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How To Be The Best Version of Yourself at Any Age With Executive Director Heather Rawlings-Polk

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Mary: I am content creator Mary Barnett also known as mobile Mary I Empower women entrepreneurs by sharing visual Marketing Solutions on my show billing it marketing with Mary.

Mary: Hey welcome to the brilliant marketing with Mary show I’ve just given you a little bit of a teaser what we’re talking about today but we are talking about how to be the best version of yourself on the brilliant marketing with Mary show today and I and Mary Barnett.

Mary: Call “MobileMary” they call me as well.

Mary: But I’m just absolutely thrilled to talk with a dear friend of mine today so stay tuned because she’s going to give you three three-pointers or the three pointers or three pointers on how to become the best version of yourself at any age is truly an inspiration to me amazing woman and I can’t wait for you to meet her if I can have it ready now cuz she’s were famous but also to hear her wisdom first-hand.

Mary: Before we get going before I introduce is amazing girl I’m actually wanting to share with you a couple really cool so I’m actually launching a mini course for speakers I it’s been my calling for years to help people spread their message and I actually have a way to share how to get more leads and more sales from the stage and that is either online stage or in person stage and I’m super thrilled to be able to launch it may be launching it next week so I’m actually thrilled about that so if you’re interested in if your speaker and you’re looking for more ways to grow your lead and increase your sales from the stage just comment below and I will send you some information if you would like to accept the other thing I want to share with you.

Mary: My my free group I actually have a free group on Facebook called the marketing innovators playground and it’s a fun group of people I think we’re up to like 75 now I’m and we talked about creative ideas of how to do things with a i and different marketing and advertising tactic I’m to help magnetize your customers to you I’m in a creative and playful way right because we nobody wants to be sold to but we do by right now if you can actually create something of creative people think it’s fun to share your messages is going to be Amplified it even more people so that’s what we do in the marketing and click on that link I’ll put it in the comments as well and you can join it is absolutely free and there’s such an amazing group of people that you left early left again today’s talk is all about being the best version of yourself at any age am I guess today is the amazing Heather Rollings pulled his executive director at the Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce I mean. I think she’s doing in the last year or so and she’ll tell you her story but she has an amazing history of making such an impact with every organization she’s ever involved with.

Mary: Might be one person in the world that does not know her so I thought I would give her a proper introduction so she is the executive director for the amazing Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce and it’s been in business development for over 12 years of passion is helping businesses Thrive and her love of humans and her creative nature make her a perfect fit at the chamber isn’t afraid of doing things differently and look forward to this new season in Rancho Cucamonga this year has been a biggie for Heather with taking on a new role the chamber graduating with honors in the University of Redlands School of Business in April and getting married in May all within six weeks of each other who says Life After 50 is dull or boring right and her life and amazing journey is just getting started without further Ado let me introduce my dear friend Heather Rollings..

Heather: Mary Mary thank you so much for helping me I thought we had with a year right.

I know it’s like Denis like who’s that story amazing put Sorrows me.

Heather: It’s pretty amazing I know it’s been a great year.

Mary: We have so much to talk about but again this year was only 15 minutes because we want to get the good stuff out to people so tell me a little bit about why you joined the rest of my chamber so I have been in business for quite a while and I had but you’re about 25 right I’ve been in business development for like 12 years so I was an educator prior to that I taught how to read in in transitional kindergarten so to move from that into business development big change but it’s it’s been wonderful so I took this opportunity because I’ve always loved Chambers of Commerce always with businesses of all sizes and felt like I just love to connect people right.

Mary: You’re also a natural promoter like literally like you cannot even if you’re not being paid for it like you’re always like oh my God this is a man like you whip out your phone like look at this amazing cookie is the best of you’ve ever had you need to come down and eat this cookie like you are so good at promoting I make every business that you ever deal with like feel so lucky and blessed that you walked in their door so thank you for that work you’re doing by the way I keep going over.

Heather: I thought so they’re only about twelve hundred positions like I have right now out as the executive director at the Rancho chamber so you can help entire country and they’re only just a few it was a huge blessing to be able to have an opening and Rancho Cucamonga cuz Rancho Cucamonga is kind of like the Beverly Hills of Inland Empire I like to say so and I was selling real estate and decided I would make the transition and go back to your chamber work site working for the Chamber of Commerce in Corona for set where we met ye and so now I get to try new things and run the chamber the way that my board of directors and all of our mine a want us to so we’re doing things a little different there.

Mary: Do you have now.

You are growing a thing girl wow.

Heather: Wonderful partners and so we’re doing great things and trying things all the time.

Mary: Something I’m assuming you brought this but maybe you didn’t you give out like a some kind of Excellence pin tell me about that yet so our theme for this year is serving with excellent and so our president who is Rebecca shwan she works in marketing for a large Christian school and she believes in an obviously just really serving the community with excellence and she decided to create something that would be memorable to give to our members are other people in the community so we created these beautiful little pens that they serving with excellent and we hand them out all over our community when we received the full customer service and now those people that we have given those pins to or giving their pens away to other people and call. So in love that are like fun campaign.

Mary: College if you were pinned.

Mary: Will be penned by a boy like oh my gosh that is really cool that you’re okay.

Mary: Have a brilliant marketing sharing marketing tip on the show and you lose his kind of kicking us off into this area because you just said you got your degree. Like.

Mary: You got your degree and you got married all of them 6 weeks like that is crazy very fact is that I always keep learning obviously.

Mary: That stuff up to new things and your share was always put yourself out there and try new things so we’re going to be talking about the three ways that you can put this into your life and so hopefully that’ll help us Focus cuz I know you and I could talk for hours I missed the 15 minutes. What is it that inspired you to accomplish this bucket list dream of again work.

Mary: Chamber getting your degree getting married boo.

Heather: It really comes down to being able to take risks and it’s a it’s okay to fail you know we it we’ve heard that so much in the last especially five to seven years were failing is almost it’s a plotted really be mailing it is almost required it means you haven’t really tried anything able to take risks is huge and at 50 years old I figured you know what if I want to move forward in my life and there are some things that I like to do in my career I need to go back and get my education and to complete it so was that it was a risk to do that because I may not have gotten the job of my dreams I just happened to but.

Mary: Right anybody.

Mary: Out there you opened up the door of possibility because you.

Mary: There’s opportunity if you didn’t do it it’s not like he’s your first rodeo in education like you got your real estate license you like you’re a bit like but you decided that this would possibly open up more doors right I think my goal is always to go back I will I have work for the city of Marietta in Economic Development and I plant toad there and I so you know if I didn’t get my degree I wouldn’t be able to move forward in Afghan municipal government so.

Heather: But then this job opportunity.

Heather: So I jumped on it that’s awesome well. Always opens doors right it’s our job to take a risk if I fail what if I don’t have so the second point you made was to create a dream find what does that mean you know as a as a single mom at the time every single because I knew that I wanted to do more I wanted to provide more for my family I wanted to be able to excel in my career for myself and so I was just Google ask anybody I can I can do anything on a shoestring so that was taking those expenditures and cutting them down so.

Mary: What you did to save my do you know what is a huge coupon cutter back in the day and so doing that cutting things out like you know I didn’t get my nails done for almost 3 years do a little things like that not saying that you have to but for me that was a large expense and be able to cut that out at gave me the opportunity to to put a little money away for a rainy day I love that.

Mary: I mean maybe if you didn’t spend it on this you might as well take a fun vacation or you know do something with your children that you might not have had the opportunity to do so I love that so you you were a little frugal.

Mary: For the for the time being to have the Gratitude it was delayed gratification right about setting yourself up for doing something like bigger than yourself.

Mary: Getting to that dream of the number the number 3 thing was being just really comfortable in my own skin being able to really be confident in taking those risks and opportunities and really going with my gut because you know whether I was an educator or in real estate or an economic developments working for a city I really learned to go with my gut cuz that was where the I found the success so yeah.

Heather: Happen for real.

Mary: So you wouldn’t have gotten a finished it oh well you took a lot of great classes and you met a lot of great people and begin to know that your get your degree for a like you would have learned so much write the fact that you not only got your degree but you.

Mary: Amazing I just showed your work ethic you know and I remember a lot of times I was like let’s go out here like I have to study on my like okay but I knew that when you were done like you’d feel free like you could finally say I cop a check off at bucket list item which is amazing I mean you mentioned about the result.

Heather: No I didn’t know that I would feel like this but my husband told me you will never ever never regret going back and accomplishing getting my degree and it’s so true.

Heather: Piece that comes with that it’s like having a rainy day fund that piece that you have just knowing that if your tire blows out that you’re going to be able to put a new tire on that and not have to put it on a credit card same way as having a piece of paper and going back to.

Heather: 50 felt amazing that is awesome I meant to reply to any goal right any dream that you have maybe it’s not about school maybe it’s about you know writing a course like I talked about I’m watching this this little mini mini cars on on helping speakers it’s writing a book or it’s learning how to knit or how to rollerblade over how to you know y’all hosta Paint and Sip in your living room I don’t know I think all of us need to look at ourselves life is short right and we have to.

Mary: That there’s things that we need to take a risk on for the what would you call that.

Mary: If it’s worth the read.

Heather: Where’s the rescue to the.

Mary: I know yeah you’re investing the time to learn something new and the sense of gratification and and your self-worth goes up will also another thing I was thinking about when you’re talking about this topic is it you’re also leaving a legacy.

Mary: They saw that you did it right and they’re like.

Mary: I can do it like I want to be just like her when I grow up. That was really important to me too, I think speaks volumes not only to my children but to the people around me that I have the opportunity to I love it I love it I find businesses everyday in fact I want to share if you guys want to follow Heather on her business Journey she is on every platform at Rancho chamber so Instagram I’m assuming Facebook LinkedIn all the thing and if you would like to be like her like I do when you throw up a lot because in her stories like she shows you how to promote your business like she’s such a great example of what to do right now so I really applied you what you’re doing for your blessing so many obviously now 500 Business is everyday girl. The blessing thank you.

Mary: We are required to wrap up otherwise I could talk to you all day I just want to thank everybody for I’m watching the brilliant marketing with Mary J.

Mary: Hey what time and how to be the best version of yourself at any Aid I hope you’ll come back next Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. cast the next show I’m in until then be blessed and be brilliant in all you do.

Mary: I’m so excited.

Mary: On the show. You can learn more about me and my products and services at another brilliant idea. Calm make sure you join me every week on the swe media Network YouTube channel and wherever you listen to your favorite podcast.