First- vs. Third-Party Data Explained

When people surf the web, they leave behind a trail of information from Google searches and websites to what YouTube videos they watch.

But that isn’t the only information mobile marketers can use.

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NFC Technology Explained

While NFC technology has been around for a while, it’s just starting to take off

So what does this mean for mobile marketers? Let’s break it down… 🙂


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Geofences Explained

A geofence is a GPS-enabled electronic barrier that allows marketers to send location-specific messages to potential customers’ smartphones once they enter into the defined geographic area, which can range in size from a single store to an entire city.

We’ll break it down for you. 🙂

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Cross Screen Marketing Explained

Marketing is tough enough on one screen, never mind across multiple devices with different behaviors on each. It seems impossible.

Or is it? Let’s break it down… 🙂

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