Should You Be Using Text Messaging Techniques To Increase Sales

Hello everyone and welcome back to the social media decoded podcast, the number one podcast to help you understand social media better to utilize it to grow your business online. And today I am so excited because we have a special guest, we have Mary Barnett here and we are going to be talking all […]

Text Messaging In Your Beauty Business To Reach More Clients

We are here with “MobileMary” and she’s going to be talking about how you can use text messaging in your beauty business to reach more clients. This is so fascinating, you’re gonna want to tune in and I’ll also introduce myself before I introduce Mary, I’m April Meas and I’m a permanent makeup artist and […]

Mary Barnett “MobileMary” Joins The Tim Gillette Show

Good afternoon morning, whatever it might be. Hey guys this is Tim Gillette and this is the Tim Gillette show. No I know it’s it’s my name on the show but it isn’t about me, I wanted to create a show where I can get to know people and in some cases like I I […]

How to Use Text Message Marketing to Grow Your Business with MobileMary

Hey hey super excited to have Mary Barnett on the show, also known as “MobileMary” super excited to have her to talk about mobile marketing or text marketing, which is something I think we don’t talk enough about, it’s another really amazing tool to get in front of your clients and your audience. So I’m […]