Google Announces Deadline to become Mobile-Friendly

The fact that Google has put a Deadline of April 21st on its Mobile Search Algorithm announcement, and used the words “significant impact”… shows that this is IMPORTANT for your business!

Do you want your business to be found in mobile search results? We can help!

Per an article on Google’s Webmaster Blog, ( Google wants you to know the following:

When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, no matter if the information lives on mobile-friendly web pages or apps. As more people use mobile devices to access the internet, Google’s algorithms have to adapt to these usage patterns. In the past, Google has made updates to ensure a site is configured properly and viewable on modern devices. Google made it easier for users to find mobile-friendly web pages and they’ve introduced App Indexing to surface useful content from apps.


Here are the two important changes to help users discover more mobile-friendly content:


1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results

Starting April 21, Google will be expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in their search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.

What does this mean to you? If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, after April 21st your customers won’t be able to find you easily when they try and find you from their phone. Solution: Let us build you a mobile-friendly website. We can either build you a responsive website that can be read easily on all devices, and that can be done for approximately $2500-$5000 depending on your content and custom-coding needs. OR if that seems too big of a hassle for you right now, we can build you a simple Mobile Website that can sit on-top of what you currently have, so it will be searchable by Google, and then people can flip to your standard site for more detailed information. Mobile websites are approximately $500, and can be completed within a week!


2. More relevant app content in search results

Google has also begun to use information from indexed apps as a factor in ranking for signed-in users who have the app installed. As a result, Google may now surface content from indexed apps more prominently in search. This means your Google App can help you be found in search results!

What does this mean to you? If you want to get more SEO juice, meaning being found even more easily on the search engines, then index your Google/Android App with deep links. Solution: If you don’t have a Google/Android App, then let us provide that solution, and build you one!

If you have questions about either mobile-friendly websites or app indexing, we’re always happy to chat, please contact MobileMary (951) 898-3727 soon to make sure you will be found when you mobile customers need you!