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How to Become a Facebook Group Marketing Beast, With Facebook Group Expert, Cierra Lueck

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Mary: I’m content creator Mary Barnett also known as “MobileMary” I’m the founder of another building idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources and Empower them to be bold and stand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized do brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: Hey everybody and welcome to the brilliant marketing with Mary show I married this is my show so thank you so much for being here we have so much fun for you today have you ever thought about growing a Facebook.

Mary: You don’t know where to start and if you have made one and it’s just sitting there and it’s not doing amazing things for you.

Mary: Figuring out what the heck am I supposed to do with this thing will get sweat today today the subject of our are the top of the wash.

Mary: How to become a Facebook group marketing Beast does not sound great you want to be a marketing piece right to do so do you want to drive people to that that group and provide amazing awesomeness and then also I don’t make some money for Matt Ryan have that be a constant a Profit Stream for you and today I’m so excited because my gas is going to talk about that and share all her secrets with them so I just started a group a little bit ago and I’m sad about learning from her so she’s absolutely amazing but before we get into that the group that actually I started that I thought I would share with you is marketing innovators playground where is serious fun meets creative successor creative fun as Siri success something like that.

Mary: Give me a tip on how I should announce that anyways.

Mary: Visit security I would love for you to join because we have so much fun in there we do I do software like how to like walk through software that I think is really cool for Bill to use I am I invited amazing guests like my wonderful yesterday Ciara and I also have.

Mary: Marketing tips and examples and things for people who are looking to use their creativity and have a little fun in their marketing to drive more traffic to their offer and obviously bring more awesomeness to the world right because I always say that you are the answer to someone’s prayer and it but if no one knows you’re there.

Mary: Right so we have to make sure that people know who you are so I want to make sure that I do Ciara just as I’m sure everyone in the world knows is amazing woman but just in case one person out there doesn’t know I thought I should introduce her properly and then I will bring her on up so Ciara is a rockstar to be honest I met her recently in person and she is vivacious and Daddy and lovely and his five children you’re never going to believe that cuz literally she looks so young but she has held over 350 businesses build their audiences and groups on Facebook result in a consistent and predictable 527 figure months wow with smaller audiences of Highly qualified leads she’s been a feature speaker for Taylor well Rich heffern John Madsen business coaching Institute and Tyler D hey if I said that correctly and is the author of not a sales book. Army bat and a mother of five kids one thing a brain tumor Survivor.

Mary: About supporting industry experts to get their voices heard by the people that need the most with highly organic visibility and engagement and without further Ado let’s welcome the Rockstar.

Cierra: Hello I’m so excited that you took time to be on the show today Sierra thank you I appreciate you bringing me on I am I was so excited the moment I met you because and with the energy I think that we have a lot of compatibility and Alignment in terms of energy and how we’re able to help an impact us industry.

Mary: I love it I’m and she’s so amazing because seriously when we are at Molly’s event and by the way we need to do a little cheers with her with her.

Cierra: That really rich which way this way.

Mary: Is there gold in that thing so that’s not behind the magic feather if you watch Dumbo.

Mary: Is that we have a magic in us already.

Mary: Feather but it’s a reminder that we have imagined us so I’m excited talk to you today about that Sierra so tell me how did you get started in your business.

Cierra: My business as well that’s a that’s a really interesting story and actually my business started in a severe type of trauma in my life where my son the brain tumor Survivor the way we found out he had a brain tumor was he was actually cooking brunch for us on a Saturday he was 11.

Cierra: And he was cooking brunch for us and making my grilled cheese sandwiches or something and all the sudden I hear behind me I heard like a tiny bit of commotion where my daughter who’s a year older than him was like you know hate is real or you okay did you burn yourself and she was mad at him that morning so like cheering her ask him that I was like I knew it must have been something so I just had my husband on the shoulder we had a big open concept feel like he was right behind it but it’s not my husband on the shoulder and I was like she can you go check on that and he jumped into the kitchen and it was just silent and I was like okay I don’t know what’s going on if I go in there and to my utter horror I walk into my husband holding my son’s hands Over the Sea on his fingers and Palms of both hands that look like egg noodles and what had happened is we found out later that my son at had a focal seizure which just I hope to bring awareness to the world about this because I didn’t even know that focal seizures existed and it’s basically where the person keeps doing actions could whatever’s program to the brain the person keeps doing those actions so he must. Thinking about cleaning the pan and he ended up picking up the hot pan with his bare hands and holding on to it long enough to get second and third degree burns and so we rushed to the high God.

Cierra: Seizures and we thought he had a little bit of incontinence does he feed himself and didn’t really understand he’s like what I didn’t see myself and I looked down and sure enough and so we ended up realizing it was Caesars within a week we found out it was because of her brain tumor they did so much testing on him we ended up going in and out of hospitals almost constantly and for a couple months I had completely quit everything and because it was on his hands I wasn’t just the brain tumor it was also his hands he he already couldn’t go outside and do anything with like wheels or sports or anything where he could possibly hit his head cuz they weren’t sure what caused it.

Cierra: Have hands he also couldn’t play on the computer can hold a remote himself couldn’t like write or Draw or play games he couldn’t even go to the bathroom by himself or take showers by himself like when his dad went to work I had to go help him as an 11 year old young man who stepping into his manhood and stuff like that he couldn’t even go to the bathroom by himself and so he entered this really.

Cierra: Dark time of depression

Cierra: Trying to hurt himself a few times and trying to like it’s his story to share and so I’m really I’m really sick.

Cierra: For anyone who has another thing girl this is like wow so I walked.

Cierra: Trying to commit suicide one time and.

Cierra: So fresh he’s only 15.

Cierra: Amen.

Cierra: And there just was this point where it’s like I have entered into depression too cuz our life was flipped upside down and I just I was coming out and I was trying to be that motivational speaker and I was just like I can’t let my son died and so I started going into my closet and hiding my tears in my closet and crying and then I would come out and I would be that positive person because he was in so much pain and he was depressed and he couldn’t like he lost all of his friends like these are so many terrible things happen for him so I was just come out and I dredged up all the Jim Rohn and Tony Robbins and Les Brown and Bob Proctor and Zig Ziglar and all like the great that I had inside of me and I just started constantly every single day just speaking life into a minute’s like Mandarin to be on stage of someday we need to take pictures and document this and I just remember coming out one day we just got.

Cierra: Documentary about Michael Jordan and I recognized that my kids are seeing people like they weren’t watching they were watching Michael Jordan back then because I with but they’re not really looking at him anymore so much for looking at people like mr. beast and some.

Cierra: Fingers like marshmallow and the weekends and some of these other really famous people out there and they’re thinking like they can do it because they had this this this this or this like whatever stories are building in their mind but I can’t do it because like that that’s them and that this is me and I’m just a normal person and I recognized in that moment that I came out.

Cierra: My kids and I would like to know what you can do and be whatever you want in life as long as you pursue it with all of your might and then it hit me.

Cierra: Like a punch to the gut.

Cierra: I wasn’t doing that myself and showing them firsthand right.

Cierra: And their life and if I wanted them to pursue amazing things in their life I had to do that myself if I wanted them to pursue their passions and their dreams I had to stand up and start doing it myself and so at that time.

Cierra: I jump back in I was in like Dean graziosi and Tony Robbins knowledge business blueprint Katie be at the time now I think it’s called education Revolution to might have changed name again I don’t know I’m not really following but I I was in that and so I jump back into it and I created on my first event created a landing page like what the heck was a landing page for the first time and like all his stuff and I had three people who attended that event so I was not like wildly successful and those three people one of them was my mom and my aunts and my mom paid for her ticket and then the third one was somebody that I was in the program with who was supporting me. A huge success and I didn’t really see.

Cierra: Horse with an f and so I started just studying everything I could on YouTube and finding whatever I could cuz I was just so determined to be successful and about to.

Cierra: Brain surgery I found.

Cierra: After I’m sorry timelines messed up but anyways I was right around his brain surgery I found this mentorship and I paid 10 K and it was the most I’ve ever invested into anything and I was like if I can just learn how to make enough money to pay for the payments on this credit card it will be worth it and so I invested 10K jumped in in about like a week before the program was over it was a 10-week program I got my first client and I remember getting that like he has to pay it was a $3,800 offer at the time and I was just stupid excited about that $1,900 and I like that I can make the payment myself and I can do this and what was so cool is that my first month it was 1900 my second mother was 7700 my third month it was 12,000 my fourth month it was 20,000 and then within six months I’ve collected over $100,000 in my business and it just completely transformed our family’s life.

Cierra: My sonhas been.

Cierra: Is brain surgery cuz I’m sure all of you guys are wondering cuz I open that Luke was closed out for you he’s helped me he was 11 and shorter than me and he got really chubby couldn’t work out for like a couple years and so like he’s now like taller than me super athletic extremely handsome if you want to see pictures you can go over to my Facebook there’s pictures I’ve had the app for skin graft surgery is an insane and I was just in and out of hospitals almost constantly that year and I still just went out and pursued what my dreams were and my kids have told me since then how proud they are me but what’s even bigger is that they’re actually pursuing things that they want in life and pursuing their passions because I set that example for them I am so.

Mary: And what an ordeal and what.

Mary: Story like praise God that you were such an amazing like and again I totally get it.

Mary: I would go in my closet you know I’m stopping to my clothes and they’re great tissues your clothes I get my girl right or your what was your dad were talking about Facebook groups and how to become a marketing Facebook group Beast.

Mary: I like that you created that you sold for the the two part.

Cierra: Facebook groups.

Mary: You are right after that in the very beginning and the very first person that I helped he had a group of about 2,000 members and he was like I haven’t touched this group in two years it was like literally zero engagement add 2,000 members zero engagement completely died he had not posted in it for two years and it was like could we get clients out of this and I said absolutely and he’s like okay cool and he he was the $1,900 to pay you know he paid me 1920s and So within within two weeks of implementing.

Cierra: People 10,000 and sales from the group. Wow.

Mary: Wow that’s fantastic.

Mary: What made you think that from doing nothing I mean.

Mary: And going right into groups did you see the potential of groups I mean what was it that you saw and groups that made you realize while this is something I could really help people with.

Cierra: Well we had monetized a long time ago but I used to run like a fitness boot camps inside of groups for a while and then I did there was a website called Cafe mamba.

Cierra: Ever existed and I was admitted for that I also did a lot of organic engagement for communities in person because I worked with a lot.

Cierra: And newer small businesses and churches we did a lot of local church plants and when we were doing those local church plants and working with the nonprofit they don’t go off of new businesses they don’t really have a very large budget in the beginning and so we had to figure out like what are the freeways that we can do this and how can we build at buzz and how can we start a movement around things so that people naturally want to share it with others and I felt like when I was younger I was really held back because the leaders did not did not work very great and we still have this issue today but leaders can sometimes not be great at delegating Division and allowing people to just take a project and run with it in.

Cierra: When I was able to go to Cafe mom I was admitted for several groups that I was partnered with people and then I had a few of my own and I actually had my first sponsor when I was unhappy mom and so I got sponsored and that was my first way to monetize and then when we jumped over into Facebook groups I had another another friends one of the very first Facebook.

Cierra: Tires I actually came up with five different ways of Mana station or her we implemented them all within 3 months and made money with all of those different ways of monetization for the group and the group was left.

Cierra: Members and grew to 500 in the first three months and it was just like I want to say I’m 90%.

Cierra: And then I asked.

Cierra: Turn on the news she got some guests speaking spots at the local University for the business school and then she.

Cierra: Feature was able to grow the group from 500 to 1500 and that one was for a local Facebook group so it was for women entrepreneurs and one local area where the population is like 40,000 people and it grew from less than a hundred.

Cierra: 100 within four months. Pet Vet.

Mary: Oh wow okay so I don’t I mean you shouldn’t.

Mary: Secrets or share all your secrets but I just started a group and again I have had multiple groups over the years has been you know starting a face by having in 2008 and when it first started I thought I would check it out before I allow my daughter to have an account and I remember we were doing just Nate with when I had my they thought I had cancer and we were tiny little bit off that offline and literally the economy was crashing and so there was no money people I really.

Mary: I feel like we don’t need marketing anymore we’re cutting all our court cost right in July.

Mary: All these things but God always had me right I was fine but my daughter always joke with me that that I that we.

Mary: Great mom give me something.

Mary: So literally that Christmas I because I had been on it for 6 months I gave it to my daughter as a Christmas present was her own Facebook account.

Mary: Dude we didn’t have any money like that would like a.

Mary: A teenager a child I am taking that back exact account for you.

Mary: Yeah you look your hindsight you think was that the right decision anyway so but anyway so I remember being on it trying to see no figure it out or whatever it’s a lifestyle different groups would like to be honest it always seemed like it was coming like I was feeding the group feeding your group and I wasn’t I didn’t set it up correctly to be one that was you know what two-way street that people would be like part.

Mary: That’s what I really want to do with this new group so I know I probably have at least five groups that I’ve kind of you know I’ve archived that I just aren’t that I guess you would call him a pop-up group and I.

Mary: What would you have as advice for me to make sure that this maggot becomes this thriving community. So one of the things that we did.

Cierra: First group is we made it a safe place for women to just come and ask questions and talked about like anything that they wanted to inside of the group.

Cierra: One of the biggest problems I see with Facebook groups and why they end up dying over time there’s there’s multiple reasons but one of the biggest ones is that the admin becomes so high-and-mighty they want to start controlling all the conversations they want to control it being posted and so they turn off the ability to post inside of the group without admin approval which if you actually grow your group to any time super group size which has 100,000 members I was partnered with somebody who had a group that was 1.2 million members and it’s one of the top actually I think it’s.

Cierra: But it’s one of the top my Facebook groups on Facebook and so once you get into the.

Cierra: Growth groups and you have a bigger group like having to manage every single post that comes in is absolutely insane can you imagine the size team that you have to have it’s not scalable come in as these new leaders and I see this to in like newer businesses were people are trying to prove themselves and so they need to prove that they have the answer.

Cierra: Prove that they have the power they need to prove that there that there the leader and they have the skills and that ends up squelching creativity it ends up squelching the excitement because it’s like if I just had a major way in and I wanted to share it with people and I want to be like I just did this if I have to wait for post-approval all of that energy that I had with that dissipates gone to be able to interact while they still have the energy to interact while they’re still excited because when I’m excited and I interact with people like I am constantly responding to comments and I just don’t even return to it and so a lot of groups will put that like managing power over all of the post that come in and that’s one of the best.

Cierra: Make sure you don’t do that okay I have not done that check.

Mary: I did I wanted to have two-way street but you know people are busy and you’re something that you can do and that every person who participates in watches this can also do is go find there’s more than 280 million Facebook group this is a statistic from two years ago so there’s probably way more now go find another group that has a topic like what you have and go look inside that group and see what her.

Cierra: About about your topic or about your Niche what is it that people are chatting about most and if you create a group based on what people are already talking about with already important to them and what they already chat about that’s going to create that intimate environment if.

Cierra: It’s going to be easy for them to know what to talk about this is one of the other things people do have way too many rules and they’re like don’t do this don’t do this don’t do this while most people don’t post inside of a group that has a lot of rules because they don’t know how they can post they don’t know what they can post and so making sure that people understand how to post in the group and that they actually do a post when they.

Cierra: To the group it’s like we’re training them how to interact with the group in the future does that make sense.

Mary: The introduce themselves with a gif.

Mary: But they pick the gift for they really tell me about themselves so I realized maybe I need to go back and edit sad to say please.

Mary: But as I think it was fun did I take that off.

Mary: Should I just.

Mary: Do a new one.

Cierra: How to post a gif as of their own post where you asked me to put it in the Box he’s dead, below with a gift introduce yourself so I probably should let them eat and some people did take the initiative to introduce himself and of course was bothering them like this is so great I love there we didn’t work when we ask people to produce themselves or create a new post or something like that we’re looking for is about 25% to 25% of people are going to actually do it okay so if you have 25% of the new people just came in.

Cierra: You’re doing an amazing job if you have more than that you’re so good most people so the introverts don’t usually want to introduce themselves anyway so it’s always about the population doesn’t even want to introduce themselves yeah that’s what I was doing the gift I thought I’d be like low-friction and then there’s another percentage of people who just don’t really know where they don’t really like they don’t they haven’t built up that likes after or they just don’t really trust yet and they’re just like waiting and hanging back to see because only about 15% of people are ready to buy right away if we look at the three different types of buyers and then that means that there’s a 61% of.

Cierra: Like they just need more time to figure things out and then there’s 24% of people who are just never going to say anything they’re just going to hang out in the background there’s literally going to join your.

Cierra: Just to see and then there are there either the people who are like I’m going to buy from you someday or they’re the people who are like you know I’m never buying from you either way they come to the group to lurk there the lurkers in the background and then do people work around and eventually they do become buyers if the group is engaged in if they see people like getting amazing results or they see people having fun is initially they engaged eventually there was buying but it usually takes about 6 months for those people sometimes it can take up to two years. Wow yeah it last the thing I.

Mary: Goodbye I was just wanting to be of service and then I did have a master class yesterday where I do these type of lives all day everyday for years.

Mary: And I had been promoting the group just to come to this master class and of course the day that I do masterclass. The moon wasn’t aligned or something and.

Mary: The log into any of my streaming services like.

Mary: I would have used for years and started glitching and then I was trying to do it natively on Facebook seriously everything and I had my presentation So eventually like I felt so.

Mary: 9 Minutes in and I was like yeah just like whatever time in the background like trying to do all my things and I was able to give the presentation but I just felt like oh my gosh and so during that I was all flustered and I said hey guys I have this availability to let you know work with me 1 hour.

Mary: Can a breeze over because I really was.

Mary: The point of it West Suburban share about a I so anyways so obviously nobody did it cuz I kind of Breeze..

Mary: That what you’re talking about about having offers like better kind of as we would say mumbled as part of in your presentations.

Mary: But blur it all out they’ll never buy from you or they will buy for your whatever like I said I ain’t my intentions are group was to create like the whole community of people sharing ideas but I but during my master class I kind of.

Mary: Find it in the ability to an offer I should say.

Cierra: It wasn’t anything to do with the buyer types because.

Cierra: Jumped on that 15% of that like I don’t know how many people like said that they were going.

Cierra: Participated and watch 50% of people should have jumped on that okay cuz 50% are ready to buy right away Thursday yet people their lives are going to be what are the buying from you or the bank from.

Cierra: Find something right now cuz it is a big hairy deal problem that they need to get salt right now right so the reason why you probably didn’t get any bites on that one was because you said that that wasn’t your intention. So probably came across.

Cierra: The end like you should always be your intention it is 100% my intention to sell every single person that I hears about me like like I want you to jump into my stuff because it’s like there’s a lot of other great people out there there’s a lot of people who do similar things to what I do not the same the similar things you like every single program out there probably works otherwise they would have created it probably because they’ve done it before and it works for them it probably works if you stick to that one thing 100% and do it you probably work so there’s all these amazing programmed out there why should people buy from me it’s because I care about it differently and so when they connect with me and they should display.

Cierra: Am I in competition with you.

Cierra: But at the same time they can buy from her and get amazing results and buy for me and get different amazing results were similar amazing results or they can buy from both of us and absolutely amplifies that you know any point.

Cierra: Especially inside of my group I am 100% there to sell you if it makes sense and I tell people got to there was an there was a messenger strategy.

Cierra: Traffic and funnels when I work there.

Cierra: I went to their client hit program and then I ended up working for them for about four and a half months of training other people inside of client can’t because I got such amazing results and I got this messenger script from one of their Setters and it was soaked.

Cierra: At the end of it whenever they were looking to call they’re like hey you know do you want to hop on a call at some point in the next couple days I can show you exactly what our clients are doing to get amazing results and and may I might have a few other things I can send you that would be really helpful for where you’re at and then it said promise I’ve got nothing to pitch you. Or something along those lines with an LOL.

Cierra: No I was like I changed it to say promise I’ve got nothing to piss you unless you want and ask for my help or unless you need any help.

Cierra: I was 100%.

Cierra: If it made sense it was 100% going to share offers that would help them if it made sense. Writing this down catch it on the.

Mary: You do it again unless you unless you are you say either want or need unless you need or ask for my help. As for my help promised not the picture.

Cierra: People now like I’m not hopping on a call to waste my time or your time if there’s something I can do that’s going to help you and it cost money I’m going to share it with you and I don’t I don’t feel like I overcharged for what I do like one of my clients just jumped into I have a program that’s roughly around 10 p.m..

Cierra: Arranging all the way down from you no $27 on $0 I have some really cool stuff for $0 but all the way down from $27 all the way up to 15,000 I actually just had a person sign on with me for private Consulting for 24,000 you know and so it’s like we have things in all those ranges but I did have somebody who just jumped in with me she spent $10,000 but she needs $70,000 per month, so it’s like I don’t like and.

Cierra: You haven’t.

Cierra: As long as it’s a reasonable price then it makes sense and if you don’t do the math with people on the phone you need to figure out a way to do math even if your mindset coach even if you’re working in some industry that doesn’t matter.

Cierra: Like figure out a math problem that you can do and they’re spending money somewhere if they’re if they’re needing like Health stuff they’re probably spending a lot of money on depression and overcoming depression and overcoming stress and over.

Cierra: Health mindset wellness fitness all of those Industries where it’s a service-based industry that doesn’t have them as they’re probably spending a lot of money on things to help make them happy that aren’t working have them do math maybe have that be one of your lead magnets where they sit down and they actually do the math.

Cierra: How much money they’ve been spending on things that are supposed to be helping make them happy actually don’t make them happy and still look at how much they’re spending.

Cierra: Maybe they’re already spending 10-20 $30,000 a year on stuff to make him happy and it’s not working right and is that is so brilliant got my offer basically it was just basic.

Mary: Brilliant breakthrough Power Hour so they say they’re spending 60 minutes with me and I basically go through and assess everything that they were doing see if there’s any hole and then I suggest like I cradle strategy for them I barely walk away after 60 minutes and go home oh my gosh like it’s been right there in front of me right and so I helped them crap that and then if they do want more you know.

Mary: Then we have you no different programs that we do you do.

Mary: Make sure there’s no holes in their automation system so yeah it’s like totally get it I was saying that in my group I haven’t pitched cuz he and I just started it like last month.

Mary: Do you have a.

Mary: She just thought at the last minute because my intention was just to share about a I and I would have been interesting for people to come into the group did learn about I like that maybe I should offer like to throw my offer out there to buy think that I was because all the attack was going crazy I just like I’ll forget it and I just said.

Mary: On my deck and I beautiful is that all the people who showed up to it and this is something that I think a lot of people skip over especially in their groups as you have all these people who will show it to Alive they’ll comment on your phone still acting for CPA in the past and like most people just don’t even follow up with them do you know how easy it is to follow up like actually this is a really perfect day for this example somebody just messaged me earlier I commented happy birthday on his post and he sent me this. Thanks for the birthday wishes Ciara oh and by the way next week.

Cierra: Do a free masterclass how to use jungen analytical depth technology mbti.

Cierra: Time to build a brand that truly feels like you you’re more than welcome to join if you like that was a really crappy CT at the end of the you’re more than welcome to join if you like but he was a really great idea that people just wish him a happy birthday and he followed up with people who wished him a happy birthday and said I’m doing this do you want info. Like why don’t people follow up I don’t know you have all the.

Cierra: Hey I know I glossed over this at the end but I wanted to put it out there are you or somebody you know looking for acts right now or struggling with ex right now and just show up. I love it good suggestion so in a group.

Mary: The group in last.

Mary: The topic or wanted a community help with that issue right so how was it because you obviously have so many in fact I was you mentioned 16 Esther am like so impressed with you I’m you mentioned that you had 70,000 people from a group I’m so sorry you said Becky did 70,000.

Mary: Say what.

Mary: If you had a 90% closing rate give me more examples I mean give me a.

Cierra: She was doing when she when she and I were working together she was doing roughly a twenty percent.

Cierra: On her calls which means to get $200,000 month she was having to have like 50 or 60 calls a month and she was taking all the seals called herself and she was kind of boring out and and she was like yeah but as long as we can maintain getting those calls every month and I can bring.

Cierra: Cuz I do not hand off sales if you only have a 20% closing rate as the leader in the owner of the business the leader in the owner of the business should have 75 to 100% closing rate. And if you do not have that kind of closing right and you’re jumping on a bunch of sales calls.

Cierra: Not ready to hand it off to a sales team I can do not I’m telling you do not hand it off because your sales team typically sales team closing rates are around 20% but he’s the owner of the business is not even closing at seventy-five to a hundred percent like that percentage is going to drastically drop because it means that the way that you.

Cierra: Is not available and so we took her 20% closing rate to a ninety percent.

Cierra: In the first month and we we just worked on like a few pieces of like refer.

Cierra: Was actually getting.

Cierra: He was able to weigh less calls and make the same amount of money she hadn’t she hasn’t had any calls the previous month because she actually had a Facebook jail issue which we also ironed out and most of the time Facebook jail issues come from duplicate.

Cierra: The juice in a Spam or but like way.

Cierra: From doing too much of an activity you’ve never done before.

Cierra: From multiple people logging into your account which goes against their Community guidelines.

Mary: Okay. So what did you do to change the the dress.

Mary: Music to fix that.

Cierra: Well we started having a few different ways that we were running people to her.

Cierra: Initiating messenger conversations with a bunch of people who were not on your friends list and her friends list is completely Max so it’s not even possible we started driving people to message her instead which will help with the like avoiding jail and then and then she also has she has an intake person already so we cleaned up some of the intake call and waste.

Cierra: We do a little bit of qualifying in messenger she doesn’t intake called it’s like a gatekeeper before they before they get to a call with her and so by the time they get on the call with her cuz her time is way more valuable than the va’s time we have the VA to helping on the front end and then she jumped on the calls on the back end.

Mary: She has like a group coaching program that she does a real estate investor.

Mary: Okay very cool and I’m just curious I had.

Mary: I messaged.

Cierra: I’m so you can actually like everybody has this so.

Cierra: Little URL for your Facebook profile and you do M. Me / whatever your url is and that’s the direct message to you so you can tell them to message you at that link again if you’ve not hit up a hundred people and you had 100 people opting for something please I didn’t.

Cierra: Did not tell you to go message everybody the exact same message remember that Sierra did not tell you to do that change up your message switch it up very up your activity on Facebook be like a normal human in Normal.

Cierra: Facebook and do the exact same monotonous activity over and over and over and over and over again we go on here and we like our friends post and we comments and we chat with people in messenger and then we go back over and scroller Newsfeed a little bit very up the activity so whatever your activity is make sure you’re burying up the activity when you do that what I meant and that’s awesome and that’s so true hello be a human what a concept.

Mary: That’s not fair I think I just might like how did you inspire me.

Mary: I’m at Lincoln Center a private message they wanted the thing it was an option post and so it was it was at least that they wanted so.

Cierra: Recommend inside of groups to do like you need to be doing an option every single week at least once a week okay so like.

Cierra: Where we just come.

Cierra: Name for something we put it out there into the universe and we’re just like hey does anybody want this and people are like yes or people are like crickets and it gives us that marketing feedback on what people actually want based on the title so it’s almost like the whole sell it first so if you offer it and let enough people ask for it then you can create.

Mary: Okay that’s awesome we just mentioned something that we are going to talk about today be.

Mary: Your brilliant marketing tip was about viral question so let me let have you kind of Cheryl a bit more I mean.

Mary: Questions is all you need to keep cake out valuable conversation and hit your first 10K what do you mean by that and what the heck is a viral question so if I request.

Cierra: A simple question that is easy to answer it.

Cierra: And it’s also typically funner in.

Cierra: Some aspects o like a viral question might be something along the lines of do you prefer coffee or tea.

Mary: Sprouts yay or nay.

Mary: Oh to me I’m just.

Cierra: So see how you said coffee of course.

Cierra: I feel passionately about.

Cierra: Polarizing coffee or tea like people who are teachers.

Cierra: The drinkers people who were coffee drinkers are coffee Drinkers and so it’s kind of like his funds answer and it’s fun to talk about because it’s just something you like casually enjoy and so my questions are questions that are super easy to answer.

Cierra: Really easy.

Cierra: Stop for second a real quick and keep scrolling the news feed because it gets higher engagement really fast so it has a tendency to go viral really fast if you would have posted that in a group that’s like between like one of the supergroup twenty-three thousand members you probably get hundred to three hundred comments on your very first post and it just has to make sense.

Cierra: But like I was really simple to answer questions are viral.

Cierra: And realistically I actually just did a training recently at one of Molly’s events and then I turn.

Cierra: Training that anyone anywhere can get it anytime and I put that up in ARF a platform recently for everybody and so you can get access to that and I talked about like the three different Bible questions the first one is to build engagement.

Cierra: One is to get high visibility with new people that you don’t even know yet so that you can make new friends and then another one is.

Cierra: Close sales and how do you like to pick up those new sales conversations and so I have my entire front end programs like I have a phase one that helps people get to like 10 230k months.

Cierra: OU the spiral questions in the beginning that’s literally all we use for marketing we don’t.

Cierra: Don’t have to do leadership style post was just the longer for Monday don’t have to do story style.

Cierra: Realistically all you have to do is kick up conversations with the right people at the right time because 15% of people you talk to are going to be buying. You just have to talk about how do you take something like coffee or tea.

Mary: Funnel.

Cierra: That’s that one for engagement so once you.

Cierra: Facebook’s going to show what.

Cierra: Which hopefully is the CT a post that you post once per week and then if they are somebody who wants it they will they will come to you and they will comment yes I want that okay so you’re basically just and that was something that I’m so glad you answered that cuz I know that I’ll be like..

Mary: You at that coffee or tea just like the brussel sprouts thingy or nay so it’s not really that you build rapport but it’s not like you’re going in and actually just did this with somebody yesterday where I was like I was like you should always be driving people to talk about your offer and what you do so I told her like come up with an offer and she was like dog walk and I was like okay cool and I was like now just come up with any topic we were sitting outside having coffee the other day and I was like just come up with any topic and she’s like all you know that I just bought some birds flying over there and I was like oh my gosh like I love the birds and like I actually have a friend and we see all the birds whenever like I was helping walk his dog for a little bit and I feel like all the birds outside and the dog will get so excited and chase them anyways do you have a dog and it was just like like literally at least I took somebody else’s offer or an idea for somebody else’s offer and you’re just able to flip things around and just start up conversations.. What you do it should be natural you should love talking about what you do right now I love that I guess I was saying that a lot of people in fact I was at the event where you gave the train.

Mary: Will had was well I know it’s a conversation starter but do I need to take that conversation down a path of then we will bring her in action.

Cierra: You don’t have to know you’re saying you have no do it with everybody if you have no lease right now or you are desperate for sales oh my God just go make sales and so literally like I was saying with the coffee or tea so I could just flip that around and be like you know I’ll do you drink coffee on work days like how many cups do you drink and now you’re talking to me about your job and what you do right and then I can find you or do you have your own business or do you work for a company.

Mary: And with that I’ll be on VM like in messenger or was this live on on the like a post.

Cierra: I’m about to pick them or I’m about to send them something I like I might say like oh my gosh I’m so.

Cierra: Works for you like let me shoot you a message and then take it over to DM if it’s going towards the sale I usually take it to DM.

Cierra: People to think that that question was solely for the sale cuz it’s not exactly but I’m saying is I saw you did so that’s really good advice I just want to share with the walk the Watchers it sounds weird cuz it has a podcast and a live streams of that they’re listening on there watching I guess anyways but it’s a really good cuz you know that question is like how far do I take it you know in public.

Mary: Right as you do I don’t never want people to think that I’m just talking to them I want to be no I’m I like to engage with people and talk to people so that’s awesome so you answer that that is great and then by the way this link right here I’ll put it in the comments as well and in the description of the show.

Mary: This is a great way for you to kick-start your engagement by using her viral questions to start those conversations I just love that you offer that that is so cool.

Mary: And so and you have multiple different Bible questions in that there’s over 80 different viral questions inside of that and in addition to that the training that I put in there shows you how.

Cierra: Adapt them for whatever your Niche whatever Market is like you can literally take all of those spiral questions and adapt them with the training. Love that again.

Mary: What is that your brilliant marketing share is that you said stop zooming social media without engaging can you go into debt from that so if you’ve ever been on social media and you’re like.

Cierra: On Facebook.

Cierra: Instagram.

Cierra: Platform you’re on typically it’s because you’re sitting there and you’re just consuming and you’re not actually engaging with people so when we engage with people we start building those relationships and so instead of consume your competitors content and your friends and families content and maybe maybe your clients Maybe random strangers, you’re just sitting there consuming it actually ends up like you’re sitting there for 30 seconds and then like 5-10 minutes later you’re like wow where did my time go like oh my gosh I’m almost late to a meeting like that kind of stuff happens all the time for everybody and it’s because we go to social media to consume and we get in this habit of consuming versus engaging and so I want to challenge anybody who hears this to go to social media like actually make a point that it is not just the next time you go to social media literally go to your social media.

Cierra: And every single post that you pause on engage with it so if you pause work 5 to 10 seconds whether it’s dropping a like button.

Cierra: Or some other kind of some other kind of reaction or it’s actually writing a comment I want to challenge you to engage with it because what happens when we engage.

Cierra: Think about it you go to the store and you smile at somebody and they smile back at you it feels really good we get dopamine and serotonin and we could all be happy hormones that kick up the same thing happens on social media and so many people end up getting depressed or stressed we have high anxiety from being a social media because they’re not getting that happy hormone chemical hitting right it’s not coming from the activities that are long lasting it’s coming from like those those quick thing so like when we have sugar or caffeine and we have a really big crash in the afternoon because we had sugar or caffeine that’s because it’s a short-lived energy whereas when we get a hug from someone.

Cierra: Glasses for a pretty long time to get a compliment from somebody we love we can go back and read that compliment over and over and over again and it feels really good every time we read it when we watch a video of like one of our kids smiling about something or discovering something new for the first time it lights us up yeah and so those are long lasting emotions.

Cierra: Actual engagements of it not just the consumption. I love that thank you for that perspective I really need to said that yeah there was recently we.

Mary: He lives in Florida and was visiting and they he was at sounds weird to say this cuz they’re all in their twenties now they were playing my daughter took a video he would he was pushing.

Mary: Heart and she was videotaping herself for little sister was she sitting on her lap and my son who is pushing them and the joy in their face like literally brought me back to when they were little children and I was like I mean I had.

Mary: That it was like in one of my my kids story and I was so like you know and of course I commented right but I was like so like it made me so happy as a mom.

Mary: All the other videos of like kids hugging cats or you know a dog hugging a cat and I know it’s like.

Mary: Get so it just made my day and so even on videos like that maybe he’ll call me like this was so sweet it..

Mary: Horses the fact that they’re doing something good and I think that Rising tide lifts all boats right.

Cierra: A higher higher level way to do this. Create a Google Docs and I want you to find your five favorite quotes from 5.

Cierra: Your audience loves to follow your five favorite quotes and put them into that Google doc and then think of five likes hips or something that you tell your car.

Cierra: People that you talk to you all the time that would be super helpful for other people and put that into a Google doc and then use this Google doc when you go to engage and when you comment and engage use one of those either the quote or one of those tips inside of your engagement and then you have something to refer back to on a regular basis.

Cierra: Actually gives you the ability to show up as a leader in the comments and when you show up as a leader in the comments is so freaking cool I’m so on a group side you can be like oh my gosh this is so good I would love this kind of energy inside of my group you’re in my group link and then you can share one of your tips are you can share one of your favorite quotes or something like that and it connects with them and so now in the comments you’d be surprised if a if a post is getting enough engagement like where it has like 100 to 300 comments on it and you go drop a common there’s a likelihood that 30 and fifty people are going to see your comment on somebody else’s post and if it is valuable there is a likelihood that those people are actually either going to connect with you as a friend or follow you or want to join.

Cierra: And so that’s a.

Cierra: Do engaged and get a lot of long lasting business growth.

Mary: Right now I would definitely doing that but I was wondering if you’re in someone else’s a group and you’re dropping a link to join your group.

Mary: Are rude though. I mean there’s 280 million Facebook groups there’s more than 280 million Facebook groups if they kick you out.

Mary: Okie dokie. Do right well at my mantras.

Mary: Permission so I would say yes as long as you’re doing it in a respectful way you’re not true.

Mary: People but you’re just saying hey I have another great day my love.

Cierra: If I if I was born sample if I was in a women entrepreneurs group and I had a group that was a women entrepreneurs group maybe not that one but if I went into an entrepreneur has proven I was like Hey I just created a group that’s all women would you like to join it makes sense and this was actually one of the strata.

Cierra: Forward that group there were a bunch of entrepreneurial or business-related groups for the area all dead all it was was just like people spam post for I don’t know there were their business advertisement or something like that which was getting a zero gauge meant and every single group cuz all the groups were dead the only people commenting.

Cierra: Hosting a business advertisement in so I would go in there and I was strategically find any woman entrepreneur who was posting or says it could be multi-level marketing it could be her home based business it could be she actually has a company locally I was fine everyone so I just went to all of the different groups and I found everyone and I commented below and I’m like oh my gosh this is so good I’m shooting you a message and then I would say in the message like hey we just forget this women entrepreneurs group I love the energy on your post I think your business looks really cool and I think it might be a perfect fit where you could add value to the group and maybe you’d get some value to would you like the link and then they’d ask for the link and I send it to him but that was one of like the easiest ways to go into somebody else’s group that isn’t serving them in that capacity.

Cierra: You have a better way to serve them it makes sense it makes sense for you to hear your group that is awesome and nice oh my gosh we have gone so long because you’re such a rockstar you’ve given so much.

Mary: And amazing advice to my husband that’s what I could do with like so much more time.

Mary: Now I so true that’s a lot that’s why I want to have you on the show because seriously what’s your providing and your your brilliance.

Mary: These days cuz people need something to hang on to and I love that and the story about your son.

Mary: Text my heart and.

Mary: Give him a hug for me cuz I could have that creepy woman telling you to give me.

Cierra: I love hugging how he is like he is so cute and I’m like can you just stop being so cute right.

Mary: My kids all grew up in theater and one of the mom’s name my son the face she’s like the face look at the face he’s so cute he’s so adorable and you know not just me. Oh yeah all my kids are beautiful so that’s lovely anyways Phyllis and I would really appreciate your time I’m so grateful that.

Mary: And shared all the stuff with us and.

Mary: Everybody if you are listening and watching this I’m sure you got so much value out of this Sarah’s program with her viral questions 80 Barrel questions and her coaching on how to use it Priceless right and she also asked if anybody I said how come people get a hold of you and she said just connect with her on Facebook.

Mary: They hey I saw you on Mary show and I would think we should be friends and she will follow up with you as well so without further Ado Sarah. Thank you again so much I was trying to find your title here so we can put it up so ever.

Mary: Awesome you are with they already know so I don’t need to put up your name but every knows who you are.

Mary: Community of people who are like-minded.

Mary: More creative in their business come join my group marketing innovators playground and I’m I look forward to seeing you in there so again without further Ado thank you again for being on the show and I will definitely be seeing you soon inside aren’t Mastermind and until then everyone be brilliant.

Mary: You do bye for now.

Mary: Thank you for joining me today you can learn more about me and ny services because everyone needs another brilliant idea make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 2:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.