Another Brilliant Idea

Reach your best customers ON-DEMAND and grow your PROFITS

1. Are you a successful business owner who took a hit in the last couple years because you didn’t have a reliable way to reach your best customers to get consistent sales? Did you know those repeat buyers are up to 16 times more profitable than first-time sales? How would you like a way to maximize sales from every customer that walks in your door?

2. Are you an agency owner or an entrepreneur that is looking to add another income stream? Maybe you also took a hit in the last couple of years because you didn’t have a tool that created enough or more results for your clients. And/or you might be serving an industry niche that could really use Text/Mobile marketing, and by offering it to them, you could increase your income!

Either way, Mary Barnett, known as “MobileMary” in the industry, can show you how quickly and easily!

“MobileMary” decided to create this course to help fellow business owners learn how to grow a list of happy customers so they can be more profitable! She has been in the marketing business since 1988, and before owning her Text Marketing Software, every month was a struggle having to pitch new projects. So in 2007, she worked with developers and created a strategy wherein 2009 they drove over 93,000 new customers to the Kawasaki Motors’ dealerships across the country! She was a Mobile Marketing pioneer!

For the past 15 years, her company, Another Brilliant Idea, Inc. has been helping a variety of clients from the military to Mom & Pops, retail stores and restaurants, from schools to city governments, associations and industry experts use her software, and they all pay a monthly subscription. “MobileMary” and her team at Another Brilliant Idea, Inc. help clients with mobile, social, and digital marketing that gets results…and we can’t wait to teach you to do the same!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to grow a huge list of happy customers that you can reach instantly and on-demand, so you can double your repeat sales in just 30 days.

This is an exclusive invitation for the beta version of Mobile Marketing Academy. This offer has not been released to the public and will never be offered again at this price.

What’s included?

  • Module 1: The Secret to Driving More Business: You need to drive in more business. You’ve tried email, social media, and even mailing flyers, but nothing seems to work, or is cost-effective. We have the solution so you can start making sales right away!


  • Module 2: Build A List of Raving Fans: With these easy steps, you will learn how to Reward, Tease & Grow your list of Raving Fans so you can reach them on-demand to increase your engagement and profits!


  • Module 3: How to Reach Customers On-Demand: Capture a list of customers and fans so you can message them on-demand so that you’re no longer at the mercy of the social media algorithms. It’s like Business Insurance!


  • Module 4: Skyrocket Your Sales: Using our simple templates, you now have an easy way to Reach & Empower your best customers to buy more from you!


  • Module 5: Promote Your Way to Profit: Tie it all together with your new skills and tools so you can promote and profit with ease! And it becomes a Business Asset if you ever decide to sell your business!

But Wait, There’s MORE!

As a founding member, you’ll also receive a month of Access to our Brilliant Mobile Messaging software with 10,000 roll-over text credits to grow your list of customers that you can reach OFF-LINE and ON-DEMAND!

When does it start?

This program starts training on my Mom’s birthday, April 4, 2022 and will be delivered in bite-size videos that will give you the tools and know-how to confidently grow your list of best customers, so that you can double your profits in just 30 days.

And to make it fun, we’ll be rewarding you every step of the way! As you complete certain levels, you will receive rewards such as custom graphics, mobile coupon templates, training on other software to explode your lists, and so much more!

You’ll learn all about the features and benefits of our powerful software during the Academy, but this will also give you the ability to offer a tool that will not only help your clients be more profitable, but it will create a monthly profit center for YOUR business!

What is the investment? Exclusive Beta Price for ALL THIS, for the First 10 Clients is only $997.

Note: This course will take less than a 30-days to complete, so once you are armed with all the knowledge to either grow a robust mobile customer list to reach your best customers for repeat sales and you can join the affiliate program to earn additional income from fellow business owners! If you do not want to continue after 30 days, there are no contracts, so you can cancel your membership at any time.

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