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How To Be Visible Online When Your Life Is Already Maxed With Speaker Marta Sauret Greca

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Mary: I am content creator Mary Barnett also known as”MobileMary” I Empower women entrepreneurs by sharing visual Marketing Solutions on my show billing it marketing with Mary.

Mary: Hey hey welcome to the brilliant mobile brilliant marketing with Mary Jo and Mary.

Mary: And today I’m so excited for you to join me because I have an amazing speaker and a phenomenal topic I think we all need to hear so the title of Today Show is how to be visible online when your life is already maxed I think a lot of us out there maybe 9.99% of us.

Mary: Are already not right our life is full and it’s getting Fuller by the Minotaur guess he literally is pregnant with her seventh beautiful child so she knows we’ve been busy probably more than most so she’s going to come on and share some of those tips with you but before we get started I definitely need to do a few housekeeping items so I want to make sure that you know that you’re invited to my free group on Facebook where we can do all kinds of fun stuff it’s called the marketing innovators playground because I truly believed that when you’re creative and playful in your marketing you will attract your ideal client right so this group is All About That Life share tips and tricks and software and all kinds of things in there so I hope you’ll join us again it’s marketing innovators playground and the link will be in the notes which is awesome.

Mary: So besides all the other awesome things were going to be doing today I want to make sure that you know if you are a speaker because Mark had my guess is a speaker and I’m excited about this I help speakers make more leads and more sales every time I use the microphone and I don’t have a sore looking here to see if I had a why do have my.

Mary: Often so what I do is I actually tell client or to the speakers in my audience at to text the word brilliant to the number 71441 and then they automatically added to my list and that’s what I have my cigarettes do at their lives speaking gigs are online podcast for livestream so if you can find a way to capture your audience a list of your audience and you can continue that conversation it’s golden show notes your slide deck your link of your calendar link is awesome because people actually do read their text messages.

Mary: I applied for that without further Ado let’s get started on this amazing show because dang I am so excited to talk to her about this so is the CEO of media the creative agency a boutique marketing agency that provides an entire team of creative to business owners with mission to serve the World Market has been named Women Business of the Year leader of the Year her book The minimalist method the emerging entrepreneurs guide to peace and prosperity oh my God even just love that title is the number one bestseller she’s been featured on national media Outlets such as Katy k a w p a x y i Today Show blog and inspiring Life Magazine Warehouse with over 10 years of experience Mart has generated her clients millions of dollars a year or more importantly thousands of free hours to do whatever they love to do instead of being stuck in their business doing things they don’t want to do her favorite thing in the entire world is to be present for a family most importantly to work. I just love that it without further Ado let’s bring Marta on there she is tired for having me you are so welcome we’ve been talking like for half an hour before we even I know I’m so excited that we completely line I have somebody right off the bat of fun fact.

Mary: Give me permission to share this was.

Mary: She was born in Italy so she immigrated to America when she was nine.

Mary: Baptized by the Pope.

Mary: That’s so impressive hope all is worked on Paul’s quick thing about that before we get into that thing it’s right before moving to the United States when there was a Papal audience and I fell asleep and he came right over and kiss me on the cheek and it was all on all the newspaper so I don’t remember much of that size I don’t recall much about that experience either but it’s a little bit impressed with you I’m just saying so.

Mary: Give me them in Italy or in America in love at first sight for him from me he was you know but now I love.

Mary: Let’s get into the content here because I am really excited about cuz I think we all need this so let’s start off with your your brilliant marketing tip which is you don’t have to be present all platforms doing all the things in order to have success with your offline marketing so Amen to that so no more about that.

Marta: You might feel like there are constantly new platforms coming on and then there’s derivatives of those platforms and terms of like what’s the latest thing threads from Instagram and my answer is no thank you I’m good where I’m at I’ll check it out I’ll see if it’s worth mentioning it to my clients and worth investing some time into but I I just don’t prescribe to that that you need to be constantly on to the latest trend.

Mary: What are you saying like once you have decided where your audience is go deep into that platform is hard about it or a closed mind of nope not trying new things but don’t feel like you have to if you are having success in other platforms and unless you are really into that stuff at having fun with it that’s the that’s the key right that’s what we’re talking about here on the show is do.

Marta: I’m fine with them because you’re curious about them but not because you feel like I have to be up on the latest Trend or I’m going to miss out on all these clients all these leads all these sales do you remember when what was that app that came out was it Clubhouse telling me I need you to get on clubhouse and I and I didn’t and we we all survive we’re all still alive whether you want it or not like step away from the new platform.

Mary: And that’s the thing like now you work with you said people who have a mission which I love their disruptors and their Market Place like you said in the healthcare industry yet midwives and chiropractors and functional medicine practitioners love that so I’m a big fan so what is it about that market how do you how do you help them find their perfect customer.

Marta: Heart and soul and we aren’t afraid to say some controversial things from a place of love and that might be is something that comes up for you even who are watching or listening that you feel like okay well there’s this line I can’t cross it because other experts in my industry they’re going to be salty about it they’re going to be offended they’re going to come at me they’re going to unfriend me but I will be the first to tell you that I’ve got some strong values when it comes to some things and and especially when it comes to the holistic wellness world say it and I have had people that I respect that I love them respectfully disagree but we’re still friends were still colleagues it’s okay.

Mary: People will respect you more when you come to my place of Truth and service right here like this is what I found to be the best practice and.

Mary: Whatever you want but I am this is something that works for my clients or whatever so so you helped them create those messages and you said you don’t have to be on all the platform so when they do choose their patio many fathoms do you suggest or I should say Channel cuz he may lie you know is also a channel and where your website is a channel in your butt and all those things what do you recommend to your client engineering.

Marta: Amazon your market right for one of our clients let’s just let me give them a shout out let’s stay here enhancements are actually in the wellness world in terms of they provide human hair wigs and stoppers for cancer patients alopecia anybody any woman who is experiencing hair loss and so we’re breaking the stigma it’s not embarrassing to wear hair yeah it sucks that you’re losing your hair so why are we hiding ourselves we’re still beautiful bright on LinkedIn that’s going to be a place if they can find the referral partners are oncologist tologist there’s not really where a stylist store going to hang out but obviously on Instagram that’s where they’re going to find our younger audience but more not even younger because I’m talking more like Millennials right or the hair stylist lot of hair stylist that are going to be there for all partners are on that on Facebook you kind of have a mixture of things but you know that you’re not going to have the super young.

Marta: Prominent on that because she has more of an adult adult.

Marta: Market so it really does depend on who you’re talkin to I am a big proponent of email and we do that as well or blog so it really there isn’t one answer it’s just how you’re talking on each platform who’s hanging out until the voice that you’re using on each one as well.

Mary: Can I getting more into the granular but then you can relax and know that the aliens are going.

Mary: Thank you and is looking forward to getting your messaging cuz I think that sometimes you know people take the shotgun approach and just like try to get everybody and it when you can do the rifle approach right which is going through likely to the people who want what you have and you know that’s what that’s why.

Mary: What are brilliant mobile software you know you’re only targeting the people who’ve opted in with your their permission to get the message.

Mary: You’re not wasting your time and your money on people who don’t want what you offered so I love that something that you said about women who were totally thought I was sharing with you Offline that I’m actually have a book coming out I’m hoping to have it published next week when this goes live it’ll be the week that it is a going live and it’s a book called hello God it’s me Margaret.

Mary: You’re read that book by the way about your life.

Mary: Came up with the book and all that happened cuz she was talked about being a disruptor like.

Mary: About girls. Freaked out if they like what are you doing.

Mary: I have my book title is going to playing on that so it’s hello. It’s me Martha a 31-day journey from overwhelm.

Mary: Or join and if they see referencing the story of Mary Martha in the Bible so I’m named Mary but I am a mark.

Mary: Because I’m not busy.

Mary: I have to juggle all the plates or nothing will get done I have to do it myself and blah blah blah blah so I think it’s really cool that you also serve people who are.

Mary: Wanting not to be overwhelmed so anyways so if anybody wants to get on the waiting list take ask you to go to Hello God. Today that’s My Little Pony yeah.

Marta: One of the main things.

Our clients to that and you’re mentioning you know get that rifle.

Marta: We are just speaking directly to them is that a lot of their clients they need to understand that it’s an investment to work with them most of the stuff is out of pocket and the norm tends to go.

Marta: That are covered by insurance and so our job is to help their clients understand why at the priority financially for them that it’s that you know our client.

Marta: They get to actually experiencing to buy a month-to-month Reeves month-by-month for their highest revenue months yet multiplying sometimes our Revenue two times and we’re talkin 67 figures here wow we are utilizing that is fact and sometimes just that action of letting go there totally let him know their marketing and I feel so good they feel so elevated they just took a badass move forward creates a magnetizing effect to that so you do like you do full-service marketing you take it out of her yep that is awesome was something that we haven’t touched on but I think it kind of applies here is.

Mary: Have an audience like how do you apply this.

Mary: Very order.

Marta: We’ve had clients that their like are you sure this is going to work we like 25 likes on Facebook and by the first month they were able to get their investment back and then some they were able to multiply it and then we worked with influencers as well yes they had tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of followers and Their audience but.

Marta: Sizing it and with those influencers again by let’s say one campaign effort we hits you know multi.

Marta: Just because we were like you said I might be you.

Marta: That rifles Act is my saying it correctly where we’re just we’re going for it we’re telling me what you want how you can pay us how you can get off of throwing one stone right I know Daniel killed the.

Mary: The Giant in the Bible you know even if it’s taking one client at a time you don’t need a huge list to make millions.

Mary: Something that you proven which is amazing I would say the majority of our clients don’t have a huge unless but they do have this year of. Well I’m a.

Marta: You like we might be emailing them too much what if they have subscribed kind of let them unsubscribe right because it’s not the whole point of you investing money in marketing you’re not really doing it to entertain people doing it to just lie right there has to be that bottom line that we’re looking at yeah I love that.

Mary: I always ask people to give me a marketing share and there’s something you you said this feels like oh well that’s easy for you to say you know you have nothing else in your life and you can focus on my marketing right but you said that you have six kids we mention the beginning of the show that you and you cannot tell that you’re pregnant girl like that is so unfair I will look like a like I was like a ball when I was pregnant with you are gorgeous. My name is like under the screen like my whole body talk I will look like that.

Mary: Able to show up every day on your own and attract high-end clients without ads bands and techy Bumble jumbo because your team serves your client’s house little bit about that like how did you get to that point where you could just let it go and do this without all that techy mumbo-jumbo and I’ve actually had team who can play.

Marta: Scheduled it out and to some extent there’s some of that but I do have a system where I wake up before my kids and I prioritize that me time you know my meditation just for me my exercising just for me my journaling just for me there’s no purpose Rhyme or Reason for it it’s just for me to make me happy and it’s grounding right but then it’s followed by in 20-minute increments of what are my focus has for that month what are my goals for that month and I will spend 20 minutes 20 minutes 20 minutes on those three and Justin those 20 minutes for each goal I’m able to write and schedule out create graphic take imagery for for content for like three different focuses in just 1 hour to and in the rest of the day we all know if you have kids yes I have my schedule time yes we’re here talking and I certainly have my systems in my processes but you’re old.. Go to you-know-what and before you know it you haven’t posted anything you’ve not got anything out there and I think one of the number one way that you do grow your business is busy.

Marta: By prioritizing that before on a so-and-so is sick I forgot about this appointment I’ll my husband really needs this or this client having a red alert and I need to put out that fire it doesn’t matter it all matters but it’s not going to get in the way of what your goals are because you prioritize them before that happened right.

Mary: The mask on yourself before you can help somebody else in the airplane right so I’m assuming because of that you have automation that you have for yourself as well as for your clients of those they happen no matter if somebody gets sick.

Marta: Yeah and you know obviously that’s.

Marta: Scheduling things ahead of time writing things ahead of time but I will say that a lot of it is our team for our clients because things happen of a we’ve sold out of that so now.

Marta: Stop talking about it because we don’t even talk anymore we have to shift Focus to this thing or partnered with this nonprofit and we’d love to start talking about it and we do have some pretty good about Communications our clients are understanding that to a certain extent we got to stick with a plan but stuff comes out so we try not to automate or schedule things out too far in advance. That’s that’s great that good.

Mary: I know that that probably helps as well and so it’s awesome that you have a team that can help you I’m is there anything else.

Mary: Oh my gosh your overtime obviously I’ve been putting up where people can see.

Mary: Website media creative is there any other way you would like people to reach out to you like LinkedIn or sit like this is your LinkedIn here do you like I also.

Marta: Graham I’m on their martisor agriculture you see my name on the screen at least it was just look for my name on Instagram I’d love for you to come and get it ok Google name on Instagram and on there you’ll get a variety of content from the latest marketing Trends to how to balance running a business while being a mom.

Marta: Some of the latest and greatest holistic Trends I love the cover as well as the content creator and influencer for them as well that’s fantastic I’m just putting it in here so I can put it up on the screen so let’s make sure you can see that awesome.

Marta: Please go ahead and call me on Instagram and I’ll take it.

Marta: Send me a DM and I’d love to take a look at your I’ll take a quick look at your Instagram and tell you whether it’s magnetizing who you’re trying to attract or just a couple quick tips that can help you make that ship that could mean that next high on client that is very generous of you.

Mary: Well I even might take you up on that that is fantastic yes I encourage everyone to do that send a DM to Marta because he’s brilliant she can help you become more.

Mary: I’m less than 50 I think we all need that cuz we don’t think overwhelmed is just you just not effective right you have to get stuck into that point where you can like can I get your soul.

Mary: Yeah well thank you Martin.

Mary: I know you offline and many blessings on your growing family and give the new baby coming so exciting and when is your due date. June 28th give or take right.

Mary: I love it I love it alright cool alright well we are going to end the show today I will put you down into the green room and then make a couple of announcements with Martin again thank you so much for coming on ensuring your Brilliance with our audience so that was awesome yes.

Mary: Is possible it is possible to reach out tomorrow to get her her opinion on if you’re magnetizing your right plan on Instagram and it might start a conversation that can give you more peace and more Freedom by using Marta Services which.

Mary: Something I didn’t mention again I’ve been helping speaker.

Mary: Create a mini-course for them so I will also put a link to my mini course in the show notes I’m it is get. Another brilliant idea that cam or it’s like speakers and then get it a free mini course on how to build an audience baseless and have Mastery in it so I hope that blesses you so until next time I will look forward to seeing you every Tuesday at 12:30 until then be brilliant in all you do. You can learn more about me and I pray.

Mary: make sure you join me every week on the swe media Network YouTube channel and wherever you listen to your favorite podcast.