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Mary: Play Welcome Back to the brilliant marketing with Mary show and I’m Mary Burnett also know his mobile Mary in the industry and I’m so excited today because we’re not only talking about I’m talking we’re talking with an old friend of mine who is near and dear to my heart we just realized we’re speaking Offline that we’ve been friends since 1993 we met at a professional conference we’ll talk a little bit about that it leads into the experience that she has but she’s absolutely amazing she’s been public relations she teaches people how to make sure how to get on podcast and since this is a podcast and a livestream I thought what a perfect topic to help you realize what you need to do to make your body’s always talks about By Boring bio facts on how to get yourself media ready media-savvy so you can get your message out to the world which is awesome so before we bring her up because I want definitely I’m do her justice with a proper introduction.

Mary: I just want to tell you a little bit about my free group I have a group on Facebook called the marketing Innovation playground where serious son meets creative success or something like that.

Mary: And it’s been slowly growing a four years ago I had a group and to be honest I’ll always very transparent I kind of let it.

Mary: I do because you know it’s a lot of work right but I felt inspired to find people who are like-minded the one who use their creativity in a way that would attract clients to them there’s a free group talk with the link in the comments at at after the show.

Mary: You can click on that if you would like to join the deathly free but we share like how to use different tools for marketing how did it creative ad campaigns and marketing campaign to really capture an audience that you would want to attract to do business with you so it’s a really fun group and I just wanted to put out that invitation to you because that is where it all starts right so before I bring Nancy up by 1 just read her wonderful.

Mary: We met in 1993 and I just am so excited have the show I was getting so damn it came to call in 2021 podcast casting success experts Nancy Jen has trained over 5,000 experts authors and speakers be brilliant podcast guests who book himself on top podcast without hiring inexpensive booking agency.

Mary: Expert authors thought leaders to book themselves on top podcasts without higher as I said I am reading it I apologize.

Mary: Is offering Amelia one sheet service bundled with five in-depth video training so I’m power clients to succeed as brilliant podcast desk to attract leads connections collaborations and new claims to their business she’s also the leader of love your business love your life Inner Circle love that we are at and she is at there an intimate cohort of successful establish Lifestyle on suing success on their own bass terms while Champion great work with Eric to the respected and well-known Orchard online communities their aim is to amplify their Collective resolve naturally without doing anything that makes them cringe so without further Ado let me bring up Nancy Justin. I was reading your bio and I realize I was repeating myself.

Nancy: Some things bear repeating obviously we have so much to talk about and I know the last time we talked in the beginning that we don’t have to but it’s not the listening audience so this title today if the show is how to become media ready yes Abby and on message and you have a lot of experience I mean you’re only thirty-five years old but you have about 30 years experience.

Mary: Doing this and when we met in 1993 some people who are listen to this weren’t even born.

Mary: You’re just placebos at that time so tell everybody how we met and what you were speaking she was a big-time stage speaking speaker in 1983 and I was in the audience going oh my gosh I think she’s amazing we connected after that talk and we have been fast friends ever since so don’t take it away.

Nancy: You know what what a difference a few decades makes but back in 1993 I was the regional marketing manager for Jack in the Box restaurants which was a quick which is a quick service restaurant chain that has hundreds and hundreds of outlets across the country and.

Nancy: I was doing and got recognized for my brilliant Marketing in my own region and.

Nancy: What’s the biggest thing that I was involved with at the time so the international events group in Chicago reached out to me and said we’d love for you to be a keynote speaker at the international events group conference in Chicago.

Mary: Active at the time and I’m assuming they’re still around.

Mary: The people who are getting sponsors for the Olympics the year we met was a year before the World Cup in 1994 World Cup and so all these huge movers and shakers Pepsi and I mean like giant companies on both sides we were looking for sponsors and people who were so blinded sponsor so he was like where they were coming together to get married so again it was an incredibly powerful.

Nancy: Come and speak on a very big stage that’s all of my money that I had at the time to go.

Mary: Buy ticket in my hotel to go to this event and you were at Keno speaker like they about this.

Nancy: Magnificent keynote I wish I practiced it I’d rehearsed it I was all ready to go and like two weeks before I was supposed to take the stage there was this horrible world event at that initiated at Jack In The Box the E.coli incident of 1993 we’re sadly children and others.

Nancy: Died because of undercooked meat it made national news it was international news and I’m thinking who in Chicago or anywhere else would want to listen to what I have to say after what has happened which is a life accidental tremendous proportions and I remember reaching to the event planner and saying I’m really honored to be asked and I have a beautiful presentation plan but given recent events in the news I want to give you an out if you feel that it would not be of service to your audience they have me on the the stage given the notoriety that the company’s experiencing at this time.

Nancy: Pause and she stopped and she said we absolutely want to hear from you you are exactly what we need to hear from right now and please.

Nancy: And I shot okay and so I flew.

Nancy: To Chicago and I got to the airport and there was one of those guys in the tuxedo with the Miss Stratton where are you and they started me to the hotel and I got to the hotel and they were gift baskets and all kinds of amazing things waiting for me there and then the audience received me so warmly and one of the greatest blessings of that experience was getting to meet you cuz we’ve been friends for like decades since yes.

Mary: He was totally a personal note but I it was the year before I got pregnant with my daughter and so a year later she came to visit and you must have been that another high-powered event or something coming down to Southern California and you said what we need to go shopping your pregnant for your for with your first baby and we went shopping if it at in the South Coast Plaza which anyone around the world I know is like the super expensive like if you’re not a billionaire you cannot shop there like it’s obnoxiously expensive and we want when in the Nordstrom’s and you pick out a dress for my baby daughter that wasn’t even born yet.

Mary: In 1994 I’m sorry.

Mary: We are but I was like no no no no you cannot spend $100 on me like this is ridiculous their children starving I am not going out and you’re like it’s my money you’re my friend.

Mary: Celebrate your baby and I’m and I was like.

Mary: Because we are both type A and I did every photoshoot known to man but that dress on what I think I still have it. You know what I wear it or something is really cool about that is it business.

Nancy: We met at a business that we started a relationship and I think even back then I thought to my.

Nancy: Our business and we should love our life and if you feel called to give a gift.

Nancy: Because they’re celebrating an Ethics thing in their life the birth of their first child make it special I knew that was going to be a memory that would be a biting for both of us and I’m always still doing that today 30 years later is there something is some way I can.

Nancy: For my clients my partner’s my collaborators were they will feel my heart and know that I’m the one they want a journey with indefinitely and so relationships really really really do matter and I think that’s why I was really trying to podcast shifting when the pandemic came to call because we’re all stuck in our houses we can’t leave the house how are we going to beat the drum to create demand for a product programs and services while we’re going to podcast customer going to create relationships with amazing hosts around the world and then our mrs. can be Amplified wherever we happen to one of share it and I’ve been found not to be incredibly empowering during what has been a very disruptive time for so many of us I love it and thank you for bringing it around to the topic because you’re so good at that and that’s why I could fire you so let’s get right into your very first time really marketing share which is that there are six piece to consider when wanting to get on a podcast or any type of media platform right is enough to be just podcast live streams TV Network Magazine like any. Media platform do is talk about those six piece as you said their preparation positioning prioritizing pitching ping-ponging with the word I love that and profit so can you go through them for sure.

Nancy: When you.

Nancy: You want to share.

Nancy: Message with a much wider audience when you’re preparing.

Nancy: I want you to set powerful intentions around how far you want your messages travel and that your message will travel to the Right audience is so that you can benefit most and touching Transformers many lives as possible.

Nancy: I’m a Rolex watch to a migrant Farm worker if the audience.

Nancy: Is wrong it doesn’t matter how brilliant your message was its landing on ears that don’t have the discretion to wisely investor do business with you so you really want to have some discernment around where you want show up so be as you’re preparing as you get your microphone ready and you have a camera and you’ve got a decent background behind you and you know what what in 10.

Nancy: Message think to yourself what is the ideal.

Nancy: Speak to what value do I have to bring to that audience why am I.

Nancy: Available athlete to speak on that particular topic what makes you special..

Nancy: Said that the host would say wow I can’t wait to talk to that person get his name.

Mary: And it’s true you I mean this is like a sport you have to work at it you have to strengthen your muscles you have to practice right so I don’t I’m assuming athlete was the word you were looking for but I thought oh my gosh that’s over it’s it’s true and you need a coat.

Mary: In a plea to do better I know that’s what you do you post people and how to get ready for the for the median podcast yes well.

Nancy: To put it another way how many people do you know.

Nancy: Coach book authors to become.

Nancy: Best selling authors you can probably look at.

Nancy: You probably know 10 people that just people how to do that right if you are..

Nancy: Special difference in preferred about the way that you do it or some alternative point of view or perspective that you can bring to the conversation that would have you stand apart from everyone else who talks about that same thing right people make as they say all I help people get the Amazon number one bestseller status as a book coach will join the club if you can add join the club to what it is that you do you’re not quite ready for podcast guessing because you have to have something special different and prefer to say that will serve the host and most importantly served the listening audience that the host has works so hard to curate and nurture to be paying attention in the first place interesting.

Mary: Rider by exactly okay to pee in RPV today positioning is it kind of goes along with the first thing or is there something else I can get I think it does I think we all have to ask ourselves what makes us special different in preferred and you want to ask yourself you know do you work with women.

Nancy: Doing $500,000 a year in revenue and ready to grow to a million do you work with. People that are.

Nancy: Initially it don’t have two nickels to rub together like who who’s your ideal audience.

Nancy: Qualifies you to work with this particular audience have you written best-selling book.

Nancy: Featured in major or minor media have you been recognized as a Inc 500 top performer there’s always some I would say to people find at least three proof points that position you as someone that an ideal client would or host most importantly.

Nancy: Can’t wait to talk to that person and Powerful.

Nancy: Listening is in a good idea so we prepared we positioned prioritizes the next one and prioritize.

Nancy: What I was saying before as you can sell a Rolex watch to a migrant Farm worker so I’ll use my head.

Nancy: My husband Steve Jetton has a company called Bridgegate partners and they help financial advisors.

Nancy: And Consultants adequately plan for the successful sale of the.

Nancy: So the buyer the seller and the clients all win on the way out that’s what they do.

Nancy: Yourself what he’d like to be a guest on podcast where should he be speaking up so then you can think thoughts Lee and.

Nancy: Make sense for him to be on podcast that addressed business exit planning right it might also be.

Nancy: Podcasts that address. Prophet.

Nancy: Ship right it might be useful for him to be on podcast that financial advisers listen to as they take in Vesper.

Nancy: Ultimately sell their business for the best possible outcome you want to prioritize.

Nancy: Where are the audience to message match make sense and then of course there’s ways that you can easily connect with those kinds of people when you do a little bit of research but if you don’t think about who you’re going to be talking to you before you take the microphone you can end up wasting a lot of time talking the wrong people and I don’t want that to be your face yes I have to share with you.

Mary: And the services that we provide them with you. She will simos Services is getting you on podcast and so going looking at the. Thousands and.

Mary: The find the right match for someone because and then you.

Mary: Yeah this would be great like any of the Whittle it down because if you took every opportunity you would never have any time to do you.

Mary: Interviewing them so that the episode number one is right.

Nancy: Talk about a phone number to make sure that there’s at least 20 episodes already in the can and that the episodes.

Nancy: Experts among those who are participating and that it’s an active podcast.

Nancy: Want to notice.

Nancy: Reviews and when you read the starred reviews they’re not just great podcast can’t wait to listen to the next one but it’s I really love the special chip that’s so and so.

Nancy: Episode number 68 where she said this Saturday the other if it has 20 episodes is actively producing they’re interviewing gas and the starred review.

Nancy: Select editorial environment where you would be proud to be showcased that is a really good way to whittle down a huge huge list into a narrow bucket and I was saying like shoes the 8.

Nancy: Shows that would be aspirational for you. Listen to them while you’re walking the dog.

Nancy: Confirm for yourself that you would be proud.

Nancy: And then when you make your reach out you can say that you’re a regular listener you’re probably a subscriber and you should make an approach that demonstrates that so the host head will beater because the heads the host is someone who puts an awful lot of time energy and resource into creating a podcast don’t want to have you on their show so you can slap your book it when I have you on the show so you can have a conversation that will illuminate some important element of brilliant marketing that only you can provide that will edify the.

Nancy: So those are some ideas around prioritizing I love that yeah cuz you’re right there’s so many that are even just starting up I’m actually a panel speaker for pot Fest this year and it have you ever attended that event in Orlando not yet do you need to come maybe so fun that would be that would be fun and basically our network is going to be as Aspen as to be on the panel and are producers the moderator and I’m just one of the panelists but there are so many like a back in 2012 right I started internet radio and that I mean they didn’t call it podcast back then I feel like a dinosaur internet radio but I had a producer and a.

Mary: And I use our texting service did like let people.

Mary: They was in the phone number they can call with a question and someday is nobody would call in so I have friends I call in and still you know you’ll die is right but now it’s like such a booming thing and I think that’s why your service is so helpful is that you help people cut through the Clutter so they become a highly sought-after podcast.

Mary: Because it is a phenomenal way to borrow someone else’s audience can you before we finish the sixties can you talk about that at the power of using other people’s audiences and it being on podcast in general yes of course you know none of us succeeds alone.

Nancy: We talking the same usual stuff.

Nancy: This is our business is at a standstill so when you make the decision in the commitment to Be Our Guest.

Nancy: Write podcast that are suitable for the message that you want to share not only if you get to tap into the audiences that the host has already assembled but you get to borrow their Authority that in something like a halo around your head they would have have you on the show unless they thought you had something of value to bring so when someone says really happy to have really a mobile Mary on the show today and she’s made millions of dollars doing X Y and Z and she’s here to talk about this today and I know you’re going to want to strap on your racket belt cuz we’re going to the Moon right now like all of a sudden it’s like wow I can’t wait to hear what Mary has to say so you borrow their Authority you called him by name during the.

Nancy: Demonstrate artfully that you listen to the show.

Nancy: Need to answer the questions that the hosts typically asks and then when the microphone goes silent and you’re in the green room and the host says my on my marry you knocked out of the park you are just amazing then you can say thank you and then they’ll say you know.

Nancy: Need to buy what you’re selling can I do business with you or you know what I have three other hosts and I know would find you to be a brilliant guest May I make an introduction or maybe you’ll say to the the host you know what this was a great experience for me and I think.

Nancy: You are really brilliant at what they do I’m wondering if you would be interested in some warm introductions to.

Nancy: Are people I know who would be brilliant guest on your show and what I want everyone to do when they’re in the Green Room.

Nancy: The relationship that has just taken root to grow and to give it some fertilizer so that it can be a brilliant tree that grows from that because I cannot.

Nancy: The host just said my media when she sucks can you do mine for me let’s do business or you know it’s it’s it’s networking on steroids how many times can you go to coffee or go to the networking event in your own backyard the beautiful thing about podcast guesting is if people love your approach and your style.

Nancy: The value if someone’s listening it’s almost as.

Nancy: They’re deciding.

Nancy: Answer to their prom.

Nancy: And so when they booked a call with you to explore what the possibilities are they come to you.

Nancy: I heard you on Mary’s podcast you really rocked it I was really interested in this I think I want to do business with you like how much better can your life be if people came to your consoles ready to buy yes that of kicking your picking your brain and leaving you.

Mary: Picking your brain or something you’re tired I think you started it this off on the kind of the theme is that it’s all about relationship you’re also by association trading Association of relationship with their listeners because they’re hearing your voice or tonality they will listen for your call to action I know that that’s another suggestion you make is always have a call to action on the podcast so I used to always promote and I still do are texting option to say you know hey if you want more information text the word Mary to the number 71441 and you’ll get tips and tricks and all the kind of fun stuff but I mean I think it’s important and we’re going to share to stay on I know we’re coming close to the end of this we’ve been having so much fun. But States we I know that Matthew has a gift for my.

Mary: He’s always so generous with her guests but I think it’s so important so if you’re listening to this you obviously love podcast and if you are in business and wants to get your name your message your product whatever it is out there this is really really important thing to listen to us is coming up with that one sheet that media one seat that is actually going to sell you without you having to get on the call and are decent people have time for that right.

Mary: And see if you have the capability so let’s get back to the piece you’re almost done with that so we talked about the preparation of position in the prior to her thing and the pitching we didn’t talk about that yet but how you go out and you attract of you you gave me the option of listening to the podcast first always listen. It’s the worst compliment you can pay.

Nancy: Duvall to say to someone I’ve never listened to your podcast but you should have me on your show my name is happens all the time so.

Nancy: Before you ask for anything for yourself this is powerful.

Nancy: An approach there’s so many matchmaking sites that you can associate with where hosts and guests are looking to make a match pod match. Matchmaker. FM the podcast guest.

Nancy: You can if you gone through the exercise of getting to message.

Nancy: Media one sheet you know what you want to talk about you know what makes you special different in preferred you’ve got this message in you and when someone post on one of these things it says I’m looking for an entrepreneur.

Nancy: Got expertise in marketing who can talk about something for 20 minutes that would edify my people you can say in 20 minutes I can share this.

Nancy: Testing success on the one thing never to do and I promise that if I’m a guest on your show all merchandise the show after the fact and make everyone want to subscribe to your show and listen to.

Nancy: Of your world I can’t wait to play if you answer like that it’s so much better than.

Nancy: DM me we’ll talk.

Mary: Can you give me one of the girls going to put it on the Note one of the places you said you can find podcast you mention one I recommend pod And it is a you pay about to.

Nancy: You have immediate access to thousands of hosts and guests that are looking to make a match and if you take the information on your media when sheet and you put it on their portal sometimes within 24 to 48 hours.

Nancy: Loved your profile would love to invite you to be a guest when can we book it that’s more success with greater ease is what I would wish for every.

Nancy: Really ready to be at the microphone so get the media when she done but then make sure you repurpose it and share that content on the portals were people are looking to make Partnerships because if you truly are special different in preferred you will stand out as hello I love that I don’t want to jump the gun but I know that.

Mary: To jump and I want to make sure they get access to your free gift so Nancy is actually offering a on media one sheet now which I put put on the screen and what is it that they will get when they go to that website when you go there you can download My Time tested and proved.

Nancy: White slide that is a media one sheets templates and all you have to do is swap out my picture for your picture my topics for your topics my interview questions for your interview questions my social media for yours shoes colors that are on brand for you hit save and you’re done wow what okay.

Mary: Have you listened and the podcast its media when she that’s awesome okay let’s finish up the peas because I’m all about to be today what we just did that ping-ponging this is the thing.

Nancy: After you’ve had a few months to chat.

Nancy: Mary what’s the next best thing our listeners to do to take a step forward.

Nancy: And what you want to have isn’t easy to spell easy to say easy to remember URL like media one sheet people can remember if they’re walking the dog or driving the kids to their errands or multitasking media when she now meeting once you know I know I need one and I need one now media one sheet so everyone all the action your ping pong should be easy to spell easy to say easy to remember go get it and why does that matter because when people come into your echo system is part of an email subscriber scenario.

Nancy: Permission to communicate with them right.

Nancy: Responders that nurture those people and continue to deliver value you can extend additional calls to action like book a consultation with me you can do whatever it is that you like but if you’re making a consistent habit of being on two shows a month consistently the right shows and you deliver the value and you ping pong people back into your world you’ll have a steady stream of leads in Ballantyne enquiries new clients new collaborations and that beautiful music of catching that we are all craving you make me so happy so that brings us to the teaching which is the profit so that is your is the follow-up is the the prophet I’m assuming I need to hire you where do I buy I’m so happy you asked this is you know how about we take care of that right now and money has come into your into your Echo System know there are. Reminder to book themselves on 50 or 60 shows putting the six piece into practice and they’ve made thousands and thousands of dollars just by showing up and being a brilliant human being who delivers value and this is especially meaningful for people who hate out born outbound cold calls if you hate outbound sales calls if you want to talk to a ready audience that’s interested in what you have to say and wants to talk about that in detail podcast guessing can be your new best friend as long as you make it a consistent persistent marketing strategy that you are all into..

Mary: And you give a really cool tip that you should shoot to do.

Mary: Last week that does it for my lunch if you do to a months is better than nothing better than a kick in the head is all my gosh I was on One show with the live show they’re only 27 people listening at the time and the value I delivered was so significant that three of the people.

Nancy: Mississippi instantaneously and the fourth one waited a few months and then became my best client in years so be really Discerning about where you show up deliver the value every time you do make it a conversation make sure the audience knows that this is a relationship that that is more than just a transaction for today and you’ll be really well served.

Nancy: Promise you I love that oh my gosh man see thank you so much for sure.

Mary: It is so good to see your cute little face again is probably seriously I just adore you and thank you for sharing your Brilliance of the world because I didn’t get it’s going to blast so many people you mentioned something earlier that triggered my memory is that you know we all are the answer to someone’s prayer you know and that if you don’t show up if you’re not there you can’t hear you giving your mess.

Mary: Do on live streams if they don’t see your post they don’t get your email. How are how are they going to find you do you have to show up be present be on point all the peas.

Mary: Position prior attire is pitching ping-pong and property. Right and once you get this system down I mean I know something on my thinking oh my God that’s a.

Nancy: Early stages, let me just say this about that because this is this is the most intoxicating thing how many times do you hear people say I wish my list would grow I wish I had.

Nancy: Qualified leads I wish that.

Nancy: I could get in front of people that I don’t already know like.

Nancy: To be a podcast guest but the part that you’re not anticipating which.

When you deliver your message in a world-class way where the people feel real.

Nancy: What you’re not expecting.

Nancy: Their hosts that are listening to this show.

Nancy: Looking for gas and when people say I heard you on mobile Marysville.

Nancy: So you rocked it out will you be a guest on my show too because I have found that one good podcast guest spot often leads to three more and if you visit my precious.

Nancy: Side you’ll see there are.

Nancy: Scores and scores of people that have booked me on their shows and.

Nancy: Adopt another ninja strategy to you should ever Press Room on your website and if you have 325 podcast guest spots showcase them there and people can sample them from wherever they are listen to what you have to say the value you bring they’ll take your call to action pretty soon you’ll have consoles on the calendar and you’ll be doing a lot more business and that’s it.

Nancy: More because you created relationships and value.

Nancy: At home talking to someone you really liked in the first place exactly we are the perfect example of that man see my goodness sake.

Mary: Again thank you so much Matthew for being on the show and everyone thank you for let.

Mary: Watching thank you for being there because we only do this for you and we’re hoping that this is something that bless you today.

Mary: See you next week on the brilliant marketing with Mary show a man until then be brilliant in all you do thanks again Nancy for being on the show thank you.


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