Blessed to work with rockin' clients! Miguel's Jr., a growing chain of delicious Homestyle Mexican Food stores, uses our Brilliant Mobile Messaging platform to capture a list of interested customers and then sends out personalized text messages to drive fans back in for specials, contests and store openings! This increases their sales and makes guests feel a part of the family! 📲💬✔️#ClientAppreciation #MoniqueRocks #Restaurant #SMS #MMS #Text #Mobile #SaaS #Automation

Posted by Another Brilliant Idea on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Monique has been a long time client of Another Brilliant Idea, Inc. and her company, Miguel’s Jr. uses Brilliant Mobile Messaging to engage and connect with their customers and raving fans of their delicious Homestyle Mexican Food! They use it to send coupons, run Text2WIN contests, increase store visits and stay top of mind!



Catherine Wallace, Counselor at Santiago High School, shares how their Brilliant School App saves the counselors' time, engages their students and parents by giving them a fast and creative way to get important information into the palm of their hands! #CNUSDFutureReady #GoSharks

Posted by Brilliant School Apps on Monday, February 6, 2017


Catherine Wallace, Counselor at Santiago High School shares how Brilliant School Apps saves her team time, as they can share vasts amount of information with shareholders: Parents and Students, with Scholarship deadlines, A-G requirements, Test Dates, etc.