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Best Ways to Drive Happy Customers to your Restaurant using SMS Marketing

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Best Ways to Drive Happy Customers to your Restaurant!

Remember the FISHBOWL? Lots of restaurants still put out a bowl to collect business cards, so they can add their customers to an email list, with the promise that one lucky person would win a free lunch! What a WASTE of YOUR TIME!!

  1. Hardly anyone reads emails anymore…25% open rates are standard.
  2. You can automate this process and get a 95% instant open rate!!

Text or SMS Marketing is an efficient strategy for restaurant owners to gather a list of customers without database entry! Plus it allows them to send messages instantly to their customers with an incentive to drive them back when they are hungry! 

People also appreciate touchless communication when their table or order is ready! Having a Text Buzzer that would allow customers to check-in themselves or with the hostess when they arrive, and receive a text when their table is ready, or their order is ready for pick-up is a great way to grow your list too!

Here are some tips on how to use Text or SMS marketing to reach customers for your restaurant instantly and on-demand, even when they are not on social media. 

  • Asking customer’s opinions with a poll on your latest menu items.
  • Sharing discounts and promotions to drive traffic back.
  • Booking table reservations.
  • Getting Feedback Surveys.
  • Customer loyalty programs. 

Here are the reasons why SMS marketing is effective for restaurant owners:

Higher open rates

Studies show that SMS marketing has a 98% instant open rate, which is amazing compared to the average 20% open rate for email marketing.

Instant reach

Check your phone! I bet you have a lot of unread email messages but zero unread text messages, right? People value text messages, they are short, sweet and timely! Plus, your customers get your messages even if they are not on social media!

Customers today prefer to receive restaurant texts 

Most customers want restaurant owners to text them when what they love is available or on special! People feel that they are more personal and more customers would want restaurant owners to speak to them through text which makes them valuable and loved. 

How simple is SMS marketing for restaurants?

With Brilliant Mobile Messaging, it’s super simple! 

  • Add a Call-to-Action to your printed signage, receipts, and social media!
  • Encourage your staff to ask customers to opt-in to get a free drink or 10% off on the spot!
  • Grow your list automatically, and reach your customers when you need a bump!

5 ways to use Text or SMS marketing to build happy customers. 

  1. Ask customers their opinion on your latest menu items
  2. Send discounts and promos on a slow day
  3. Book table reservations.
  4. Get Feedback Surveys
  5. Virtual punch cards for Customer loyalty programs.

1. A poll provides interactive content, which is a great way to engage your customer by asking them to respond to your message. 

One example is asking people to vote on what their favorite meal is or vote on what they think should offer on your menu. 

Example: “Which of these weekly specials would you prefer to see this Sunday? Respond with a letter! A) Option 1, B) Option 2, or C) Option 3.”

You are engaging with your customers in a personal way AND it is a great way of helping your restaurant to be more cost-effective. This saves you time to decide which meal is most popular, and less popular that might go to waste. 

2. Giving exclusive discount coupons.

Mobile Coupons or discount codes sent to mobile phones are easier to use because your customers will never leave the house without their phones. 

Customers will redeem Mobile Coupons 10X more than other types of digital coupons. You can even entice more customers to opt-in when you even offer this exclusively for subscribers only. And when people hear about it they will be more than happy to opt-in to your text campaign. 

Here are some text coupon examples you could use to boost your sales:

Free drinks.

20% off discounts.

Flash happy hour specials.


3. Booking table reservations.

SMS marketing fits perfectly into the online booking trend. Making your phone number easily available through business listings and putting a Brilliant Mobile Webform on your website makes it easier for people to join your list with a simple click or just text to book reservations.

And you may also use integrations to sync your booking system with your text messaging platform to confirm bookings faster. 

4. Getting Feedback Surveys

This is for your current customers that you would love to know if they will most likely return after their first experience with your restaurants.   

Using your SMS messaging platform is the best way to find out your customers’ thoughts. How was the service? Did they enjoy the food? And more importantly, would they return?

To find out all these you can ask your diners to text in themselves, or give your hostess their phone number when making a reservation. Then run an SMS or Texting Funnel campaign asking how their experience was. 

Example: “How likely are you to recommend our restaurant to your friends and family on a scale of 1-10?” 

When customers give a low score, it’s an opportunity to nurture your customers by asking them for their comments and suggestions. You can also offer them special rates for them to come back and change their scores. 

And for customers who said they had a great experience, respond with, “Thanks! We’re glad you enjoyed it. We hope to see you back again soon.”

5. SMS customer loyalty programs.

It is also important to take care of your existing patrons through loyalty programs to convince diners to return and bring more new customers by sharing their experience with your restaurant.

People are most of the time with their phones and more likely to join in a loyalty program via their mobile phones. 


“Show this message in-store to get a free starter.”

“Tell your server you’re part of our SMS loyalty program to get 30% off your check.”

“Flash sale for subscribers only! Show this message to get two-for-one drinks all night.”

The best way to convince your customers to keep coming back is to give them an incentive whenever they join your SMS loyalty program. 

As you can see, a Text or SMS campaign for your restaurant is an effective way to drive more customers to your business. 

Start using for your Text/SMS Marketing solution TODAY!