You're building A list ...

Taking names and making progress.

You’ve got lead magnets, you’re making offers and you’re on the rise.

You’re almost to that place.  You know, that place where everything happens – where you make the impact you long to make with the influence you seek to have and the income you’ve been praying to receive.

It’s not that you’re impatient … it’s just that it’s taking longer than you want.  (Truth be told, you want it NOW … and you have wanted it for some time.)

If only you knew how to make it grow … faster.

Click here and let us know how to reach you to help you do just that.


It's not a secret.

If you really want to turn this into a banner year, you've got to be showing up everywhere.

Many right now are thinking about how to leverage this concept ... and then scale it.
But too often they focus only on the traditional platforms in the traditional ways ... social media, blogs, you know.
That means ...

Most ignore the most effective ways to reach ideal clients - ways that are wildly effective and easily at your fingertips.
That's bad for those who don't realize it (but great for those who take action.)

So the question is ...

Which are you?

Are you someone who is looking to go it slow ... do the traditional ways and wait hoping for results?
Or are you an action taker who is looking past Omni-channel to head towards wildly effective results?

Stop taking the long route to success. Start building your list like a PRO.

Free yourself to use your brilliance where it shines ... and let us use ours for you.
Mary Barnett

Want to grow your LIST while being at your clients' fingertips?

You could spend a ton of money looking to buy someone else’s list.

Or you could connect through email with open rates that are for most people rarely in the double digits.

But why settle for the slow lane when there’s list building that has more people opening more communications?

We provide solutions that get people eagerly opening your messages at rates that are unheard of in the industry.

Easy to implement.  And Brilliant when executed.

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To discover more about the marketing services we offer (including social marketing, chat bot and texting), and the different ways you can consume them … simply click here.

We care. A lot.

Another Brilliant Idea is a boutique marketing agency owned and run by Steve and Mary Barnett.We’ve been in the marketing business for over 30 years and help committed entrepreneurs grow their own businesses.  Why?  We care. A lot.It matters to us that people have the opportunity to gain the freedom that owning your own business can provide.  We know first hand how that has impacted us and our family.  And we want that goodness for others too.  So helping entrepreneurs get more success is part of what we do.  Because it matters to us.If you want to hop on a call with us, we’re eager to chat. To do so, click here and we’ll get your contact info.!

Curious about the types of clients we’ve helped  in the past with their marketing?
Here are just a few …