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We partner with a variety of businesses that have tools to help your business. We use these tools ourselves and highly recommend them. If you click on the image, you will be given a free trial or a discount if you choose to use the product.

Do you need a professional solution to make promotional or instructional videos for social media and your website? Then I highly recommend!

Do you need a professional solution to LIVE Stream on Facebook? Then I highly recommend You can create an agenda, a frame, pop up guest comments during your show and download your videos in HD!

Do you need a Simple Email Marketing Platform to reach your fans with Newsletters, Invitations, and Updates? Then I highly recommend Constant Contact, try it for FREE!

Americans send roughly 26 billion text messages every day. (Statistic Brain)

SMS makes up 85% of total mobile messaging.
(RealityMine, AdWeek) 

American Millennials spend 3X more time texting, then calling or emailing on their cell phones. (RealityMine, AdWeek)

The average SMS campaign conversion rate is 45%. (Salesforce)

Texting a prospect after initial contact can increase conversion rates by 112.6%. (Leads360, Crazy Egg)

Sending 3 or more follow-up text messages to prospects increases conversions by as much as 328%. (Leads360, Crazy Egg)

90% of people say they’d rather receive a text than a phone call from a business. (Franchise Help)

95% of texts from businesses are read within 3 minutes of being sent. (Forbes)

Brilliant Mobile Messaging is a Saas platform that helps Restaurants, Retail Stores, Community Organizations, Schools and Military Bases, gather a permission-based list of mobile numbers and communicate directly with their audiences with both SMS and MMS text messages.

Disclaimer: If you purchase the product, I will receive a small financial reward that does not in any way increase the amount you pay. In return, I will help you use that product to benefit your business. For more details on each of these products, see the drop-down menu from this page!