Another Brilliant Idea

Comedian Nazareth interviews “MobileMary”

Another Brilliant Idea, Inc., is a certified small and women-owned boutique marketing firm.

But speaking of parents and speaking of laughter and speaking of social media, my guest today, I’m so excited to introduce her to you because she is uh she’s a very funny lady and she’s an expert And uh I want to introduce her professionally Mary Barnett, also known as “MobileMary” as a in the industry is a highly thought after mobile social and digital marketing strategist strategist. I said it right, a radio show host and speaker and the owner of a certified small woman owned business called another brilliant idea. Okay, she’s a mobile social digital marketing expert. 

She’s the president of the American Marketing Association Inland Empire chapter for two years now she’s a 2018 N A W. B. O Legacy Award winner. She is the founder of the brilliant school apps and the blue, a brilliant app academy. She is the founder of social expert, camp and calendar And she’s also the wife of for 31 years and a mom of three brilliant kids. And I know welcome to the show mary, thanks thank you for being here. 

I love the crowd is in the studio. They’re amazingly beautiful. We cram them every week. I love it. I love it. They’re all beautiful people. I can see, thank you so much, thank you for being here. I know we did something together a few weeks ago, a crossroads and I wasn’t expecting you to be funny. It was like you were talking about social media and for but you are so funny. I was like and I came to you after the show, I said you need to do comedy, You are so funny. 

So welcome. Let’s officially welcome, Welcome to thank you for being with so much. That’s awesome. And my joke and people tell me I’m fine. I’m always like, well looks aren’t everything, what do we have on this list that you mentioned that it’s just gonna be filmed. Are we on? We are live, we are live. So I just brought this little thing cause I’m always a marketer and we’re talking about social and how to help people Really, I feel confident in how they show up so they can really be seen as the expert in their industry. And so I was just gonna offer when we got to that point, a way for people to actually get some help for only a dollar so we can talk about that later. 

But um I just wanted to be prepared. So I brought a little, you know little sign. You’re so wonderful. Let’s see. That’s marketing. That’s that’s what it is mary, where were you born? Where was I born in Long Beach California at ST mary’s. So like they named the hospital after me. Oh ST mary something named you. I’m glad it wasn’t in san Marcus. Right? Yeah, that would have been terrible. Exactly. Wonderful. And you grew up, you went to, you went to U. C. L. A. I did. I did in fact lived very close to where your daughter is living now there. She is some fancy place, you know, Summit where I was just ahead recall which is you know old school.

It’s right there right next to each other. Yeah. Yeah. They must have built, I haven’t been there in awhile. They must have built a new facility and it looks exactly the same as the old facility because they’re both buildings are the same ones but it was top of the hill so she’ll get her exercise walking up that hill every day. That’s what she was saying. Dad, I’m going to be walking two miles every day to my class. This is a huge, It’s a country, it’s not a it’s bigger than Kuwait. I’m serious 45,000 students and they had all these restaurants and fancy stuff. It’s really amazing. I mean you’re paying for it. So yeah I am. So your daughter, How many kids? You have? Three beautiful Children. Yes. In fact that bio is a little bit old and now 32 years married and my wonderful husband. But I still have the three kids still have.

Yeah. Yeah. So we didn’t drop him here. We figured they’re still they’re still on the good list. And how old is the oldest? Haylee’s 25 Cameron is 21 Grace will be 18 next month. So the big year all the big birthdays. Did you drop him at college before. Yes. So I feel your pain. We drove our oldest went to N. Au Northern Arizona University. So we drove all the way out to Flagstaff. She’s beautiful. Beautiful. Um, and yeah, we basically left her and then, but she was close enough to be able to like get on a train and come back in six hours, which was cool.

My youngest is actually considering a school in savannah Georgia, which you don’t think is so far until you look at the map, it’s far, it’s like on the other coast like, oh my gosh, like right above florida. Like wow. But it’s a school, I think that we’re going to go do like a, um, they have like a little orientation in san Diego next weekend. I’m going to go check it out, but it’s called scad. Um, I don’t even know what it sounds for a bus for creative arts. So she wants to work for Disney or Pixar or um, the marvel universe.

She’s very much into that and it’s a very good animator. So she’s hoping to kind of get into that. So exciting. Yeah. You know, I know my daughter, we had to really, by the time we need to, we needed to get a one dorm room with two other girls and also a four car garage and put our stuff, all the lip gloss, all the makeup and stuff and I’m sure you have to move all that stuff to savannah Georgia.

Well, you know, it’s amazing how much they leave at home. Like when it comes to push comes, they bring just what they need like one lipstick and they leave the rest at home to come back and get along with her laundry and so you’re close enough to get that laundry back. So she was far enough away that she had to do her own laundry. So oh yeah, she’s kind of, she’s going to come back and I slept in her room last night. That’s, I was like, oh and then I go man, I should have, I should have exchanged those matters as long time ago.

This is very comfortable. So what got you into marketing and all that? Oh my goodness gosh. I don’t think I’ve ever not been in marketing. I as this young child, I raised um rabbits, I was a four in four H and I had, I know it sounds weird but I wasn’t raised rabbits. I did. And this club called four H. There just like a big like farming farming club. But I was in Anaheim so really was, there was a big disconnect there but I just love animals. I had a duck and a guinea pigs and rats and turtles and did, they’re really smart. I would carry them on my shoulder with a a little um this is T M I um their little tail across my look like a choker and when I would actually bring them to catholic school, the nuns wouldn’t even know that I had a rat and it was awesome and my and my favorite story is when they had show and tell and of course I raised rabbits and to be able to feed them, I had to sell them, which means they had to reproduce to make more, which isn’t as easy as people say by the way, so saying, but I think that’s a fallacy. 

Um, so I won’t go into all the details PG PG show um but I remember going to the front of my class, I think it was in fourth grade and in accurate detail I shared how rabbits make more rabbits and the nuns, let’s put all the kids were engaged, the nuns were like, like, and that’s it, you know like, oh my gosh, you know, like put away your stuff, put away your stuff.

Yeah. So um yeah, so I did that. But then like again my parents were very entrepreneurial so to be able to feed the rabbits, I had to again make more sell them blah blah blah. So I wanted to do something fun. So I used to have like backyard carnivals and I would have to market it to like the neighborhoods and so I made a little parade with all my little animals dressed up. I know it sounds like not true, but I have witnesses and so like I always was doing that. Then I got into, I was a sp president of my high school and then in college I have to stop you, you dressed up those threats and bunnies and actually just the rabbits and the duck and the duck you dress what kind of clothes like little vests and like little necklaces and I put them in a little wagons and the bunnies would be in a k. So it’s like, like that’s what you’re doing, that’s gonna be the next thing. 

Except that I would interview all of my buyers at ralph’s grocery store where I marketed them and if they said they were going to buy them for their snake, I would say they’re not for sale anymore. So I was very particular. Yeah, I didn’t, I didn’t move a lot of sales and didn’t move a lot. So you stood in front of alverson like girl scouts do now and you sold live rabbits $10 a pop. Now, That’s illegal to do that. Is it? Really? I think a lot of stuff we did as little kids like really? Yeah, I know like with lemonade stands and again, the carnival, like I always had to make money to like do stuff.

I never got an allowance. So if I wanted to do stuff I had to make the money and there you go. So you made a marketer out of me. I hope young people are listening to this. You’re amazing. So you became the SB president and then what? Yeah, I’m I’m probably just a type a control freak bottom line. So yeah, so I’m like, I’m bossy. So you know come on everybody, let’s put on a dance, let’s put on this you know so this was always selling I guess and marketing the things. So I joined the U. C. L. A. I um I was grateful to get in because it took three tries. They did not want me. So I was just a little persistent. My mother helped me be persistent and then I joined a sorority and I became pledge class president and then I help with the fundraising and so it’s just one thing after another. And then out of college I went to work for a big corporation and I just, my dad was an entrepreneur at his own business and I just remember this one Thing really triggered me. 

I had working for the company for about six months. And um when I first came there they were spending about $10,000 and in $1987 $10,000 a month. To make a newsletter seemed ridiculous to me. Now this is a global company. They could afford $10,000 a month. But I was thinking. that’s ridiculous. My husband and I bought a Mac Plus for our wedding this year. I can make a newsletter on my little Mac plus on a program called Page Maker. 

I can totally do that. So they’re like knock yourself out. So I brought my little Mac computer every day to work and I for four months I made that newsletter, saved them $10,000 a month. And then the fourth month the motor burned out because there was no internal fan, there was no hard drive. I won’t go to all that, but it’s just a very simple machine. So I went to the, you know, vice president marketing and I had a little bill for $300 and I said, hey, I’ve been using this Mac for four months to save you for $40,000. It burned out. Here’s $300 bill, can you help me fix this so I can go in? And he’s like, well that’s not our machine, right? I was like, excuse me? And he’s like, it’s not our machine. I’m like, I lock it in your closet every night.

Nobody had computers on their desks back then. And he’s like, well it’s not our problem. And I was like, hmm, so I kind of like put a, put a hitch in my giddyap, So hitch in your giddy up. I never heard that before. I heard zippity doo dah. I heard a hitch! Hitch! Hitch in my giddy up. What’s your giddy up? Is that a closet? Is that, is that like a place where, where’s your giddy up? 

Is it somewhere where you can, you know, just like a, like a, like a, you know, like a punch in the arm or uh, it was just like a really, that’s not cool man. Like I worked so hard for you. Like this is you come out with a team man, can’t we all just get along And anyway, so I’m going off into way too much detail, but I just was like, hmm, so about, it was a total God thing. My counselor from high school called up and said, would you like this wonderful opportunity to go be alone executive for United Way? Like what’s that? They said, well your company will pay for you to be loaned to the United Way to run their campaigns and fundraising. And I was like, I know how to do that. And he’s like, yeah, I know you’re in, you have a marketing communication degree. Of course, you’d be great at this. He goes, so, and I’m like, oh my gosh, I really love to leave here and get paid to do. So. So I went to work for your for United Way for like 3.5, 4 months and long story short is way too long a story one of the customers that I helped, you know, United Western money and by the way, the whole key to United Way’s fundraising is book a meeting show, a video, make them cry, hand out the pledge cards, give them a pin.

That was it, Say that again for people who wants to do, is this what is it called? That’s like marketing or email their fundraising fundraising marketing. So yeah, so, so you broke up meeting right? You gather people together and showed them the video, the video about the product about the United Way and everything it does for the community. And of course it was very emotional. And so you make him cry, right? And that’s a cool, like that’s the thing with marketing as well, is that you have to touch people from the emotional level. People buying emotions like people love to buy, but they hate to be sold, Right? That’s a powerful statement. People listen to this. People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. That’s why amazon is so popular because we know what we want and we go and we find it and we buy it. I mean it’s like, boom, right? But we go into a store and they go, hey, are you looking for something? No, no, I’m cool. If you look around you buy yourself whatever at the very end. If you’re frustrated, you’re like, need help you ask somebody. 

But most people human nature is no, no, no, I got it. Thank you. I know what I want, right? But they don’t want to give you a song and dance, I don’t want. Right? So that’s the key in all forms of marketing. It’s basically just appeal to people’s emotions of what the pain they have or what the pleasure they want. And if you can provide one of those two things and you’re speaking to their heart, they will most likely buy from you. That’s interesting. That’s very interesting. You know, when we did the, you know, when we had this event together, you did a keynote called five Ways to be social with your kids and grandkids, wow, I’m not looking at my notes. Um well, the whole point of the senior fest was we wanted to help um reduce isolation and um and depression or at least alleviate depression a little bit. And so what Doug had asked me to do was show the seniors how to use social media to really open up their world because they might be sitting in a room, maybe they’re at an assisted living home or um place or even in their own apartment and their kids have grown up, the grandchildren gone off, they have their own lives and everybody loves their grandparents, but you know, life gets busy and so the grandparents are feeling more and more bitter like, man, why don’t they ever call me love, blah, blah, you know, and I’m like, you know what, there’s a different way to do it now, kids don’t pick up the phone anymore to call, but they’d be happy to text, you are happy to, you know,  video, like do a video chat or something. Um but it’s just something weird about the culture now that they don’t like it. So I said you have to kind of fit into the social norm right now and the social norm right now is social, So let’s teach them how to be social in a way. And then I gave them some ground rules. Like don’t be like t m, I don’t share their embarrassing baby story on social media where all their friends can see it right. Um, but also just how to be encouraging and supportive and I shared some apps that they could use to have fun and play games back and forth of their kids through text messaging. Um, it just, I provide, wanted to provide a way to give them kind of empower the seniors to be able to create a relationship with their kids and their grandkids that’s positive and encouraging and the kids want to reach back out to their grandparents and have that relationship and then they can see their prom pictures and their baby pictures and their vacation pictures online and they won’t feel disconnected and alone. 

Right? And there’s a lot of people who are not even seniors, but they’re like, oh no, on social media, no, I don’t do social media. I don’t, but that’s the way that’s a language for today. You know, I’m gonna play a little bit that I did on social media for a minute and then we’ll, we’ll catch, I want to ask you a few questions about one of the slides that you, you had funny friday moments with Nazareth. He is one of America’s top inspirational comedians here Fridays feel last fills and trends, but I have three kids I have ,I’m a father and they don’t listen to me anymore. 

My kids don’t listen to me for christmas. They got me an Alexa, you know that Alexa, that google stuff amazon you talk to it, it will do whatever you want, it will turn the lights off, it will do stuff, it will sing to you. It’s amazing. I went on both three more. I felt like a Saudi Prince With four brides whatever I want. I tell Alexa and now they make them in different ones. They have the Russian Alexa. Now she spies on you The Indian Alexa, she puts you on hold for 45 minutes. The african american elects like you don’t tell me what to do. Okay. And then the Middle Eastern elects her. She comes with an extra cover and she doesn’t talk to men and of course the jewish mom Alexa. How come you didn’t talk to me yesterday I was worried about you take a sweater, it might be cold out there. But this technology, the whole technology, you know Siri, my kids think I’m Siri that diseases that take me to the mall. 

What I heard you say you want to go home to finish your homework. Yeah, no dad my friends are waiting at the mall take me to South Coast Plaza Mall. What I heard you say is your father doesn’t have money for you to buy all this stuff. I hate your theory. What I heard you say, I’m taking your phone away from you. But I hate, I hate Siri, I don’t like theory. Theory wants to deport me seriously. Another day I go Siri call home, she called, oh, what do you say? Homeland Security? No, don’t call Homeland Security/ call home. Uh huh. You know one of the things that you did, I’m sorry, you’re so funny. You know, I don’t laugh at my jokes. I don’t laugh at any jokes. Oh yeah, I have to remove myself to laugh at a joke. Every comedian does that because we’re trying to figure out what, why is it funny? What causes it to be funny? So we’re not laughing. Like I laugh when I write the joke, my wife would look at me and she got used to it. She’s like, I’ll be like, I get up in the middle of the night and I’m like laughing and I’m either writing or living at the message and she’s like, okay, it’s something came up in two years. It would be funny. But that’s but you know, we did something you did a slide that really intrigued me when I saw it. It says social media channels explained and and we have it on the screen, we’re gonna put that social media and what you did is you said like facebook like you made it like uh eating a donut like each social media platform is different.

Like the and she, you have pictures of a donut and said facebook, you tell people that I like donuts right? Which is, you know, because sometimes I mix up like I sometimes I use, I use Pinterest to promote something like okay, facebook, it says I like donuts now, twitter says I’m eating a donut. Would you tell people what you’re doing, pinter said here’s a donut recipe. So you provide people to give something instagram and says, here’s a photo of my donut and Lincoln said, my skills include donut eating and google said I’m a google employee who eats donuts, google plus, which is gone now, it’s gone, google plus is gone. 

The only people used it with the google employee. Oh it was, I was using google plus. Yeah, I know we all had it because, but we never used it. That’s right. So yeah, I finally went away, but you know, an easier way to, to understand that for the social media is the way I explained in my social expert camp actually is twitter is like a cocktail party, right? You’re their short little bursts of information, whatever. Um Lincoln’s like a trade show, right? You’re going there for business, you’re looking who has what and what they offer and then facebook is like a backyard barbecue or a family party and so you would never walk into one of those places and walk up to somebody and let’s say the barbecue and say, hey, here’s a bottle of water, isn’t it nice That holds 12 ounces and it’s really refreshing. You want to buy it, You want to buy it, You want to buy it, right? But a lot of new marketers on social media, that’s the way they act. They think I’m told to like blast what I do and just tell everybody about it and just verbally vomit all over them, Right? And that’s not cool. 

Like if you’re in someone’s home or the barbecue, they’d be like, excuse me, can you go? We’d like you to leave now please. So on social media, that’s what people do to, they secretly block you, right? And then you don’t, then nobody sees what you do anymore. So it’s really important that we treat other people and this is shocking. Wait for it. Like humans, right? Concept is crazy, right? So automation is awesome. And we use automation as well to help with marketing. We help people build their team and and create like we use tools and training and team is our main thing that we do. Um, but it’s important that um, it comes down to the conversations and the relationships you have with people. So, you know, listen doing that, what they call social listening, listening to what people are interested in what their pain is, right? Or what pleasure they’re looking for and then providing resources, they might not even be yours. Remember the, The movie uh miracle on 34th Street, Remember that with, oh gosh, it’s really old but they’ve remade it a million times. But basically the concept was, it was at Macy’s and they had the santa claus right? And the santa claus actually was the real santa. He got pulled out of a crowd and they made him into a real santa and he was like, wait a minute, I’m actually really sad, but nobody believed him. 

And so when people had a problem, they come and go, I can’t find this kind of sweater, whatever he goes, oh it’s down the street at Marshalls or whatever the other store was. They were like outrage like the people at the store, but then they realized everyone was so appreciative that the santa was being so real and so honest and so um authentic that they’re like, you know what? I appreciate you telling me where I could get it. But you know, I think I’m gonna buy it here. So they had more loyalty for, for Macy’s, right? So the same thing in social media, you can actually provide resources of competitors like, you know what they might have, you know, they might save a little money. But then people will be like, wow, you’re so honest about that. I’d rather work with you because I know like and trust, you know like and trust you. 

So what do you do? Like if you’re, I mean for my, in my case like I, I’m an entertainer. So I have a lot of fans, I can’t keep up with that. You’re so popular. No it’s not. I’m not, you know what when you think about it, there’s there’s some of my students who I brought into comedy have a lot more followers because I’m focused more at the end of my shows or whatever I’m doing at the end, I would love to share jesus. 

I want to give the Gospel message. So sometimes it’s between me telling people to go my social media or given the gospel message and I go for the gospel, right? Because that’s your C. T. A. Yeah that’s your call to action, the marketing term. So your call to action is be a jesus follower. You know accept jesus your life, which is awesome. So your your bounty is in heaven, right? Because you’re building the kingdom of God. I have a lot of followers in heaven. I do I do. You do I love that, right? And you will be blessed accordingly. Um but for you know, the rest of the, you know, they’re not as not as blessed as you are, that does that for their business. 

Um They’re called the action can be you know take advantage of this offer or here’s a chance to communicate with me in a way like have a conversation. So is that what you’re asking? I’m sorry, is that what you do? Like let’s say a normal as some normal someone. Yeah because we’re comedians are not normal where we are a normal person who is like uses facebook and maybe has a product, let’s say a mom starting to, what do you think the best way is just to develop the relationships with, with her followers? Yeah, exactly. Like present what you do, make it very clear, right? Don’t offer a lot of, you know, noise. Just be really clear like, yeah, this is what I do, right? And if you’re interested in asking me about it, I’m here, but you’re not chasing people down the street, right? 

You’re waiting for people to come to you because people have a choice now in regards to, they’re like just like the old days, it used to be like you would put an ad in newspaper and hope that somebody would call you, right? You put an ad on the, on the Tv show and hope that they would call you. Well now people say, you know what I’m interested in this, this like even like google news, you can actually tell it what you’re interested in in learning about every day and you filter out all the noise that you don’t want to know about. So, so we don’t want customers who don’t want us. So what we’re trying to do is find customers who want what we have and then we provide it the best way we can write and provide so much value and so much um, so many resources to them. 

That would be silly divided from anybody else. That’s very smart. That’s very smart. I had well you know my company name is another brilliant idea. Oh that’s why it’s so it’s so there’s a lot of pressure there. I have always come up with another brilliant idea. Here’s one of my jokes that I’ve done and I really believe, I mean I’m not, you know I said people think that they have social media and now. Oh wow that’s amazing. We had that if you lived in a you had a big family and you had the reunion this one you always have the yell person that you know that it’s the end that tells you if a restaurant is good or bad. So don’t go there. They’re crooks, they don’t like you.

Then we have the twitter uncle, the one that when they first see you. Hey did you know what trump? Did did you know what that happened in the news? They’re always saying the news. Then there’s the instagram cousins always checking herself in the mirror and taking pictures. There’s the google map relative that’s always trying to give you direction. Oh let me tell you how to get there. You take the street, you make a right what to do in your life. Yes then there’s a web MD relative that’s always trying to prescribe me. Oh I know what you have you need this medicine you know being Middle East and all my family are our physicians but they never finished high school. 

I mean I have an uncle who gave me, I said one time I had a headache, he gave me all those that the doctor gave me for my stomach six years ago to try and the work remember from No, it was ben gay for my family. I don’t then there is a google relative, okay knows everything and helps you find it. Then there’s a facebook relative was always commenting on everything. I don’t like this, I don’t like what they did. Then the Spotify relative was always singing and finally the snapshot grandpa who remembers stuff for a few minutes then forgets it forever and that’s so true. Oh my gosh sexual media. Now I have a question for you. What do you what do you, you know you talked about loneliness and that’s kind of is is social media causing that or is it a solution for loneliness? Um I actually think it’s a solution. Um but if you are in a place mentally where you have that whole fomo fear of missing out and you’re looking at other people’s pictures, it makes you feel bad then you probably shouldn’t use social media. 

Like that’s where you are in your head space, right? If you’re like, you know, always wishing for more wanting more. Um but I always tell my students that um be careful what you click on, right? So if you click on things that are negative and, and hate related or whatever your facebook is just saying, hey, that’s what you’re interested in. We’re going to serve you more so you’re going to get more negativity more, more icky stuff. Right? But if you only click on positive, joyful, you only follow people who, who encourage and inspire and motivate. 

That’s all you’re going to see in your feet. So you have to be careful about that. But when you’re talking about loneliness, I just think it’s such a great opportunity for people who are housebound or you know, maybe they’re, they just don’t have the resources to be able to get out into the world. It’s a great way for them to interact with people. Maybe they haven’t seen since they were Children, especially for seniors. You know, they have friends moved all over the country after college or marriage and retirement and they have a chance to connect with them and create groups, you know, and just have really deep connections. 

They can, they can send, you know, do video messaging, um, on their messenger platform. So easy. You just click on the little message button, like you would do direct mail, somebody. And when it opens up, there’s a little button in there that it looks like a video camera. You click on that and it instantly calls the person on the other end on facebook and they have a, they have a choice to accept or not. It’s just like the Jetsons, Remember remember George Jetson right? So it’s and now the filters like using something like snap filter, you can actually show up with, you know, a beautiful makeup on and you don’t even have to do anything or a new hairdo. Like you could have like long glorious box on the camera. We’re done. Let me go with people I don’t want to call because they don’t know. I love hair whole tutorial on it.

It’s all good. That is interesting. Yes. An awkward moment in your life. What something happened? That was an awkward moment in my life. Funny moments. Oh my goodness. On the spot here. So many. So many. Yeah, I I put my foot in it all the time. Um I’m just one of those outspoken people so I’m always like, oh gosh um let me think about that. I mean you have three kids, right? They point out all your foibles, oh they do, don’t they like what did I do without you? You know, sharing what I need to improve on. 

You don’t really appreciate that. My son is like me. He he’s funny. He opened for us to show kill the people love them, but he’s he’s the same personality. So it’s always like looking at what I’m doing and like like hey don’t do that, don’t say that. And I’m the guy that’s like, hey how are you gonna give me a hug? I don’t know you but give me a hug like that. But it’s funny you you’d like him, he did a movie for biola. He’s graduating next december and he did a movie and it’s called Mallory and you’d like a kid because it was about this federal agent who spies on people through their computer to find out. So he’s checking people out and finding from that little hole on the phone, the camera, he can, he sees that and he likes to scare and falls in love with her just watching her action. She likes kombucha. So he buys drinks kombucha. She like this, he likes that. So he sent her a pizza one day and he’s and then he buys a pizza and he’s like having a date with her and he’s telling his friends he has a date with her and she doesn’t even, she doesn’t know he exists. But he thinks he’s in this relationship with her. So what happened is one day she has this guy at home and the guy goes hey be careful put a, you know, put a tape on this because people can see you, right? So she puts the tape so he’s crushed, he’s brokenhearted. So he drives down all the way to Los Angeles where she lives and while she’s gone her and her roommate he goes into the apartment and removes the tape and while he’s coming out on the stairs in the apartment, she’s coming up and she looks at him, she goes, hey nice shirt and she’s ready to talk to him and he doesn’t. And he goes home and gets his, your computer. And it was the story of like how, how we are satisfied with this imaginary fake relationship that we have all these followers and liking us and, and it was really it 17 eight film awards already, wow, that is awesome. 

It’s called Mallory. It’s, it’s still in the rotations of new other films. So he’s not publicly out. But I’ve told you the story. Yeah, no, I think that’s brilliant. My daughter was an electronic media and film major and her group project won an Emmy, right. I know it’s amazing. And she’s looking for a job to be a producer on television, theater or, or movies, what is your, what are you working on right now? What do you, what is the project you’re working on right now? 

Awesome. Um well I have a variety of things that I do our company again is another brilliant idea and you can find more, another brilliant idea dot com. Um, but I have a passion project which is really training people on how to use social media to really, as I said, show up, be brave and be seen as the expert in their industry. And if I’m offering a scholarship to my social expert camp for only $1. And if people text the word expert to the number 71441, they’ll actually get a link to that and they can join in For 30 days, it’s only a dollar. And then if they want to continue no contracts, it’s $37 a month. But every week I go in and I train on linkedin or instagram or on Facebook and I keep people up to date what to do because I really feel like the tools are out there and I want to empower people to really use them to explode their business. 

Like facebook live change my life. Like I am able to connect with more people in an instant way where people ask questions, I popped their questions up on the screen, I use a product called be live tv and it’s amazing. And um and what I have found is I when the human actually read the study that the human brain, if you’re looking at a screen kind of like you’re the Mallory movie, if you’re seeing somebody the whites of their eyes looking at them at the screen, they compute that they’re actually sitting across the table from you. And if you’re answering their questions even through a screen, they feel like they have a relationship with you. So when I do these trains on a, on a live broadcast, it has been blown up my business and I met the woman who actually was on the facebook live team, randi Zuckerberg last weekend, she’s Mark’s little sister or big sister. 

I’m not sure absolutely adorable, you would love her, she’s so talented. She actually sings and she was a musical theater. Mark’s sister. Right. And so I actually shook her hand and thanked her personally for leading the facebook live charge because that was her division and then she just left facebook to do her own thing. She’s a philanthropist and she actually funded, she’s an Emmy award winning or Tony award winning um producer, she found the two that one Hades and Oklahoma were her shows on broadway this past season. But anyway, so yeah, she’s a renaissance woman for sure. But that’s the thing like we need to take these tools, they’re free and use them to either help build the kingdom of the Lord right? And use these tools for his glory or use them to build our business which will give us more resources so we can help the kingdom further. I mean there’s so much we can do But people are a little nervous about it. 

They’re like I don’t know about this, I don’t want. So my whole thing about social expert camp is I want to take people and make them experts but not just in social, all forms of business. I’ve been in business now, this is my 31st year and I’m only 32. I know right? No. Oh no. Oh nice, save Nice. Okay, that’s great. But yeah it’s like I want to give everybody the resources because you know my business is up and like all of our lives write ups and downs and I want to help people skip over the down parts and go right to the ups so if I can teach that it brings me absolute joy. But the other side of our business is more of a consultative. So people will say, oh my website doesn’t drive any traffic to my thing. I don’t have S. C. O. And I need to use chatbots and I need, I have to get emails out, I have to do that right? Like don’t worry, don’t worry, I have a team that will come in and say okay what do you want to do? And then we build a team when we do it all for you. 

So social media, marketing and management, all that kind of stuff. So those are really are are two camps of what we do and one of the things you, you know that our our last of her all ministry used to you is like when people, We do a stadium event and we have 5000 people, not all of them gonna say, Hey I’m going to come forward and accept christ or I’m gonna so what we do is they can text the number and it says uh you know I said I prayed the prayer or did that and what happened is we get their information, we send them and you know we send them a text that says, hey click on this link and it takes them to harvest christian fellowship, harvest crusades. So there’s people pastors are following up with them or sometimes people want to give a love gift.

So we just put love gift to this number and then exactly should tell people how they can be a part of that. So you can actually do the same number 714 for one. You just text the word nas and jay Z and will enter you into Naz’s database and then he can start sending you messages about donating money or when his next event is. So we’ve got, we’ve been a sponsor of yours for years now and I’m always like nas use it. I know that’s the thing and we don’t. This is yeah, totally a lot. You totally forgot about it. So yeah. So 271441 to say if you’ve already text the word expert, you’ve probably been asked to give your email and your name. So I could personalize your messages. So after you’ve done all that, then text just the letters N A Z to the same number. Hit send and the noun as will be able to send you information about how you can help further the kingdom of the lord. 

That’s wonderful. Tell me about instagram. That’s where all my my kids are at. Okay that’s where, how, how can we use instagram? I mean if you’re not, you know, look good in a bathing, I don’t look good in a bathing suit and I’m not gonna just take pictures. I saw a teenager the other day carrying two pieces of luggage and nowhere to set him down. I felt so sorry for her. So I went and said, excuse me and I did a selfie for her. I took a selfie because she needs to let her friends know what she’s doing.

She was so I always say I’m a creationist, not because if evolutionist through all our teenager will have three arms, one for the phone, one for the Starbucks and one for the Vape. I know that says, you know, you know what I was, I was listening to somebody the other day talking about, we can talk about anything in the subject. He said, you know, who’s going with the campaign against the Vape, the cigarette companies because they know people will have to go back to smoking or if they can’t Vape, right? Well the cigarette companies all have their, their own the Vape companies, like it’s all in one, it’s just, it’s just nicotine in a different format, but the challenges that they make it taste really yummy. And so the kids are like, oh, it’s candy, It’s like smoke candy. And so they are younger and younger they use it, but it actually like starts deteriorating their lungs and they don’t realize it because you know, they’re kids and like, oh, it doesn’t matter I’m invincible, you know, and his parents were like, don’t do it, which of course the kids are like, you’re not gonna tell me you’re not the boss of meat, right? So it’s just this endless cycle. But what they need to do is see the horror pictures. I mean, I just saw something on facebook yesterday of this poor kid with like this ventilator and she was holding up a sign saying, please don’t Vape, you know, did you? Gosh, it made me give me chills. 

That’s the thing. I mean, it’s something where it does give them a little bit of a high and you know, and make them feel, it’s just like, you know, we have a glass of wine, right? Or a cup of coffee and it gives them that little instant bump and they don’t realize that they now have to have that bump and they can’t deal without the bumps so they have to really just go cold turkey on it. Um, instagram, instagram, sorry, went off on that. I love it. Um, yeah, instagram is also because it’s visual and there’s not a lot of noise on the side. So I think that’s kind of why a lot of the, you know, the quote younger generation has gone to that because it is much more like what they want and not all the stuff, you know, that’s going on the noise, but instagram is basically visual, right? And the cool thing about instagram, it was built on the kind of the, the indexing feature of hashtags, So people always ask, you know what’s good about hashtags, hashtags actually can help you get found on instagram. 

They really aren’t used much on facebook, even though they’re owned by the same guy. Um but it’s a really great tool, so you could actually have a picture of yourself doing something, you know, funny or weird or whatever doesn’t matter. And then your hashtag might say, you know, local comedian or clean comedian, let’s say, right then when people are looking for clean comedians to higher, they’re going to click up, they’re gonna look at that hashtag, they’re going to search for it and that’s gonna bring up everybody, Whoever put clean comedians on their thing.

I think people look for products on instagram. Oh, 100%. Oh my gosh, So yeah, it is, it is, it’s neck and neck well, Pinterest is actually moving forward past it as a selling platform, Pinterest Pinterest is actually the third biggest search engine. It goes um, google youtube Pinterest and Pinterest is selling more products than, I mean they’re, they’re like competing with amazon. Um but instagram has now clickable links to go directly to products. So you can actually put links on your products in your pictures to have people buy them. Yeah, it’s really powerful and with stories combined on top of it, they kind of stole that from Snapchat stories actually gets you behind the scenes of how a product is made or people using their products or testimonies and people really love. I mean it’s just human nature, right? We’re growing up, our parents like read a story to us before bed, you love stories and that’s the other thing with marketing, if you can tell a story and that’s why you’re so good at what you do now because you know, you tell stories, but they’re funny, right? 

But people get sucked into a story, they want to hear what happens. And so when using stories with instagram, people like, oh, I want to see more. I want to even if it’s just walking in your backyard, like look at this cool flower, oh my gosh, there’s flowers on my product or you know, whatever it is, like it can tie even the most remote thing. If you just want to be a part of it, they want to have that pride of ownership, that they’re part of something bigger than themselves. So I think it makes it popular. Let’s talk about instagram. The bad thing about instagram before my wife when we went to a wedding, she would buy this nice dress, you will wear it. 

Then we go to a different wedding somewhere else. Nobody from the first wedding is there, then she wears it again. Now she can’t because everybody has saw it on instagram. So now she has to buy a dress every single wedding. That’s number one, number two. So that’s my husbands don’t like thats what the husbands are like another thing like and that’s not my wife someone they write how much they loved their husband on their birthday or anniversary. You’re the greatest man, I love you so much and he reads it, he comes home because thank you honey, I didn’t do it for you. I did it because I want to talk to my friends who wrote about their husband, she’s not supposed to tell him that. And then the next year she has to come up with more even more even more. And I saw this this is funny. I think this guy keeps writing okay he writes in his anniversary or his wife’s birthday how much he loved her, how much he enjoyed being with her and she is the solid thing in his life and he just loves every minute with her then the entire year, he’s fishing by himself, he’s golfing by himself, there’s no pictures of him and his wife. 

I’m like what are you talking about? So true. I made a funny meme for valentine’s day for my husband and it said um and it’s a common phrase but my husband never heard it. I think I hurt his feelings and said um there’s no one I’d rather sit in bed with on our phones than you. Happy, Happy valentine’s day and so he didn’t know that that was a funny meme like that. It was, it was already viral, I just copied, you know the phrase and I put our picture of the and he’s like what what do you do? I’m like it’s a joke. It’s a joke. But we do sit in bed with next to our phones. Come on. Yeah. You know sometimes we have to remind her to tell me and my mom like, excuse me on your phone to okay or text, tell me all the time you look at me, I’m here, right, I do that to my kids. Hey, I’m here. I’ll actually call them for dinner on my text. They don’t answer when you yell at them. Right? I’m sorry my daughter like this they said that this is true that they are kids later on in life. They’re all gonna be bent from here. I’m sure that’s all they’re looking at. So what does your husband do? My husband works with me. I I call them when I have a problem and I call him five minutes hi steve. And we have a stadium full of people here and I for I’m trying to do this text. How can I do that? And he’s like, okay, give me two minutes and he fixed it. 

Yeah. He’s amazing. He’s a quiet guy because he hears the upbeat that yeah, yeah. I’m the one who and he’s the he’s the this this constant in the storm and um yeah, he’s all he does all our production, he’s the CFO of our company. He is the rock that I have that basically manages and does everything. So yeah, all of our clients, he’s their best friend because anytime you need anything and it’s usually two minutes before they need to do. So it’s pretty funny. Um because we build apps with the texting platform, we do all these different things. So when it needs to be done and he doesn’t get distracted like I do because I’m always like, oh, we could do this and we do this. 

We did. And it seems like just give me a list and he’s like, you know, bam, bam, bam, bam bam, so good at that. You know, I’m just, you know, I was like, but I bet your wife is like that. My wife is very focused. Yes, she’s very, you know what? She can sit for two hours and read the bible and pray no, if I don’t get my hour in the bible in the morning right, the rest of the now as a mother of three daughters, what do you have a sandwich?

Yes. My, my boy Sandwich. Cameron is 21, he’s killing the game. He is like such a hard worker, worked in Aerospace Company, goes to school at night. He has all these dreams of you know, buying real estate and just becoming this mogul so he can take care of his wonderful mother, you know, I’m just projecting that. But he’s told me that fleeting moments, I’m holding him to it okay now, what do you tell? Not younger mothers, mothers or kids are still at home is social media, what’s what’s balanced? What’s okay? What is because that’s the generation, that’s all they have, right? Like what do you tell her? What advice do you give up to a mom who have?

Well, it depends on how old their kids are. Um you definitely have to teach balance, right? So they shouldn’t have their phones plugged in their rooms, you know, get them an old fashioned, you know, digital camera clock to have their alarm in the room because they always use the excuse. Well I have my alarms on my phone, you know, my kids have gone away with that, you know, now that they’re older, you know, it’s it’s that’s their thing if you choose to do that, okay. When they’re little, we have plugged them outside, we had a a little charging station, not in the house, like not in the room, right in the hallway. Um and then, and then they were only supposed to be on social media for a certain amount of time when they were younger.

Well you could break, I mean, you could do a chunk of time if you want, like after school, that’s a reward after they get their homework done. They can actually go on, you know, again, it all depends on their age. Kids under um 12 really shouldn’t be on social media even under 13 because when they’re in that developmental stage, um they don’t understand, you know, that whole like movie mean girls, right? That that is just like a built in mechanism that sometimes they don’t, can’t even control and they feel bad later on in life when they realize, oh my God, I can’t believe I said those things, I can’t believe I acted that way because they’re little synapses hadn’t fully formed yet, but when they start going on social media and doing that whole, like, going to keep up with the Kardashians or you know, they have such a superficial view of the world because they just don’t get it yet and there’s not, it’s not that they’re dumb or they’re whatever, they’re just not fully developed yet and so we need to give our kids that ability to learn how to deal in the real world with people and then, you know, eventually start moving on. But it’s gonna be hard because all their friends are on it and they won’t want to be left out of anything. 

But the challenges at that age, they see their friend out at a movie with another friend there world disintegrates, you know? Yeah. And even at our age, we do, like, I remember I went through a phase where I was like, I would see my friends going and I was traveling, there was no way I could be there anyway, I’ll be like, oh And follow them, that’s what I do, you’re done buddy. If you don’t have my picture and said my best friend then what about the 16 year old, how much times today? What’s a good six again? 16 depends like um I mean again, it all depends on every family. You know, you have to kind of know your kids you know, if they’re well grounded, you know, and they have a good good balance and they are confident in themselves, obviously they can have more time. There you go. Yeah. But I’m just saying it’s if they’re, if, you know your kids like they’re really anxious or they’re really like insecure and they just don’t have that social um you know the stigma, you know, you know, your kid, they should be on it last because that’s only, you know, it’s only going to drive them crazy and they’re never going to be happy and the statistics for suicide are just going up and up and up or kids look and say I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, look what they’re doing and I’m not doing that And and it does, it puts so much pressure on them that’s not necessary.

You know, I need to go outside and climb a tree. You know, build a fort, you know, use their imagination and that kind and I know it’s hard because kids are like, no, I want to be on there. But you know what? Get on the floor with them, build the fort with them, don’t sit on your phone and tell your kids they can’t be on, there’s you know, lead by example. Yeah and have like an hour of reading or you’re actually reading a real book together, your book and their book, you know, I mean it’s just they see you doing it, they’re going to want to do whatever you do. But some parents, they feel you know, hey, that will save me time. I can be focused on my stuff at them. But you said something funny at that conference, you said like whatever you put now when you’re a grandma is still there, you never do anything that might embarrass your grandchildren.

So the example I use is because you know, they always say, Oh don’t do anything to embarrass your, you know, your mom and dad, you know, the kids are like yeah, yeah, whatever. But if you think of yourself and I talked to, well I have this talk called how to use social media to get into the college or career of your dreams and I speak for six districts and schools anyways, I tell the kids just think about this, let’s fast forward 50, 60 years. You have an apron on your mixing cookies in the kitchen. The christmas music is on the kids are around the tree and incomes, little johnny running in with this little cell phone, which has a holographic image because you know that’s gonna come holographic, have you in a tube top and a red solo cup smoking something and goes grandma grandma grandpa, what is this? Is this? You and your like your eyes give me your like, yes. And so you want to leave a legacy of positivity and class. So think of that when you’re about to think before you post, That’s very, very funny. And you know what, what do you call it? I wanted to uh like one time I was what do you call it? I fasted from, you know that we have the 40 day fast and I encourage that to people, my daughter right now, she said I’m going off social media for 40 days just and you know, after the second or third day I had those withdrawals, I was like my fingers like I got to click something from opening magazine clicking. I like it. I like it. I like it show me your dogs, do you know that they actually sell a wooden um cellphone shaped block that for for people who have withdrawals to hold in their hand, there’s no, it says it’s wood, it looks it’s shiny and it’s smooth and it looks like a cell phone like they carried around like a binky. Just so you you can just you have that in your hand because there is withdrawals.

It’s so true, right? But then after you get over that hump, right? You go to the 21st day and then it’s like, okay, and then it gets less and less important to you unless of course, like me who I handle people’s social media, I have to be on everything. But I totally get it. Like sometimes it’s like I get tired of it. In fact, because I do it for other people, sometimes I don’t check in myself and I don’t look at other people, they’re like, why didn’t you see that? You’re on social media all the time and I’m like, I’m so sorry, I haven’t spent the time like looking at it. So yeah, it’s it’s it is amazing how we get sucked in. Like, in any addiction. They can text the word expert to the number 71441 or they can say go to my website. Another brilliant idea because everyone needs another brilliant idea. That’s right. And you’re really good at what you do and your people, if you want to jump in your business, if you’re a speaker, if you’re an entertainer, if you’re a business person, if you’re just starting your own business. If you and you want, just if you have a message that you want to get across, you know mary “MobileMary” can really, really help you. And I want to thank you for being with us today. I mean we’re friends and really I I learned from you, so thank you for giving our listeners of course, of course, I just want to make sure that they know that um this is something I teach in my camp all the time and I think it really needs to be said and sunk in is that if you have a business, you little literally are the answer to someone’s prayer out there. So you have to let that sink in. You’re the answer to someone’s prayer, right? 

Even if you’re like a carpet cleaner, someone might be going, oh my gosh, I’ve got a big party on saturday and I just wish I had a carpet cleaner I know will come and make my carpet look pretty right there saying that’s a prayer, write a wish however you want to say it, but they have a desire for what you have, you know, maybe you’re a consultant and you can help people get over a breakthrough that’s going to help them in their life, but they’re thinking if I only knew someone right? So if you show up on social media and you show who you are authentically authentically and you are provide the resources to people and just be real people are going to be drawn to you, people are going to refer people to you because they’re like, wow, I love what Naz does. 

You need to follow him. You need to go to his concert, you need to like because people are gonna be like yeah, yeah, yeah because they want to believe in someone and what they offer. So remember that you are the answer to someone’s prayer and if you keep your light under a bushel, no one will know exactly, So get out there and show up. Wonderful, thank you so much for being on this show and welcome in closing. I want to remind you if you know anybody in the san Diego area, if you live in the san Diego area on october 18th, we’re doing the laughter for all outreach at maranatha chapel. It seats 2900. So we’re gonna fill it completely. We, you know, we’re gonna invite and this is what we did last friday and we’re gonna do it again in at maranatha is we do two hours of comedy and music first with music, then comedy, and then at the end I give the gospel message, so give good news and I, we do something, we empower believers to go out and share their faith with seven people in the 12 months. It’s called change California. So if you know anybody that you can go to laughter for all dot org and click on that date and just secure your free tickets on eventbrite, let’s secure them, you’ll get the link, you’ll get the link and then in closing, you know, join us.

Next monday for another podcast. Uh next monday I think, ken Davis comedian speaker, one of the best communicators you will ever hear, he’s gonna be with us and then uh share it with your friends, if you enjoy it, If you learn something, if you were encouraged by something today, can you, can you tell your friends about it? To subscribe to the podcast to join the podcast?

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