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How To Create A PR Action Plan With Public Relations Professor Dr. Victoria Brodie

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Mary: I’m content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I’m the founder of another building idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources and Empower them to be bold and stand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized do brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: Hey welcome to the Brilliant Marketing with Mary so I am Mary or mobile Mary or whatever you want to call me and I’m so excited at the show today because I have a dear friend if I just spent the last..

Mary: Do on an hour before we start recording talking about this all the amazing things that we’ve been running toward but enjoyed in our life and she is an absolute expert in public relations m x p r r i e r p r o s p e r r i a public relations and it’s so fun because she is now super fancy like in charge of the minds of millions of children are growing up again doing amazing things because of Victoria Brody so I want to officially there might be a couple of people out there that don’t know who this amazing dear sweet lovely wonderful woman is someone to read her bio officially so you can also learn how amazing she is and then when we come on we’re going to be talking about why everyone needs PRN why you need to tell your story before someone else does so what time are all the magic today so let me introduce her properly so Victoria Brody is has an extensive. Berrington leadership Communications and public relations of course and organizational strategies from developing company visions and corporate brand strategies to handling integrated system change.

Mary: She currently is the chair of the communication arts department at Cal Baptist University also called CPU which is very impressive if you’re in the Southern California area you know how impressive that is Victorious conducted research and regularly speaks on leadership strategies in a b u c a world which stands for vital.

Mary: The whole story and certain complex and ambiguous world yes we are living in that right now she holds a doctorate in organizational leadership from Pepperdine University and she’s trying to impact our community Through the chair of leadership Riverside class of 2022 and I actually been involved in that organization a long time I was class of 2006.

Mary: Best class that we’ll talk about that as well and if she’s also served on numerous boards and committees Victoria has also served as the chair on the Riverside Unified School District’s budget advisory committee see the purpose of the public relations Society of America the Inland Empire chapter she was honored with the Riverside hero award in 2011 and a 2013 women of achievement for the YMCA of Riverside County and if.

Mary: What’s the 2014 American Cancer Society Inland Empire celebration of life.

Mary: So wow wow wow wow love rather do here’s a tortilla. Hello thank you so much I’m so excited to be here today.

Dr. Victoria: Jen was one of my favorite topics of all time so it’s exciting to be able to talk a little bit about it in a way than right did people communicate right we’re doing that right now but I’ll be doing it well that’s the question.

Mary: I really appreciate your suspected because you’ve also had real-world experiences I just read about you in your bio but you and I were in the business world doing projects together and then you and entered Academia.

Mary: Wow like that’s a big transition tell me a little bit about that transition you love people can’t handle it it’s a definitely different world.

Dr. Victoria: I did a presentation today in San Bernardino County for a bunch of leaders and one of the slides had that one of those cartoons that says the unwritten rule book.

Dr. Victoria: What’s an inch higher different.

Dr. Victoria : Then being in business and so it was a little bit of a learning curve but to be honest I absolutely love my job I am so incredibly blessed everyday I get a walk in and see students and to be able to impact their lives because they are our future I mean literally not even the cliche they are our future to be able to help them is really a blessing.

Mary: And I have spoken for your class in the past I used to be a featured guest every year I was like so excited when you like anyone can you try and we talked about a gentleman who I used to think was pretty cool and I met him in college and he’s got me talk about it and I’m reading about all the stuff that he’s like you know today is canceled.

Dr. Victoria : For sure he would be canceled yeah yeah a breakfast the most important meal of the day he came up with that you did he made orange while he was no he was selling bacon.

Dr. Victoria: Yeah he was selling bacon yeah.

Mary: Convince.

Dr. Victoria : I think so long by doing it anymore.

Mary: And I have had the best experience and I need to go back to it when we were doing the carnivore diet which is mostly protein so we would have bacon every morning.

Mary: Bernie’s I appreciate that work thank you at Bernice I got to know if it make you thank you.

Dr. Victoria: You know Uncle was Sigmund Freud.

Dr. Victoria: Yeah that’s why he was so persuasive in what written today standards we would say a little bit on the unethical side a lot.

Dr. Victoria: What is condensed that’s for sure but that was so fun talking about that okay well let’s get into the very first tip that you shared that I kind of said in your intro is tell your own story before someone else does elaborate on that a little bit.

Dr. Victoria: We think that especially for business owners so we think that people should know who we are and what we do but the problem is if we’re not actually telling people who we are and what we do and somebody else can make up that story for you like you say you’re selling a product and all the sudden something goes wrong then somebody’s telling that story and it snowballed out of control right and then all of a sudden this is who you are versus who you know you are so it’s about just being ready prepared and having something together so you can actually tell your story before somebody decides they have something to say for you in a little bit right in fact I didn’t even put that title but it’s how to create a public relations action plan is what we’re going to be giving us some actionable steps for that today so if you’re watching the good stuff is still coming but like to find public relations I mean that kind of joke about Ebenezer the fall. Public relations really what it is.

Dr. Victoria: Really is looking at kind of the mess.

Dr. Victoria: The value system it’s looking at what a brand is and what it does and it’s really about the longevity of the brand so often times when we look at people go public relations Services marketing couple of differences one public relations is about kind of the law.

Dr. Victoria: Call Longevity in terms of public perception in the relationships and marketing is more specific to a specific time place and I’m also the measurement is through return-on-investment where measurement for public relations is more on public perception and relationship person.

Dr. Victoria: People relate to her and those are the major differences and I think that when you look at say Super Bowl commercials now.

Dr. Victoria: They’re saying the brand right because.

Dr. Victoria: Is what keeps us with repeat.

Dr. Victoria: Write you a brand new home I could do a whole thing on just that but.

Mary: Classes you’re trying to teach for each semester each semester up to four classes and being the chair and doing all the other things you do like girl you are superhero yeah yeah I’m actually I just got appointed by our mayor to be on the parks and recs commission so.

Mary: Time to get it’s not the busiest person for help you’ll get it done exactly.

Mary: So true yeah so I just keep my phone off so it’s good.

Mary: What’s the difference in p r and m.

Mary: And I think it’s important that everyone has both in their agreed right because I work well together they do they do.

Mary: And my people say will PR just free advertising. Well.

Mary: Like reputation.

Mary: And there’s a lot of things like like you said you people buy a brand because they are buying they are loyal to something and give me the okay that was only going to say like what happens when you built a brand around a person and then person.

Mary: Something happen at and you’re built your entire brand around that person like Willie I know this sounds weird and I he hasn’t done anything wrong but I just thought of that used to be a client of my Pedego William Shatner.

Mary: Was there a is there a spokesmodel go if William Shatner I was sent out tomorrow he was eating puppies or some.

Mary: Like what would be.

Dr. Victoria: Well I thought you don’t have to look any further than Lance Armstrong.

Dr. Victoria: So I mean we look at Lance Armstrong and that was pretty difficult for them to be able to but they separated themselves and Armstrong became the foundation was still alive but they had to say.

Dr. Victoria: Armstrong so Brands can do it but it’s difficult it’s really hard to. Makeup.

Dr. Victoria: Because when the person is not there the Brand’s not there so you always want to have something that can be if you want lungevity in your organization you want to make sure that you have succession plans and that you weren’t stuck where it’s just you and people are coming for you they’re coming for what you have built that oh that’s.

Mary: Love that what a brilliant marketing share that is why I think you are amazing.

Mary: But I’m so do you would you say that is it better I know this sounds weird but because I do a lot of talking on a i is it better to create a character to represent your.

Mary: Jack in the Box.

Mary: Better to steer away from and icon in your brand.

Dr. Victoria: I think you have to look at it a couple of ways one your brand is really about your values but what represents you typically is something that is a represent like we ought we have Brands right I tend to use words in my brand but I also.

Dr. Victoria: You have people of logos so your logo is your brand right.

Dr. Victoria: I don’t know I don’t know that I would do any kind of icon in terms of that because of the fact that you’re still you right it’s.

Mary: A company like I mean.

Mary: Really still there their person right even though he’s passed away but something like I DM they don’t really have a character or a.

Mary: Although but they don’t really have like a thing in their their little successful write a general electric right so you look at the big one and they don’t they don’t typically they may have associated with a person at first but.

Dr. Victoria: First and that for succession sake in the business take if you want to continue on then you need to really pull it away from just you.

Dr. Victoria: Amazing and wonderful if you really want to make sure that your brand continues then you want to have it at least be able.

Dr. Victoria: You there I Love It cool.

Mary: Marketing Sherrod what we promised the folks that give them what they want so we’re going to learn how to put together an intentional and focus Communications plan in for steps and I will try to write these down so we can see them I’m at so let’s get right into it tell me what is an intentional and folks.

Mary: Plan in general so it’s really funny you ask that.

Dr. Victoria: And I don’t blame people for this at all I mean we’re all so busy and especially if you’re doing a startup or running a new business than you’re just trying to stay afloat right so when you look at communicating it’s kind of like let’s throw this up here let’s throw that up here how can we get that to to stick with that is that how do you figure out what sticks and what this doesn’t and what do you do to ensure that your audience is getting your message okay when you’re intentional and focused on a specific issue or.

Dr. Victoria: That you are wanted.

Dr. Victoria: Then you can you make much more.

Dr. Victoria: When we go we have a list of what we want to get done so we can hit this ultimate goal right so I know you know you’re going to take to get a PR degree than you have your step yoga classes you have all these different things you have to do to get that PR degree so that’s okay so that you can actually produce something at the end of it and that focused attention is amazing.

Dr. Victoria: What you focus is what happens right right right wife is a matter of focus so so it’s not just just putting in that intention in the one good thing about a communication plan is it once you have one done you can typically put in a different topic so maybe I’ll go over.

Dr. Victoria: So that makes more sense the planner we’ll talk about it as our pie is the short for it so you guys can remember its research research planning implementation and evaluation and in that.

Dr. Victoria: It’s really important.

Dr. Victoria: Do Stouts go when you.

Dr. Victoria: Search you want.

Dr. Victoria: What what do we know about situation cuz we’re going to try to narrow it down to one thing for this plan so far since you want to open up a new platform. Right or you want to.

Dr. Victoria: Or you want to bring more awareness to your grand okay so that want to bring more awareness to my grand so how am I going to do that.

Dr. Victoria: Going to talk to you so this is one of the biggest things the research part is very very important because guess what.

Dr. Victoria: It’s about your person your.

Dr. Victoria: Yes I do something that’s beautiful and love.

Dr. Victoria: And nobody hears it cuz you’re sick.

Dr. Victoria: Righttime of that.

Dr. Victoria: I know it’s true I think people like going to wander around but you got to be laser focus on.

Mary: Wants your body what they need ate all about them so true all about them right but you have to Define who them is right.

Dr. Victoria: That once I leave my students through in the Capstone class where they work with a real client is I lead them through think all the stick figure I won’t let them speak to the client about it cuz it freaks me out cuz every client I don’t know I don’t care who I talk to you almost everyone says I want to talk to everybody right if you got skin care everybody has to.

Dr. Victoria: Yeah right but the thing is is if you’re talking to everyone you really not talking to anybody right amen so.

Dr. Victoria: Audience and figure out who it is you want to talk to you about this like maybe you want to reach out to younger demographic so you’re going to message.

Dr. Victoria: Demographics and maybe what you’re doing now so you need to know who you’re going to be speaking to write that sappy is persona.

Dr. Victoria: In that research part of that is the stick figure I was talking about so I did what I lead them through as I say who are you talking to and they’re like.

Dr. Victoria: And they’re like an age and I said yes give me an age.

Dr. Victoria: Ginger nationality level of Education all of the different things that go along with my ideal person for this and I tell him not to talk to the clients cuz clients get freaked out it’s not that we’re trying to only talk to that one.

Dr. Victoria: But we know when we focus on talking that one person we get a full gamut of people around them so so it’s really helpful.

Dr. Victoria: Really talk to somebody versus kind of that you know how they are used.

Dr. Victoria: Talk instead of I write two organizations would be like you know by the management from the management but we’ve gotten into this relational through social media where it’s really it’s really this back and forth so we just need to understand who were talking to and then where are they. Okay right where are they.

Dr. Victoria: Bring up right you don’t want to post content where they’re not showing up.

Dr. Victoria: You want to figure out what your goals are what would you like to accomplish with this plan so say you want the younger demographic so you’re going to say you’re going to look at okay great what do I want to do with the show I want to raise brand awareness for my for my product so you want to ensure that your.

Dr. Victoria: Furnace for this product but a goal is really great but we all know that a goal without steps or measurable points that doesn’t end up happening do or it happens in a way you didn’t anticipate so then what we would do is we would put the overarching goal of what we want to accomplish and then a smart objective so maybe the smart objectives.

Dr. Victoria: To reach out to where I’m going to work on our Instagram page I’m going to reach out to me we’re going to reach out specifically to 18226 rolls. Write the word specifically.

Dr. Victoria: Are you creeped what’s a it’s a smart objective not a smart goal oh I’m so sorry I was jumping ahead this is this the whole goal setting think everyone off okay and here I’m trying to be helpful taking notes I know I’d appreciate it because you to know that what you’re doing now one thing I do want to caution you about is we tend to think in tactics right so you’re like I can do it you know I can do a real.

Dr. Victoria: Great yeah yeah right so we tend to think and tactics but what you.

Dr. Victoria: Really when you’re putting together the beginning of this plan is go back and say why why why why would I want to put together that real what is the ultimate goal on trying to achieve yyy and that will help you solidify what your goal is. Find yourself sinking in tactics.

Dr. Victoria: Pull yourself back to why why why I mean my students get sick of hearing it. Like Simon’s and I also said that we people will connect with your why yeah right is that will draw in your perfect client because if they know why you’re doing something it’s definitely more powerful.

Dr. Victoria: Exactly what it also helps the clarification because a lot of this is what I say is focused focused energy.

Dr. Victoria: Its sole.

Dr. Victoria: It’s not labor-intensive it’s just where you don’t go off on tangents as you stick to the plan so.

Dr. Victoria: Once you got those objectives done yet.

Dr. Victoria: Strategies you want to do to reach people maybe that Israel’s maybe it’s videos maybe it’s you know webinars whatever it may be for you to get your product out there or to get your organization out there what you do out there so you’ll start thinking about those tactic.

Dr. Victoria: Right place to think about it is after you have the other stuff that that’s when you go into okay so how am I actually going to do this right so once you figure that out then you develop a timeline. Thanks for being one of those people.

Mary: Filling out the the form rpie but I’m I’m getting that whole like I need to know which are we at the PD yet because I need to write it down oh I’m so sorry yes we are at the p. Okay seriously I never thought I was going.

Mary: A seminar at the sheet of paper with the lines in the words and you’re waiting to fill in like what’s on the body called.

Mary: What is that madlib in that in the bouncing ball in my head goes so fast I don’t always connect the dots yet thank you.

Dr. Victoria: It’s very good so yeah.

Dr. Victoria: This is the point to where you going to develop timeline now I would suggest that you do like a 10-week timeline or you could do shorter so you could do short timelines where you do like a month or even a couple of weeks or maybe even a couple of days if it’s something that you’re building a excitement for quickly right so it just depends on the length of time you need but.

Dr. Victoria: Branding and for your own brand and your longevity of your brand awareness I would stay a little bit longer of a run on it so the timeline would be that’s a ten weeks okay and the Pea stood for what was the worst planning planning thank you that’s okay and and then we also look at strategies and tactics right and so what are the strategies were using what are the tactics were going to use and then we also look at 12 anytime line. So one of the things that.

Dr. Victoria: I do really quickly into timeline when things got a timeline that I find really helpful is that to do a week by week timeline where things are kind of written out so if somebody else is helping you with this then they can reference that and see what exactly is meant by by whatever you have in may be a monthly calendar so then you would have a Content calendar your.

Dr. Victoria: Is on social media cuz that’s what packed butter.

Dr. Victoria: Set calendar but that only has brief points of what your what your posting everyday or what you’re doing every day an incident about explaining the whole thing where the weekly timeline and breakdown would be about that so and if I could ask a question there cuz you talk about content calendar but I’m.

Mary: Or something editorial calendar right where you’re trying to get your match your story.

Dr. Victoria: Does this have anything to do with that or is it please. Here’s the thing I’m just going to say we’re doing a quick sidebar so getting attention now it’s very hard.

Dr. Victoria: So.

Dr. Victoria: Peso system which is paid media which is like.

Dr. Victoria: Houston post and stuff like that and then we have learned which is that somebody sees this and they want to write an article on you right and then we have shared.

Dr. Victoria: Somebody shares your post so.

Dr. Victoria: The new earned media on social shared so shared and then.

Dr. Victoria: Is like your website visit the things you have control over the messaging with shared you don’t have control.

Dr. Victoria: Comments on it right with earned you don’t the journalist is not going to consult you on what you think is best.

Dr. Victoria: Right there article and then paid you can again do whatever you need to in the pits. But the magic thing is is to try to find what you need in that formula that will work for you so.

Dr. Victoria: I have to pay in boosting a post to get it started.

Dr. Victoria: You may have to what.

Mary: Reach more people.

Mary: Might not be in your sphere.

Dr. Victoria: Because it’s so crowded out there it’s so loud out there is some bandwidth and then once we do that it starts the ball rolling so as pure used to be this whole you only earn you know that’s the that’s the gold standard of P are still there I mean obviously we would love to have journalist right about us but I’m sorry but there are fewer and fewer journalists out there and unless it’s something that really they like want to and you basically written it for them I don’t want to say that but given them enough that they can write it.

Dr. Victoria: It’s tough to get them to write about your organization so this is like kind of a quicker way to do it and social media is especially if you’re going for younger demographic that’s where you want to be doing this right here really pay so as to do with social media well it because it’s the shared. Oh right so I mean we could look.

Dr. Victoria: Somebody could I mean I know we’re on a limited time here but.

Dr. Victoria: Someone who wrote a book called trust me I’m lying and Confessions of a media manipulators name is Ryan holiday now he has written and actually that book was to cleanse his.

Dr. Victoria: Because it was so it was so bad out there he wanted people to know.

Dr. Victoria: Populated it again trust me I’m lying Confessions of a media manipulator.

Dr. Victoria: Assured not booking and don’t hold me to this verbatim but this is conceptually what it was if he was he was working with a movie or something.

Dr. Victoria: He had written something up giving it to kind of a low-level blogger who then was like or did something in the low-level blogger start blogging about it and then that low-level blogger got seen by.

Dr. Victoria: A little bit higher and they picked it up right so they pick it up and then all of a sudden it’s on on.

Dr. Victoria: Huffington Post right to amalgamator and then seeing it picks it up. And it’s just like a little thing.

Dr. Victoria: Put up a billboard.

Dr. Victoria: He he wrote stuff on.

Dr. Victoria: He painted stuff on.

I didn’t stop and then send another group did it cuz he was trying to build excitement.

Dr. Victoria: Oh my God and he got all 42 news coverage over this stuff. That is wild did you hear about the Burger King.

Mary: 15 second ad so there was a little.

Mary: Right and they a pitched Burger King that we want to do this ad for you and we guarantee that this will have a million views and it’s only going to cost this much fun it was like a short thing or whatever anyway so you’d love this and check it out I’ll put the link to the YouTube about it in the comments as well so their campaign was and it was like a couple years ago and literally it went by.

Mary: That was like your promise or your money back so they’re there commercial was a guy in a Burger King uniforms dying behind the grill like you could tell he was in a store and he said he’s holding a Whopper and people always ask as what’s in a Whopper so how about hey Google what’s in a Whopper and that was it 15 seconds everyone’s home Google.

Dr. Victoria: Doing it right now.

Dr. Victoria: Are you serious right now.

Mary: Two all-beef patties Special Sauce lettuce cheese at Whataburger right what the heck and so then Google says you’re not getting free advertising and I guess they kept changing the algorithm to a wouldn’t recognize it but the little company had thought about that and they change the voice sound they changed like winds were unicorns voice when do a robot boys went in different languages. Went somewhere else but that’s the thing not only did it go viral because he.

Mary: Posting about it then the news of people picked up on it and everyone’s talking about this 15 second Burger King ad right so great day or like wow what an exam.

Mary: Free advertising.

Mary: Using technology is back ya-ya using.

Mary: Using it they said Hey Google versus like me Alexa or like whatever but it was like Hey Google what’s in a what’s in a Whopper like that and then it just took off and that was it that’s crazy.

Mary: We have to wrap up so you know where it’s okay okay okay Dr. Victoria: In one really quick thing I’m Ryan holiday has done all sorts of fantastic books that are based in stoicism sense so he has gone out of that world and he has just a brilliant mind and does amazing work that one of his books is called ego is the enemy so you know where he’s coming from now okay so implementation is really kind of what yes I see I was really about taking everything.

Dr. Victoria: So far and create.

Dr. Victoria: Create your creative material so if you’re going to be doing post getting on that canva right every non graphic designers dream so amazing the post putting together videos all of that stuff you’re going to get all of your creative content together all your materials together your budget all of that is going to flow in with your timeline so you’ll dress your timeline based on these things and then you’re going to ensure you know exactly which channels are sending it through which we talked about that and make sure that you were messaging is reaching that targeted audience so one of the great things about doing a campaign on social media is that you can check it as it’s in progress right yeah I mean we didn’t have to I mean before we.

Dr. Victoria: If we did say you know a magazine article we would say well they have a readership of 50,000 people doesn’t say that 50,000 people read your article in their life they read the headline they you know or they stepped away just read the whole thing but do you know so so we have the ability to shift and change so I’m not saying no print anymore I’m not saying that at all or any other men.

Dr. Victoria: I’m just thinking that this is something that we as business owners can control and can do and I probably agree to though.

Mary: Are you doing prints.

Mary: Direct Mail is an example when you send direct mail it stand out there you get a postcard from someone you’re reading it I mean that was always the case you were.

Mary: Like you said we have to read it I just throwing it away but you’re reading it and so when you hardly ever getting any mail what you do male it’s right so I’m only suggesting that to you like I know it’s true.

Dr. Victoria: It’s true we we love that but but literally it for me one of the biggest things is that I I want to empower and that’s what I teach my students is I want to empower small business owners to take control of their own messaging in marketing because when you’re small you don’t necessarily have the the budget to be able to bring somebody in to do this for you and the tools are there for you to do it so this structure with the tools really allows you to focus have focused intentional communication to the people are trying to reach to change perceptions open perceptions all of these different things so evaluation is the last part of this and what if I you Wishin so what you really want to do if you want to look at did I meet the smart objective. It’s really that easy did I meet the smart objective and hopefully because.

Dr. Victoria: No messaging you did more than that or you had added benefits may be what you did as you sent them to your website and you have more people you know more people on your website your pages were stickier the bounce is often whatever it is whatever your metric is then you can look at that and find out what happened but I’m going to tell you if you are putting out intentional focused messaging to the correct audience you will have results now if for some reason it goes awry.

Mary: Rinse and repeat.

Dr. Victoria: Is it like I I.

Dr. Victoria: Hardware I was with a client and I did this I got my audience from the client. Oh.

Dr. Victoria: Right I normally do my own audio.

Mary: My client is the evening they told you to the audience was instead of you researching all wow okay right but this beautiful print and online campaign like beautiful like posters and mailings and all sorts of stuff like it was a very robust campaign and it was falling short. And the reason why because I was communicating in a way that was not.

Mary: Right it was a resonating with them right yeah do you always go back to the research and something isn’t clicking if you’re not getting the shares if you’re not getting likes you’re not getting the comments go back to the research something else that this brings up a thing a valuation I think a lot of us don’t look.

Mary: We’re so busy with the noisy world and our lives and we everything going on that same as we like do something next and you go on but if you don’t evaluate its like the definite definition of crazy doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results so when you take the time to re-evaluate what went wrong like when we used to do big events we have a rap meeting so he’s like okay what work what didn’t work so we don’t repeat you know all the good things do more of all the bad things you messed up well and that’s one of the end of a campaign is that at the end you Juju.

Dr. Victoria: It is then you can shift and change it and use it as a template so maybe not brand awareness the next time right you did something else right.

Dr. Victoria: Structure is a template to be able to add in what you want to but you cannot do it effectively if you don’t do what we used to call a post-mortem right after it was done if you don’t do that kind of like what work what didn’t work watching be done better right next time and then also oftentimes these communication plans give you.

Dr. Victoria: Opportunities for additional communication plans so it’s really a great way to start communicating get your name out there and then the get your name out there again and maybe even open up more audiences to yourself I love it wow so many goodness so much meat in this one session and we are so over time I’m going to know are you kidding me.

Mary: Like having all the words I love it I know you were really.

Mary: So much for sharing your wisdom with our audience like I hope everyone is taking notes and gone through and to make this for yourself cuz you’re right once you create a template of something it makes your life so much easier I’m all about doing things that are simple and easy and having some fun at it so and I’m sure at the end the bow on top is that you enjoy what you’re doing right bataria like something fun cuz people are going of lightening up right and I think that’s important to you that we don’t take yourself.

Dr. Victoria: Oh we do.

Dr. Victoria: Is it going to matter in 24-48 hours how about five years in the old days they would say you know today’s news is tomorrow’s fish trap right now these days everything is online for ever so I’m sure that’s something I’m back when I was teaching.

Mary: Class we’re talking about like you have a carbon footprint so don’t do things that your grandmother self is going to be embarrassed about or you your grandchildren will be embarrassed for you know those things as well but when it comes to your business that’s really not appropriate.

Mary: All right we’ll listen I just want everyone to know how amazing you are I’m I’m trying to put up your cute little name here so again this is Victoria Brody dr. Victoria Brody seemed to be an MBA as well This Woman’s that have more letters behind your name.

Mary: Soup.

Mary: So proud of you Victoria we’ve known each other for so long and I treasure your friendship and I am grateful for your time and with that I’m going to end the show and again they too and it next Thursday same bat Time same bat Channel I just dated myself.

Mary: Because we owe I’m just so excited to bring more goodness to our community and to learn from brilliant people like my friend Victoria all right and we will see you next week.. Thank you for joining me today you can learn more.

Mary: My products and services at another brilliant idea. Calm because everyone needs another brilliant idea make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 10:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.