Enable Landline and Toll-Free Numbers to Receive/Send Text Messages


Texting isn’t just for mobile phones anymore.

Your business has a phone number that everybody knows. It is printed everywhere; your store front, on print ads, on Google, even on your car. Your customers know your landline number, the problem is they can only call it, well, this is about to change.

Within minutes you can activate your business number for texting just like your cell phone. After all, 80% of all customers prefer to contact a Business by text rather than calling, and they’re probably already trying to, so why not let your customers text your business instead?

They can book appointments, ask a question or request a service call.

How does it work? After a simple activation, your landline number will start texting, its as simple as that. You can send and receive text messages from your business landline or toll-free number, on your computer, tablet, or mobile app, so you can let your landline and your customers, stay in touch.

What are you waiting for? Activate text messaging on your business phone number today and never miss a customer.