the change.

Lona: Are you sure that’s where the journey.

Lona: I can’t I mean I was like there’s no way that I couldn’t not do this because I was so passionate and I was the little girl that would run away from the doctor oh oh I was a brat.

Lona: When you were good you were really really good but when you are bad you were horrified when she did Thursday very good when she was bad she was horrid. It’s so dating us I love it yeah well it’s true enough that visit leads to it like.

Mary: How you do one thing is how you do everything so if you can get to the point if someone it as is at a point okay so maybe this is a piece of advice you can give in someone is at the point where they don’t feel good they don’t know where to turn and they feel like we do it this isn’t for me because I’m not good at being consistent and maybe that’s the reason whatever is that is their home.

Mary: Can you help someone become consistent if they can get them on a routine if they can heal. Yes so it’s.

Lona: I’m still like I say when somebody’s feeling sick so these.

Lona: Your business to if you start feeling sick how do you do it you got to start it right away some people wait until they’re sick and they’re really down I’m in another body has to go through the process you can shorten the duration but you can’t stop it so something like that but I drove you recognize of a problem get help like ghosts go to happy you are not me.

Lona: And then the bodies are pressing the reason why I like both of them cuz this is really how I saved my liver is that the emotion of body code is like you pinpoint any motion and you get rid of.

Lona: With your oil your shifting a vibration or you’re bringing.

Lona: Daddy said they’re kind of two different things but I think they work so well together yeah because if you’re doing emotion and body codes like my liver probably I was releasing for 2 years. So there is a book on Amazon and I can also give you.

Lona: On Amazon they now have the body code book but they have the emotion code book and you can actually take care of most.

Lona: Most of your stuff with just the emotion code but it doesn’t tell you the story body code goes into chakras and all kinds of.

Lona: Wow that’s a lot more detailed interesting yammy we all are made up of energy and.

Mary: You’re joking about how.

Mary: Make plans he said yeah we make plans and God laughs. You said something about you putting your shower prayers that you were seeing something in your eye, I’m going to do this and then it kind of.

Lona: Nothing.

Lona: Right now in my life all I said was I want to do something to help people and I don’t want to go back to school because when I went to school I had eye twitching lip twitching.

Lona: I was a single mom and it was even saying it brings tears to my eyes when I think of how difficult that was in my life and I was sick or cider vinegar I don’t want you to get the VIP Booth but you did get certified in you kind of wasn’t Traditional School right now but even if I never used it on anybody else in my life it was worth getting certified just said that I gain the understanding ahead and use it on my eyes and then he was confident that it would work for you and your children right like you have to you know know that like when my kids were at when I was pregnant with my daughter my oldest son just turned 29 so yeah I can find keeps going I’m the same age.

Lona: 43 and you’re complaining my I’m about to be a great grandmother. Are you serious or not.

Lona: 23 your child grandma what you’re blowing my mind oh my gosh wow some other in 19 and then my son was a I’m 62 so. I was a late bloomer.

Mary: Edit sheltered life good for you. I don’t know about that but anyway so so where we going with that just lost my train of thought a girl.

Lona: We’re just having fun who cares.

Mary: Strength finders so you suggest a couple years ago you you you found this book and I love it tell people why this is something that’s might be important when it comes to learning about yourself I have my little this is my little thing so I did the strength Finders.

Lona: You won’t be able to see anything but basically my strength.

Lona: I’m connected to a lot about myself or somebody else like you said.

Mary: I am much all five are woo.

Mary: Activator and maximizer right so activators are like people that you definitely would want in your organization I don’t I know enough to be dangerous so. And then like yeah so I’m the relationship first.

Lona: Gets things done and I sit around you know.. You work hard girl don’t do don’t take that away from yourself.

Mary: The book The thing about.

Mary: Again it’s just a thing that helps you you do realize how you were created it talks to me it’s all about.

Mary: The head of a bunch of everytime I was like an association I would have the word sucker written on the board.

Mary: I’d like what I was like we need to take this test because it helps you figure out about yourself what what things you’re good at what strength you have and what you’re not good.

Mary: What’s the delegate right delegate but they’re not beat yourself up so it’s finding value.

Lona: Finding value in who you truly are not being angry about it or feeling like you’re stupid or dumb or whatever you know your favorite words but I think you’re right like you when you think all I can do is well if it helps you figure out the things you are good at which you can then as you meet people and and go this this is my strength then you can do you lean into it and you know that that’s a valuable part of a team I went to a seminar on drink binders and at the time I was embarrassed of my number one because I thought it was a thing I was telling you this I thought it was like a cheerleader or something like. Superficial is that maybe it’s because I didn’t make cheerleader and Senior High and I’m a little better to this day for that aside so I thought you know I’m not you know I’m not that anyways in the guy told me now it’s an acronym for when others over and then as I started reading in the. About it I was like oh okay it’s not a bad.

Lona: That means you’re fighting cute and adorable and everybody loves you wow you’re my new best friend. But I’m just saying I think some as we don’t understand and then there’s so many tests was actually coming we were I’m joking around about is like what are your personality test recommendations we talked about 16 personalities the disc test strength finders what are some of the ones that you like the Galloping the one that doesn’t drink sliders right but there is another one that’s a personality test which is really good to do when your.

Lona: Because it’s like one person likes gifts one person likes quality time.

Mary: As and I are exactly opposite colors we learn that my 36th anniversary we started joking like everything.

Mary: On every single tap like you couldn’t find two people more different than us and we laughed.

Mary: So I guess there’s something about Opposites Attract but it’s true what was the one that well that we talked about the animals there’s one where you like I’m an eagle.

Mary: And there’s like there’s like you like they’ve it’s kind of like the disc have you ever done that.

Mary: This is like dominance I like insightful or.

Mary: Anyways.

Mary: But it’s it’s how you.

Mary: I only to yourself and not as you said beat yourself up but also.

Mary: Find a team like who you need to fill in the gaps or you’re a stronger unit is out kind of.

Lona: Absolutely stronger unit that appreciates each person and you know like I said doesn’t beat themselves up I love that.

Mary: I can’t believe we’re like over time.

Mary: I felt like I was just having a party getting to know you.

Mary: So fun and we’ve known each other now for I don’t know 6 months and it’s it’s like a new world everyday okay so I want with your name and your website up again so again Lana is an empath and she knows how to take care of you so if you’re looking for a new business opportunity and you’re looking for some is going to take care of you and hold your hand and make sure you’re successful she’s the girl to do it and she’s obviously a Healer so she’s going to help you heal yourself as well as help you heal others but also if you’re sick or you’re emotionally or feeling like you need to figure out what your coat is right your emotion.

Mary: Your body code go to happy healing. Me I think Lana you would be a blessing to so many people who are just looking for answers and so what else would you tell them when they go to that website I also have a free three Emotion Code sessions if you just signed up for that it’s kind of a discovery 3 really yeah so I’ll put them is the link to what you’re just talked about on your website.

Mary: That is so kind of you thank you for giving.

Mary: All right girly well I think we are are done we can talk forever but thank you for everything that you do in this world thank you for making your business and other people’s business is an N Health more brilliant about the billing.

Mary: Comparing you to be in your Brilliance yes thank you.

Mary: Find cuz I forgot we didn’t take our signature picture so we’re going to end the show and then when it’s a cute little picture but again till next week guys thank you so much for tuning in to the brilliant Mart, see you next week.

Mary: Play me today.

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Join us now for another episode of the “Brilliant Marketing with Mary” Show featuring Emotion and Body Code Practitioner, Lona DeRieux.

Lona DeRieux has a degree in psychology. Was a business consultant for 25 years then moved into network marketing. Lona started her business Happy Healing Inc. in 2011 as a Wellness Advocate, then became more passionate about natural healing, and became an Emotion and Body Code Practitioner.

Lona will be sharing:

  • We create good business relationships by keeping our word, being consistent, showing up, listening and being kind.
  • How the relationships you build in your business life bring so much growth. We learn from each other as we accept and celebrate our differences. We are not competing.

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