Always Within Reach

91% of Adults have their Mobile Phone within arm’s reach 24/7. What does that mean to you as a Business Owner? It means that if a customer likes what you offer, and they choose to give you permission to communicate with you via their phone, it means you have ACCESS to them anytime!

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Promote it, and they will come!

Promote it, and they will come!

As my mama always told me, “Don’t keep your Light under a bushel, No! You gotta let it SHINE!” The same holds true for your product or service. You have something amazing, right? You want the world to know, so you can better it, right? So TELL THEM about it!

Once we set-up your Brilliant Mobile account, you will have a Keyword and a QR code, that you can tell every one to access and they’ll get something cool! …Yes, even just access to you and your information is cool enough!…. But you can also offer Mobile Coupons, VIP Access, a Free Report, Tickets to an upcoming event, or a Chance to WIN something that they will consider even cooler! You know your audience, and you know what Call to Action would work for them. (If you don’t, we can help!)

And where do you Tell Them about it? EVERYWHERE! We will set you up with the keyword and the QR code that you can print on your Traditional channels, like Newspaper/Yellow Page Ads, Flyers, Brochures/Business cards, Window stickers in your store, Table tents/Counter Cards, Stickers on receipts, Employee Buttons, Bag Stuffers, Pens, T-shirts, Signage and Bookmarks (see sample on this page!) Our parent company Another Brilliant Idea, can hook you up with anything branded, with special pricing for our Brilliant Mobile clients!! So just email, and he will take good care of you!

You can also promote it on Digital or Online channels like your Website, eNewsletter, Email Signatures, Facebook/LinkedIn Page, Electronic Press Kits, Cross-promotional partners’ websites, and on articles you post on OTHER Blogs!

Get creative, think out of the box, and offer them something that YOUR AUDIENCE VALUES, and they will respond… Brilliantly!