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How To Be Bold, Say YES To Public Speaking With Superstar Speaker Leisa Reid

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Mary: I’m the founder of Another Brilliant Idea and I’m dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs grow their business and digital marketing and communication tools tips and resources that Empower them to be bold and stand in their Brilliance on my globally-recognized do brilliant marketing with Mary.

Mary: Welcome welcome welcome to the brilliant mobile. Brilliant marketing with Mary show thank you so much for showing up today for some brilliant tips and today you will not be this.

Mary: So excited because we’re going to be talking about public speaking and how it can get your business more money right cuz that’s what we want we want to be able to share our Brilliance of the world so that more people will understand what you do and how you can help them because you are the answer to someone’s prayer right.

Mary: Yes because I want to empower you to be in your Brilliance. Just do your brilliant but be in your brilliant so I actually I’m so excited to make sure that I introduced her correctly so her Loveland back I’m looking for her name there we go she is the founder of get speaking gigs now Lisa Reed maybe maybe if I could speak right one person the world doesn’t know who she is so do her justice.

Mary: And you officially read her bio because she was quite impressive and I am blessed to call her friend I’m So Lisa is actually a speaker who is booked and delivered over.

Mary: 100 Fox right she knows what she’s talking about Lisa coaches on how to get book and stay book she is passionate about teaching you how to get your talk ready to rock so you know she’s fine so that you can attract your ideal client through speaking on our show today she will actually share the number one Secret.

Mary: He uses to get speaking gigs gigs so welcome Lisa.

Mary: Supplies that’s right of the millions of people I just knew they all pretty much knew you were but I thought maybe there one person might not.

Mary: Well I didn’t even get a chance I was realizing I was so excited to have you come on I didn’t read your company bio so why don’t you tell me how you got into speaking so I can hear it first.

Leisa: Well you know I got into speaking.

Leisa: Years ago.

Leisa: And I was approached by a personal development company that I had been taking workshops with.

Leisa: And they how they filled our workshops is they would go out and give presentations and then invite people to attend the workshop so it was like hey.

Leisa: You like to go teach people about mindset how the mind works in our thoughts and her how powerful they are and how you can start changing that invite them to Workshop.

Leisa: I was already madly in love with the work I thought absolutely I would love to do that and it was a time I was looking for some flexibility in my life.

Leisa: Little side trip this is not a typical side tidbit I do have my bachelor’s and master’s degree in speech communication from Cal State Fullerton Titans.

Leisa: Even taught interpersonal communication at Cal State Fullerton when I was 22 years old so.

Leisa: Until much later when I was 40 that I actually became a professional speaker for this company.

Leisa: I have to ask you you’re saying you work at Cal State Fullerton.

Mary: What year.

Leisa: In 5.

Mary: For three years I transfer to Cal State Fullerton got my degree there and then I started my business in 88 I think it was 90.

Mary: Ask me to be a professor to teach on communication I must have laughed like right before you started well I started there in 91 so I started my freshman year in college was 1991.

Leisa: 95 yeah but you know I was in communication so maybe we were like.

Leisa: Like a Juice It Up at the juiciest and you know where Carl’s Junior or something like that maybe you were loading years in that there was a woman I became friends with her name was Mary Barnett and she was Carrie Barnett.

Mary: Switch our mail all the time and we both like I spoke on I mean my degree was marketing it was public relations with a marketing.

Mary: Together. Oh my gosh and.

Leisa: Forty you know the password yada yada yada then I’m 40 and yeah yesterday right.

Leisa: This is cool I’m finally full circle and speaking and that first year they had I booked a tee.

Leisa: Right and I would just go and give the same talk yeah I was just at it I’ll go get the same talk whoever was willing to listen at that point and sign people up for this workshop and I fill up all the workshops right like right now coaches for like I need to fill my programs on my workshops and Myra treat them like while speaking is a great way to do it because that’s how it started.

Mary: Little bit of experience.

Leisa: That was that was called the ignorance on fire year right but not actually everybody should do that when you decide as you go along and find out what doesn’t work right and that’s nice because now you you learn what doesn’t work and you can share that I was sharing with someone recently when I first started my business when I ran out of like people to contact you know cuz you go through your list right I’m a.

Mary: Halloween time and I dressed up as a fairy.

Mary: And I have.

Mary: Or confetti and a bag of candy and a wand and I literally went door-to-door now they wouldn’t let you in are you kidding me look like the alert I am your marketing very high can make your dreams come true and I would throw some glitter or confetti whatever in the air which of course I’m sure I upset them my business cards and I said is there any events or marketing use that you have and I can make them true and they’re like security. Still heck I thought you were a kid just a grown I thought you were really tall kid but I haven’t really grown much I’m still not getting as I.

Leisa: You think I did 24 to get a referral not crazy ass but.

Leisa: In the yada yada yada yada.

Leisa: Far-right and totally different subject and yeah and we were under stress and I’m building it all out as like I just constantly so I end up getting a speeding ticket.

Leisa: Wait are we being recorded So then I go to the driver school.

Leisa: Me or whatever and.

Leisa: Stand up and say why you got your ticket and the guy was pretty.

Leisa: Nice guy and I stood up and I said it was right around Valentine’s Day and I stood up and I said I did.

Leisa: On my way to open up my day spot if you’re looking for a you know gift for your loved one on your way yourself is this. Calm and you can come to come see me at the break and end the guy said I have been teaching for 13 years and I’ve never had anyone give a commercial during but guess what a bunch of other people did to it was really fun awesome what everyone is so they probably would like we’re grateful or yeah yeah.

Mary: I love it I love it okay so let’s get into the meet because I can talk to you all day like Mike.

Mary: Okay.

Mary: With me and I’m always asking for a brilliant marketing share and so you said that you can become an international speaker without leaving your house so excited.

Leisa: You got to make lemonade out of lemons right and with the pandemic we’ve now here’s the lemonade of it yes there’s things that we know we didn’t wish this on anyone but it is what it is here we are right now so.

Leisa: Where in the United States if someone has an event in Canada and you are a virtual speaker in Canada where it’s being hosted to me that makes you count as an international speaker you want to fly there anymore 11 yeah when I told a couple people that’s why I was like their mind is gone and it’s like there’s.

Leisa: Send you a letter giving you permission there’s no regulatory body saying no that doesn’t count that does count whatever it is what it is you are speaking to an international audience and back next week I’m speaking to the international coaching week which is based in Europe there’s a people from all over the globe all the continents I’ll probably not answer but like they’re Asia Europe Africa United States Australia speaking at this is very amazing that is awesome okay so let me get into the questions that we talked about because I want to make sure that our audience is always looking for how to write and to give them some chips so let’s get into this and then I also I didn’t know if you’re ready to make an announcement of any sort but if you do you can slip that in any time okay.

Mary: What is the number one secret to getting booked and staying look and what do you mean by staying booked as it’s a lot of times entrepreneurs just saying.

Leisa: Nothing like what’s right next in front of you they don’t think of the long game and speaking is a long game in the.

Leisa: You learn and master how you create your talk like I’ll get your talk ready to rock which is something I do with people in the speaker’s Training Academy figure out how to do that and figure out okay where’s my audience and you come up with your system strategies to do that it’s a rinse and repeat game which means it’s a long game yes you can have a spa.

Leisa: Weak but you could have speaking engagements for ever and that is.

Leisa: Really valuable like why not get that training why not get yourself set up so that you can have a consistent lethal all the time staying but right I mean I think it’s like shooting fish in a barrel of a speaking engagement can they ask you are they going to ask you back like today I got to email can you come back as smoking for this group five times they stay want me to come back.

Mary: The name of your talk which I love get your talk ready to rock I love it in late and then the show you’re going to share with us I hope I’ll be able can find out more about this but I’m so somebody is already five times if you change your talk or is it always the same one they bring a different audiences so and then that’s actually the get your stuff ready to rock is a service I offer not a talk just to be there but.

Leisa: It’s what I help people.

Leisa: Yeah and so but that’s not even the secret that I was going to share with you so that’s a whole the actual secret is something I called speaker.

Leisa: And if you think about it like marry you probably have people that you refer to or they refer to you you have like business strategic Partners right people don’t realize you can have the same thing but for speakers and because who has all the information you need other speakers have the information that you need don’t go on Google and Google yourself to you know nausea rabbit hole.

Leisa: Fun and you can just waste a ton of time and hours and pull your hair out so instead instead of cold calling and Googling down rabbit holes you can actually align yourself with what two maybe maybe.

Leisa: Partners when I called speaker soulmate and then it’s someone you know I can trust it’s someone that you speak surround the same frequency as you and here’s the kicker this is the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Porter part of the story is that they speak to a similar audience but they’re not your competition and that inside is like.

Leisa: Am I have a speaker soulmate who’s referred over 100 speaking engagements to me meaning like red carpet rolled right on out I go in I speak I don’t have to call around to find them I don’t you know and that’s fantastic.

Leisa: You need that many right like I just do a little bit more than what most people do you don’t need that many most people most of my clients be.

Leisa: 234 time.

Leisa: Play what you know let’s say.

Leisa: I don’t need.

Leisa: Sometimes people think it’s a little harder than it is so kind of like what you see.

Mary: Like a power partner right there if I get on his nerves similar in the street but it’s not competition and you may see just say hey if I find a speaking opportunity I’ll share with you and vice-versa right and we could get intricate and we’re not going to that here but on how to actually how does that work and you’re a natural connector but not everyone is not everyone thinks that and they don’t think we’ll wait you mean.

Leisa: What how does that work so I know for us we’re natural can I.

Leisa: It’s not easy for everybody and I totally understand no judgment but sometimes that that thing is.

Leisa: To be able to be willing to ask for it and and.

Mary: I think people want to help most people I found in my life they’re like oh my gosh thanks for asking.

Mary: People are afraid to ask so when you do like so grateful so the next question is what strategies can our listeners use our listeners are washers we will have a podcast analyze straighten tracks.

Mary: So what what do you do.

Leisa: So what one way is.

Leisa: You can tell stories actually even just a couple in already it was so short and so sweet you probably even catch it but that I did get booked for five times from the same. And that did happen today.

Leisa: Did happen up for a real true but you can have stories just like I kind of feel like having your keys in your pocket like I just be able to pull them out like pull out those stories about how you helped somebody that’s so much more interesting than that I’m the founder of this and this is what we do I’m on my way like everyone’s tune out by then and this is a great speaker tip even if you’re not the speaker like say you’re at and about where they sell you have 30 minute 30 seconds or one minute don’t bore them with all the things that you.

Leisa: Share how you help someone’s problem oh my gosh this you know incredible business woman came up to the other day she is such she someone I.

Leisa: But she assured me she was a little worried she didn’t know how to get her tacos you see all those other people on stage and she’s see them selling their programs and how come how come they can do it I can’t do it like what’s the deal what do I need to do how do I do it and so we got her talk ready to rock she gave it to 100.

Leisa: Her program now she’s in there National speak best-selling author she speaks all over the world she’s a does 5-day challenges and she’s rinsing repeated her methodology for her new business that she created so that’s a way that I basically.

Leisa: And in a way that show the problems that I can help people solve it’ll make people raise their hand and say who I want that right then in the end because it’s a and I think I like even growing up our favorite thing was your read me a story so I think we’re all attracted to stories cuz we want that versus being told what to do it’s like sharing his story it takes the pressure off to so you’re not like selling them on it you’re cheering a story and if they.

Mary: Yes please if they don’t if that’s cool.

Mary: Else can people do to grow their business through speaking that will attract their ideal clients versus bunch of people who don’t want to pay them to do anything.

Leisa: Sometimes I don’t know if you get this.

Leisa: Marketing we want to like give everything to everyone and announce all the things that we do right and it’s like oh wait there’s more so what is it the biggest.

Leisa: Cuz I think sometimes a bunch of cars I have that work with me have is Neri.

Leisa: One called action because when or a clear called action you can have to but got to be super clear and.

Leisa: GTA called action yeah that’s it that’s the abbreviation for that and that’s what we start with in the get your talk ready Rock session we actually start at the end I was they were going to reverse-engineer it don’t worry but we need to know where we’re going. Because you’re taking Miata.

Leisa: We’re going on a journey and I know if they paid to kiss the Dolphins they don’t know why they end up at the volcano they want to be kissing the Dolphins so we got to go where are we going to get those Dolphins kisses right yeah so.

Leisa: And if as a speaker you’re not clear.

Leisa: Claire audience isn’t clear.

Leisa: So that’s where it was.

Leisa: Getting clearer being confident standing in your like this.

Leisa: Put in the ground here’s where I stand for here’s what I’m inviting people to end in really being in love with it if you’re not in love with your offer audiences are going to be in love with it either. I love that is gold.

Mary: If you’re not in love with what you do like you kind of hesitate right actually when we are together probably in December I did this talk called three ways to be poised positive in Prosser and I put together this little like video on how to do it and I’ve my call to action was text the word brilliant to 71441 Hidden in some link to the magic right until I knew you were going to be talking about that and a lot of speakers use we actually own software that allows people to collect a list of that have any data entry right so this is usually my go to call the action even though we provide many more services in mobile messaging but that you’re so right I think a lot of us forget to give them away..

Mary: I know what to do next right if you don’t tell them go to school about their life right.

Leisa: Play Simon Says game you don’t like.

Leisa: You’re so like Simon Says do a jumping jack and every time it says but it’s time.

Leisa: Simon Says do jumping jack touch the floor.

Leisa: San Juan Lake.

Leisa: You’re going to be out at least four years and I.

Mary: Damn it I will overwhelm because I get excited I like.

People are like overwhelmed so just you know the one thing like I said in in City Slickers.

Mary: Biggest obstacles aspiring speakers face and how can I overcome it I think the biggest obstacle is.

Leisa: He is thinking that they need to get their talk done either before they talk to me or it’s like their talk is this almost wait on their shoulders of like it’s been in my mind I’ve been thinking about it I have I know one day I want to do it I’ve been working on it I’m like are there any words on the paper like it..

Leisa: Without anything but what do we have in there like no no I’m just still thinking and I’m like okay so. What I know is that.

Leisa: Speakers Kryptonite like if I put that on paper if I.

Leisa: If I get on that stage what if what if this happens what if people think it was.

Leisa: I fail what if I make.

Leisa: No one buys my stuff what if what if what if and that is honestly your biggest the biggest obstacle is your own thinking about it once we start so yeah once we start to clear.

Leisa: Let’s really dig out what are the key components that people really need to know that you are standing strongly for right now.

Leisa: Yeah you do your part yes you’re really as you’re passing your uses can come out here going to track the people who are picking up what you’re throwing down that’s the.

Leisa: It’s funny you could do it all day.

Leisa: Pulling up right now so you have a little validation a little Clarity on like okay wait how does this whole thing work it can keep you trapped and keep the message inside and that’s pretty much what you do how you help.

Leisa: Yeah in the so so basically what I do is I we have a speakers training academy and everyone who enters that Academy gets an instant like in the first 30 days I recommend I get your talk ready Rock session with me.

Leisa: Yeah and it’s a two-hour like deep I we likes to I link arms with you I’m like I’m in it to win it baby let’s do it and that way you leave that session with your title your description your learning points are called action you know what you’re going to be talking about I can’t wait to get it to everybody like to hear this is so exciting it’s like giving birth to baby it’s it’s literally like you fall in love with your talk it’s it’s a really magical experience I love that.

Mary: I’ll get to that point if you’re right it gets this is fresh.

Mary: So I think people think it has to be perfect before I do it and I think that there is so much magic in imperfection because people then can relate like if you trip or you.

Mary: You do something like that people are like oh well I’m I do that too I’m not weird.

Mary: If they can do that I can do that if I can step into doing this even though it’s not perfect and you could do it I could do it like I think that’s makes you more Wood Lane.

Mary: Are they human and the one you know the framework that your your service.

Mary: I think that gives you the confidence that go up and even if you trip up the stage at least you know you’re going to talk about and when I even help people it’s like it’s not about.

Leisa: Thing at exactly the right way but if you have an idea of their your nose because of the points I want a hit and this is the focus in this is you know that member that never go.

Leisa: Like what’s that thing at the end that’s only going to help you stay on track and and it’ll help you learn how to practice it’ll help you learn how to be more comfortable I always tell people like when we were little and we were trying to tie our shoes we didn’t like go oh I guess I’m giving up like it didn’t work out like I didn’t tie my shoe right.

Leisa: You just as a little kid you’re like determined as all get-out if you ever been around little kids on my gosh they do not give up if you did try to walk and he fell down your parents me like oh I guess you always crawl we’re going to keep going just going to go.

Mary: And also least I think you and I talked about this a long time ago the more you do it the better you get at it because you get the confidence and kind of like the the you’re going to roll and I think yeah you’re up.

Leisa: Yeah and you can’t have luck on your phone yeah unconscious confidence is where you’re like you’re at this level rear like you could do it without thinking about it you can’t get there until you go through the other level at like no we don’t need to go on all the levels but it is so funny people.

Leisa: How much do I need to practice it when am I going to be and I said wow.

Leisa: Give me how many licks does it take to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop I’m on my I don’t even know like everyone’s a little different but until you feel like I could deliver the.

Leisa: Without love that yeah so it’s a ninja.

Leisa: Don’t know what you’re packed with it and it’s hard to step into it if you’re still like.

Leisa: I’ll people in his purse if you’re sitting on my deck.

Leisa: When you were teaching at Cal State Fullerton 30 years ago so you’re sitting on Decades of marketing knowledge so how do you know what the poll like okay what do people need to really like if I was to grab a couple of. Really keeping what’s the most important thing.

Leisa: It’s hard.

Mary: Filing it dang it down and you can always have.

Mary: Like what you have your signature talk you can then have variations right you can.

Mary: So you can I mean obviously you said that you were booked five times are the same organization and almond Alex and you can either give the same talk but I bet like if it’s a new group of people that are maybe they’re all hair stylist or maybe they’re all plumbers you could adapt your talk right to to be things that those got audience would enjoy writing a or b.

Leisa: And we think that like oh I gave my talk so I can’t get the same talk guess what people forget they even if they heard it the one time and I don’t know if you’re married.

Leisa: Have you ever told yourself something and then they’re like wait what was that thing in there like oh my gosh I told you like so many times how do you not know that.

Leisa: How do you not I mean we’ve been together 13 years you still don’t know and I don’t like people they don’t remember every single thing you said that training is a leaky bucket exactly a people also another weird thing people do remember what you wear.

Mary: You’re always so concerned like that I wear this remember except for social.

Mary: Is there any good like look back don’t care you know you can wear the same darn thing and every talk I’m sure.

Mary: Walking in a formal wrapping up the.

Mary: But I wanted to ask you how people can reach you if they want you speaking to grow their business because this program is really cool I’ve I’ve actually been through it and you literally give people so much confidence.

Mary: Play Zen and so I’m so grateful that you even offer this to the well so how can people find you they can find me on get speaking gigs get speaking gigs with a s cuz you want more than one right you want don’t just want one so we can get exactly I’m going to try to copy and put it in here I’ll definitely put it in the link as well yeah and there you’ll find five top tips to get more speaking gigs at the free resource you can use if you’re thinking you’re hearing this and you’re like while I was waiting for a sign and this is it and I really need to I’ve always want to be a speaker I want to use that to grow my business and you want to apply to the speakers Training Academy you can go to same same leg get speaking gigs now.

Leisa: But / chat so you know that’s if you really listening you can get that too.

Mary: Make sure so it’s it’s the same website but it’s get speaking gigs now. Calm chat would be if you want to apply for.

Leisa: Or the academy that’s awesome and I love.

Mary: Go for it because you want to make sure it’s the right fit right people you’re not in a group like hundreds of people it’s like nowhere where they’re I want to make sure that you’re ready to really give speaking you know that.

Mary: I want to make sure.

Mary: I actually owe this is a tip you were going to share with us your brilliant marketing tips what is the number one secret to get booked without cold calling we’re running out of time about that. Well there’s always more things but that was definitely the one that I use over.

Leisa: It’s still a pandemic pre-pandemic post-pandemic still.

Mary: I love it.

Mary: You know what it comes down to relationship.

Mary: People know like and trust you they really do want to help you with.

Mary: Is awesome well thank you again.

Mary: Beyond today and I really.

Mary: And everyone he was saying that you should be in fact that was going to ask you if someone’s on the fence and they think I don’t know if I should be a speaker.

Mary: Something you would tell them of why it’s important if you’re trying to.

Mary: My speaking is a very important thing it’s really one of the quickest ways you can grow your business and attract your clients cuz you’re at.

Leisa: When someone ask you to take that stage it a you can have your own so you can write your own stage now with all the things that we have one eye.

Leisa: I started we didn’t have Facebook live and it says so you can create your own your own stage if you.

Leisa: But you don’t have to have anything fancy gosh if you have a phone if you.

Leisa: That makes it even easier. You can literally.

Leisa: So why not.

Mary: I love it and the factory.

Mary: The fastest.

Mary: And also increase your Authority and build your credibility like.

Mary: Are so important and I think people don’t sometimes you don’t realize that because you could be talking one-on-one with somebody or showroom 100 if it’s a if it’s a numbers game you’re definitely going to get farther.

Mary: But which is so awesome thank you again Lisa and I appreciate your time and I look forward to seeing you and next in person next month or later this month or sometime sometime very soon but until then I think you.

Mary: And everyone for listening in on the brilliant marketing with Mary show and I will see you next week thanks at bat Time same bat Channel and I look forward.

Mary: Again in person so I can give you a hug and cute the ALCO here we go have a wonderful day and be a be a blessing I’ll be brilliant in all you do. Thank you for.

Mary: You can learn more about me my products and services at another brilliant idea. Calm because everyone needs Another Brilliant Idea make sure to join me for another episode every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. Pacific or 2:30 Central on my globally-recognized show brilliant marketing with Mary.