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How to Convert Clicks to Clients With Chat Funnels Expert, Tracey Matney

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Mary: I am content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I Empower women entrepreneurs by sharing digital Marketing Solutions on my show billing it marketing with Mary.

Mary: Welcome to the brilliant marketing with Mary so I Mary they call me mobile Mary in the industry and I’m so happy to see you here today I’m or least you’ll be seeing me technically. Anyways I’m super excited about the event today the show today I should say he is working me talking about how to convert clicks to clients in your DM right at the end of your Instagram in your messenger with Chad finals and social selling and I have the expert that is blowing people out of the water with the results today and I’m super excited to have her share her top three tips on how to convert Flex to clients in the DM so yay so stay tuned for that still before I introduced her I just wanted to share a little bit about if you are looking for a safe place to be creative and get your marketing Mojo I would like to know I’d like to invite you to my Facebook group I’ll put the link in the comments but it’s called marketing innovators playground because I truly believe that one week. Play We Will attract are perfect clients to us because they want to have fun and they will they will share your message and they will be a part of the journey with you so I would like to invite you to join the playground and we have a lot of fun in there so I hope you will do that as well.

I want to get right to our top because we have a very quick show today we’re changing our format to 15 minutes shows you get all the goodness as quick as possible so my beautiful guest today her name is Tracy mad at me and not only is she adorable.

Mary: I consider a friend but she loves to help her clients great conversations that convert and helps them scalar offers and impact you can pick the team of amazing digital marketers who care deeply about their clients and she is the CEO and she leaves the strategy and oversees our team driving High results for their clients so doubt further Ado let’s bring up Tracy there Seasons oh my God tell me about your company tell me what quickly like what is the thing that light you up what’s your why about being a business as a business owner and there’s a lot of things to juggle but business is really provided a way for me to help people and for me to fit be fulfilled.

Tracey: Working person with skill but also be able to be at home as azzam.

Tracey: I can do both of those things while you’re not just tomorrow and I’m excited about that I was 7 year old and I have one on the way pretty soon here in December so I can lick it right to her, because I know that you are busy and need to get back but this is the title of the show today how to convert clicks to clients in the DM on Instagram and messenger with chat funneling and social selling we’re going to go to three steps but can you come in a general overview and then we’ll talk about some case studies as well.

Tracey: In 2018 so over five years ago I started my agency as a freelancer and I discovered many chat which is this really cool software that helps you manage your DM conversation and didn’t like a lot of people don’t realize but like a boss is kind of got this bad rap cuz people don’t like bought you know but the thing is we’re not afraid of automation we like things that are answers right away we like getting freebies and discount codes and whatever stupid as all the time and you click on it it’s like putting your email address and will give you 15% off code right on the cool I got it super fast now I can put in my promo code I can buy the thing I was going to buy but once I like to leave that pays the only way they have to contact me now with email they can email me.

Tracey: Put on my emails and so we’re cool. Manychat and using DM automation is that I can message my clients and my clients come out of their clients in the DM’s which people are way more likely to write open rates on email or.

Tracey: 20% is a good but usually it’s less than that an open race on on Instagram DMS our son has 90 to 100% especially the ones requesting to be missing your freebie like say you do a post and you say.

Tracey: Balochi word Black Friday and I’ll send you my 20% off code to get this product and you have a service or you have a a course the course is only this price from right now to right now or if you’re you want to get the free.

Tracey: Or any of us could say comment something below.

Mary: And I’ll send it to you so brilliant and it’s great cuz Instagram there’s no link so I had to either put in the comment in Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company.

Tracey: That 95% of their money comes from as though if you’re sending people away and they’re leaving their platform there aren’t really thrilled about that your engagements going to dip how do you get to keep your engagement at which keeps you on the platform makes meta happy makes them show your content more people and I love that in your company help the Browns are going to tell people how to do it today but your company help put that together so let’s get to the first bank here inside the first one in how to get clicks to clients is post with a call to action as a keyword, you kind of alluded to it already they give little bit more detail.

Tracey: Pacifically about Instagram so when you do a real or you do a post have you seen people doing have you think it’ll do a mess release date.

Tracey: Get my Black Friday special or comment on the.

Tracey: My free video tips and then we go into the DM will so you can set up a trigger has many chat that’s the software that we love we’ve been using him 2018 Moore agency expert partner with them and by the way another software that I just love working in the Heat and they don’t pay me but that is where we met when they would have there in person conferences yes I know everything is online now but anyway so you have them you post something where there’s a pet Carousel post are real any kind of post or.

Tracey: Even stories you can say reply to the story with this key word really cuz it goes right into the DMV with a secured there’s those are the three main ways we get to start the conversation your lead has to click and start the conversation once they do that you got him in a conversation 24 hours or you can actually message them first is if you ever to click on a link and go to your website like a website funnel a good conversion is 23% what happens if they are learning about your freebie and they’re like curious cuz I only get 85% of people actually give us their email address and the other 15% who don’t we can actually send him a little.

Tracey: We have two hours to get a call out of made it so it’s not like you have to be the one the following up and will you can like texts on number two part of the Automation and again when you’re the business owner Hallelujah for all the animation that live on your phone all the time y’all see any light isn’t on your answering all this.

Mary: The first thing is like you asking for an email or ask him to you asking for a phone number for an estimate for texting so if you want a lot of times will ask for email and then ask for the phone number so if you could send them the gifts that they asked for cuz you’re getting nothing in return that you want their email collect Mills outlets I’m all about building the last right I mean it’s a business asset so if you ever want to sell your business you have 10,000 lead as an asset that increases the value of your business and the other is business insurance so if for some reason Facebook goes down or Instagram glitches or you get locked you have offline the ability to reach out to your customers and you need to sell all of them yet I’m so happy you’re helping feel bad that is great. We’re building that email leftover also building that texting with and we’re building an Instagram list and so one story I want to share as we have this one client his name is Pedro a video and he has a very large eight-figure business and he has hundreds of thousands of people on his email list we recently started building up his messenger automation list so when he runs a 5-day challenge he’s known as like the challenge guy and he teaches people how to run like a freeze out of town and he’ll send them to automation to get notifications so they’ll opt in to be notified on day one when they go live so it’s like they were alive.

Tracey: So they click on it he show up rate has more than doubled because we’ve added this and so he was realizing his membership and we sent out a broadcast to about 4,500 people on his list he has 333 people click on it and it generated $4,000 in sales just from one message yeah.

Tracey: Click-through rates at like 1% click-through rate per cent click-through rate of people who got that message and it generated $4,000 in income and so that’s why we do this all month so it’s like it’s getting up and these are people who have raised their hand and said send me messages I just hear from you annoying they don’t think it’s him and that’s one of the worst things about chatbots of the word bought people don’t like is they think that it’s it you think it’s a human.

Tracey: Not a human that’s like the way it’s in January I have my boss says I’m married by Mary’s assistant you know when I try to put in funny gifts and there’s all kinds of things you can do that make you feel no oh it’s okay if it is whenever someone says Hey comment below and I’ll send you this thing and I comment and I don’t get a DM for like a day or even several hours I might know I was like I was a hot interested League then I forgot what this was even a bath while we definitely have the attention span of less than a goldfish do we have to like really lean into that and and help people with what they mean you want to give them what they need right I mean that I’ve always said and you not talk about this that we are the answer to someone’s prayer and so in the moment.

Mary: Resolution you need to provide it like it’s.

Mary: No purpose in life if you have a solution and somebody needs it will you need to show up and give it to them so I mean this goes the number 3 which you can touch down as well as follow-up and make the sale like you can dissolve human and and you can interrupt right in and answer.

Tracey: DM automation but it’s also social selling you know I get the majority of my clients like I’ll make a post and I’ll get like two or three comments and then I get like four or five GM and I’ll get sales calls book just because someone DM me they never commented I’ll get clients that have been watching my post for six months and I’ve never once even hit the like button and then they DM me and I like I want to hire you like sometimes they just prefer the DMV at the private one-on-one conversation right now if you can have that conversation you can jump in and be like hey this is a real Tracy just want to check in with you and see if you have any questions as a person and then you get him a call like you just do you do what you should know how to do as a business letter is sell your product and services not like you’re like some of our clients that have 100,000 followers.

Tracey: 160000 followers on Instagram and like respond every time so why she hired I said she’s an Instagram expert she is an expert in a hired us because she’s like I don’t have time to like go ahead and respond all these people six different keywords or anytime her team is sending out like doing a post.

Tracey: They’ll just rotate through their few words so like one of the key words will trigger that the free be slow and then after you’ve not slow it’s like by the way did you know we have a challenge coming up next week you could do it and it cost $70 what is following us as human as social Celerity of a team of social sellers or just as yourself if you have CEO or main business person or.

Tracey: Using automation to.

Tracey: Can you give me the word scale.

Tracey: And you can come and go through my flow and it’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and then at the end it’ll prompt you to book a call with me and said so once we kind of had a little DM conversation automation if you want to schedule time and I’m go to Instagram my Instagram is Tracey e p s o n e l e m e the word scale Tracy matney what V PS.

Mary: BP.

Mary: Make sure this is right.

Mary: I put it here on the screen.

Mary: And I’m also going to say that you’re going to when you go to her Instagram you’re going to.

Tracey: Just going to DM me okay sodium with the word.

Mary: Scale scale is because the slow you’re going to trigger is specifically for people who have an existing business have proven offers there making a couple six figures in bed.

Tracey: Bella 73 work with and so if you go to that flow you’ll kind of see it you can see how I how I frame it you know any freebies that you’re offering if she’ll come to that that automation so wow will listen we are actually overtime work switching to the 15 minute and model so he’s going to get great information out quickly cuz people are busy and Tracy thank you so much for what I said I cherish you as a friend and I’m so excited for your new baby that’s coming in the fact that you have a a team set up at you you’re a you walk your walk you talk to your doctor write it so you have a team that’s doing all this automation for your business as well so you won’t miss a beat while you’re cuddling your new baby which is great experience and seven years ago when I had my sons.. You can have that like time for him when she’s my main goal is starting a business that is awesome I’ll coming to fruition I love it will listen God bless you thank you for being on the show today I’m everyone and thank you for doing it to the brilliant marketing with Mary show we are going alive every Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific and I hope you’ll join me for another show in the future and until then be brilliant and all you do take care.

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